David Love - Fire in Building

Discussion in 'Narconon' started by Intelligence, Jan 11, 2012.

  1. Herro Member

    Careful. Don't provoke him into exercising what little authority he has in life. You know how mods are.
  2. Trotter Moderator

    Well we know you've got that whole "spend all day slapping retards on the internet to make me feel better about myself" thing mastered.
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  3. Intelligence Member

    Twelve minute video being uploaded now - - including aftermath.

  4. Intelligence Member

  5. Anonymous Member

    Moar like WITP, amirite?
  6. xenubarb Member

    who got YOUR mojo, grumpypants?
  7. slobeck Member

    David, I'm glad you are OK. But why the fuck is a fire in your building newsworthy or relevant to WWP in any way? I live in a city too. Fires happen.
  8. Intelligence Member

    Well, I was preparing dox for the gov pertaining to NN/COS and was concerned about power, people coming into my apartment and seeing all the dox etc.

    It was a little un-nerving, but I see your point:)

    Will refrain from posting such unrelavent in the future --------

  9. slobeck Member

    No, I understand, now... that is more relevant. But maybe include it n existing thread as part of your reporting on your progresss rather than making a whole thread about the fire when the relevancy is about the risk it posed potentially to the doxuments...which certainly is news.

    carry on.
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  10. Trotter Moderator

    Can you help me to get it back?
  11. Robocat Member

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  12. Robocat Member

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  13. Anonymous Member

    Not sure how many people know that burning you out is clam tech. They used it on FormerlyIn when she ran off with a lot of docs that proved the cult was laundering money through real estate. They burnt her out twice. First time they all got out, second time she went back in for something and got burned badly. Graham Berry was representing or helping her with the FBI thing. She did some tardish things later, running and hiding out but they did burn her out twice. When they realized that there were several sets of dox stored in different places around the country, they stopped trying to burn her out and switched to just punching her ect...threatening her disabled twice homeless thanks to the cult kid.
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  14. Quentinanon Member

    Let's just say that scientology seems to have an inordinate number of convenient, suspicious fires associated with it.
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  15. Anonymous Member

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  16. xenubarb Member

    First, you will need an e-meter.
  17. Quentinanon Member

    Rider, Anthony Olen. The Firesetter, A Psychological Profile. Federal Bureau of Investigation, U.S. Department of Justice. Reprinted from the June, July, and August 1980 issues of the FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin.
    Abstract: This article presents the results of a psychological study conducted by the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Clinical research associates firesetting with repressed hostility, aggressive and destructive tendencies, and pathological revenge. Juvenile firesetting has been linked to adult violent, criminal behavior. Investigators can benefit from knowledge of the psychological aspects of firesetting. The psychology of firesetting will help focus the investigation and identify possible suspects.
    There are five problematic areas in the study of arson. It is very difficult to study arson because very few arsonists have been apprehended. The legal system only convicts a small percentage of those arsonists because of lack of evidence. Many arsonists also plead their cases down to misdemeanors. These circumstances dramatically affect statistics regarding arson. Previous research does not offer help to investigators because a detailed, systematic, psychological study has not been completed. Most research comes from biased populations and incomplete data.
    This study examines motive from different angles. Unconscious and conscious motive is explained from a psychological viewpoint. Some arsonists are unaware of their true motivations to set fires. The article also differentiates between motivational and motiveless firesetting. A firesetter who lacks motive has traditionally been referred to as a pyromaniac. Most pyromaniacs lack conscious motivation, but are fully aware of the act they are committing. Motivation is also classified as pathological and non-pathological. Some researchers have claimed that all firesetting is pathological. Other research suggests that some motivation for arson comes from rational thought. Arson for profit and crime concealment are examples of supposed rational decision making. The irrational firesetter will have signs of emotional or mental disturbances.
    The article also examines the characteristics of the typical pyromaniac and the typical arsonist. A profile of each is provided.
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  18. Quentinanon Member

    ARSON FOR REVENGE (41%) - precipitating factor is a real or imagined affront that occured months or years ago; attack is focused on individual rivals, a business chain, schools, or some facilities connected with offender
    ARSON FOR EXCITEMENT (30%) - precipitating factor is boredom, (sexual) thrill cycle, or need for attention; attack is focused on large or outdoor targets, like parks, construction sites, arenas, as well as residential areas
    ARSON FOR VANDALISM (7%) - precipitating factor is family disturbance or peer pressure; attack if usually focused on educational facility as well as residences and outdoors
  19. Miranda Member

    Changed title (removed "right now") so I'd stop panicking every time I see it.
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  20. Triumph Member

    thats one of those titles.....that makes itself obsolete... after the fire has been put out...

    thats one hell of a fire if its still burning a week from now....
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  21. Miranda Member

    Well it scared me everytime I saw it! Not again!?!111
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  22. Anonymous Member

    You post anything you want to Intelligence. If people can post 8 pages of nonsense about spiders you can certainly post about your building being on fire.
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  23. THAT.......

    Wise advice from WiseBeardMan is indeed Wise......

    Manufacture evidence against enemies of beloved LRH's Scientology scam if necessary, the object is not to win a lawsuit but to attack with whatever it takes to make opponent sue for peace is one of Hubbard's direct policies/'sacred scriptures'.

    I don't think you're the type to sue for peace as Hubbard wanted, David....

    Document dates/time of any and all unusual activity........

    Just because I'm paranoid for you doesn't mean they're not out to get you, lol......

    Coincidentally, I don't believe in coincidences either......

    Stay safe, David, GL........
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  24. slobeck Member

  25. Herro Member

    Holy shit are you really this stupid?
  26. slobeck Member

    are you guiz fucking serious? Fire in an urban building and it's OSAOSAOSA? TT is starting to smell like Cassiopea
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  27. lol, agreed, probably not but Scientology's reputation for horrendous retribution has no limits when dealing with threats real or imagined. (ask Paulette Cooper or Snow White herself about the extremes to which they will go)

    There's no reason for David Love not to be extremely vigilant given the creepy history of the Scientology 'Religion' is all.

    Speaking of Cassiopea, David Miscavige recently opened the latest Scientology Ideal Morgue in Jaffa of all places (sans the Aleister Crowley Satanic copycat cross inside or out of noted copycatter L. Ron Hubbard). You're either on board or you're not on board, I wonder if the location has anything to do with their x'd-out cross being overboarded from this particular 'Church'?

    I'm sure it's exanding explosively, anyways........
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  28. Anonymous Member

    The Scientology corporation has a long history of using mafia-like tactics.

    Given that David Love has dox and has convinced a number of agencies at the Canadian government to investigate the various ways that the company broke the law.

    Given that this may end up costing the company many millions of dollars in lawyer's fees, lost revenues, and fines, and even put Narconon out of business in Canada.

    Would it surprise anyone here that the corporation would try to have Mr. Love go away by whatever means necessary?
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  29. Anonymous Member

    Please, David, pass on your concerns re slimes possibly being involved. It doesn't hurt. They might keep an eye on your building. The timing of this has to make you wonder.
    I have always regretted not making one single phone call. Had I passed on my so-called paranoid concerns several years ago to authorities, it would have saved an SP a hundred grand in legal fees plus two years of worrying about possible jail time.
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  30. Anonymous Member


    Sorry to send this on an open frequency.

    We won't be going up to the vault until a bit later. We had some unseasonable rains the other day and they have washed out a bridge. The Commander and I had to "bribe" the president of a local engineering firm with a couple of bottles of the camp's local moonshine to have the project moved up to top priority. They are good people. We'll be out in the field doing some reconnaissance to locate and assist any locals needing help, so email or shortwave through the regular channels for anything you think you are missing and we'll get those documents flown in to the usual recipient.

    Hope this winter up top is mild.
  31. xenubarb Member

    You know, underestimation of the enemy is the NUMBER ONE MISTAKE anyone can make.
    Scientology has proven itself capable of damn near anything, so STFU.

    It might be they burned the beans down the hall. We'll find out after the investigation.
    Then yelling OSAOSAOSA might be appropriate.
    Early days now, though.
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  32. Trotter Moderator

    One question, if Scientology wanted to destroy the documents in one room, why torch an entire building and risk killing hundreds of innocent people? Plus it's not a very efficient or reliable plan. To destroy those documents by burning the entire building you'd need to make sure that the building was utterly destroyed. It just doesn't make any sense. Just my two cents.
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  33. I'm glad that nobody was injured in the fire, but there seems to be some tinfoil in this thread.

  34. xenubarb Member

    Remember Jesse, the Scientology Hit Man from the Netherlands?
    What did he say in his defense?

    Something about how killing 100 people didn't matter because he was Working to Help Clear the Planet.

    Remember? It's okay to kill 100 people to KSW.

    These people are not sane. They have thetans on their mirrors.
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  35. Intelligence Member

    Ok, received Intel by "Straight-Wire" on old "Track" - - will have Masked A-Team begin process
    on encrypted dox and return to "Galactic entity"

    ROFLMAO - - tx for making me laugh while on bus ride - - LOVE IT! :)

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  36. Anonymous Member

    Glad to be of service ol' chap. Keep 'em on the run, we'll do our part.
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  37. Anonymous Member

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