David Love: Man on a mission (Journal de Montréal, March 3, 2012)

Discussion in 'Narconon' started by mnql1, Mar 3, 2012.

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    From me to victim last night:

    Just arrived a few minutes ago:

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    Sent 5 minutes ago;

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    AWESOME - - Just in 2 minutes ago. New victim from BC is filing QHRC Complaint
    and to Ministry of Health Quebec. Also contacting CBC TV Reporter:):):)

    It IS a GOOD FRIDAY - - things are happening lightning FAST today - - messages coming
    in every few minutes - - Soooo much FUN:)

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    PeterStorm - - I need the email address to the Gazette Reporter Catherine's [Boss/Editor???]

    I want to make sure I am heard. (don't want to have to chain myself to Gazzet entry door and have Journal de Montreal cover it,..., LOL ):)

    Can you help me?

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    WTF is the Quebec Human Rights Commission and Quebec Ministry of Health and Social Services
    going to do. Three more victims are writing formal complaints this very minute. There will be eight
    victims, with eighteen separate formal complaints to both agencies!!!

    Denis Grenier is going to have a "Shit-Fit" and human rights will have to bring in more investigators

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    Thanks for this ^^^^^ - - has now been forwarded to a few of their Executives :)

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  9. Zak McKracken Member

    The "Unworthy cause" bit sounds like it was a letter to the editor, or posted in the Opinions section- in response to the "Anonymous Unmasked" feature.

    The actual article that Catherine Solyom wrote isn't all that terrible. It quotes Gabby Coleman and highlights some of the less ugly things /b/ has been up to (Op Darknet). Doesn't really address Chanology much at all.

    It DOES mention a number of letters/emails that Anons have sent to the Gazette - unflattering ones.

    In your letter or interview you might want to stress how 'Anonymous' is not a unitary, unified group, and the ways in which Chanology differs from other Anon efforts.
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    Going for another walk to clear out some Cob-Webs and refocus on a new video
    I may post later today - - we'll see:)

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    Honestly, I don't know the difference between Anonymous and Chanology. I do agree it is NOT
    unitary or unified. Except, in "my opinion", most Anonymous do care about "helping" to prevent
    further abuses, crimes, torture, etc of vulnerable victims, AND each does their part however and
    whenever they please or feel motivated to do so. To me, Anonymous=Freedom to do, say, or act
    as we please (within the law for the majority), without being organized or have direction from
    any leader.

    This ^^^^ is just my opinion of course, and as I see and learn more, I am open to review
    and/or change my opinions:)

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  12. Zak McKracken Member

    I should follow my own advice.

    There are a few different versions of that article (written by C. Solyom) posted on different newspapers' websites. The one I actually read all the way through (Edmonton Journal ) wasn't so bad. The version posted on Montreal Gazette actually is pretty bad. More emphasis on "hacking" and criminal anarchy, less on their social goals.

    It looks like the nasty bit from Jean Larivière was a letter to the editor after all. unworthy cause/6411756/story.html
    I can't tell how prominent it was on either the website or the print paper, when published. That it has a "story" tag instead of "opinion" is worrisome.
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    This ^^^^^ :)

    We can "handle" the anti-Anonymous story no problem here in Quebec and British Columbia
    is coming on board nicely. Meeting with three medias in a few week short weeks at the
    Narconon Trois-Rivieres protest. Just nailing down exact dates and times today. This one
    may stretch into a two day event, with one coming from Central Amercia; others from Ontario,
    Quebec City, Montreal, and Lachine. Logistics smoothed out well today.

    Montreal Anonymous is a very tight and dedicated group; in fact all of the Quebec Anons ROCK!!!

    There will be video footage of this protest like no other protest ever - - if all goes well:)

    Media will have some delicious new doc that not even the government has ,......., YET.

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  14. Intelligence Member

    Nice - - will have to finish the Press Release I've been saving for a rainy day?

    Guess what??? It's raining,..., :)


    Uploaded by Intelligenceplus on Mar 6, 2012
    March 7, 2012 - - With recent media exposing the Scientology rehab center, Narconon Trois-Rivieres, a reckoning is on the doorstep for cult/sect scams in Canada and other countries. David Edgar Love confronts all aspects of Narconon, as one hundred percent Scientology indoctrination practices, recruiting patients as staff members and up L. Ron Hubbard's "Bridge to the Bridge".
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    Another Wire Service Canada press release has been submitted - - just waiting for approval
    and publishing. That was a fun one to put together:) OUCH to OSA :)

  16. Intelligence Member

    New Press Release - Wire Service Canada


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  17. Anonymous Member

    Heads up, you might be in a race against Rathbun to publish your book first:
  18. It is contemptuous to violate the law and the rights of others "for a good cause" or in the guise of freedom of speech.

    Who does he think he is, Nick Xenophon?

    A series of acts of vandalism and intimidation took place during the same period: windows repeatedly broken, hate mail and a large number of obscene phone calls, including a few bomb threats.

    In short, an array of antisocial actions committed anonymously, in the name of impunity, which are not worthy of praise but rather the mark of incivility and hooliganism.

    That's a nice trick with using words. In short, this Anonymous group and it's leaders must have done all that vandalism. I am sure he knows exactly what he is doing. If you expected him to behave any better you would be wrong.
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    LOL,..., ironic you should mention my next book. Just met with book editor for a beautiful
    brunch, then a walk by the St. Lawrence River - - chatting with fishermen:)

    Editor will begin receiving book chapters next week.

    My book is somewhat different than most that are mainly about being in Scientology,
    then out. My book will take the reader with me inside Narconon and at times, regress back
    to my past, relating to what lead me to Narconon. NN TR knows a tiny bit of my past
    because of me writing my Overts and Withholds, but very little.

    For a couple dacades I was involved in a few covert government operations that I will
    tell in my book. A few NN TR patients read some excerpts of a couple chapters I was
    writing while at NN TR and their jaw dropped, saying, "Holy shit, David, let me read
    the rest,...," No, sorry", I said ,..., Tease-Tease:)

    It won't take long to finish book. As soon as I completed the NN TR program, I went to my
    daughters and wrote a business marketing book, "Drop Shipping Business", in four days.
    This one should be ready by end of May???


    Book Excerpts:
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    OUCH!!! Did I srie a hornet's nest,..., LOL :) "stand by for moar:)


    Add a new Comment
    Author: Bessie
    Apr 06, 2012
    I've read a lot about Narconon and it's done a lot to help people who are dealing with addiction. Whoever wrote this article didn't do good research -- talk to all those whose lives have changed tremendously because of Narconon. They are still in operation because they are needed by people who are struggling with addiction.
    Author: Liza
    Apr 06, 2012
    It is suspect that a press release was written just to address this. Obviously black propaganda to destroy Narconon and the church. Based on nothing but hearsay and conjecture.
    Author: Mary McConnell
    Apr 06, 2012
    Narconon is Scientology
    Good work! Canadians should be proud of your efforts as are many across the world who have been following your articles.

    Never give up exposing this con game, David. Thank you.
    Author: Jason
    Apr 06, 2012
    Questioning The Source?
    I would like to address the previous commenters, because it's apparent that they are here at the behest of Narconon or Scientology with the sole purpose of disparaging the author of this release. If you had done your "research", as was alluded to in your comment, you would know that David Love, the author, was a client as well as a staff member of Narconon Trois-Rivieres. All of his claims are backed up by mountains of evidence, all of which are currently being channeled to the proper authorities. Former clients who were harmed by Narconon are coming forward with their stories. The screws are being tightened, and if Narconon and Scientology want someone to blame for it all, they need only look in the mirror.
    Author: Alice
    Apr 06, 2012
    previous commenters
    I suspect Bessie and Liza are scientologists sent here to spin a bad light on Mr. Loves article. David is well aware of the inner workings of NarCONnon.
    Author: Luke Warmwater
    Apr 06, 2012
    Destroy Narconon & The Church?
    Destroy Narconon and the church?

    Narconon bureaucracy claims that there is no connection with the "religious" cult known as scientology. Oh my goodness, did you mis-type your comment?

    And no, it is not based on hearsay and conjecture whatsoever.

    It is based on solid, verified investigative research, and solid verifiable/verified evidence.

    But yes, the verified research and evidence is going to destroy narconon and the cult of scientology.

    Expect it!
    Author: WendyT
    Apr 06, 2012
    NarCONon is a con that lies about the success rate. They also employe so-called therapists with no formal training. I don't need to listen to the black PR ($cilon term btw Liza!) nor listen to agents of OSA such as Bessie above, to know that the many, many ex-members are telling the truth of this front group for the cult of $cientology.

    More people are learning the truth from ex-members' testimonies -- regardless what celebrity shills like Kirstie Alley blather on about.

    Congratulations to the Canadian government for listening to those who have been duped by NarCONon.
    Author: Artsy
    Apr 06, 2012
    The truth about Narconon
    Bessie - Please talk to all of the vulnerable and suffering people and their families, who have been duped by Narconon to the tune of $30,000 and,find their loved ones sicker than when they got to treatment or worse, have died while under the care of Narconon.

    Can you imagine how the family members must feel after arranging for an intervention and treatment to learn that their loved ones were introduced to more drugs at Narconon than they were even aware of prior to treatment?

    Narconon is a controversial international drug rehabilitation program based on the philosophy and theories on drug addiction of L. Ron Hubbard, a science fiction writer and founder of the Church of Scientology who appears to have been unqualified and ignorant of basic medical facts. Narconon's ties to Scientology are not readily available or disclosed to its clients who are making a decision on treatment for drug addiction at a vulnerable time in their lives. However, Scientologists are employed by the centers and its doctrines and organization are similar to Scientology.

    Many critics claim that Narconon is simply a front group for Scientology with the purpose of making money and recruiting new members for Scientology and although Narconon is officially a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization it does charge for services.

    Additional information can be found on the following websites:
    Author: No to Fraud
    Apr 06, 2012
    Narconon is a con
    Narconon is a front group for the Scientology corporation. If Bessie had actually read anything critical about Narconon she would know that. But as a Scientologist she is not allowed to read anything that is critical of the Scientology corporation, including this article. Notice that her response does not address or rebut a single point made in the article. Her comment only casts aspersions.

    Same for Liza's comment.
    Author: M.M.
    Apr 07, 2012
    Narconon was HELL for my brother
    My brother went to Narcono for an addiction, and it ruined his life even further. Staff members were constantly being arrested and or fired for drug use. 1 person even overdosed right there in the rehab. It IS Scientology, and it doesnt work. What hell this has been. Stay away. Stay FAR away.
    Author: Jason Argonaut
    Apr 07, 2012
    Cult of Scientology
    That about sums it up in Canada, for now. The rest of the world seems to be going after Scientology and all their front groups too. While the new laws and criminal convictions are nice, it seems that the real damage is from articles like this one. Walking by the 696 Yonge St. cult office, it is all but empty.
    Author: Marc Lacasse
    Apr 07, 2012
    Well done
    Thank you David for exposing scientology fraud and abuse.
    Author: Dan
    Apr 07, 2012
    Narconon = Scientology = fraud + abuse
    Not just in Canada, but all over the world Narconon preys on the most vulnerable to defraud them of their money and recruit them into Scientology. It is a dangerous, psuedo-scientific scheme that needs to be shut down. Thank you David for helping to prevent even greater victimization.
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  21. Intelligence Member

    I've been watching Narconon in Socal for a long time. In 2008 I told anonymous that Narconon was an excellent target. It's a lucrative scam for the church, and the quackery behind it is clearly unscientific bolonium from a pulp fiction hack.

    Now we see the American Flagship, Narconon Stone Hawk is gone.

    Narconon Georgia is fighting allegations of fraud and negligence over the death of a client who died of a heroin overdose while in NN care. This one's a pip! Plaintiffs are going for a state RICO charge.

    Since Narconon runs fraudulent sites posing as reference sites (that only recommend Narconon) there is interstate fraud, and a RICO in this case is appropriate.

    Narconon IS going down. Change the name all you want. You can't shake the hubbard snakeoil off your program, so you are doomed.
    Author: J C Eller
    Apr 07, 2012
    Scientology will do Anything to get your money
    "My recommendation about detoxification is to keep away from it. It's dangerous. I don't think L. Ron Hubbard has credibility in the scientific world. The author's suggestions about detoxification can be detrimental to your health." C. Everett Koop, M.D. Former US Surgeon General

    The scientology organization has endless tools to send out into a community, like a heat seaking missile, to find every vulnerability of every human being and every business and social group. It then "grooms" that person or group, starting with love bombing, which you'll find in any cult. Once "set up", you're bombarded with sales pitches custom designed to push your every button. Once you are emotionally and mentally distraught, they extract your money while you blindly sign forms, all designed so scientology (their lawyers hope) won't have to take Any Responsibility for the consequences of their action.

    They are a criminal group that decrees it mandatory that no member goes to the police or any authority to report crimes or fraud, with severe, inhumane consequences if they do. They are an extremist, fanatical sheltered bunch that believe the ends justifies the means.

    Fortunately they are dying off, but their front groups, like Narconon, Applied Scholastics, Youth for Human Rights, Citizens Commission on Human Rights (what a joke), etc. are what they are promoting now. Whatever you get involved with, it is vital you do your research thoroughly before investing any money, time, interest, or support. Narconon Is very dangerous. Some harmful effects don't show up for years, others they are immediate. It is Not based on science, and scientologists Have no medical training, no authority to deal with drug rehabiliation or mental therapy or anything they make claim to. Once involved, they may persue you for the rest of your life.

    They have 60 years of actual reports and statistics and evidence of all of the above. I was involved years ago, but know of others who have been in different decades. The Only thing that ever changes is that their greedy prices keep skyrocketing to absurd realms. Just Say No to Narconon.
    Author: Louanne
    Apr 07, 2012
    Clueless, Vicious
    Your article cannot be topped in terms of cluelessness. Did you do any research at all? It is really simple to find out what Narconon does, what Scientology does, what "Snow White" was. None of it is mentioned in your article. Which makes it a disgusting piece of hate propaganda.
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  22. Intelligence Member

    Author Responds to Comments
    Author: intelligence
    Apr 07, 2012
    Some interesting comments, both positive and negative. I will answer the "negative', with additional details in another Press Release later today :)
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  23. Intelligence Member

    Press Release is awaiting approval. If the Scilons were pissed at the last one,
    this one could "Shake Some Stable Datums" ,..., LOL :)

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  24. GuyFox Member

    Wow, "Louanne" is still alive! And the same blindly loyal puppy as ever.
  25. Anonymous Member

    Yes, but I've noticed that her vocabulary is shrinking. Probably a fashion statement to match the degree to which the cult is shrinking.
  26. DeathHamster Member

    I doubt she even read your article, and like "ethics", the word "research" has its own peculiar meaning inside Scientology.
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  27. "Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this Bridge to the Bridge."
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  28. Intelligence Member


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  29. Anonymous Member

    From above post:

    Is this correct? Mid 2012?
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  30. Intelligence Member

    should be 2011! Damn!!!

    I will mention in "Comments" :)

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  31. Intelligence Member

    "In mid 2012 the Commission received two complaints concerning reprisals from Narconon staff and associates...."

    This ^^^ is a Type O and should state 2011. My apologies. [IMG]
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  32. Intelligence Member

    Confirmed! Show airs on Radio and TV Tomorrow:)

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  33. Intelligence Member

    Narconon "Flunky" (FAIL - pun intended), Andre Ahern and other staff are
    so busy with the Certification process and in PR Flap Meetings, that production
    is big time "Downstat":)

  34. Zak McKracken Member

    Bessie is absolutely right.
    We should talk to people "whose lives have changed tremendously because of Narconon".

    When NN patients "graduate" to a box 6 ft under, the lives of their families change tremendously too.
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  35. Intelligence Member

    OMG! The life I lead right now is indeed a very busy life - - no time for many pleasures.

    Managing by own dozen or so websites, Youtube production (now 102 videos), writing for Blogs,
    sumbitting dox to government, meetings, etc, etc,..., is a painstaking endeavor. However, the results
    are encouraging and montivates me to press on to the FINISH!

    I will be leaving this and all other Forums next week. I must focuss on my next book and submit
    chapters to Editor, who I met with yesterday. I will peek in here while at my day job, but I will 'TRY"
    to stay away when at home,..., LOL.

    What I need (SOON), is a capable, and well equipped of course, a secretary or reasonable facsimile.
    Perhaps even one that could put up with ,..........., and join me in other satifying and enjoyable times ........:) - - of visiting places of interest and "protest",..., LOL :)

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  36. rof Member

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    This ^^^^^ :) - - off for a wee stroll, then finish watching movie, "Braveheart", my Hero:)

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  38. rof Member

    Don't forget this:

    is why.

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  39. Anonymous Member

    Response to Jean Lariviere:

    Yes yes, vid is old, but so are his accusations.
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  40. rof Member

    Video is hilarious genius.

    Lay that rhetoric down for all the fucking corporations and you get Occupy.
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