David Love - Ministry of Health & Social Services Complaint

Discussion in 'Narconon' started by Intelligence, Nov 2, 2010.

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    Yes there will be delicious caek. I confirm it.
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    Translation of a Feb. 14, 2011 article on the website of Radio-Canada, the French counterpart of the CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation).

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    Translation of a French article in the Trois-Rivières daily Le Nouvelliste, Feb. 15, 2011.

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  7. AuntAnonymous Member

    Absolutely beautiful David! Also a big thank you to mnql1 for the translation. Talk about a tag-team effort!

    Best VD present ever as you get those hokey 'we wanna help' fucktards closed down in Canada.

    Have a fantastic day.
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  8. Anonymous Member

    So the Director of Narconon Trois Rivieres is incommunicado? Here, let me fill in for him...

    I could go on but the cult stuff is starting to stank up my brain.
  9. Anonymous Member

    OSA here. We're hiring and we want you to work for us Anonymous. Free auditing and bridgework included.
  10. Intelligence Member

    Larst time he spoke to press he shot himself in foot by confirming Disconnection Policy and other comments that will be rebutted in court. Not the sharpest pencil in the box for media comments. Cheeze may be sliding off some of their crackers.
  11. Intelligence Member

    Tx for the good laughs at work today. I was tired when I arrived, but
    soon perked up after reading some of these posts on my cell browser.

    Energized again and back at home moving forward. First half of Feb was awesome
    and the schedule for the second half is full and should be fun and interesting indeed:)
  12. Intelligence Member

    Yup, Marc Bernard, Narconon Director will be facing many questions in the near future. Here is
    one of many statements he's made recently. This one was sent to me only a couple days ago:

    "..... so i was told after by Marc that you there with a hate group, 'whiteface' that also is involved with instructing people through pamphlets on how one can kill oneself....."

    It was a long, detailed message, just like the many others I've received, but I can only post an exerpt to protect identity
    until the Court Hearing.
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    Now this brought a smile to my face on an otherwise crappy day with a full in-tray! David you awesome gorgeousness you! :)
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    Me likey. Dave is going to tear this place down. XD
  17. Intelligence Member

    Yes, this was a good visit, meeting, and good exposure, but limited to a French audience. When we have the new Court Hearing Dates, the next step is:

    Right now,

    Mathieu Lamothe
    Le Nouvelliste

    He is doing an in depth news article, but for Quebec audience.

    We need to reach Ontario, ALBERTA, and British Columbia!


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  18. xenubarb Member

    All in good time. When the ball gets rolling in Quebec and the media gets its teeth into the story, we shall have ever so much more material with which to launch offenses against Narconons everywhere.
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  19. Squirrel King Member

    We'll keep the harpoons sharp and in good working order for when that day comes.
  20. Intelligence Member

  21. Intelligence Member

    We're gaining on some interest from mainstream media exposure :)

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  22. The Wrong Guy Member

    We're cheering for you, David. Your courage, competence, and determination are an inspiration. You may not have realized it, but many of us are lounging around eating ice cream and loudly belching in your honor.
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  23. Intelligence Member

    WOW! Just had another Member of the Canada Government from the Parliament in Ottawa, contact me today. This one has a lot of clout, but I will leave the indentity Anonymous for a few days until I see where this may go. (lets just say that this one fits in PERFECT)

    Now we have A Senator in Ottawa and a Member of Parliament in Ottawa and the Minister of Health in Quebec taking great interest in what is happening.
    Nice :)

    Going to the Quebec Capital City in about one week or so. Should be a good visit
    with the new ideal ORG running a First Step Program, polluting TOXIC Niacin doses
    into young people and exploiting them in the vilnerable and ill state they are in.
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  24. Anonymous Member

    pardon me for derailing this beautiful thread of Win and justice,
    but WTF?

    OZ got Senator Xenu.
    CA got "Anonymous" Senator and MP.

    US - government goes to bat for Scientology every chance it gets.
    We're lucky if we're not all assassinated for conspiracy to "Cyber Terror"
    the closest Anon-US gets to having an official ally is Harry fuckn Reid.

    Excuse me but WTF r we doin?


    Feel free to return to your regularly scheduled program of Clearing the Planet of all things Hubbardry.
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  25. Intelligence Member

    No pardon needed; no derail. I understand and empathize with your frustration. Montreal and Quebec Anons have been workingb relentlessly
    on this for a very long time. I commend them. I only came on the scene 16 months ago, which helped with Media and Government
    attention, which spilled over and grabbed the Polititions attention.

    Now it's snow-balling; it seems.

    I think the USA Gov will jump on board more as time passes,..., soon we hope.

    Everyone is doing their best :)

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  26. Intelligence Member

    Indeed, yes I do dare and have been writing a draft for some time now. Just waiting
    for financial information on how much the Federal Government coffers are being depleted
    for funding First Nations Alcohol and Drug programs and how the money is spent.

    This one will be an eye-opener. Right out of a Grisham Novel; only this one is real and absurd.

  27. Anonymous Member

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  28. Intelligence Member

    Mr. Brad Melnychuck, ABLE Canada, will not escape unscathed from the investigative tentacles
    now encircling the cults covered-up wagons of deceipt. His OT powers to proclaim:

    Narconon spokesman Brad Melnychuk said he has personally witnessed the effectiveness of the sauna program. "You can actually see the toxins come out," he said.

    At a Canada Senate Hearing in 2002, Brad Melnychuk states:

    "...have done that. I would tend to question it, based on the fact that our Narconons are improving, and some of them are very close to a 100% success rate..."

    Next Senate Hearing should be interesting.

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  29. Intelligence Member

    Just tying up a few lose ends and a Press Release will soon be published concerning the
    flow of Canadian Tax-Payers funds into $cientology coffers. Government dox should arrive
    this afternoon to substantiate funds flow.

    Did the earlier mention of this story contribute to the resignation of the Deputy Director
    from Narconon Canada and the Dissolve of Narconon Canada as an Entity? This Expose
    may be an embarassement for the Canada Federal Government, but so be it; an investigation
    is a must and will reveal volumes.

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  30. Anonymous Member

  31. Intelligence Member

    "Scientology - Bending Rules and Beaking Laws" (tentative article title)

    Putting this article together is mind bending, to say the least. Multi-Millionaire Peter Montour, is the
    father of Joelyn Montour (NN Grad x 2, FSM, Web Page Referral Owner, was to be owner of New Narconon on First Nations Reserve,
    and the person who put the one million dollar, "new student deal together" for NN TR.) - (deal closed at $800,000.00)

    I knew Joelyn personally and spent time at her apartment and other units in the Complex. This is where the gun
    was passed over the balcony and a young man took it and shot himself. Very sad.

    The details of the above, makes for interesting couch reading and quite intriguing, but this article will focuss on how several
    Scientology rules (or policies), were bent and the breaking of laws. Canadian tax payer monies ending up in Scientology Coffers.

    Substance Use and Abuse 87,944 4,733 4,250 55,816 . . . . . 152,743 . . . . .

    Canadians to effective alcohol and drug treatment and rehabilitation
    programs and services . . . . . 13,200,00 (thirteen million)

    (Transfer Payment from Ottawa (freedom of information)

    Mohawks of Akwesasne Cornwall Ont................................................................................. 1,511,017

    These are still not the exact figures I want and need to complete this article, but working on it.

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  32. Intelligence Member

    For legal reasons, can't release this story yet. Parts of it may be used in the upcoming
    Superior Court Law Suit and we don't want to tip our hand yet.

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    Just faxed doc to College oe Physicians. Will fax doc to Ombudsman tomorrow to initiate investigation into missing medical files.
  34. Intelligence Member

    From this:

    To Thisvvvvvvvvv:)

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    This^^^^^is the Case. Very Sad.

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  37. Intelligence Member

    Excellent article ^^^. Once we have Quebec Narconons shut down and the ORG Saunas, Alberta Narconons are next. Preliminary work and strategy is already underway. August will see huge wins and September looks awesome indeed. We're not putting anymore nails in NN TR's coffin. We're having special, sulpher proof, silver scews made. With lock washers,..., LOL. This has been a week sent from heaven:)
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    The medical file they found is huge.
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    as big as the bulge in my pants?
  40. 00anon00 Member

    It's all about you

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