David Love Files Lawsuits against Narconon Scientology

Discussion in 'Leaks & Legal' started by Intelligence - David Love, May 17, 2014.

  1. RightOn Member

    To Narconon:

    "Laughing in the face of Love...."
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  2. Intelligence Member

    Indeed, the COS/NN glance over important issues... Not thinking they are importatant in the picture
    as a whole. They think inside the box and stick to the Tech or squirrel the Tech causing numerous
    so-called 'Out-Points' at Narconon Trois-Rivieres. IMO, NN Canada was a rogue entity.

    In the USA, NN has succeeded in having NN Int et al. removed from lawsuits because the Plaintiff
    could not tie the ‘parent’ and 'subsidiary' entity.

    Whoever made the decision from, perhaps the 10th and 11th floor in California to take over the
    operations at NN TR, blew it big time. There were seven or more people at NN TR from four COS
    entities. Narconon Canada (4) - NN Int. (2) ABLE Canada (1) and the COS Montreal Volunteer Ministers.

    At least five were living on the premises at NN TR.

    The ‘parent’ (NN INT/NN Canada/COS Mont./ABLE) and 'subsidiary' (NN TR) shared principal offices at Narconon Trois-Rivieres, and these 'parent' entities administered, directed, and advised Narconon Trois-Riviers in daily operations. Not only did they share offices, some of these people from thother entities actually lived on the
    premises at NN TR.

    Andre Ahern thinking inside his box full of Success Stories being delivered to the health ministry:


    NN TR ED removed and replaced with ESTO Officer from Narconon Canada. The problem here is, some of
    the Executives from NN Canada were hiding their 'Condition' of being in Treason by associating, confiding in,
    and fooling around with ex-Students and new GRAD-staff who were 'UNFRIENDLY' to the COS.


    The Psychological Harassment was horrific and one case that I can't discuss yet, made into a Hearing
    where NN folded and agreed to settle unconditionally without a GAG except for the contents of the
    Settlement and the amount.

    However, these proceedings, evidence, and settlement will be submitted to the Judge in Montreal for
    'this' lawsuit, but may have to be kept under seal?


    Then you have these two winners, and NN TR who are facing the NAFC Fraud lawsuit: NN TR ED, Marc Bernard, and Brad Melnychuk, Narconon Incorporated. Also, the ex-ED of NN TR, Sylvain Fournier.

    18. NARCONON TROIS-RIVIERES, a Canadian Charitable Organization
    21. NARCONON, INCORPORATED d/b/a NARCONON CANADA, a Canadian Corporation
    78. MARC BERNARD, a citizen of Quebec, Canada
    63. SYLVAIN FOURNIER, a citizen of Quebec, Canada

    vqgy2g.jpg 11uanbm.jpg

    All 4 alleged to have comitted FRAUD.

    And here's the real winner, Sylvain. WHY was he removed from his post as ED of NN TR?


    According to one NN TR staff member who wrote to me and admitted they [staff member] were using opiates while on Post at NN TR, Sylvain was also ripe for another stint in the Sauna Purif.

    WHY was Narconon Canada forced to DISSOLVE after I left (BLEW)? This goes back to the above
    Hearing and settlement under seal.


    WHY was OSA Canada Director, Yvette Shank at NN TR just before it was closed? According to
    an email I received from someone at NN TR and close to Shank, it appears Shank already
    knew NN TR was being shuttered by the health ministry before it was announced in the media.

    The other reason the ESTO Officer at NN TR was thrown under the bus and OSA was livid,
    is because of me 'Routing the ESTO out of the 'Cult-Mind-Think' as seen in two of numerous
    emails I received from the ESTO.

    IMO, I believe OSA looked at every email that was sent to me from the ESTO and they could
    see the blatant TREASON.

    Never posted these before, but oh well:

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  3. Intelligence Member

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  4. Intelligence Member

    As previously demanded by Narconon's law firm, I won't tarnish their reputation
    here in this post. Narconon has a large can of their own 'Tarnishing Cream" all ship
    shape and in the form of Flaps back then and more Flaps ahead.

    I have another ex-NN Staff who was/is pissed at how things went down at NN TR.

    Here are incidents of attempted suicide, young females getting pregnant at NN TR and
    sent away for abortions. Destroying evidence on a CD after a Fire Inspection was stored on it.

    NN TR ED being fired for double dipping Commission, and the email of the head honcho Executive,
    the ESTO Officer confirming she knew she had hired a NN Grad who had arrest warrants.

    Missing money - where did the money go?

    Besides having an NHL Player at NN TR, we also had an Olympic boxing champion with a 10-0 record. He was at NN TR THREE times. :(

    Will just post a few of hundreds I/We have:








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  5. Intelligence Member

    Retreived some dox from my old XP:rolleyes:

    When did the Breach of Contract and Fraud begin in reference to this OP Lawsuit Thread?

    It began two days before I arrived in Quebec when Scott Burgess stated he was
    a Certified Chemical Dependency Counselor (CCDC) in this email to my Counselor, and
    stated the Success Rate was 76%.

    We'll be using these dox and images as Exhibits in this Lawsuit... As it appears Scott is more
    of a 'Certifiable Chemical Consumer and Facilitor' rather than the aforementioned?


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  6. DeathHamster Member

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  7. Intelligence Member

    Posting this here on this Thread because I can.

    While still waiting for Court date in Montreal, I'm looking into Per Wickstrom and other
    matters. While doing so, I came across another SUICIDE by gunshot to the head after
    a NN TR grad did their quack program.

    One man comitted suicide on Jan. 1, 2009 with a gun in Ontario after they obtained from the NN TR staff complex and the second one on Aug. 23, 2005 - shot himself in the head in the Park and Ride next to his Mom's house.

    What this ^^^ Mom says in this Survey that her Son told her reflects a common and tragic thread about NN TR ... how patients were mis-treated, returning home paranoid, staff having sex with students, staff using drugs, and on and on.

    Mom: 'They did something to his thinking that made him feel like a lowlife.'

    Mom: ' The staff let him come to the market with him and during the ride there they were all using drugs.'

    On a personal not, I remember like it was yesterday when a group of us were taken out in the NN Van, and the staff driver gave us a tour through the lower end of Trois-Rivieres - pointing out where the crack-shacks were.

    I feel so sorry for all the parents who lost their loved ones to suicide and overdoses after they left NN TR, and there is a lot more than I care to think about.:(

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  8. Quentinanon Member

    NarCONon - Industry of Death
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  9. Intelligence Member

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  10. Intelligence Member

    Heading back to Canada this weekend to my home turf in Vancouver, BC area.

    Will be in contact with Montreal Court Clerk again tomorrow, and be ready to fly to Montreal
    when a Trial date is set.

    Right where it belongs now... In the garbage. Scanned the 'source' pages I need for my lawsuit against NN/COS in Montreal and ready to travel light and fast after throwing away dozens of items/dox for composting. :cool:

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  11. RightOn Member

    Enjoy Vancouver Dave!
    What do you think about OK being able to renew their license?
    You would think that after all that was presented to them, the Mental Health Dept ( is that who issued it?) had their chance to finally tell them to GTFO, but no, they let them renew.
    I just don't get it.
    Nine people dead along with other people's stories about what when on there and that = renew?
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  12. Intelligence Member

    What do I think? I can't post much about this beacuse other Anons/Critic/Lawyers are looking
    into this issue right now - and they know a lot more about it than I do. I was going to publish
    a Wire Service story about it, but I'll wait until I have ALL the facts first.

    This link says a lot:

    To me, and I could be wrong, it appears that Narconon Arrowhead drug rehab that had over 200 beds and now down to 115 or so, is not Certified as a DRUG REHAB PROGRAM overall for the main NN Program?

    Getting desperate for unwary victms. I checked it out and it's legit.

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  13. BigBeard Member

    My suspicion, and major concern, is they'll use the "Halfway House" certification to keep the same old narCONon program running until someone stops them.

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  14. RightOn Member

    If they were to change it, that wouldn't be KSW.
    Have they ever changed it in any other facility?
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  15. RightOn Member


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  16. Intelligence Member

    Depends WHO you mean by 'THEY' ... It appears that Per Wickstrom has changed stuff and getting away with it, but as long as he's pushing his Stats into Affluence, NN Int. et al. will probably leave him alone.:rolleyes:
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  17. RightOn Member

    what can they (anyone running a NN center) remove out of the program that would be allowed by COS?
    They can downsize the amount of beds, but doesn't the saunas, oil, treadmills and tech have to stay?
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  18. Intelligence Member

    We now have a Court Hearing date scheduled for August 25, 2016 at the Montreal Courthouse.

    I responded to the email from the Court Clerk this morning - requesting copies of specific documents.

    For reasons that may or may not be obvious, I have been 'off the grid' and 'holding cards close' for past few months while waiting for the court date.

    I am now living in Vancouver, B.C., and will fly back to Montreal a couple days prior to the Hearing.

    In my view, the deck is stacked against all the Defendants in this lawsuit due to the Quebec Human Rights Commission decision -- AND with additional documents that will be submitted to the Court prior to 15 days before Hearing.

    'BREACH of CONTRACT' by violating Human Rights and Freedoms and blatant Human Rights abuses in reference to the Human Rights Commission decision, could indeed, establish a 'Case Precedent Public Court Record' that is long overdue.

    Cheers -- wishing you all a great week...

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  19. anon8109 Member

    Thanks for reminding us why you were away for so long. I hope that your case goes smoothly and that everything is humming along well for you.
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  20. TorontosRoot Member

    So very happy to hear you've been kicking butt! The case is looooooong overdue! :)

    Even if you're off the grid so to say, being active on twitter with the scientology hashtag would definitely kick more butt!
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  21. RightOn Member

    Dave! how are you old boy?
    Glad to hear from you. Good luck in your upcoming court date and kick ass.
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  22. White Tara Global Moderator

    Just wonder about him, and Intelligence appears. You sir, are Majick :)
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  23. Intelligence Member

    Waiting for the court date was not the only reason I've been away for a few months. Dealing with some serious health matters took a wee toll, but I'm almost back to 100% again.

    I do hope Jean L. enjoys reading Dante's Eighth Circle -- as he has sent the court a request for a copy that I will send forthwith. On another note, I just signed an agreement with 'Lightning Source' for printing further copies of Dante's AND for the next book.

    Yes, I intend to publish another book once editing is finished. This new book ventures into further detail... Much more detail that could not be published until after this Montreal court trial.

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  24. JohnnyRUClear Member

    Good to hear from you again, sir. I'd been wondering.
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  25. Random guy Member

    Dave! Great to see you up and about, and very happy to hear you're on the mend! Good luck on the 25th, and keep us posted!
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  26. Nice to hear you're doing well, Doxmaster Dave. One step at a time, thanks for all you've done and continue to do to expose the deadly Narconon scam that has harmed so many. Your day in court is finally arriving, Tick-Tock David Miscavige.
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  27. jensting Member

    Great to hear you're back and ready to get the courts to deliver a much needed butt kicking to the criminal organisation known as the "church" of $cientology.
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  28. Intelligence Member

    'It's in the mail' and should arrive at the Montreal Courthouse in a few days... IF Canada Postal workers are not on strike or locked out?

    Looking forward to seeing the Defendants in the Courtroom WITHOUT their Lawyer... No lawyers allowed to represent Complainant or Defendants at the Hearing. If history repeats itself, like it has so often in this 6 year battle for justice, I suspect the Defendants will once again have 'foot-in-mouth' troubles at this Hearing when they respond to questions from the presiding Judge and face cross-examination by me. ;)

    Booking flights soon - once I have the time of Hearing and if there is more than one day scheduled? Will purchase cancellation insurance in case the Defendant(s) request an Adjournment... delaying the proceedings to a later date.

    I will oppose such a request and file another Motion for Summary Judgement against all Defendants. AND-OR (An inscription for judgment by default to appear or to plead shall indicate the nature of the case and the amount in question).

    4.3.The courts and judges may attempt to reconcile the parties, if they consent, in any matter except a matter relating to personal status or capacity or involving public policy issues. In family matters or matters involving small claims, it is the judge’s duty to attempt to reconcile the parties. 2002, c. 7, s. 1.
    13.The sittings of the courts are public wherever they may be held, but the court may order that they be held in camera in the interests of good morals or public order. :rolleyes:





    Narconon Trois-Rivieres still registered as an Entity as of today, July 4, 2016:



    NARCONON INCORPORATED has not filed a Tax Return with Revenue Canada since 2014-12-31.

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  29. RightOn Member

  30. Intelligence Member

    Court Exhibit has arrived at the Montreal Courthouse

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  31. Intelligence Member

    SNIP: Media Release (07/24/2016) -

    Legal | Media Release
    Media Release: Scientology Narconon drug rehab lawsuit, court date August 2016

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  32. JohnnyRUClear Member

    One month... one short little month. We've waited so long, it's hard to believe that's all that's left now.
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  33. Random guy Member

    All fingers crossed. Some toes too!
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  34. Intelligence Member

    Preparing for Trial over the next couple weeks. :)

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  35. Intelligence Member

    Unfortunately, the Hearing in Montreal will be postponed to on or about November, 2016.

    Hope to have an exact date as soon as possible.

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  36. TorontosRoot Member

    I hope it's on a day you are available! Also do protest more, even if it's to annoy what's left of the mORGue in your area.
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  37. Intelligence Member

    Interesting, in my opinion, lame, legal wrangling by Defendants who filed an addition 10 pages of Exhibits so close to the Montreal Hearing date, which WOULD have given me no time to respond and/or file additional Exhibits or Motions.

    However, Narconon et al. filed their Exhibits BEFORE they were aware that the case was being Postponed to a later date - now giving me the opportunity to file additional information/Exhibits.

    Requesting a postponement is not easy and must be for justifiable reasons before the postponement is granted.

    I did expect a last minute dump of documents from the Defendants, and ironically, the documents they did submit as Exhibits will now open the door for interesting Cross-Examination as to their primary intent in this Civil Case.


    Recently my physician diagnosed me with a type of cancer that is operable and I must be available in Vancouver for surgery, and/or radiation - chemotherapy if needed. The prognosis is nearly a 100% chance of being cured in the first round of surgery. I am NOT concerned or stressed whatsoever - just following my physicians advice and being available for surgery ASAP.

    Physician wrote the Court advising postponement - Judge accepted and granted request.



    Wishing you ALL a great week ~ NEVER GIVE UP, EVER! :D

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  38. Quentinanon Member

    Another OSAbot fail.
    BTW, according to Hubbard, you get cancer because you don't smoke enough.
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  39. Intelligence Member

    Oh, that must be it then, cause I quit smoking over 7 months ago - LOL :)
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  40. RightOn Member

    Congrats on quitting, and keep up the good work.
    Onward to November :)
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