David Love - Ministry of Health & Social Services Complaint

Discussion in 'Narconon' started by Intelligence, Nov 2, 2010.

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    Re: David Love - Ministry of Health & Social Services Complaint

    Bumping for the greater good.
  2. Intelligence Member

    Re: David Love - Ministry of Health & Social Services Complaint

    Good, I'm glad they helped. After the Jan 17th Court Hearing, I will post much more. Will be discussing some issues and may release some info to Media tomorrow evening.
  3. Intelligence Member

    Re: David Love - Ministry of Health & Social Services Complaint

    Meeting with Quebec Ministry of Health and Social Services after Jan 17th. Win or loose, will push forward with all other cases (several). The QMHSS is very important indeed. This one could set the foundation to have all Narconons and ORGS in Canada with Saunas, investigated and shut down. The ongoing investigation in Quebec is to ensure the safe health care and treatment of patients. Could be a Big Win:)
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    Re: David Love - Ministry of Health & Social Services Complaint

    You are doing an awesome job on this, Intelligence. Thank You!
  5. Intelligence Member

    Re: David Love - Ministry of Health & Social Services Complaint

    Tx. Spent lots of time on this one. There is no Statute of Limitations for this; as opposed to a Civil Case to be file in Supreme Court. Just waiting for medical tests and other issues.
  6. Intelligence Member

    The day of the Meeting with the Quebec Ministry of Health and Social Services in Trois-Rivieres, we may
    register a Civil Law Suit in the Trois-Rivieres Court House.

    Documents are being drafted right now for Statement of Claim, (more than one), and will have them in
    both English and French.

    Media Exposure will follow.
  7. Intelligence Member

    Finally! I just receive a document from an ex-staff member that I was waiting for.

    Now I can phone the Quebec Ministry of Health and Social Services to schedule our intended meeting.

    Really looking forward to this meeting:)
  8. i always say this to people i respect, stand tall and rock the heavens man
  9. Intelligence Member

    Arrangements for a meeting were being set up last night. Will post after my Trois-Rivieres visit.

    Should be back in Montreal tonight or tomorrow.
  10. xenubarb Member

    David Love is so fucking awesome!
  11. peterstorm Member

  12. xenubarb Member

    Also cheers to everyone helping him to victory!
  13. Intelligence Member

    Yes indeed. The help and support is something that Anons should be proud of. And it's only the beginning of February. This one and March will be a milestone month.
  14. Intelligence Member

    Here We Go! Meeting is Set with the Quebec Ministry of Health and Social Services!

    This Government Ministry has CLOUT and is forcing Narconon Trois-Riviers to apply for or
    be Accredited by July 2011.

    I submitted complaint to this Ministry some time ago and they have digested most of the hundreds
    of pages of documents. Following our meeting in Ottawa at the Senators Office, it's now time to
    deliver the balance of the "jaw-dropping" documents.

    For security, can't say when meeting is ; but it's very soon :)

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  15. Intelligence Member

    Received etter from College of Physicians this morning. They are still reviewing dox investigating. For Medical Malpractice and Narconon Practicing Medicine Without a Licence. They have a huge file, with more dox on their way.
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  16. Squirrel King Member

    This makes me happy.
  17. xenubarb Member

    Fuckin' A right!
  18. Intelligence Member

    Was just reviewing some dox, photos, and videos to deliver to the Ministry of Health and Social Services.

    Watched a promo video from a Narconon Live Graduation. There is a passing shot of Brad Melnychuk from
    ABLE Canada and myself, but the video of some of the staff is very telling of the truth.

    They are giving their testimony of being clean and sober for various lengths of time. There were 8 staff who gave
    their testimony. During the time of the filming, one was using cocaine and drinking and one was back on the
    booze daily. Two more have since relapsed (Have Dox).

    And one now speaks in schools about drug addiction. This person does NOT credit Narconon for their success.

    So here we have Narconon Trois-Rivieres promoting their drug free lives in a promotional video, when at
    least 50% have relapsed. One staff member went to a different rehab center. Don't know how they are
    doing now; awaiting further Intel soon.

    And this is staff who relapsed!
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  19. Zak McKracken Member

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  20. Intelligence Member

    There we go; I copped off the personal info text:)

    This is a three page cover letter, with an additional 59 evidence items in an 83 page "Information and Evidence Submission."

    Within two weeks, an additional several hundred pages of documents will be delivered in person when we attend a meeting
    with this Government Ministry. Their statement to media: "We are watching them closely."

    Mod Edit: Page 1 removed because personal information was possibly visible. Dave, possibly summarize page 1.

    There we go; I copped off the personal info text:)


    February is proving to be a Huge Win month in many parts of the world.

    We will make our mark in BOLD LETTERS,..., with evidence dox.

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  21. Intelligence Member

    My Dearest Mod:

    No problem about page one. I'll repost with that info off when I get time.

    I only posted the three cover pages for my "DOX or FTFO Anon Friends,..., LOL......

    It's 2:15am,..., geeeeeeze!

    Good night my Friends and thanks for all your help, encouragement, kind words, and of course LOVE :)
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  22. hushpuppy Member

    David, you are a one man cult wrecking love love your passion!
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  24. Intelligence Member

    HAPPY VALANTINES DAY! :) ,..., just leaving Trois-Rivieres Quebec. Arrived earlier today for meeting with the Quebec Ministry of Health and Social Services. PeterStorm was with me. CBC - TV Radio Canada will be airing an interview today at 6:00pm. I will post link later, if nobody else beats me to it. After meeting, we met with reporter at Le Novellist for interview. Brief summary will be in tomorrow mornings newspaper, with in depth article to follow in about one week once reporter verifies government sources. Will upload other info and pics later today when I arrive home. On cell browser right now.
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  25. Anonymous Member

    well done to david and the anon. Quebec has one hell of a team :)
  26. Intelligence Member

    Yes, we sure do indeed. PeterStorm travelled from Quebec City and I from Montreal, to meet in TR. Well planned, timed perfect; even though trip was in snow storm. Tx PeterStorm. The Irish and French work well together,..., LOL. We had a good trip:)
  27. AnubisMTL Member

    Awesome stuff Dave! Thinking to raid with us again in montreal soon? :D
  28. Intelligence Member

    Yes, I will be at the next one for sure! I really am looking forward to this next one:) ,..., should be a lot of fun and I need a break away from monitor. Probably do an interesting video,..., flap, flap, flap,..., and release more dox:)
  29. Intelligence Member

    Criminal charges may not be too far away. A few more weeks of digging and presenting an "INFORMATION" to Police and Crown Council. Will also engage Ombudsman to ensure the Canada Competition Bureau moves forward with Civil and Criminal investigation into conspiracy to commit fraud.
  30. AnubisMTL Member

    Next one is this saturday, are you available?
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    We had a good meeting. The agency reveived Dave' complaint as well as loads of documents to back it up. We talked about the false success rates, the complaint to the college of physicians, etc. We also talked about the future of Narconon and possible loopholes in the law that NN might use. The agency guy was very cool.
  33. Intelligence Member

  34. Intelligence Member

    Maybe mnql1 will translate and post later for us:)
  35. Intelligence Member

    Yes! Absolutely! Will there be caeke:) I wouldn't miss this one,..., LOL,..., I'll be there, my dear Friend:)
  36. Intelligence Member


    We Delivered! Left the Ministry with a good portion of these. Heavy load to pack around :)

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  38. peterstorm Member

    The news bulletin isn't online yet. I bet they did air the segment. Will post later when I see it.
  39. peterstorm Member

    The Nouvelliste reporter will have a lot more work than he thought. lol
  40. peterstorm Member

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