David Love - Court Hearing Coming Soon

Discussion in 'Narconon' started by Intelligence, Oct 25, 2010.

  1. Intelligence Member

    May 11 at 9:10pm Report
    " stuck with me because he went on about the fact tat he was afraid to be in danger because the guys who gave them the gun (or something like that) would know that it was coming from the 2 english guys and that they may come for him. But he went on about already 1 life lost and so on..."
    May 16 at 8:53am Report
    "...the story about Hxxxx having guns and then my..."
    To: David Love <>
    Sent: Wed, February 24, 2010 11:22:26 PM

    "...Hxxxxxx and Jxxxxxx continued smoking crack and I had Jxxxxx keys so I took all valuables out of hxx house but didn't see gun..
    Jxxxxx threw it over the balcony to him one night ,, he took it to Ontario?? called Jxxxxx and then shot himself in the head.. wrote a letter to Mxxxxx before he did it... that's really all.. Mxxxxx never did drugs, they weren't together but shared a kid... hope this is helpful..."

    May 16 at 8:01pm Report

    "...But if something could have been done, well your work and the investigation will bring this to light..."
    May 11 at 11:28pm Report

    "...Also having seen how you handled your legal matters at the center, I would not be one to take you lightly. You know your stuff and you are very thorough..."

    Have hundreds of these from credible sources. They are right about one thing,
    I am thorough and persist until ALL the truth is brought to light.


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  2. Anonymous Member

    Sounds criminal to me.
  3. Anonymous Member

    Is your case in Canada a criminal case or a civil suit? If it's a criminal case, you probably shouldn't be talking about it or giving details, because it's sub judice. Although sub judice is mainly applicable to journalists, scilons could argue in court that you are sort of a journalist, while writing a blog. Just be careful, you know that their lawyers would twist everything.
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  4. Intelligence Member

    Some Anons and others have said how much they admire my drive and persistance in what I'm doing.

    It's not me they should be thinking these things about; it's the brave people who send me
    statements and dox and verify some horrible stories about the abuses and death. They are the
    heros behind the scenes.

    It's easy for me to keep pushing forward with stubborn Irish Tenacity. I only have to sort through
    a few pages in the 9,600 page pile and review some dox. Reading these dox makes me furious and
    at the same time, my eyes leak tears. I know how many of these people feel. I have sat with them while
    they poured out their broken and torn hearts to me; sobbing and crying; some suicidal.

    We will stop these evil practices.
    We are Annonymous.
    We do not Forget.
    We will not go away.

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  5. Intelligence Member

    Civil, so far. I am working on the Criminal aspect and will keep digging. I have written stories about some of this, as I work
    and write for The Montreal Examiner as a Montreal Personal Safety Examiner.

    I have already dicussed this with my lawyer recently and he cleared me to continue status quo.

    We are prepared for their attacks and are ready to push back ten-fold. OSA can kiss my Irish Arse.

    We can justify why I write what I write and the two or more reasons why.
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  6. Intelligence Member

    In my opinion, it is Criminal and there is lots more. Just wait until after the Canada Federal Election.
    I think it's next month.

    We will be Exposing one hell of a lot more.

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  7. Intelligence Member

    I like to have at least two or three statements which substantiate each other. Notice the messages below when two statements from two different people didn't quite jive? Just before 8:31am, I questioned this person about the story not matching. You can see the two responses below. The stories now match once ALL of the truth came out :)

    May 11 at 11:28pm Report
    Thanks Dave for getting back to me. I understand what you are doing and why and I also understood that if it goes to Court, things will become public.

    May 16 at 8:31am Report
    Hi Dave,
    I don't see how my version of things with Hxxxxx would not match since I am the one who told xxxxxx what happened to him.

    Anyways, if you wish, you don't have to, maybe we can check the points that wouldn't match.
    May 16 at 8:53am Report
    Hi, Me again.
    I just thought of something else...........

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  8. Intelligence Member

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  9. Anonymous Member

    You're my hero. Please be careful. The Church of Scientology is evil. Get an alarm or a dog. They are just such mean unethical vendictive bastards. And please do not hesitate to post a request for help in you need anything.
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  10. Intelligence Member

    Make that 9,856 pages. Just found another 256 dox I scanned. I LOve It! Happy Pants :) :) :)

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  11. Intelligence Member

    I have a big dog, new curtains, and locking gas cap,..., LOL,..., just kidding. But seriously, I have security; more
    than they know about; professional. And video surveilance. And honestly, I am careful when I cross the street :)

    I refuse to live in fear and I won't. Cautious? Yes. Paranoid? No, absolutely not. I have some experience with
    how evil some people can be, (many years ago), and some Intel experience that nobody will EVER know about.

    Quite simply; they are screwed! And I think they know it.

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  12. Anonymous Member

    That's good you have security.
    Think they might send the squirrel busters with cranial cameras to your house? hehe
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  13. Intelligence Member

    All they will see is me in my tiny apartment, pecking away on my computer and sleeping
    on my very narrow bed. But I take VIAGRA before going to sleep, so I don't roll off and
    hurt my poor old body,..., LOL,..., ROFLMAO :) :) :)

    I must have humour in my life,.., helps me stay young and sane :)

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  14. Anonymous Member

    Young...maybe. Sane - you've got to be a pretty crazy motherfucker to take on the evil Church of Scientology.
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  15. Intelligence Member

    My Family in Ireland, fought many a fight much harder than this. My father, from Ireland, would be proud.


    Love, David 06 October 1975, (45) Protestant
    Status: Royal Ulster Constabulary (RUC), Killed by: Irish Republican Army (IRA)

    Love, Martin 07 April 1985, (24) Catholic
    Status: Civilian (Civ), Killed by: Ulster Freedom Fighters (UFF)

    Love, Roger 01 March 1991, (20) Protestant
    Status: Ulster Defence Regiment (UDR), Killed by: Irish Republican Army (IRA)

    My only comment is: &quot;...they messed with the wrong family...&quot;

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  16. Anonymous Member

    You have a confused family. Shouldn't they be on just one side, i.e. either Protestant or Catholic?
    But that's a whole other discussion.
  17. Intelligence Member

  18. Intelligence Member

    Confused; not really. I'm a Protestant, my Cousin, David Love, in British Columbia is something else,
    and the Love Clan throughout BC are a mix. I think only one of the above may be a blood relative.
    Family from Northern Ireland, outside Belfast. Ulster Freedom Fighters. It was a mess.

    Anyway, enough of this^^^^^ :)

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  19. Intelligence Member

    This email below is to me from an Executive Director at Narconon Canada. Lyne Vassall, is the Executive's
    daughter, who is a scientologist and works in Ottawa at Health Canada, as an Administrative Officer. I met
    her in Ottawa and was shown her office where she works.
    Subject: TR: You better be very hungry
    From: "Aline Proulx" <> (Add as Preferred Sender)
    Date: Fri, Sep 18, 2009 1:30 pm
    To: <>, <>
    From Subject (Thread Messages) Date Size
    Hi guys,
    Lyne (my daughter) wanted me to forward this to you.
    O.K. this is UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!
    Lyne Vassall
    Administrative Officer/Agente administrative
    Non-Insured Health Benefits Program/Direction des services de santé non
    First Nations and Inuit Health Branch/Direction générale de la santé des
    Premières Nations et des Inuits
    Program, Policy and Planning Division/Division de la politique, du
    programme et de la planification
    55 Metcalfe Street, #6-029
    Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0K9

    Have some interesting voice recordings :)

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  20. Intelligence Member

    NEW DOX LEAK: knowing they may shread many dox after I left, I took photos
    and scanned dox from sensitive files.

  21. Intelligence Member

    OUCH! This One Is Going To Be Embarassing to the Sender who will be a Court Witness.
    From a Prominent Executive to another Satff Member.

  22. Intelligence Member

    Sue Chubbs - Aline Proulx - Marc Bernard
  23. Intelligence Member

    November 3, 2009 - Police Are Inside Narconon With Me - CBC TV Crew Interviewing Scientologist Andre Ahern.
    Federal Government Person with tele-photo taken from Highway.
  24. Intelligence Member

    Some important, sensitive Dox, I flew with me to Vancouver, where they were photographed. Then
    returned with them to Montreal and store in very secure location requiring card swipe, biometrics scanner, and locked
    compartment. Dox have since been moved for tighter security and to be forwarded by someone, should
    I be unable to for any reason.
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  25. Intelligence Member

    "... There's no need to fear the wind, if your haystacks are tied down..."
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  26. jensting Member

    From "Tribunal de Grande Instance de Paris, 12eme chambre/1, N° d'affaire : 9835623114, Jugement du : 27 octobre 2009" we have

    "produced a note dated 1998 which poses a problem of Francs or Euros."

    Best Regards

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  27. Anonymous Member

    That is hilarious. Euro only came into use in 2002.
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  28. Anonymous Member

    Unloaded the set of Dox you shipped. I think getting a set out of North America was the right idea. Winter is just beginning here and the weather quite horrible, so it will be a couple of days before we can travel the road to access the vaults. I am a bit worried about the climate inside, but the Commandant insist that it is perfect for preservation -- for at least 1000 years barring significant climate change. After all, they have found remains left there that long with the meat still fresh on the bone!
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  29. Anonymous Member

    Crap. That was supposed to be private. Will contact you on the "alternate channel".
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  30. over9000OT Member

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  31. Intelligence Member

    Oh' shit, I pressed the wrong button too and sent a bunch of dox to the FBI instead of the RCMP. And I think
    I cc'ed a copy to the scilons. Oh" well, they probably weren't sleeping well already, LOL,...

    Glad you received that secret shipment and hope you make it to the vault safely :)

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  32. Well, considering that none of their employees are properly trained drug counselors, they need to occupy their "patients" time and also promote and disseminate the Scientology scam with their indoctrination training routines.

    3 or 4 hours to sit on cheap metal chairs doing Hubbard bullshit processing, 5 hours in an overcrowded nastyass sauna (Hubbard's purification rundown) and the day is done, the addict's 30 grand has already been moved uplines to various Scientology related front groups for licensing, materials, vitamin concoctions, etc., etc.

    Just because Narconon is totally comprised of Scientology techniques, training routines, processing, absurd overdoses of niacin and insane sauna treatments doesn't mean that it's Secular from Scientology, imean, oops if they say all of their front groups are "Secular" they must be cuz they ............errrrrr.... say so.......

    It's all batshit insane LRH therapy, every nasty bit of it........

    Scientologists need to word clear secular and ethics, their "succes" rate is a total lie, wtf do people get for $30,000.00?

    False hope and empty wallets, They do not need to word clear those 2 items.

    Where does all the money go???? 30 grand for every conned drug addict that enters the program, that's an awful lot of clams......Most leave, get kicked out, relapse sooner or later, good luck getting a refund, addicts are easy targets to blame for the programs failures.

    Scientology Scamming of the vulnerable is so uptone and theta.

    To LRH:

    Hip...Hip.....Rot in Hell........
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  33. Intelligence Member

    "...Every truth passes through three stages before it is recognized. In the first, it is ridiculed, in the second it is opposed, in the third it is regarded as self-evident..." ~Arthur Schopenhauer

    We're in the "Third" now :) :) :)

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  34. Intelligence Member

    The Secualar word suits their purpose. They forbid the Scientology word to be used or spoken about by patients.

    Patients talking about Scientology SCARES the HELL out of the Executives. Why? Because they are afraid that if
    one of the Patient dicusses Scientology on the phone with a their family, the family will pull them out of the program;
    along with a hefty refund. This was the EXACT explanation given to me by a NN TR staff member; also a member of
    the COS in Montreal.

    It's a fraudulent, expliotive SCAM, that I will fight against until I take my last Irish Breath. This I promise :) :) :)

    An Ol' Irish Quote:
    “You see things; and you say, 'Why?' But I dream things that never were; and I say, 'Why not?'”

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  35. Intelligence Member

    One Year Anniversary - Good Friday

    One year ago, a Montreal Anon went to Dunkin Donuts with me to meet with the
    Director of Narconon, Marc Bernard and his his side-kick, ex-Narconon Director, Sylvain.

    As soon as we sat down, my dear Anon Friend, pulled a tape recorder out of his pocket and placed
    it on the table in front of us.

    It was a meeting to end negotiations and pay me the money they owed me instead of taking them
    to court. They wanted me to sign my life away in a Release and Discharge. I refused to sign and we
    provided our own Release and Discharge, (thanks to some far away Anon help in the wording), and
    this is the one I signed. I Released them from owing me any more WAGE money and that was all,..:)

    It was a Good Friday and I was blessed with my Anon Friend being there with me for support.

    Thank you very much, (you know who you are and I know you will read this) :) ,..., YOU are a
    blessing to many and you work relentlessly in the background for many. May you and your family
    have a very happy Easter.

    And to ALL my dear Anon Friends, &quot;Happy Easter and thank you for all your help, encouragement, and support&quot;


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  36. Gary Moore Member

    Happy Easter David!
    "As you slide down the banister of life, may the splinters never point in the wrong direction!" :)
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  37. Intelligence Member

    Thanks,..., LOL. I'm still pulling splinters out from all my years of sliding the wrong way :) :) :)

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  38. Intelligence Member

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  39. Intelligence Member

    One of Many Reasons WHY?



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  40. Intelligence Member

    Just reviewing the dox I will send off to my lawyer on Monday. We are going have their balls in a Justice Vice very soon now, and I will keep tightening the Vice until the squeeling pigs trough dries up and the Judge hands down his decision of GUILTY!

    This Superior Court Case will take some time, but meawhile I will continue on with the Human Rights Cases and put pressure on our Governments and Media to Act and Expose this evil, destructive cult and their corrupt and dishonest executives.

    They will take a Big Hit in the Groin in March.

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