David Love Files Lawsuits against Narconon Scientology

Discussion in 'Leaks & Legal' started by Intelligence - David Love, May 17, 2014.

  1. Anonymous Member

    Also "Fall... "
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  2. anonysamvines Member

    Methinks this is going to come back and bite their arses some day!

    It sure shows how they fear you!
    The more they fear the more they attack!
    You must be doinitrite!

    Keep on doinitrite Mr David Edgar Love!
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  3. Quentinanon Member

    I think that is one of the most ironic things about scientology. They claim they can turn you into an all powerful OT superman on one hand, but on the other hand seem to know, deep down, that the whole operation is a cynical scam, where you really control people with guilt, fear and coercion.
    A very uncomfortable truth the scienazis repress is that those who have moved past their issues through self-actualisation, are no longer fearful or guilty, and cannot be readily manipulated by Hubbard's tactics.
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  4. Quentinanon Member

    Gordon told David about Cognitive Therapy as part of the NarCONon program.
    Administration of cognitive therapy must be done by a degreed, licensed mental health professional.
    If NarCONon is really doing this, they should be prosecuted for the unlicensed practice of psychotherapy in the state of Louisiana.
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  5. Intelligence Member

    I'm a wee bit distracted today and leaving work early to address NN going into California schools again in the news today. While printing evidence documents tonight for Court appearance this Friday, I will dig up the dox I have about NN going into schools and publish a story about the mega millions in return and how it's done. The Court doc being delivered Friday will be enough for a prima facia case to proceed and the other docs presented at Trial if needed. In my opinion, the human rights Commission is waiting to see what the Lawsuit actually states ... Hoping their case would then be Moot. Their option to claim Moot will be squashed. Looking forward to Friday .... And of course, tonight .... Home soon to laptops and old XP Desktop to retrieve passwords, then files for printing that I will carry with me all week. :)
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  6. David your posts always make my day. Keep on keeping on man. I can't wait to see where this goes!!
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  7. Intelligence Member

    Someone asked where are all these 'invisible' DOX that David Love says he has?:p

    Well, here's just a few I'm sorting through tonight ... about 30% of my hard copy Dox.

    The other 70% are stored online safe and secure.



    AND someone doubted I owned 50% of SMART PEOPLE TODAY with a Bank
    Account opened in Florida under aforementioned Name in reference to a Book
    I wrote at NN TR? Just came across this tonight with letter from Bank.:cool:


    However, MY BAD -- I was mistaken a wee bit! I DON'T have 11,000 pages of DOX!

    More like 12,500 pages at last count/measure.:D

    Cheers, and hope ALL you GOOD people have a good evening and the Cult is
    having a BAD evening wondering WTF is David Love up to next?:eek:

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  8. Intelligence Member

    Me too ... looking forward to riding the bull and land wherever I land. I never KNOW
    for sure where a government submission, complaint. or Court Hearing will go, and I
    usually go with my GUT FEELING after days/weeks/months of reviewing the evidence
    and contemplating what the COS/NN/OSA/MOXON might do. Of course, you never know
    with this bunch of Nut-Bars?

    I always Expect the Unexpected and PRESS on.;)

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  9. Intelligence Member


    May 26, 2014: Dear United States County and District School Superintendents, and Charter School Administrators Narconon's drug prevention program information does not reflect accurate, widely-accepted medical and scientific evidence. Narconon lectures in your schools are teaching dangerous Scientology Tone Scale doctrines and other misinformation potentially dangerous to student's health and well being.

    :oops: MORE TO COME
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  10. Intelligence Member

    Amazing more DA forwarded emails sent to me last night and this morning. Way past 'manufacturing' and onto 'Space-Opera' hallucinations of a cult in desperation. I *LMAO* knowing what's coming soon. Is DM/OSA/MOXON really that pissed at me or just Nut-Bars off their Meds ... Or perhaps on too many - LOL. Going to be another epic day of connecting dots and .... Ummmm ... Just keep on keeping on. Have a great day. Cheers :)
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  11. Quentinanon Member

    Simply put, they must have enemies to fight. Almost all of those they get into conflict with, they have actively done things to antagonise by harassment or adversarial confrontation, rather than correct the wrongnesses of their policies and methods.
    Hubbard had the notion that he alone was right and the rest of the world was wrong. I don't think that mentality will ever go away. The cult will wither and die under it's own toxic baggage.
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  12. eddieVroom Member

    Well, we *are* an extra-dimensional space alien conspiracy after all. Just not anything a court of law would ever believe.

    Carry on.
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  13. Quentinanon Member

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  14. Intelligence Member

    I agree ... 'they' always say they are right and I/We are wrong ... even after they are found guilty.

    Each and every formal case before the Labour Board, College, Health Ministry, and Human Rights
    Commission found 'them' at fault and guilty, but they still insisted they were right - LOL. :confused:

    Will be interesting to hear/see their reaction if/when a Court finds guilt?

    David Love doing Home-Work tonight and preparing for this Friday at Montreal Courthouse.

    In most civil cases/lawsuits as well as administrative hearings, a party must prove its claim or position by a preponderance, defined as a superiority in weight, force, importance, etc. In legal terms, a preponderance of evidence means that a party has shown that its version of facts, causes, damages, or fault is more likely than not the correct version, as in personal injury and breach of contract suits. This standard is the easiest to meet and applies to all civil cases unless otherwise provided by law.

    The intermediate standard, sometimes called the “enhanced balance of probabilities”, does not apply in Canada.

    The intermediate standard was considered in Canada in the case of Re: Robinson and Hislop [(1981) 114 DLR (3d) 620]. In that case, the British Columbia Supreme Court declined to follow Addington v. Texas, relying on Canadian authority, including the case of Smith v. Smith [(1952) 2 SCR 312], in which Justice Cartwright of the Supreme Court of Canada stated that civil cases may be proved by a preponderance of evidence, but that whether a court can be reasonably satisfied that a matter has been proven will “…depend upon the totality of the circumstances on which its judgment is formed including the gravity of the consequences of the finding”. The Robinson and Hislop decision was followed in Ontario in the case of Re: Hoskins and Hislop [(198) 121 DLR (3d) 337] and in Azhar v. Anderson (unreported).

    Justice Rothstein, writing for a unanimous bench, stated that “…it is time to say, once and for all in Canada, that there is only one civil standard of proof at common law and that is proof on a balance of probabilities.

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  15. Intelligence Member

    A 'TINY' sample of attached PDF Evidence DOX ... stacks more to submit to Court Clerk.:eek:

    NN TR still in Business and directed by SANSFACON, THERESE, NARCONON THREE RIVERS Enterprise number (NEQ) 1162255179

    SANSFACON, THERESE also owner of Fun Times Educational Games (See Attached PDF)

    Attached Files:

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  16. TorontosRoot Member

    THAT will prove those motherfuckers wrong. ;)
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  17. Intelligence Member

    Just for the Lulz -- Excerpt from NN TR Law Firm letter.:D

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  18. Intelligence Member

    So EASY to catch a Cult in lies. RE: [our client is unaware of any attempt to seek information about you]

    Then, I receive another letter from NN TR's Law Firm stating their client has [UNCOVERED]:D

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  19. Intelligence Member

    POSTED May 14, 2014 at 11:00am | 117 comments: ****Apparently they tapped the payphones.*** (While I was searching the Narconon Canada websites and their FB sites, I came across this post that someone Anonymously slipped into their FB Page. This is the third account I have of, or heard of Narconon tapping patient's private phone calls!
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  20. TorontosRoot Member

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  21. Intelligence Member

    This Post below is about me and the following KARMA is a BITCH, eh?:p






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  22. Random guy Member


    So, first they claim they have no idea if anyone of their people are seeking information on you, and then they go on and claim they have found a heap of information on you. Good bloody Xenu on a pogo-stick!

    I trust you will fill us in on lulzy details when the trail get going!
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  23. Intelligence Member

    Indeed, I will update once the Court dox, fees are paid, and additional information is added this Friday at Courthouse. Will not be posting much more here until then ... Must sort, print off evidence dox over next 48 hours and be well prepared. Cheers. :)
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  24. Intelligence Member

    On the road again on cell browser and just noticed one DA website post has been removed. NN TR law firm was advised some time ago about this ... Perhaps now they understand that this is NOT a frivolous Lawsuit and just the beginning to a mess of Defamation lawsuits against NN, OSA et al. ... And Love is not going away anytime soon? Have statement letter to QHRC that NN TR ED advises OSA in Montreal when the Church is attacked by David Love ... Indicating that me attacking NN TR is an attack against THE CHURCH. Duh!
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  25. Random guy Member

    Saaaay, isn't Narconon entirely secular and in no way what so ever a part of CoS?

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  26. Quentinanon Member

    It was "the greatest good for the greatest number of dynamics".
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  27. Intelligence Member

    Following a Formal Complaint to the Health Ministry:

    The Quebec Health Ministry deemed these Patient Contracts were void and unenforceable because they were signed the first day the patient arrived and in most cases, the Patient did NOT have a the Capacity to form Intent. Intoxicated people are excluded from being allowed to enter into contracts as it is assumed that they do not possess the necessary rational to understand the consequences of entering into a contract.

    The Health Ministry directed NN TR to cease/stop having Patients sign any contracts until there were out of the Withdrawal Unit (WD) at the very minimum, and had the capacity to form intend.







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  28. anonysamvines Member

    Lol no one who has followed your remarkable history would EVER doubt your word on dox
    Not since the first Anon that ever said Dox or GTFO to you lmao

    Still it is good to stick it to the trolls every now and again lol

    David Edgar Love
    Done some stupid stuff in his time (like us all)
    Lived through some shit
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  29. TorontosRoot Member

    It costs that much to be discharged and all? How many other rehab (legitimate ones) charge THAT FUCKING MUCH for anything?!?! Like really?!?! It's BIG FRAUD and EXTORTION!! Wish scientolonarcononolgy was compared to many rehab places. They'd top them all with the $$$$$$$$.$$ that's charged in total!! :O
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  30. anonysamvines Member

    What a surprise
    Forcing people to sign a legal contract signing away their rights!

    Will be some fun once the proof comes out that they DID NOT stop using the same contracts after the Health Authorities directed their cease.

    It's Co$ and narCONon v wog authority. Of course they didn't stop using them!

    And the proof will come out.
    As soon as those who signed become aware of the importance of what they signed
    Just as happened with the tax receipts once it was publicised!
    Too many for Co$ and narCONon to claim it was an isolated mistake
    Just like their cover story over the differing headed notepaper didn't stand up in the Georgia case!

    Keep on keeping on doinitrite Mr Love

    And remember the importance of r+r!
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  31. Intelligence Member

    Going to be a LONG NIGHT again, but we're getting there. :rolleyes:

    Adding a few Names to Lawsuit perhaps?:oops:

    Criminal defamation

    In Canada, the so-called "blasphemous libel" is a crime punished with a maximum term of two years in prison, according to Article 296-1 of the Canadian Criminal Code, as well as the crime of "defamatory libel" (Article 298), which receives the same penalty (see Article 301). In the specific case of a "libel known to be false" (Article 300), the prison term increases to a maximum of five years. According to Article 298, a defamatory libel "is matter published, without lawful justification or excuse, that is likely to injure the reputation of any person by exposing him to hatred, contempt or ridicule, or that is designed to insult the person of or concerning whom it is published"
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  32. Intelligence Member

    Just CONSIDERING a wee Dox tease - LOL. :D

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  33. anonysamvines Member

    Oh you!

    Who needs porn when we have you? lol

    Hmmmm shame the sea org have such a shortage of loo roll, soap powder and clean underwear lmao
    Gonna be a few worried OSA goons after reading that huh?
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  34. Intelligence Member


    Is THE: "Director of Public Affairs" - OSA???
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  35. Intelligence Member





    Attached Files:

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  36. anon8109 Member

    I don't have dox, but AFAIK OSA is in charge of public relations for the cult, not just dirty tricks. So it stands to reason that Director of Public Affairs would be a high-ranking OSA operative. perhaps someone more knowledgeable could find the dox to prove this?
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    If you want to get picky, then I suppose that the above is not absolute scientific ''proof'' that the Director of Public Affairs is OSA but my own experience has been that the Guardian's Office were the only ones who could talk to the media. I once got into trouble with them when I, a lowly staff member actually talked to a reporter without the GO knowing about it. Since the OSA is just the GO under a new name; I would think that the Director of Public Affairs would have to be in the OSA. We already know that Pat Felske is OSA in the first place, for one thing.

    Someone else with more knowledge could let us know, I hope.
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  38. anon8109 Member

    ESMB would be a good place to ask. Some of the people there know the official Hubbard policies inside out, and could look up precisely which policy relates to the director of public affairs position.
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  39. Intelligence Member

    Have all the OSA/DPA dox sent to me from California late last night in 80 or so pages. Still no word from QHRC requesting copy of all my NN PC folders and other doc available to me under the ACT. 90% of dox printed early this morning and buy more ink after work for the rest. Revised DEMAND LETTER faxed to Plaintiff's law firm this morning. 32 hours before in Montreal Courthouse. Still waiting for report from Quebec Bar, QHRC, Department of Justice, Attorney General, and reply from my government appointed lawyer ... and politcian from Quebec government. Hey', if yer gonna do eet, may as well throw in the kitchen sink too, eh'? :)
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  40. anonysamvines Member

    David Edgar Love
    Working tirelessly to keep printing suppliers and the courts in business! Lol
    Who said computers would herald in the paperless office?

    Throw in the Kitchen sink ok, but no bacon sarnies!
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