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Discussion in 'Narconon' started by Intelligence, Jul 24, 2012.

  1. Intelligence Member

    I agree, Stats should be cooberated by at least three Surveys done by reputable firms that are
    recognized as such. This one was done by (Survey data collected August 2005 by Peter D. Hart Research Associates.)

    I'm still searching for additional data to confirm or adjust. The Exact Stats are NOT pertinent to what
    this book is about, but I do want ALL the data, including research and survey data, to be correct and accurate:)

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  2. Intelligence Member

    I knew the costs were very high, but certainly NOT this frickn' high?

    At least Obama (and I know very little about USA Politics, so I don't endorse), is moving away
    from what "some" previous USA Presidents advocated such as, Clinton Drug War Machine,
    Drug War legacy of Presidents Ronald Reagan and George Bush, AND "Drug War shredding much of what remained of the Bill of Rights."

    Obama seems to be advocating:

    Although Canada is NOT the USA, people as humans, do have similar characteristics and behaviours
    in both countries when it comes to substance abuse.

    I lived in Vancouver during the 1970's when we had similar Police and Court tactics as the USA
    had up until recently. Our WAR ON DRUGS didn't work either.

    I also lived in Vancouver in the 1990's and in 2008 and saw huge changes through the years.

    One of the issues I'm addressing in this book, is the fact that Narconon knows that the relapse
    rate of their patients (if they survive treatment), is very low - - not the 70-90% they fraudulently
    advertise. So if a person is going to spend $30,000 for treatment, they need and deserve the best
    medical treatment available. AND a solid aftercare regime (something I KNOW that does not
    exist with Narconon).

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  3. Intelligence Member

    Somebody please tell me this is NOT a Narconon?

    Whether this ^^^ one or any other I come accross that IS or IS NOT a Narconon - - it really
    doesn't matter; if they are a poor quality Rehab, that endangers patients, they must be exposed.

  4. Anonymous Member

    It will take some time for investigation, but on the surface, yes, it looks like narconon as part of the re-branding of itself, given the recent very bad publicity. Beau Griffis and all that shit!
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  5. Intelligence Member

    Had to take a short break away from writing New Book to have a wee bit of fun♥♥♥

    Narconon Cruise Mission Impossible

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  6. Sekee Member

    CRC Health Corporate Office
    20400 Stevens Creek Blvd.
    6th Floor
    Cupertino, CA. 95014

    Toll Free Phone: (877) 272-8668
    Corporate Fax: (408) 367-0030

    This one sounds like Lisa McPhearsons death
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  7. BigBeard Member

    Was there a $cilon doctor working at the Nashville hospital but not at Horizon Medical Center when this happened?? That would really make it like Lisa McPhearson's death.

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  8. Sekee Member

    The Key Executives for CRC Health Corporation are
    Mr. R. Andrew Eckert
    Dr. Barry W. Karlin
    Mr. Daniel S. Newby
    Ms. LeAnne M. Stewart
    Mr. Jerome E. Rhodes
    None of these people show up on the Scientology completions list.
    There have been some complaints that they over medicate patients. According to the Bryant complaint he was given phenobarbital, phenergen, suboxone and vistaril.

    Poteet’s autopsy said she died of combined drug toxicity, a mix of anti-depressant and therapeutic drugs. It was ruled accidental.

    This makes me suspect that they aren’t a Scientology enterprise.

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  9. Sekee Member

    Staff for New Life Lodge Tennessee:

    Executive Director – Rebecca Gaskin, LCSW, CAC, MBA – Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Certified Addictions Counselor in the state of Michigan. Chief Executive Officer of YWCA in Flint, Michigan Eight years as Chief Executive Officer for the National Council in Alcoholism and Addictions.

    Director of Admissions – Mary Smith, Associates Degree and also held the record for #1 three point shooter in the nation for two years while playing college basketball.
    11 individual completions for Mary Smith appear in official Scientology publications - OTVIII 2008.
    It’s a common name so it may not be the same person.

    Marketing Director – Patty Scott, Tennessee Technology Center of Dickson to get her Medical Administrative Diploma.
    Director of Extended Care – Bill Williams, Masters degree with with an emphasis in Ed Psych from Penn State. Addictions Certification from Florida and Pennsylvania. Served as an officer on the Pennsylvania Addictions Board.
    2 completions last one 1992, another common name.

    Director of Nursing – Tammy England, Over the last 20 years I have had many nursing jobs.

    Director of Adolescent Program – Gary Burns, MS from the University of Tennessee and is certified as an Elementary and Special Education Teacher.

    Primary Physician – Dr. Kevin Collen currently has a 5 year suspended license and can not practice medicine.

    According to their website Licensing and Accreditation: CARF - Accreditation Rehabilitation Tennessee Dept of Health.
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  10. Anonymous Member

    It's not Scientology
    They use medication for the withdrawal to manage symptoms and use medication for maintenance.

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  11. Sekee Member

    CDC Medical is owned by Bain Capital.
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  12. Anonymous Member

    So it's worse than Narconon.
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  13. Intelligence Member

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  14. Intelligence Member

    David Love Drug Addict Doctor??? Patients sleeping on floors??? Thanks to the Research help over on WWP and other Forums, Narconon will have the company of other dangerous Rehabs in my New Book - - so SAD that patients die in Rehab when the DEATHS were preventable!
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  15. Anonymous Member

    Most doctors that work in the field are former addicts. They have regular drug testing as part of their contracts.
    Addiction treatment failure is high, it is a lifelong disease and relapse is part of the disease.
    There are a lot of shitty rehab programs, there a lot of "Sober Living houses" that are puppy mills. This looks like a shitty rehab facility with minimal supervision.
    The number of bad rehab centers is high, your book would turn into a heavy tome and I'm afraid your message would be lost.
  16. Intelligence Member

    The message of Scientology Rehabs, Narconon - - where patients are dying and being abused due
    to scilon quackery and incompetence, I doubt will be lost in a society begging to be directed to safe,
    reputable treatment centers.

    The dangerous rehabs must be exposed (mostly Narconon), and a guide to appropriate and safe
    treatment is far overdue.

    Back to work:)

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  17. eddieVroom Member

    Several years ago, I exchanged some email with N.A. World Services on the matter, and their position was that: a.) they simply don't comment on other programs and b.) they are named (and trademarked) only as N.A. or Narcotics Anonymous.

    For what it's worth, I crossed paths with a meeting that rented the conference room in our church a few years later, and that last statement was being read as a standard meeting disclaimer. Take that for what it's worth.

    From where i'm standing, if a public information "disambiguation" campaign were to be done, it's up to Anon to do it.
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  18. Intelligence Member

    Anyone on here with Boolean search skills???

    I'm having a little side war with someone who isists that "people in Rehab die ALL the time."

    This ^^^ is NOT true! Yes, patients do die occasisionally in Rehabs other than Narconon,
    but so far my reseach shows that deaths ONLY occur in Rehabs that are NOT staffed or
    equipped properly.

    Can someone do a quick Boolean Search of <patient deaths in addiction treatment centers> Or
    something similar???

  19. mirele Member

    Argh, stupid Google insists on pulling up Scieno stuff! But I'm looking.

    I suspect that this information is only going to be available state by state, if at all.

    Here is one story I came across, state of Tennessee, NOT NN, but another rehab facility with deaths:

    ETA: Even if not about NN, it does point out that deaths at rehab facilities tend to be misreported.
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  20. Intelligence Member

    Yes, I have this ^^^ one, but can't seem to find any others? As soon as I have time, I may send
    an email inquiry to each State Health Agency or State authority that might have some Data???

  21. Intelligence Member

  22. Anonymous Member

  23. Intelligence Member

    Good job, this is excellent!!!

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  24. Sekee Member

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  25. Anonymous Member

    And another about a shut down:

    With this string - patient deaths in addiction treatment centers I've been working searches with different word choices - like, fatalities, addicts, alcoholics, etc. I've tried several variations of a search string.

    The search results suggest that keeping track of fatalities at drug & alcohol rehab centers is being avoided, more so than recorded.
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  26. Intelligence Member

    I can't thank you enough for this ^^^^^!!! It's too bad that that the authorities must
    first be woken up threw patient deaths and abuses, b ut so be it - - action has begun and
    if my Sources in the USA are correct, Narconon/COS could be in for some nightmare times
    in the very near future.

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  27. The Wrong Guy Member

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  28. Intelligence Member

    I am so impressed with the caring and compassionate hearts of people who want
    to help stop the deaths and abuses. My email and BF messages are pouring in. Thank you ALL <3
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  29. The Wrong Guy Member


    This food is bad enough. Please spare me from the &quot;caring and compassionate&quot; crap.
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  30. Anonymous Member

    After an hour of steady searching, I can't locate anything about Records Of Fatalities at Drug/Alcohol Rehab, except for this:

    (I've broken up some of the wall of text)

    Summary of those dying in contact with UK Drug or Alcohol Treatment Services

    This report details the causes of mortality of those identified, via the National Drug Treatment Monitoring System(NDTMS) dataset, as having died whilst in contact with structured drug treatment services in the North West of England within the years 2003/04 and 2004/05.

    The NDTMS was established to collect data on all clients in contact with structured drug treatment services (i.e. high threshold tier 3 and 4 services as defined by the Models of Care, see NTA, 2002). The NDTMS dataset was used to identify drug users who had been reported by service providers as having died in years 2003/04 and 2004/05. The Office of National Statistics (ONS) provided semi-anonomised death certificates for those individuals confirmed as dead.

    This exercise established that, of the 191 death certificates received by the Centre for Public Health, Liverpool John Moores University, 59 individuals (30.9%) died from a drug related death (DRD) using the National Drug Strategy definition of a DRD (see below for explanation of the DRD definition). The majority of individuals died from other causes, for example bacterial and viral infections, liver disease and intentional self-harm. Whilst these deaths were not classed as a DRD according to the Drug Strategy, these causes of death were likely to be associated with drug use.

    Therefore, whilst only 30.9% of deaths were classed as a DRD, the majority of deaths within this dataset were likely to be drug-associated deaths. The results also found that those dying from DRD were significantly younger in comparison to those dying from causes not defined as DRD. The report highlights the need to address possible health and social problems that an ageing treatment population in the region may encounter, for example opportunistic infections after years of poor health.

    It also highlights the need to record deaths that, whilst not classed as DRD, are associated with prolonged drug use. This report is the first in a series of themed reports, based on the NDTMS North West regional dataset by the Centre for Public Health, Liverpool John Moores University. Drug Related Deaths (DRD) In 2000, the Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs raised concern about the increasing number of deaths related to drug use within the UK (ACMD, 2000), despite increases in average life expectancy for both males and females (ONS, 2004).

    In response, the Department of Health Action Plan 2001 initiated a plan to reduce the number of DRD (as classified by the National Drug Strategy definition of DRD) by 20% by 2004. The Drug Strategy definition of a DRD is deaths where the underlying cause is poisoning, drug abuse or drug dependence and where any of the substances controlled under the Misuse of Drugs Act (1971) are involved’. According to this definition, the majority of DRD are related to acute drug toxicity and typically occur in young men under thirty years of age (NTA, 2004). The following causes of death are included as a headline indicator of a DRD (the relevant codes from the World Health Organization International Classification of Disease Register version 10 (ICD-10) are given in brackets):

    (Much more at the link)
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  31. Anonymous Member

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  32. Anonymous Member

    I can find Plenty of reports and records of alcohol & drug related deaths occurring outside of rehab facilities, but a dearth of material about inside rehab facilities.

    Given that Alcohol & Drug Rehab has become, for the most part, an industry, it's the success rates that get promoted as part of the advertising.

    Reporting directly and formally about fatalities isn't going to be good for business.
  33. BigBeard Member

    I went poking around the SAMSA web page, and by golly they've got links to all kinds of reports and statistics. Found an interesting one from the period 2006 - 2008.

    I followed a link to 30122-0001 (my guest log in required) and selected REASON - Reason for Discharge under the Treatment Service Characteristics heading, and left the rest of the fields blank.

    This popped the table at and by gum it even includes DEATHS in the reason for discharge list.

    The quick breakdown is:

    Treatment Episode Data Set -- Discharges (TEDS-D) -- Concatenated, 2006 to 2008

    1. Treatment Completed..........................................2,204,160..46.3%
    2. Left Against Professional Advice.........................1,198,488...25.2%
    3. Terminated by Facility...........................................322,788.....6.8%
    4. Transferred to Another Facility/Program............670,599....14.1%
    5. Incarcerated.............................................................99,097......2.1%
    6. Death.........................................................................11,225......0.2%
    7. Other......................................................................247,479......5.2%
    8. Unknown.................................................................10,585.......0.2%

    I'm majorly tied up for the next couple of weeks, but since they provide such nice statistical data someone might want to check with SAMSA to see if they have the number of deaths per year broken out by state.

    Wonder what percentage of deaths vs total clients at NN AH for the last year would be? Greater than 0.2%?? And why do I suspect there are no narCONon stats from anywhere included in the SDA report?

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  34. Intelligence Member

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  35. BigBeard Member

    It occurs to me, what we need is a breakdown of the reported deaths in that report.

    For example, deaths from:

    Natural causes related to existing conditions
    Physical cause related to detox/maintenance regimen
    Reaction to detox/maintenance related medications
    Massive overdose of illicit drugs, no time to counteract
    Overdose of illicit drugs, counteractions not taken in time due to lack of patient monitoring

    That info shouldn't result in any privacy/HIPPA violations if no specific patient info is included.

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  36. Anonymous Member
    US law as it relates to disclosure of private health information
    That should cover it.
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  37. The Wrong Guy Member

    Here's another really swell press release, published today:

    Mary Rieser Narconon Georgia And Staff Celebrate The 4th Doing Drug Education

    July 26, 2012 Medical news in Norcross,Georgia, United States of America

    Mary Rieser, Narconon Georgia, with her Executives and Staff celebrated this year’s 4th of July event in the historic district of downtown Norcross providing drug education and brochures.


    Norcross, Georgia, United States of America ( July 26, 2012 -- Norcross, GA - Mary Rieser - - Executive Director of Narconon Georgia, with her Executives and Staff celebrated this year’s 4th of July event for the 6th time in the historic district of downtown Norcross. They provided drug prevention education and brochures to about 15,000 visitors to help young people avoid the oppression of drugs and retain their freedom.

    More at
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  38. Zippty1981 Member

    Anon mods I realize I am new however I think I have a news publication that would like to speak with David for an upcoming story. Maybe a PM I can relay the contact info & if you think it's good you can relay.

    Edit; if a mod could tell me what names should be trusted for this?
  39. JohnnyRUClear Member

    I'm sure Herro will be happy to help you.
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  40. Foundation for a Drug-Free World 1626 N. Wilcox Ave., Suite 1297
    Los Angeles, CA 90028 USA

    No mention of Hubbard on this site, with a scilon address. It's a 'non-profit' organisation, right? Who's not for a drug free world, after all, they wouldn't bo out to harm anyone for profit, surely it's for the greatest good on the greatest # of dynamics, especially the dynamic bank accounts of David Miscavige, imho.

    The endless front groups of Narconon / 'Church' of Scientology and the lies and scams that cause so much damage to unsuspecting addicts and their families for the international crime syndicate of Scientology are despicable.

    If Narconon was truly as effective as they claim with over 70% succes rates, there would be no reason whatsoever to constantly change names for the exact same Scientology program and of course the same goes for Scientology, they would scream the connections from the rooftops if the incredible claims of success were true.

    Narconon and Scientology are both engaged in total criminal fraud, 100%, pure and simple.
    Gross negligence, complete incompetence and lies for sale at outrageous prices. Greedy cult is greedy and heartless.

    How many deaths have been caused over the years by Scientology's greed and incompetence?

    Rest in Peace, victims of Narconon and all of their phony promotions under many names.
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