David Love - Court Hearing Coming Soon

Discussion in 'Narconon' started by Intelligence, Oct 25, 2010.

  1. hushpuppy Member

    Nighty Nite

    Edit: First time for me seeing the 90% success rate claim.
    I meant Nighty Nite to Scientology trying to back up that number :p

    And David, you know I love you ---but FFS get some sleep:)
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  2. Intelligence Member

    Ok, nighty-night. This "Soul Hacking" part of this Press Release that happened
    in Objective Auditing Sessions at NN TR, is so interesting,....................., and VERY EVIL!

    Just a few more pargraphs. Don't start day job till 4:00pm Tuesday afternoon :) :) :)

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  3. Anonymous Member

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  5. JohnnyRUClear Member

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  6. Intelligence Member

    Ok, LOL,.., yes, I agree; good luck proving a 90% success rate:)

    But right now, I mean nighty-night, for me. I'm gitten too old for these all nighters,..., and three in a row is out of the question
    for this ol' Irishman. :) :) :)

    98%, not a chance in hell!

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  7. xenubarb Member

    Hubbard did say, "The criminal always accuses others of his crimes." When Scientologists are involved, this seems a true statement.
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  8. Intelligence Member

    Lots of sleep last night. Feels awesome :) :) :)

    More files just sent off to lawyer. Now off to my other job.

    Getting pumped and focussed on the next Shit Storm arriving over the scilon skies soon.

    Happy Pants Indeed and ready to Rock N' Roll :) :) :)



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  9. Intelligence Member

    Update: one more evidence information dox file to compile and send to lawyer and a meeting prior to court dox being filed.
  10. Intelligence Member

    Wow! Wow! Wow! Stubborn, Irish Tenacity Pays Off!

    I wish this would have happened in the morning instead of tonight; I won't be
    able to sleep now,..., LOL. Out of the "Blue", one of our most important witnesses contacted me

    Because OSA -Bots are monitoring everything I post, I won't even say why this witness is so
    important, but this person could be on the witness stand for quite some time.

    One day at a time and one witness at a time:)

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  11. JohnnyRUClear Member

    You can't spell "tenacity" without a city -- or ten.
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  12. Intelligence Member

    This has been a Win week for me. Started new day job. Campagne in Identity Theft and Fraud Prevention. Right up my alley and loving it so far. AND a great opportunity to answer tons of questions that my new work mates ask about scientology-narconon:) Their cell browsers were scrolling on breaks , with, "holy shit, David" comments. It's amazing how many people know so little about the cos. Perhaps new protesters soon at the Montreal org? One comment was, "CANADA should ban these criminal practices" ; All agreed. Thank goodness only have to work one Sat per month. Just about finished dox for lawyer. Then will relax and have some fun making another Expose video. Hope to post later.
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  13. Anonymous Member

    Go David!!
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  14. Intelligence Member

    Getting Ready to Rock Some Scilon Stable Datum

    " Life should NOT be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in an attractive and well preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways, chocolate in one hand, champagne in the other, body thoroughly used up, totally worn out and screaming 'WOO HOO' what a ride ! "

    Indeed, what a Ride - "Woo Hoo":) :) :)

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  15. Intelligence Member

    Narconon knowingly hires new graduate who has outstanding warrants for his arrest. This new employee, along with four others, was only paid $100 per week. Several full wage employees were fired or laid off and replaced with new graduates at slave labor wages.
    At least one ex-employee was contacted and asked to write a letter stating that he quit instead of being laid off or fired. This event followed complaints being filed with the Labor Relations Board in Montréal Québec. It was an attempt by the employer to cover up their reprehensible practices of firing or laying off full pay employees and exploiting vulnerable recent graduates.
    Email from Narconon Canada Executive:
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  16. Intelligence Member

    Hubbardian Ethics is not in the great tradition of Socrates and Aristotle. It contains the brutality of Friedrich Nietzsche, the absolutism of Immanuel Kant, the romantic impracticality of Benedict Spinoza and the denial of self of Existentialism. A wildly improbable admixture. It is essentially a series of injunctions from the Master. Do's and don't's on how to be a good Scientologist.

    As may be imagined, Scientology Ethics consists to a great degree in a protection of Scientology.

    This is the essence of the danger of Scientology. Its actions are determined solely and completely by one individual. It does not have the moderating influences of a democratic structure. The mind of Hubbard seems composed of genius and an insensate lust for power. This unique combination has brought distress to large numbers of people already and if the lust-for-power aspect should again grow in prominence and with the vastly greater wealth and influence that Scientology commands, all Hell could be let loose.

    If Hubbard were just one individual, he would be pathetic but avoidable. There are 5,000,000 Hubbards and in that quantity are not pathetic but menacing and very difficult to avoid.
    by Cyril Vosper

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  17. JohnnyRUClear Member

    ^^^^^^ lol 5 million
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  18. AnonLover Member

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  19. Intelligence Member

    OK, Barb, You, My Doctor, and Lawyer WIN!!!

    No more poutines (I've really only had three in 1.5 years in Quebec - Seriously)

    Doctor advised that I cut down on certain foods for health reasons:)

    Lawyer called twice today; all is going VERY well. Two Lawyers are working on documents
    for past month. Should be Filing in Superior Court soon. He's doingitrite.

    He put some big SMILES on my face today:):):)

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  20. Intelligence Member

    Narconon International IS on our Legal Radar big time indeed.
    Tx for this; will forward to my Lawyer.

    The ENTIRE Organization, including ABLE Canada and the COS Montreal could be facing
    Legal Litigation VERY soon indeed.

    Plus more Formal Complaints to Government, with my Lawyer Reviewing my dox first:):):)

    Take a look at Post #613 Here:ères-in-trouble.44851/page-16#post-1735250

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  21. Anonymous Member

    Narconon Trois-Rivieres

    Regulation respecting the certification of drug addiction or pathological gambling resources.

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  22. xenubarb Member

    The above is troubling. As a substance abuse rehab facility, they shouldn't be using people likely to relapse as counselors. I think California requires a former abuser
    who wishes to get into the field 2 years of sobriety before they can even begin the process.

    The second thing that bothers me is Aline's attitude towards Joelyn. Clearly, she is a client who was recruited to work there. Clearly, she is still at risk of backsliding.
    Aline's attitude toward this situation is pure clam; she has overts and withholds that will cause her to relapse and serves her right for "trying to suppress a good group."

    Shouldn't they be trying to help Joelyn avoid relapse instead of watching for it and crowing?
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  23. Intelligence Member

    Yes, this is a very disturbing and complex story that I still hesitate to Publish.

    Aline WAS the Deputy Director on Narconon Canada; prior to NN Canada Dissolving last September and the
    Crew moving to Quebec City and opening a First Step Program at the New ORG. But not Aline. One Investigator
    reported that she was distraught from me Blowing and Exposing. My opinion is she was under pressure to resign
    from OSA because of the serious mistakes she made in promoting me, a WOG, up into a position that should have gone
    to someone who had paid their dues. I won't discuss why I was Posted; only that one of the reasons was to bring in much needed cash.

    AND this is what the Joelyn Affair was all about. MONEY! Yes, Aline knew Joelyn was a SP, but nevertheless, Aline said she
    would not Declare because of PR. I questioned why and was told it was financial. There was a one million dollar deal
    in the works; which closed at $800,000.00, to bring in 40 new people.

    Narconon was in Afluence for some time until the end of Sylvain Fournier's reign as NN TR Director. He made some bad
    Judgement calls for promotions and the Building Fund dropped from about $600,000.00 to about $100,000.00, when
    NN International flew up on a Mission to Handle. Brad, from ABLE Canada, was already there and NN Canadsa was there
    and Aline was apppointed the ESTO, (Establishment Officer) to turn things around financially. She was feared Power House
    from experience of many years in the California ORG.

    NN TR had once before paid their staff only $100 per week, but stopped because of law problems, But once again to cut
    costs using the Condition Formulas, Aline brought back the $100 per week and fired/laid off full wage employees. AND
    hired 4-5 new Grads at $100 per week. Indeed ruthless, to say the least.

    The last $100,000 was unilatterally taken out of NN R's hands independently, and put in joint signature withdrawal;
    being a NN TR rep and NN International. NN Canada may have had their fingers in there too; not sure yet.

    Because of a confidentiality clause I signed, and Legal issues, I can't at this time, comment on Joelyn and her

    Joelyn comes from a BILLION DOLLAR Global Empire, (not millions, but Billions!).

    Six Nations group controls an extraordinary business maze that now spans two continents

    Joelyn also was the owner of this web site: (Was FSM for Narconon - Referral to NN TR Site)

    She is the daughter of Peter Montour:

    Joelyn knows that I'm not one to "mess with", BUT I also view her family the same:)
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  24. hushpuppy Member

    Please ensure your personal safety above all else David!
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  25. Intelligence Member

    Thank you Darlin' (geezze I hope you're a female, LOL),..., I hear you loud and clear.

    This is serious stuff and I am well aware of ALL of it. This is a complex, Evil, mess of messnesses:)

    I'm not really too concerned; as they can take me out, but they won't stop the Investigations
    or Court Cases proceeding. The dox are secure, with an alternate finger on the "send button."

    AND a family member will proceed with the Civil Cases,..., and vigorously.

    AND I am NOT paranoid or Suicidal whatsoever. In fact the opposite.

    My doctor knows I am rational and knows well, the reasons I continue to push forward.

    Thanks for your concern.

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  26. Intelligence Member

    This is why I wrote this:

    The Eviliness that went on at NN TR, was absolutely something that I don't know if I will
    ever completly understand?

    “Origins are important!”

    “When you look at the origins of a group you look at its roots and the "signature" of its genetic inheritance. Even though the organizational roots may be hidden from sight the organization will always bear the type of "fruit" dictated by its "genetic" heritage and origins. The main origins of Scientology are revealed in Hubbard's imitation of Aleister Crowley and his "Ordo Templi Orientis" (OTO).”

  27. Intelligence Member

    "So many long nights, measuring the scenes, words and events; pausing, eyes closed, to weigh the evil of the day which stirred my thoughts, I would pen the video onto paper, making fast the words for record."
    David Love

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  28. Intelligence Member

    College of Physicians Complaint - Update

    New Complaint being drafted for submission RE: Narconon as a Charlatan (Practicing Medicine Without a Licence)

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  29. Triumph Member

    McAlister News-Capitol
    NARCONON on trial

    By Wes Carter Staff Writer
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  30. peterstorm Member

  31. Anonymous Member

    Travaglini need to hook up with David Love and learn how to do it right.
  32. peterstorm Member

    Maybe Dave knows more about it already?
  33. Intelligence Member

    This is awesome and I hope they get the riit decision. We are still in research mode over our case against NN Int, but there should not be a juristiction issue due to NN Int being at NN TR administering directives to NN TR staff. In fact I have a document addressed to me from a NN Int staff member while they were at NN TR. Our dox should nail their coffin shut solid. Won't be long:)
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  34. Intelligence Member

    Has DM ever appeared in a Criminal or Civil court proceeding, when a Summons To Appear has been Served? He is named in one of our cases and it appears he may be named in another. Not holding my breath; just wondering:)
  35. Intelligence Member

    Oh' thank goodness my cell browser can post again. Monday was aweful; I had to take 8 buses, 4 subways, and 1 taxie, with nothing to do. Had fun reading Sparrows threads though:):):)
  36. peterstorm Member

    Do you think they will lie about you the same way they lied about sparrow?
  37. Intelligence Member

    I really don't know, but I do expect it and we are prepared for it. I have nothing from my past to hide.
    I have no Criminal Record, but have commited offences that they are aware of, thanks to Narconon
    and writing up my Overts and Withholds. Do they know everything? Absolutely NOT and they never
    will. Why? Classified info and not available to them or anyone else. Ooohhh,..., LOL. :):):)

    BUT, their credibility is nearly smashed into the ground and their law firm knows it well. That's why
    the best they could do in one of their Responses to one of my complaints was by two executives only,
    and only one other ex-patient who just got releases from jail and had been througfh the NN TR program
    three times. We have delicious info on his relationship with a high up staff member, which resulted in
    her becoming pregnent and the story goes on and on. Sorry OSA, no more details.

    What my picture of my past is, should not affect the Cases. In fact, if they dig deep enough,
    they will see that I have had 8 major operations and been under anesthetic 9 times for serious issues.
    Much of my past are drug related issues and that's what I was conned into going to Narconon for.

    Credibility will be a HUGE issue for THEM; and you are well aware of the mountains of dox we have.

    They only know what I have allowed them to know, and they know very little about ALL that I know and have.

    But they sure will soon.

    I'm not worried one little bit, quite the contrary.

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  38. Intelligence Member

    I just had another batch of incredible "Inside" intel come into my email account.
    This person has helped in numerous ways , and I am so grateful. But because of this John/Jane Does
    request for anonymity, I dare not post the info. I wish there was some way or email address that I
    could respond to this person. But they are brilliant, in that I receive these emails from the website
    of one of my PR Press Release sites.

    And I respect their wishes to be Anonymous. I know you will read this, so if there is anyway I can
    email you, it would help with some questions I have.

    Suffice to say; I will be working extremely hard over the next 10 days, to ensure that DM is named
    amd SERVED a Subpoena to Appear. It is clear, without doubt, that DM is Responsible and Liable
    for some of the actions and abuses in many of the captioned Formal Complaints.

    I have decided to make this happen and with some help, it bloody well will happen. Justice must be
    served and I will not stop until it is complete.


    An Ol' Irish Quote:
    “You see things; and you say, 'Why?' But I dream things that never were; and I say, 'Why not?'”

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  39. Intelligence Member

    Also, I do expect to catch them in lies under oath. There are a number of expected witnesses
    that dare not lie, for fear of Rebuttal evidence proving they comitted Perjury.

    But quite frankly, I view some of them to be so stupid and trapped in their Hubbard Policy Box,
    that they will follow the doctrines and be caught. I think it's a given.

    If ALL these Cases move to the Court Room, as I expect they will, we are not looking at "a few days"
    of testimony; this will be weeks in it's entirety for ALL Cases.

    All of this has gone far past what I expected; it's amazing to me what a few keystrokes on a computer can accomplish,..., LOL,...:):):)

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  40. Intelligence Member

    Oh' my Goodness; my lawyer better bring in another Legal Assistant for this New Superior Court Case.

    Just received an 82 page PDF File about David Miscavige.

    DM is not the "sharpest pencil in the box", is he? Only finished Secondary School.

    This^^^^^is priceless:)

    And YOU Anons are quite simply AWESOME!

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