David Love Files Lawsuits against Narconon Scientology

Discussion in 'Leaks & Legal' started by Intelligence - David Love, May 17, 2014.

  1. anonysamvines Member

    It does indeed
    But Beau is an especial "pet" for many Anons lol

    I take it as read that it applies to more than just him.
    I do however take a delight in it specifically applying to him lol.
    And making sure he knows that! ( I still lol, really lol, when I remember his protestation that our pointing out the consequences of his self proclaimed, self determined good, effective and non detrimental (rolling eyes) drug rehabilitation referrals (which had absolutely no correlation with his $$$$ bottom line) were innocent and that we were cyber bullying him)
    I don't want him to think his deliberate actions have no consequence.
    Or that we have forgotten about him
    He,like you put himself out there.
    Just as you have to take the shit along with the plaudits
    So does he
    $cientology plaudits are worth much less than Anonymous plaudits ... In my not so humble opinion

    And oohhhh why am I finding myself getting wet at the thought of you, photo shoots, further emails , and new NN stories?
    Keep on keeping on Mr Love!

    Keep on keeping on Mr Love
    Keep on having good R+R , sleep and food!

    Keep on keeping on fucking with narCONon and Co$!
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  2. rickybobby Member

    But if they declare bankruptcy, does this not open the door for a lot of public disclosure of their finances? That could be VERY informative....
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  3. Intelligence Member

    Indeed, it could, and perhaps the Senator in Ottawa and other Politicians on our side could influence?:D
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  4. anonysamvines Member


    Something neither narCONon or Co$ would like revealing!

    Knowledge of said position negates the fear of them not paying out on current lawsuits and NDA's!

    David Love understands this
    His co-appellants have yet to recognise this fact.
    And no shame no blame for that either! They just do not have the understanding and experience of the true and full horrors of that they face!
    But I hope that when appraised of the facts and history they will assimilate the benefit to themselves and "the greater good" (and I fucking hate $cilons even more that that phrase greater good now takes on such a shady connotation -bastards!)
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  5. Intelligence Member

    Unfortunately, the other 2 Victims were willing to sign a Non-Disclosure - GAG Order which left me quite stressed for a few days trying to decide what to do? If I agreed and signed, they would get their$$, but if I didn't, NN would not agree unless ALL THREE signed!

    I had trouble sleeping and distracted at work with Commission Lawyer calling me to SIGN
    and avoid Court.

    I just could NOT have my freedoms taken away and never be able to talk about NN TR or
    publish my book. So, here we are now.;)
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  6. Intelligence Member

    I can Post this without giving the details of the content, but suffice to say hundreds of hours of work, lawyer meetings, a Hearing, and countless evidence documents went into this. I did agree to the Confidentiality of
    this agreement and settlement, but I did NOT sign a GAG order stopping me from exposing other
    abuses and crimes inside the Cult.:rolleyes:

    Shortly after this Hearing I was able to hire a Lawyer and pay a Retainer for another matter.:p

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  7. anonysamvines Member

    A shit position to be in
    Shit indeed!

    And again I thank fuck that you have been through the experiences you have, that you have the critical thinking ability you have, the motivation you have, and the compassion that you have to realise that you ccannot and should not sign that agreement!

    Hopefully some of the comments in this thread will help you resolv, negatate and console some of those issues of those not so aware, be they appellant or lawfag (law flags are people too!)

    Keep on keeping on Mr Love!
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  8. anonysamvines Member

    Why does this remind me of the " i willingly declare I will not sue $scientology" thread?
    Sorry I forget the actual title (despite looking through a few - it is a sticky no? but I hope some fag not so brain dead will pull up the link-pls)

    You have good instincts as well as compassion Mr Love
    Trust them!
  9. Intelligence Member

    Instincts? Perhaps? But I attribute the one year course through the University of British Columbia
    studying civil, tort, and contract law that helped me a lot with what I've done over the past few years.

    And being a tenacious bulldog helps, eh'?:D

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  10. anonysamvines Member

    For sure!
    Education is a great thing

    But don't think the formal education thing means more than it does
    Remember, Kendrick Moxon passed the full bar exam

    And ...
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  11. rickybobby Member

    This distress is exactly what they wanted.
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  12. jensting Member

    Which should have alerted the commission, but
    Not the finest hour of the commission, IMHO.

    While you should do what works for you (you're not my private army), I think you and the other victims will be better off waiting just a little longer and let the courts have their say.
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  13. Intelligence Member

    YES, they are this stupid! More email links sent to me this morning with DA attacks.:rolleyes:



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  14. Intelligence Member

    Narconon in Canada is still at it but it appears mostly with FSM websites (in the dozens) sent to me over the past few weeks. The ED holding up the Award is Marc Bernard - NAMED in the Civil Conspiracy Lawsuit recently. According to 2 FSMs there is NO Narconon in operation in Canada right now that I/We know of. Not even a WD/Detox Untit, then send Student off to the USA for NN Program. We're still digging to see if the Narconon NAME has been MORPHED and they're using an Under the Radar Name? Cheers:D

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  15. Intelligence Member

    More than 39 Emails have just been forwarded to my Email address and
    a Canada Wire Service news story up later today, including Legally RECORDED
    Skype call call to 'One-Party-Consent' USA State.

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  16. Quentinanon Member

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  17. Intelligence Member

    Stand by for another hour or so Folks, We have finished transfers and ready to upload a Scientology-Narconon - FSM - Counsellor on a legally recorded Skype call today, Over one week of setting this up from Me and Anon sources.



    I really feel sorry for the Troll over on the Human Rights Commission Thread.

    REALLY, who cares what my past was 10-20-30-40 Yeas ago? I am NOT on Trial here,
    the Cult is. Who I 'WAS -- is not 'WHO' I am today.:p
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  18. Intelligence Member

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  19. Intelligence Member

    LEGAL SKYPE CALL RECORDING of FSM and Narconon Jeff Gordon - Senior Admissions Administrator

    May 24, 2014: A collective project exposes the Narconon fraud and misrepresentations to the Public even when the Scientology drug rehab networks are facing countless Lawsuits in Canada, United States, and United Kingdom for Civil Conspiracy and numerous other wrongful deaths and fraud Lawsuits and Con Game schemes directed at vulnerable victims who need medical help. Hopefully, the FBI, RCMP. SQ Intelligence, and other Political and Government authorities will complete their inquiries/investigations and hold the Cult accountable for Civil wrongs and Criminal acts.

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  20. Anonymous Member

    Audio hijacked from Video:

    30 Megabytes, MP3 @ 320 kbps - download tested. It works.
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  21. Intelligence Member

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  22. Intelligence Member

    How can I Load or Post HERE - a PDF File sent to me from Gordon - Senior Admissions Administrator?
  23. Intelligence Member

    I'll be back --- MORE COFFEE before proof reading and send News Story to 'Canada Wire Service'

    Scientology drug rehab Per Wickstrom scamming addicts

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  24. rof Member

    choose Upload a File (max size 19.8 Mb, Accepted file types: zip, txt, pdf, png, jpg, jpeg, jpe, gif)

    choose More Options below reply box to Preview
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  25. Intelligence Member

    It's just the Narconon Program brochure of quackey of not telling the Victim anything
    until they arrive at the 'Cult of Narconon' compound.:oops:

    Attached Files:

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  26. Intelligence Member

    Oooooh ... I LIKE ^^^ this 'EASY WAY' to post PDF Files ... almost as much as I like Caek!

    Now that ma' brain knows how, it will be FAST to post a SHIT LOAD of Dox in due course.:D
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  27. Intelligence Member

    Sorting through emails and dox to print off this week for my appearance
    at the Montreal Court house end of this week, and came across this email with
    attached images I received 2 days ago.:eek:


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  28. So it is true what they say then? I know it was 30 years ago and all, but I am just curious to know if it is true.
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  29. Intelligence Member


    Published May 25, 2014 - Canada Wire Service: "Seen by many as a 'Con-Man', one of Per Wickstrom's victims states in their complaint to Michigan Attorney General of being: ""In an isolated, rundown property with no real medical attention and being subjected to medical malpractice. Not allowed to contact friends or leave until payment was made, they were alone and frightened. This person wrote about their own experience from 2009 to encourage the Attorney General's office to investigate Per Wickstrom's rehab facilities, A Forever Recovery and Best Drug Recovery (Rehab)."

    Legal | Media Release
    Media Release: Scientology drug rehab Per Wickstrom scamming addicts

    By David Love Media Release (05/25/2014) - Reaching For The Tipping Point (RFTTP) and a very generous donor, who wants to remain anonymous, has opened a King Tut's tomb of formal complaints filed with the Michigan Attorney General.
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  30. I would like to know as well.

    David, is it true what the cult is saying about you on those dead agent sites?

    PS: I don't personally give a fuck, as I dig you, but I am now wondering
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  31. Intelligence Member


    'Canada Cult Examiner' - David Love

    Published May 25, 2014: The ‘Narconon-Empire’ cash cow of scamming untold millions from unwary victims into Scientology coffers is becoming more like a desperate sinking ship full of rats facing countless lawsuits and investigations each week now. A formal complaint against Per Wickstrom’s, Tranquility Detox to Michigan Attorney General for Medical negligence, and program misrepresentations, reads in part from Narconon Reviews.


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  32. dotted---------line
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  33. Intelligence Member

    Narconon Law Firm 'Release and Discharge' - PDF Document.

    This one was for Wages owed to me that I eventually was paid for on an Easter Good Friday
    at a RECORDED meeting with NN TR ED and ex-NN TR ED.

    A tiny sum that cost their Law Firm untold sums to fight me.

    I can't imagine what the proposed Quebec Human Rights Commission GAG ORDER would
    have read?:eek:

    Attached Files:

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  34. Intelligence Member

    *ONCE UPON the INTERNET* -- Some call in 'Karma' and others call it 'Justice' -- I like the latter, although both are nice.:p

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  35. Intelligence Member

    Now me is a bored Gemini so next article will be on one of my own Websites where I can write/publish without being concerned about warnings from my 'Content Manager' on the Examiner and Wire Service. NEXT UP ON: [] ... a 'Special Edition' for my little buddy DM.

    “Scientology is Religion Like Mafia is Insurance” and their Cult of Narconon drug rehabs are worse than many think — dangerous and deadly above what most could ever imagine."
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  36. TorontosRoot Member

    I gotta say, that made my day ^^

    The dead agenting spam, it doesn't even show up when I reveal the messages. Lol. :D
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  37. rickybobby Member

    Wow. You are a lying peace of shit, whomever you are. That was a WHOPPER, dude.
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  38. Intelligence Member


    Posted onMay 26, 2014

    Scientology Cult of Narconon a David Miscavige Nightmare


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  39. TorontosRoot Member

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  40. Intelligence Member


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