David Love: Cruise and Travolta Narconon Ship Sinking Fast

Discussion in 'Narconon' started by The Wrong Guy, Aug 29, 2012.

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    Is SOCO Int "Sea Org"?

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    Social Coordination


    12 June 1983



    Have you ever wondered by what exact means we were going to get LRH Tech into standard use in all the various secular (non-Church) sectors of society?

    The vehicle is the Social Coordination Network.

    The Social Coordination Network (originally part of the Guardian Office but now a separate network) was established in 1974 for the purpose of assisting primarily those groups involved in revitalizing the fields of education, drug and criminal rehabilitation, utilizing LRH's indispensible technology.

    While Social Coordination (or SOCO) still stresses these areas, it will expand to coordinate a multitude of areas where either individuals will act or groups will form up to get L.RH Tech adopted and standardly used in all walks of secular life.

    The Social Coordination network deals in the most part with groups that are not part of the Church but are operating in their spheres utilizing LRH technology, such as Narconon or Applied Scholastics. Social Coordination sees to it that the tech is being properly used and also sees to its broad promotion, adoption and use.

    Social Coordination sees to it that the groups involved fully acknowledge L. Ron Hubbard as the Source of the technology they utilize.

    Social Coordination, for example, will be fully responsible for revitalizing our planet's poor state of education through export of LRH study tech. In HCO PL 4 April 72R ETHICS AND STUDY TECH, LRH states, "This is also our bridge to society."*

    To get Earth's population off harmful drugs, to decriminalize it and to make it literate is indeed a huge task but it will be done.

    And as well many other avenues exist for the application of LRH tech in society and Social Coordination exists to encourage Scientologists and even non-Scientologists to form up and get LRH tech applied.

    Social Coordination is there to coordinate these activities, to monitor their standardness, and to help.

    The need and responsibility of all Scientologists, right now, is to help in this game.

    Social Coordination and Scientologists engaged in such activities have an important job to do in relation to achieving the Aims of Scientology® (Applied Religious Philosophy):

    "A civilization without insanity, without criminals and without war, where the able can prosper and honest beings have rights, and where man is free to rise to greater heights, are the aims of Scientology®." (Applied Religious Philosophy)

    In an orderly and coordinated manner we will make remarkable progress toward those aims.

    If you care and are interested, or have information of possible use regarding the above, contact your nearest SOCO Office.

    Copyright © 1965, 1972, 1983 by L. Ron Hubbard ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.


    Authorized by

    for the

    CSI : AVCI : WDCSOCO : iw
    Copyright © 1983
    by the Church of Scientology

    For more information contact:

    Social Coordination International
    4833 Fountain Ave.
    Los Angeles, CA 90027
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  5. Intelligence Member

    WOW! Is this still an Entity in the COS orgaization?

    Looking at other Dox now and it pisses me off to no end that so
    many of their stuff is not dated? WTF! Perhaps they don't want
    to write "Billion-Year-Dates" on dox? :)

  6. Intelligence Member

    Ok, now I see. This is good for some people down South to see too.

  7. Intelligence Member

    So as the GO changed to OSA, SOCO changed to ABLE?

  8. RightOn Member

    Stats Project for WDC SOCO
    stands for Watch Dog Committe Social Coordiantion
  9. RightOn Member

    so it looks like the SOCO was part of the WDC (GO now OSA)
    am I getting this right?
  10. Tourniquet Member

    I posted the Command Chart above, just to answer you lovely people :)
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  11. RightOn Member

    the order you have says authorized by AVC INT
    Authorization, Verification and Correction, now the AVU, Authorization, Verifications and Corrections Unit. Set up to ensure that all the drivel that comes out is "on source" and not "off policy".
    AVC is part of RTC, originally it was the approval line for drivel coming out of the FLB, but now their imprimatur has to be on everything. The imprimatur means that the issue has been reviewed by a Scientology authority and has been given "IA", or Issue Authority (seal of approval)."

    DM is in charge of the RTC.
    He came in in 1986
    That order was dated 1987
    So doesn't that order show/prove that it is a direct order from DM? who was head of RTC?
    Doesn't it show that the RTC is in fact in charge of NN?
  12. Anonymous Member

    I don't know the identity of "WDC SOCO", but I'll bet "LarryBren" does...
  13. RightOn Member

    I already posted it, it means Watch Dog Committee Social Coordination
  14. Tourniquet Member

    Last post should not have been Anonymous :)

    Local Issue Authority is the province of the "LRH Communicator" of the organization, and so forth up the chart.
    E.g., the local LRH Comm will approve Suppressive Declares fowarded by HCO.
    Issues of broad distribution in Scientology and "found" LRH issues must be approved by AVC Int @Gold Base.
    (I used to be "LRH Communicator" at my organization LOL)
  15. Tourniquet Member

    Thanks, but I was referring to the identity of the person who held that post at that time :)
  16. RightOn Member

    but do you think the authorization of that order by AVC (part of RTC) proves a DM and NN connection? or no?
  17. Tourniquet Member

    AVC International was (is?) part of the Commodore's Messenger Organization International, which is senior to all LRH Communicators, as Hubbard's local personal representative.
    I believe it has been shown that CMO Int is under the control (though no part of) RTC, and thereby Miscavige.

    TL;DR: Yes :)

    Also: every Scientologist who didn't just walk into the Org KNOWS that Narconon is part of Scientology.
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    I watched the whole thing last night. I find watching those old LRH interviews to be more disturbing. DM comes across as a cheap, dime store hood*. L Ron is just scary and watching his disgusting fish lips flap, stick together and tremble is just creepy and nauseating.
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  28. Intelligence Member

    OMG! She's must be a "Rocket-Scientist" to figure that one out all on her own - LOL:)

    Question? Can leaked dox still be posted on Wikileaks? An entity has helped
    me recover certain confidential dox that need to be exposed asap.

  29. YouSeeNothing Member

    I'm a new anon so can't answer that. WWP is not the right place for a leak?
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  30. Tourniquet Member

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  31. Intelligence Member

  32. Internetzin Member

    We haf ways of keeping you honest!
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  33. Internetzin Member

    You are a wicked,wicked man but we loves it!
  34. Intelligence Member

    Won't have the COS/NN/CCHR article up tonight - still retreiving dox like the one below
    and drafting outline:)

    Names and location removed - - this is from one of my most trusted and reliable Sources.

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  35. Internetzin Member

    No care, just masses of gall!
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  36. snippy Member

    Every item is an example of classic workplace bullying, apparently systemic in Scientology, from the very top all the way down. I wonder how many staff members have had stress related illnesses. Working in such an environment also causes psychiatric injuries (not to be confused with psychiatric illness) and it is the competent people who are attacked the worst. This is a very paralyzing and abusive environment described here.
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  37. Internetzin Member

    Next stop, class action for workplace harassment.
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  38. Intelligence Member

    Something doesn't compute here so I called one of Hubbard's "ex-workers":) in
    British Columbis to review this ^^^ and few other dox I have.

    If this is fact>>> "Social Coordination Bureau of the Guardian's Office (SoCo)???"

    Then? <The OSA issue date is after Hubbard's death in 1984. This proves that Scientology did not disband the Guardian's Office, despite Scientology's claims to the contrary. In reality, both GO and OSA are the same Scientology entity, internally named Division 20.>

    Miscavige renamed the GO the "Office of Special Affairs". It's semantics, that's all -- an "acceptable" truth.

  39. Intelligence Member

    Next visit to FBI Canada office, I would like to discuss and submit some dox concerning
    child slave labour. Probably fall on deaf ears, but If they go ahead with the cases I presented
    them in Oklahoma, they may go even further - - we'll see.

    The Oklahoma District Attorney, now has the investigation report and should decide soon , I hope,
    whether to file criminal charges. If they do, additional investigations could prove even more crimes.

  40. Internetzin Member

    Bootstrapping is a perfectly acceptable approach

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