David DeMoss blows the cult and Facebook Disconnection

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by Anonymous, Nov 25, 2011.

  1. xenubarb Member

    Carpe emptor more like.
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  2. xenubarb Member

    Maybe stupids will stupid, but that doesn't mean predatory organizations like Scientology should be given a free pass to prey on them. Fraud is illegal. Child labor is illegal. Misrepresenting a product is illegal.

    And yet, they do all this and usually get away with it because they can blackmail true believers over their eternity.
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  3. slobeck Member

    ur hawt.
    oh and: best. quote from an ex. EVAR.
    So... in the highlighted portion, you admit that doing more niacin than they're supposed to can have hellacious, as you put it, reactions. well it seems that you're saying that SCIENTISTS who say that more than 3g in a day can cause liver damage are wrong and that L Ron Hubbard knew, better than the whole of the medical field, that amounts in excess of 5gs a day IN a sauna were OK. In the same odd statement you seem to be also admitting (because the purif gets people to doses of over 5g) that you were exposing people to the risk of diver damage and/or failure. Other than that odd bit, I'll go back to being funny. Anywho. about your little sales pitch for Narconon:
    oh and sorry for this:
    Didn't really imagine that her ex would show up. o.0
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  4. Intelligence Member

    Marc Bernard, Scientologist and Director of Narconon Trois-Rivieres to Press Media:

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  5. Cudgel Member

    The day I saw that I spewed cola into the open side of my PC and was off-line for a week while I replaced the motherboard.
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  6. Anonymous Member

    Can we talk about Mary some more?
  7. Anonymous Member

    Which means he TOTALLY wouldn't fit in here, right? Yeeeeaaaaah.... about that...

    Welcome, David :)
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  8. Ersatz Global Moderator

    Argh, gonna have to move stuff to the drama thread. I hate to move stuff. It's heavy.
  9. LocalSP Member

    Hey you're the one that signed that billion year contract. Deal with it.
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  10. RightOn Member

    people will "stomp" when new people come here for the first time and come off as super cocky.
    I answered him a few times and listed what he can read (cause he said he read everything) so he can be on the up and up about the cult and even told him that I was glad that he was out , but I got nothing but sass back.
    Sass I tell yah! Whippersnapper! lol!
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  11. Quentinanon Member

    Hey CSS. A "Medical Checkup" with a scientology doctor constitutes a two minute interview where he/she asks if you have any chronic illnesses, records you weight, takes your blood pressure, listens to your heart, and if those are within the norms for your age, you are out the door.
    It is NOT the comprehensive physical one gets every year for preventive healthcare(in this case for men): weight, height, blood pressure, EKG, Chemistry Panel (Metabolic panel with lipids), Complete Blood Count (CBC), Free Testosterone, Total Testosterone, DHEA - Sulfate, Prostate-Specific Antigen (PSA), Estradiol, Homocysteine, C-reactive protein (High sensitivity), TSH (Thyroid Stimulating Hormone), Sex Hormone Binding Globulin (SHBG), Vitamin D3 level, Urinanalysis.
    And if your LDL level is abnormally high and your HDL level is abnormally low, you can end up like OT VIII, L10, L11, L12 completion Joe Feshbach and die from coronary infarction riding a bicycle at the age of 55.

    I did not find the "Purification Rundown" worth the money. I have used saunas since my adolescence and the scientology program makes you overdose on vitamins, vegetable oil, distilled water, and a mildly toxic, horrible tasting concoction called "Cal-Mag". To me, it was a very expensive sauna program with lots of unnecessary crap thrown in that made me slightly ill. And I saw some other folks on it get pretty sick, ending up not much better off than they were before the program. I did not see any "miracles", but rather a bunch of folks suffering from belief and practice of Hubbard's lunatic dogma. If anyone gets anything from the program, it's the therapeutic benefit of the sauna and nothing else.
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  12. Anonymous Member

    What in the fresh hell?

    Are you kidding me? Someone named in this thread's title picks a fight, there is a fight and the whole shit gets domed?!?

    And you have a Freedom Of Information forum???

    OMG, that is too obscene to laugh at.
  13. Ersatz Global Moderator

    It wasn't domed, it was moved to the drama thread, where it belongs as it was a derailing drama. Please feel free to exercise your right to free speech there. Name calling and ad homs are free speech, but they are also drama. It was a call. I made it.
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  14. Anonymous Member

    Wait, wait - this thread isn't domed. What t fUck u talkin about?
  15. OTeleventy Member

    Sorry. Don't get why the fucking thread couldn't just live out its life. It wasn't a derail - it just was what it was. I don't get it and, frankly, I'm a new fag. I guess I don't get the "rules," eh? Not sure I wanna.
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  16. Anonymous Member

    Sometimes drama happens, especially when it concerns scientology. It doesn't make it any less worthy of the conversation.

    Pull out the name-calling and ad hom posts if you must, but I didn't see any right there and then if'n you ask me.

    So, that was my exercise of free speech, right now, by me.
  17. telomere Member

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  18. Ersatz Global Moderator

    It isn't gone, it has just been moved to the Drama thread. You will find the posts here.

    Now can we please rerail?
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  19. slobeck Member

    IMO. He wasn't being all friendly when he arrived. He was being kind of a dick. I was just being dickier.
    I win.
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  20. OTeleventy Member

    Have you taken a look at some of the utter crap that has been allowed to live out its life as a normal thread? Look at "What's New." Seriously, this thread is about what this WHOLE FUKING SITE is supposed to be about and was the most interesting one in a while - that's "drama"? I really don't get it.

    Ready for a re-rail, Ersatz. Please do tell what we should be discussing.
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  21. Anonymous Member

    On what?
  22. Smurf Member

    It's 'cause you're British. Prove me wrong. :)
  23. CaseSuperStar Member

    (shrugs) live and learn? Be less stupid next time? Beats me. Keep living and do better?
  24. Anonymous Member

    Whenever someone new comes along who does not completely agree with the general consensus at WWP, they are shot down faster than a NY taxi driver takes to floor it when the traffic light turns from red to green.

    This is a serious weakness of WWP.

    Also, the discussion was about the purif, not about every single abuse that the Scientology corporation ever committed, and not about the coverup of Gorman's rape. David was not defending the company, he was stating what was his personal experience with the purif. If you want to change his mind, show him evidence of why the purif is dangerous, don't change the subject.
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  25. Anonymous Member

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  26. telomere Member

    If you find a thread with utter crap in it, please use the "Report" button to flag it for attention and cleanup. You'll find the WWP moderation engine works best when the technology is applied correctly.

    Discussion of the various parts of Scientology that may or may not work, and which may or may not help people,
    is interesting to some, but not necessarily relevant to everyone here.
    On subjects where people can't "agree to disagree" the convention has always been to separate
    posts that generate internal shitstorms ( Anon vs Anon vs OG vs Indy vs etc) from everything else.
    For people that are only looking for one type of content (dramatic or non-dramatic) it makes threads easier to wade through.
    For people who don't distinguish, segregated threads can be more confusing.

    Sorry, but this has been the core functionality since enturb days.
    If this concerns you, try contacting the Admins. They may be willing to completely revamp the thread management policies if you ask nicely.
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  28. telomere Member

    Also, if David asked the mods to restore the derailed material back to the original thread,
    they might be more amenable to that request than others bawwwing over it.
  29. Smurf Member

    The mods are power whores. Prove me wrong.
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  30. Ersatz Global Moderator

    Can't. I just banned you.
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  31. Robocat Member

    Darn it, I got to this thread late. So can someone give me the score? Who are the crazy people I can troll?
  32. slobeck Member

    we did.
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  33. telomere Member

    mods: 1
    proles: 0
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  34. Anonymous Member

    I wonder David, what is your opinion of Marty Rathbun?
  35. CaseSuperStar Member

    i like the chaotic nature of the various ramblings going on here. All is well. Please proceed. Any questions from the quiet ones in the back? (yawn - didn't sleep last night and cable dude came early this AM to give me a 40mb pipe :) Though my android phone kept the wifis alive and well until he came...
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  36. Robocat Member

    Wow, cool! Would you like to see my baby bunnies?
  37. CaseSuperStar Member

    Not having met him or communicated with him at any great length as yet, I cannot really say about the guy.

    From a Scientological viewpoint from where *I* mostly sat, I appreciate what he represents. If I put on my "KSW #1 Hat", "Protect Scientology at all costs" kinda point of view, he more closely hews to that 'true believer' part of me. Since I'm battier than batshit now and believe we live in a quantum multiverse, I can still own that other part of me as in the quantum/multiverse scenario *all* realities are valid. How's that for a new mix of kool aid I've been drinking these days?

    He *is* an interesting piece on the chessboard we have swirling around these hallowed thetanlands fo sho...
  38. CaseSuperStar Member

  39. Robocat Member

    I was hopping so


    baby-bunny.jpg bunny.jpg bunny.jpg
    Baby-Bunny-Rabbit-D3S4570.jpg baby-easter-bunnies.jpg [IMG]
  40. anon8109 Member

    I hope you decide to stick around a while despite the somewhat rough reception. Having a conversation here is like having a conversation with a crowd of people in the street. You don't have to try to answer everyone and every objection, but I hope you'll answer me.

    I'm interested in what you have to say about your experiences and so are other quiet ones at the back.

    Not a question but an observation. The Scientology company victimizes its clients, pretty much taking away everything they care about, their life savings, their homes, their labor, their time, and even their kids, while at the same time making them feel like they are more free and more powerful. The company tells its clients that to be a victim is to be subhuman, and that anyone who is victimized is somehow at fault, that it is the victim who committed crimes, maybe even in a past life, and are being punished. Every rape victim, every victim of fraud, every victim of assault, each and every one is a bad person according to the corporation.

    Was this way of thinking ingrained into you so forcefully that you have trouble admitting that you were a victim of fraud?

    You seemed to be saying above that you take responsibility for being a client of Scientology, that you somehow have only yourself to blame for having been taken in. I strongly disagree with you on that. You were lied to and lied to and manipulated and manipulated. Promises were made to you that were almost never kept. Information was hidden from you so that you could not make informed decisions. Powerful psychological methods were used on you. While you do share some responsibility for making bad decisions, most of the blame is on the company. You were conned, and you are a victim of a con that has been honed for 50 years on tens of thousands. You are not the only one to have been hurt.

    The following site describes quite succinctly some of the techniques that were used on you:

    I hope you continue your recovery and wish you well.
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