David Love - Court Hearing Coming Soon

Discussion in 'Narconon' started by Intelligence, Oct 25, 2010.

  1. AnonLover Member

    I know parents who lost sons in the military in irag/afghanistan. their footlockers came home w/ disposable cameras that hadnt been developed, that all developed fine. and some pics proved to be > 1yr old and nearly 2yrs old in some cases based on lack of stripes on uniforms of known comrades that came to the funeral. so yours should be ok hopefully.
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  2. Intelligence Member

    Yup, photo shop guy said no problem. Having photos put on CD. This should be interesting. These photos would not have cleared the ethics officer. LOL
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  3. Intelligence Member

    LOL, I think I'm beginng to have some fun with some of this. Not so stressed now. I think it may be due to having a good lawyer that I trust. Still lots of work to do, but most of it is easy now. Looking forward to Mmtreal protest this Sat. New video being made showing absolute link between the Montreal cos and NN TR. Have document and will show on video and post. We are Anonymous, We Will Not Go Away, We Do Not Forget, Expect Us. :)
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  4. xenubarb Member

    Stay Away From the Poutine! That's an order, mister!
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  5. subgenius Member

    trust your instincts (unless you're insane, in which case you wouldn't know it)
    everyone hates lawyers until they need a good one
    i'm astounded that more lawyers don't see the merit, money, and merriment in lawsuits vs. Co$.....a paper tiger.....although in the law paper is expensive
    but it is just paper

    a case you can believe in: a lawyer rarely gets one

    any one of these, eg. Sparrow's is a case of a lifetime
    lawyers, mostly (like $cientologists) get into it to do good (although the road to hell is paved with good intentions)

    they are limited by what can pay the bills
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  6. subgenius Member

    btw, i'm guessing that there has never been a time when the cult has so many legal irons in the fire
    but, as always, i reserve the right to be wrong
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  7. For what it's worth, the jokes I've told about lawyers in my lifetime have been tongue in cheek. They're like a doctor or an auto mechanic: Most are good, and you're glad to have 'em when you need them, but a few bad ones ruin it for the rest.
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  8. subgenius Member

    Kinda like trying to treat yourself for a serious illness, and then finding someone who knows what the fuck they are doing.
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  9. subgenius Member

    Like humans.
    "I love people....they're the ones I can't stand"----They Might Be Giants
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  10. subgenius Member

    kinda funny.....I interact with collection agencies on occasion (don't most of us lately), and I try to remember to end with "and best wishes to all the fine folks in the bill collecting industry!"
    Why not? They are, believe it or not, people too.
    And probably have bill collectors after their asses.
    When I used to get unsolicited sales calls I would ask "You hate getting these calls too, don't you?"
    And they would inevitably reply, "Yes"
    "Then you understand, right?"
    They are just doing a job.
    (inb4 that doesn't apply to nuremburg-type crimes)
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  11. Intelligence Member

    Ok, I promise, LOL. Tonight I made sure I ordered a deliciuous vegi pizza
    to go with it. I'm eating this poutine right now as I type :)

    Worked late tonight and I'm hungry.

  12. I got your pizza right here...

    (joke refers to a mystery pizza delivery that happened to David a while ago, a tiny pizza that he didn't order from a plainclothes guy in an unmarked car)

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  13. HellRazor Member

    ^ lol Baldilocks.
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  14. Anonymous Member

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  15. Intelligence Member

    Yes, that was strange indeed. He didn't have my name or my phone number; doesn't ring the intercom buzzer; just
    knocks on my apartment door saying he has my pizza. No pizza warmer; no pizza company sign on his nice new car.
    Not your usual pizza delivery guy. I stood on my balcony and videoed him. Almost like he knew, because he sort of
    kept his face so I couldn't photo him? :)

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  16. xenubarb Member

    What was on the pizza?
  17. annoncangirl Member

    That is plain creepy...
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  18. JohnnyRUClear Member


    Whaaaaaaaaaaat? This guy looks legit.
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  19. Intelligence Member

    Creepy for sure, but minor compared to what went on at NN TR by NN Canada, NN Int,
    ABLE Canada, and some of the Nut Bar Execs. Some of the files which substantiated
    other evidence, was ludicrous and bizzar.

    Tin Can Sec Checks could keep OSA busy for quite some time once Examinations and the Trial begins.

    Some of the Exec Ethics Files and Knowledge Reports I was privy to, were quite detailed. What were some
    of the Execs thinking when they gave me their keys to there offices? Brain Washed or Brain Dead! One even gave
    me their computer password. Especially giving access to a WOG; a fresh new Graduate they were grooming
    to bring in oodles of money. DUH! I Love It.

    If they only knew,..., LOL,..., :) :) :)

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  20. Intelligence Member

    Of Narconon is not Scientology. That's why there were E Meters there. One was in a room
    close to mine downstairs, which was being used by W. when she was a Case Supervisor.

    Another one was being used to assure a young lady could become pregnant. Have dox statement.

    Dumb,..., or just scilons who are only able to think within the tiny box they're in. A very out-dated,
    drug addicted, Hubbard Box of lies, deceit, and Cons. A box that keeps the brain-washed and contoled
    Nut Bars away from reason and critical thinking. A dangerous box of garden pathways covered in
    poisonous thorns. A Snake Pit of Vipors.

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  21. Anonymous Member


    Just :)
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  22. over9000OT Member

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  23. Intelligence Member

    On bus, on cell. TGIF! Six buses a day for the past 15 months is wearing. Just exceeded my 300,000th phone call yesterday at work. Good rebuttal practice for court, LOL. Protest tomorrow. Yes, love it! Cheers to all and have a good weekend. Ps: my weigh scale said, "poutine limit reached for this month - step off please" :)
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  24. Intelligence Member

    Just met and spoke to a leak source a few minutes ago. Wants to meet again soon
    for two very interesting, credible stories.

    I Love this; I'm having fun and enjoying life right now. It's about time :)

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  25. THIS ^^^^^^ is on their website today........

    Scientology, imean Narconon, imean The "Freedom" Center is still advertising absurd phony success rates to sell their Scientology "life-improvement" courses and bogus, medically dangerous Scientology Purification Rundown.

    This disgraceful scam that has ruined so many addicts and their families lives with millions going uplines to Scientology has stopped the false advertising in Canada, i believe but not so much elsewhere.

    Narconon is ALL Scientology courses and programs run by Scientologists and medically untrained, underpaid personnel, most of whom are Scientologists.

    GL, David, keep the pressure up, you're doing a world of good.

    The "Freedom" Center is actually Narconon of Michigan.

    WARNING: Scientology / Narconon Site:{ovraw}
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  26. GuyFox Member

    Is everything okay with David? He was supposed to show up at the protest yesterday, he didn't. And he's been inactive here since friday?
  27. Anonymous Member

    David is fine and is taking a break; I phoned him a few moments ago. Thank you for your concern.
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  28. Intelligence Member

    In Canada, they still adverise on their web sites, but not on the front web page. This WILL stop by July 2011.

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  29. Intelligence Member

    I'm fine; just spoke to a dear, trusted Anon friend in Montreal. Thank you for
    calling me; I appreciate everyones concern.

    I had my computer off; taking a brake and watching a movie about the only trial that ever
    addressed the assination/murder of President Kenedy. Third time I've watched it,..., LOL.

    The ending reminded me of L.Ron Hubbard and what he said about lying: "The only way
    you can control people, is to lie to them..." Hitler also said, "The bigger the lie, the more
    people will believe it..."

    Money, lies, and power, was what Hubbard thrived on.

    After watching this show again, it kind of explained why it is so difficult fighting this CULT.
    But if the governments won't or are for whatever reason, reluctant to, then we the people, must
    continue to protest and speak out.

    If not just for us, for our children, and our children's, children.

    Selah :)
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  30. Intelligence Member

    Been working all day at home last week, then off to other job at night, until I get back home at about 11:00pm or so.

    I was just quite tired, that's all. Sorry I missed the protest; will try for next mont :)

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  31. Anonymous Member

    Everyone's just glad you're okay and that there's nothing wrong.
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  32. Lorelei Member

    Still cheering you on! Glad you're OK.

    I think the incident you asked about earlier re: Scientology falsified documents produced during a court case included dox that had monetary amounts in euros but the dox, which were faked, were dated to a time before euros were being used as currency in that country. My memory fails me as to more specific details, but I will dig around and post if I find it. Maybe this will nudge someone else's memory in the meantime.
  33. Lorelei Member

    "The name euro was officially adopted on 16 December 1995. The euro was introduced to world financial markets as an accounting currency on 1 January 1999, replacing the former European Currency Unit (ECU) at a ratio of 1:1. Euro coins and banknotes entered circulation on 1 January 2002."

    This narrows the time frame down. The (faked) document showing financial transactions in euros was dated about 1998-1999, when only financial institutions were using euros as accounting currency. The general public / businesses / Scientology would not have been accounting with euros at that time. This was a red flag.
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  34. Ogsonofgroo Member

    I've developed film that was 7-10 years old, most came out okay, as long as it hasn't been exposed to heat/moisture it should be fine, you'd be amazed. We did a roll of 110 film exposed in the 60's that actually made decent copies. Goes to show, ya never can tell!

    <3 to yer friends and condolences on their loss :(
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  35. Anonymous Member

    OMG!!! Can OSA be so unprofessional as to falsify documents with a currency which was not in use at the relevant time?
    They must be really overworked nowadays if they can't check such an easy fact. This story should totally go to 100 most stupid moments in Scientology on the ESMB.
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  36. Lorelei Member

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  37. annoncangirl Member

    Glad to hear that you're taking some time for yourself David....Love that movie too...I would hate to admit how many times I've watched it over the years!!
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  38. Lorelei Member

    Ah, here goes:

    "Another Church of Scientology recruiter, Jean-François Valli, was also questioned about his commission on sales of the church’s products and services. He tried to justify his payment by supplying documents to the court, one of which was an internal financial document dating from 1998 and containing figures relating to cash payments which were expressed in euros. That which surprised the court, and subsequently led to Valli being reminded that the euro didn’t come into existence as a hard currency until 2002."

    Read more:
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  39. Lorelei Member

    @Bozuri: Clearly the answer is: Yes. Yes, they can.
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  40. Ogsonofgroo Member

    @Bozuri> They do, and will, without shame.

    The poor bastards are kept cloistered in a culty mentality, not allowed to look at the world (entheta and all that shit) and yet,
    are expected to react to various stimuli from the 'outside WOG world' with some sort of logic....... DOH!

    Bottom line is, when you join this particular cult, don't expect to be up-to-date with anything in the real world.

    Based on the demented ramblings of a drug sodden egomaniac/con artist, living in a demented version of the 40's-50's mind-set, what can one truly expect from the adherents?

    Answer> Not a fuck of a lot except the usual stupidity, well documented and archived in history, thankfully something that will always remain to haunt
    their simple minds (and keep people on their toes for moar).
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