David Love - Court Hearing Coming Soon

Discussion in 'Narconon' started by Intelligence, Oct 25, 2010.

  1. Intelligence Member

    J Doe

    Ok, will keep address absolutely safe. I have a very good Computer Genius. They will set me up for complete DELETE.

    Computer is already double covered for hacking into; but there is always a way.

    Not too concerned about any files on unit; tripple backed up at another source.

    I too, laughed as you did, when post was made. AND it was done for that EXACT reason.

    You are as Intelligent as I "Knew" you were/are,.., LOL.

    You are a beloved Blessing:)

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  2. Intelligence Member

    External hard drives and USB Sticks for this^^^^^works awesome:)

    They wouldn't have a hope in hell of finding data. Was at NN TR for 11 months and they found none; only what I allowed them to.

    Like I mentioned earlier; I took 8 buses, two subway trains, and 1 taxi. Just on
    this past Monday alone.

    I would be stupid not to be cautious about being watched.

    There was a Student at NN TR, who had an External Hard Drive smuggled in and they had hacked into the network. They didn't know who or about the Hard Drive.

    It wasn't me, but I have some dox about the incident and an intriguing story that goes with it.

    But that's another Chapter still in Draft Form:):):)

    The book would be sent for edit already; except for all the Legal matters ahead; so not quite finished yet.


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  3. Intelligence Member

    Aline Proulx, quite likely will be on the witness stand for quite some time, and to me she seemed to
    exibit signs of Bi-Polar symtoms. In 1991, on Vancouver Island, I owned and operated a Detox-Rehab
    and Aline's behaviour was very similar to a patient we had.

    What I don't understad is why a person of her knowledge and being in the highest Power Post at NN TR,
    she would ever entrust Ethics Files, including the NN Executives, to a recent Wog Graduate.

    Same as Thease Safscon. On two occasions, she handed me the keys to her Office, which gave access to
    another set of keys which opened every door at NN TR. Therese was the ORG Officer!

    Isn't correspondence between Narconon and the ORGS supposed to be secure?

    What were these two Scientologists thinking,..., or were they thinking?

    I mean KR's and "Things That Shouldn't Be" KR write ups, should be kept under extreme tight security.

    They were good at writing and filing dox on nearly everything, but when it came to Security and the
    protection of confidential information, they sucked. I would get beckoned to her office and she would hand
    a recent KR on me. I remember the one that the Qualifications Officer wrote up on me; it was a joke, but
    I certainly wasn't suppose to see it. Then files on Executives would be read out to me. Absurd behaviour.

    Too many Organization Entities there at the same time; power and control struggles. Back biting and
    nattering. Baffling behaviour indeed.

    And then the Montreal ORG OSA directing NN TR on administrative affairs? The NN TR Puppet being
    controled and moved around at will, by the High Priest Puppet Master, DM and his cronnies.

    If I was being shown files, I sure began to be careful what I wrote for her to file. May as well post it on
    the Photo Copier wall for all to see,..., LOL.

    Geeeezzze, where I work, the Security is so tight, I need a Swipe Card to get through
    the first door; then a Biometric Finger Print Scanner through a second door. Not even permitted
    to have a pen and paper at our Computer Desks.:):):)


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  4. Anonymous Member


    DM's Home: 1731 N Sycamore Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90028, USA
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  5. Intelligence Member

    I'm no lawyer, only studied UBC Civil Contract and some Tort Law, but I think these cases
    may well be affected by: "state of mind and intent; and motive"

    At NN TR, patients below Tone Scale level 2 had animosity according to their sexual preference, with verbal comments.

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  6. over9000OT Member

    IANAL but I'm wondering what power exists to compel Slappy to come to Canada? Is there some sort of treaty or diplomatic obligation?
  7. Intelligence Member

    I don't know -0 will leave in hands of my lawyers :)

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  8. Triumph Member

    when you get him there keep him there!....In all likelihood he will avoid seeing the inside of a Canadian courtroom like the plague...
    sure would be enjoyable to see him dance.....
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  9. Intelligence Member

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  10. xenubarb Member

    If you need someone to dress up like an elf and serve him at the Scientology Xmas party, I'm your wog!
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  11. Anonymous Member

  12. Intelligence Member

    I'll teach him an Irish Jig,..., LOL :)
  13. Intelligence Member

    He can run, but can't hide for long; AND as long as a person doesn't stand too close and "Over-Look" him:)

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  14. Intelligence Member

    Mmmm, interesting "Insider Intel" email in:

    Can't be that serious, can it:):):)

  15. Triumph Member

    if you've never read the courtroom transcripts of DM..where he has had to be cross examined...your in for a treat...
    not only is Davy Functionally Illiterate ...but hes dumb as a rock..

    that may be an insult to ROCKs....but they pulled it in,

    he may only be able to "clay demo" his response....even thats questionable
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  16. xenubarb Member

    Happily, rocks are too dumb to be insulted. That puts the Dwarf marginally above a rock.
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  17. Optimisticate Member

    My jaw is on the floor.

    Should I just keep it there?

    This keeps getting bigger and bigger and bigger.

    Epic intelligence. Nickname is more appropo than originally thought!
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  18. BigBeard Member

    For your amusement, and an insite into how DM's mind (what there is of it) works, a transcript of part of the deposition Keith Henson and Grady Ward actually got him to attend back in 1997:

    I suspect this particular deposition is why he's avoided subsequent depo's like the plague.

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  19. xenubarb Member

    "Mr. Hart: and let the record reflect that both Mr. Henson and Mr. Ward are snickering
    "Mr. Hart: and let the record reflect that both Mr. Henson and Mr. Ward are snickering
    "Mr. Hart: and let the record reflect that both Mr. Henson and Mr. Ward are snickering
    "Mr. Hart: and let the record reflect that both Mr. Henson and Mr. Ward are snickering
    "Mr. Hart: and let the record reflect that both Mr. Henson and Mr. Ward are snickering
    "Mr. Hart: and let the record reflect that both Mr. Henson and Mr. Ward are snickering
    "Mr. Hart: and let the record reflect that both Mr. Henson and Mr. Ward are snickering
    "Mr. Hart: and let the record reflect that both Mr. Henson and Mr. Ward are snickering
  20. Intelligence Member

    You think your jaws on the floor about this getting bigger? My jaw fell right off my face today. More "Insider" Intel arrived today. It has been coming in over past few months, but these past few days have blown me away. New, tighter security is being assessed and put in place forthwith. Will post further dox and info as permission to do so is obtained. Your comment Re: "Intelligence" nickname has nothing to do with my own personal intelligece or IQ. After all this is over, I will explain in detail. Heenan and Blaikie (cos law firm), and NN/COS have suspicions as stated in one legal letter to me quote: "once we determine the exact nature of your time at NN TR". (Quote may have slight paraphrase). Was I a Plant or Spy? They may suspect this, but it's not true. Have I been a conduit and Intelligence gathering entity? Absolutely. I have been writing about it for more than 20 years and will continue to do so until I draw my last Irish breath. Just haven't published or posted much of it,..., YET. And OSA knows what I mean when I say "yet." If not, just ask Aline Proulx:):):)
  21. Intelligence Member

    Yes, indeed there is a TREATY, and I have a copy of the Extradition Laws pertaining to DM.
    Most of our Cases are Civil and pushing for Criminal Charges. Serious stuff.
    sorting through dox pertaining to this and will post more ASAP:):):)
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  22. Intelligence Member

    This is the agreement pertaining to Criminal Law Extradition.
    Lawyer believes Civil is no problem - too complex and time consuming for me right now:)
  23. Intelligence Member

    Here is one of the Laws that we are pursuing -(will refrain from further comments on other pending)
  24. Intelligence Member

    Canada Competion Bureau - RE: Success Rate Misrepresentation and Conspriracy to Defraud.

    For Both Civil and Criminal - (Have Volumes of DOX for this)

    Agreement between Canada and the United States

    Deceptive Marketing Practices
    As you are aware, the U.S. Federal Trade Commission and the Canadian Director of Investigation and Research are both responsible for the administration of laws relating to deceptive marketing practices. In the case of Canada, those laws are an integral part of the Competition Act.11 The FTC has jurisdiction over deceptive marketing practices pursuant to section 5 of the Federal Trade Commission Act.12
    Developments such as cross-border telemarketing, and the continuing integration of our markets more generally, have led to an increase in deceptive marketing investigations with cross-border dimensions. In view of our common interest in countering deceptive marketing practices, and our experience with informal cooperation in the past, Article VII of the Agreement endorses further cooperation between my office and the FTC. Subject to each Party's laws, enforcement policies and other important interests, this cooperation would extend to assistance in the detection of deceptive marketing practices, informing each other of investigations involving practices occurring in, or that affect consumers or markets in, the territory of the other Party, information-sharing and enforcement coordination.13 The Article also requires us to jointly study further measures to enhance enforcement cooperation in this area.14


    False or Misleading Representations
    The Competition Act provides criminal and civil regimes to address false or misleading representations.
    Section 52 of the Act is a criminal provision. It prohibits knowingly or recklessly making, or permitting the making of, a representation to the public, in any form whatever, that is false or misleading in a material respect. Under this provision, it is not necessary to demonstrate that any person was deceived or misled; that any member of the public to whom the representation was made was within Canada; or that the representation was made in a place to which the public had access. Subsection 52(4) directs that the general impression conveyed by a representation, as well as its literal meaning, be taken into account when determining whether or not the representation is false or misleading in a material respect.

    Any person who contravenes section 52 is guilty of an offence and liable to a fine of up to $200,000 and/or imprisonment up to one year on summary conviction, or to fines in the discretion of the court and/or imprisonment up to 14 years upon indictment.
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  25. Intelligence Member

    Senator Nick Xenophon
    “In Australia there are no limits on what you can believe but there are limits on how you can behave. It’s called the law, and no one is above it.”

    Canada takes this same view and Moxon and DM are in for a Battle for quite some time. Laws
    have been breached and the guilty will stand accountable.

    Photo of DM last time he was in Court:
    (P.M. SESSION) 130
    26 8 27 25 28 17
  26. Intelligence Member

    This is absolutely incredible help to me. I am speechless; and that's definately not common for me:)

    It is no secret that OSA knows that they have "Insider" leaks to me of Epic proportions.

    In the following email message, which contains ominous and revealing evidence,
    the grammar has been corrected, as requested, to protect indentity.

    David Edgar Love
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  27. Intelligence Member

    Just checked another message account - in today

    Yes, absolutely; indeed I do:)

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  28. Intelligence Member

    Jane Doe:
    Will set up new address asap. Must consult this weekend with advisor
    to confirm absolute secure correspondence method. May encrypt.
    Tx so much.

    PS: I'm being much more Patient these days, as I don't want to become a Patient. :):):)

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  29. Intelligence Member

    Something very sad and upsetting happened to me yesterday, and perhaps
    I should have gone back to British Columbia right away, but after wiping some tears,
    I gathered my thoughts and made a decision to stand fast and look at the
    WHOLE picture of MY life and WHY I am doing what I am.

    Once I answered WHY, the decision was easy to make. I can't change other people,
    only help them to understand. Other's actions, are their own choice.

    I don't know if OSA had anything to do with this, and right now it doesn't matter; It is
    what it is, and I will not go back home to live until this is finished; no matter what.

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  30. Touchstone Member

    You're awesome. This stuff is fappaliciously epic with hyper-buttered popcorn and jetpacks.
    But get some sleep. Go. Really.
    Don't flame out. Victory does not require you self-destructing.
  31. Anonymous Member

    If I believed in God, I would think She sent you to Narconon.
    You are a man with the courage of his convictions, very inspiring.
  32. Intelligence Member

    Ok, going to bed Right NOW :)

  33. over9000OT Member

    David, your case appears to be made of win and lulz will be had. You're doing it right and I cannot imagine that Slappy is happy. I think it is beyond amazing that Slappy can be compelled to show up. I wonder how the cult would spin that?
  34. Anonymous Member

  35. Optimisticate Member

    I would like to disagree with you on this point.

    Your intelligence led you to where you are now. It has commanded you along the way. It has told you what to do with the information you have and how to turn it into quite possibly one of the biggest things that has hit the courts system in years. It it what you are - a smart man with common, moral, and ethical senses that guide you and lead you to help many others.

    I admire you for it. Please, accept it.

    And accept a few virtual bear hugs as well.
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  36. Intelligence Member


    Had big problems back West this week. One I won't discuss on WWP, but the
    other was Security issues.

    Someone was caught by my Bank trying to mess with my Account. The Bank froze my
    Account and phoned me immediately. My contact there is aware of what I'm involved
    in right now.

    So I had to Fax some info, with my signature to verify my identity, then the Bank made arrangements to supply
    me with New Debit Card.

    Was it THEM? I doubt it, but I wouldn't put it past them for one minute.

    Just spoke to Bank contact and we've set up better Security precautions and monitoring.
    Looks like we've traced some info of how this happened.

    I haven't got time for this^^^^^Shit! Trying to find the missing hospital files of a Patient
    who nearly died at Narconon, is a huge task and is eating up time enough, without having to deal
    with above like matters.-

    We are now tightening up Security in every direction this Weekend and I am sending out further
    Reports to appropriate Government Officials to Investigate.

    Moving online Files and and deleting trails. Will copy more Files onto portable drives and store
    securely. Will give access to drives to one other trusted Comrad.

  37. xenubarb Member

    Don't you have all accounts password protected?
  38. Intelligence Member

    Yes, but something happened at a certain Debit Machine. This certain Machine is shut down
    today when I viewd it.

    It was something to do with "Plates" inside the Machine being messed with.

    My Security is good right now; and improving by the hour:):):)

  39. Triumph Member

    atta boy David ....don't accept any wooden nickels..or gifts of thumb drives from mysterious sources...;)
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  40. Intelligence Member

    I'm on my old dinasaur computer right now and I don't trust it. It's the one they installed
    a Worm, Keystroke Logger, and Trojan Horse in before I went back with Police to pick it up.

    But I will be back later, using my New Laptop with higher security. Found some nice Files
    today,including a Complete Book Draft that I wrote at Narconon,..., LOL. (lots of edit needed yet)

    As Arnold said, "I'll BE BACK",...., later :)


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