David DeMoss blows the cult and Facebook Disconnection

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by Anonymous, Nov 25, 2011.

  1. Anonymous Member

    I hope you have had a real physical from a real Dr. lately. Get that liver checked.
  2. CaseSuperStar Member

    Thanks :)

    Agreement on the need for people to express themselves in whatever way they feel the need to.

    I *myself* handled my bitching and moaning off of the interwebs.

    Though here I am aren't I?
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  3. CaseSuperStar Member

    Liver = checked = good shape for a 43 year old xcultard
  4. Large doses of niacin can cause serious problems for people who's livers are already damaged from alcohol, hep c, etc.
  5. CaseSuperStar Member

    This. Some reflection time in a cell will do him some good. Having a bunch of sycophants around him just feeds his ego. A little Jerome ass-raping would be fun to imagine too...

    I like the payouts thing too now that I realize I'M A POOR ABUSED XCULT MEMBER. QUICK SOMEONE GIVE ME SAUL GOODMAN'S NUMBER!!!!
  6. CaseSuperStar Member

    Yeah - we made sure to screen people quite well before the Purif was started and they had to go to an MD (we used Scn and non-Scn Dr.s) to get checked over before starting. We rejected people every once in a while for previous liver and other health issues. It's a strenuous program regardless, but we always ran our Purif tiptop.

    I'm not trying to convince anyone of anything here - just relating the 'facts' as I have them in my head - best I can offer. I ain't a shill for the church or LRH particularly either. Seems best if I just state what's what - I could give a shit what y'all think :)

    Though I say that with all respect. I *know* the power of a unified force and I ain't here to step on any anonymous toes!

    I'm also a geek from the 70's and an avid fan of the internets (usenet back before http) and see the UNFUCKINGBELIVEABLE power of a united force interconnected by these here connected tubes.

    You guys are like the Agents in the Matrix - fucking appear out of know where.

    The internet is THE PLACE for the Fabian Strategy. Which is what for me Anonymous IS (once I could see through my cult bias).
  7. timthephoto Member

    it has always been an item of amusement here - how mr hubbard loved to 'be fabian' and how anons acted that out during project chanology. we *know* about the crazy OSA volunteers, and laugh when they chase shadows :)

    BTW do you think Mary is reading in this thread?
  8. i'mglib Member

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  9. CaseSuperStar Member

    dunno - doubt it, but now I've added this co-create on it for all to see in the futures. Hard to erase shit from these tubes
  10. RockSlammer Member

    Mary is definitely NOT reading this thread. But SHE is OUT of the CULT! 100%! Glad to see you out here David. I'll contact in a few days when I'm back in town.
  11. CaseSuperStar Member

    ya. I studied the internet once. Took me all night, but I think I read most of it.

    (I joke - yeah I've seen that list. - I joke cuz I read a lot. about - like - stuff n stuff. I'm a nerd. Once I shrugged off the cult "dont look at the bad shit" I read it all. Like - well LOTS.)

    Can I still be Anonymous and like Scn? And did I violate the Fight Club rules by posting my real pic and name? Or did I just do that for the ego juice?
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  12. Xenu Is Lord Member

    Glad to see you:) We bust balls here from time to time and we have some assclowns here. But we won't give you a golden rod and force others to not talk to you :) Welcome David.
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  13. Smurf Member

    4 square bed.. got it.
    rope.. got it.
    duct tape.. got it.
    hot cherry lube.. got it.

    Now if I can only find out where DM has hid Tommy.
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  14. What was it again that prompted Tommy to call you a few months ago? :)
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  15. Smurf Member

    It involved his... umm... uhhh... uhhh.. lovely wife, Jessica. Nadda to do with TD.
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  16. Anonymous Member

    Lots of anons posting here that drink wayyyy too much ego juice.
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  17. Xenu Is Lord Member

    I heard mind you that Tommy is SCOHB. So get right down there ::)
  18. telomere Member

    You can be as Anonymous as you want to be.
    Many exes, and "Old Guard" critics post with their real names, or something resembling them.
    Most of the newer generation don't.

    Most people who have been ID'ed and/or Fair Gamed don't seem terribly concerned over keeping their information private,
    though anyone with a reason to keep low on the radar, tends to be more concerned.

    About the one thing I can say for sure, is that it's considered really inappropriate and bad manners to "dox" another Anon
    (that is, reveal their name or other personal information) without their consent.
    It's against site rules, against Anon rules of engagement, and generally a really dick move.

    Doxing people who aren't Anon is more complicated, but I would strongly suggest you consult with a WWP moderator
    or some other person you trust before doing so, until you have a good feel for the ropes.
    Obviously, personal safety and the respective laws in your state/country/jurisdiction override as appropriate.

    And doxing yourself is up to you. Unless you haven't given yourself consent. ;)
  19. Anonymous Member

    DM is probably keeping Tommy always on a stand-by, in case Tom Cruise would visit.
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  20. Smurf Member

    Mary VonBreck posted on her Facebook page...

    Today, Michelle Stafford called me a slug. I thought about it. Maybe I am. I didn't wish her a Happy Birthday. I felt like there were so many others to do the job that mine would get lost in the crowd. She's a TV star, a soap opera slut, she's got a fine ass and beautiful daughter. She looks better than me in clothes. And she's got red hair. Compared to that? I am a slug! Happy Fucking Birthday my biatch! xoxoxo - September 16 at 8:22pm

    Michelle responded with a Like and the comment... "now that is more like it..."
    You may recall ex-Scilon actor Michael Fairman of the soap opera, 'Young & the Restless' got the ice queen treatment from co-worker & Scilon Michelle Stafford after Michael & his wife, Joy Graysen, were declared.

    Obviously, if Mary is still in friendly comm with Michelle, she didn't leave the cult in bad graces....more reason to believe she routed out, signed the obligatory documents OSA shoves in the face that leave promising to abide by a gag agreement, and left Clearwater quietly.
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  21. Wherever DM has hid Tommy I am sure Tommy is trying to find his way to be with you and leave Jessica for good.
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  22. Smurf Member

    On September 17, Mary posted on Facebook..

    In the interest of being completely transparent, I am also a slug for not wishing Jennifer Anderson a Happy Birthday on her birthday. Nor did I utter the sentiment when she called. What is it with all these Virgos? I'm surrounded! But I do love Jennifer, so even though I am a slug, I want her to know that I had dinner and looked fabulous on her birthday :)

    Jennifer responded.. Umm...thinking I prefer the love ;)

    * Jennifer and husband Steve (an absolute hunk) are Founding Patrons.
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  23. Smurf Member

    Stop teasing me. It's hard enough as it is.

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  24. Anonymous Member

    wonder if other people (their family, their loved ones or even their bank manager) saw what happened as 'fucking amazing wins' or were 'happy with the results'
  25. CaseSuperStar Member

    Wasn't their family's or their loved ones or even their bank manager's (really? lame..) choice dude. Don't know if you checked in the mirror, but as far as I can tell you are a free being free to do whatever the fuck YOU want to do. If you want to blow your cash on a coke and whores binge in Vegas, who the fuck am I or who is your (friends/family, etc..) from telling you what to do. Do you ask your mommy for permission for everything you spend YOUR hard earned cash on?

    If I go and blow a wad on Scientology that's my business. I mean - if you really feel bad, send me some cash to my paypal account - I JUST GOT OUT OF AN EXPENSIVE CULT!!

    I understand that you *think* you have to compromise with others, but the truth is you don't. FUCK THAT. Every time I compromised my reality it blew chunks. EVERY.SINGLE.TIME. Am I the only one? Anyhow I digress - point is, seems to me the purpose of life is to follow your bliss. Sorry to spew out my philosophical diatribe, but trolls do have their purpose ;)

    Or... move along to the next thing that catches your fancy - I don't care :) , but don't be telling me how the F to spend my $$ on. Are you going to blame Ferrari for suckering me into getting a beautiful new 458 Italia and then ramming into a wall at 180? No - you should chuckle at my stupidity. But I'll bet I'll have died with a big shit-eating grin on my face :)
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  26. Anonymous Member

    Live your life, you're right. Be free. And spend your $ how you see fit. And I really do hope that you die "with a big shit-eating grin on your face." We all should - the grin part anyhoo -- never did understand the eating shit part of that phrase.

    /snickering... Just another over-indulged, sad-sack, I cannot grow up, fuck-tard. Good that you "blew." But sadly, you are still too much a child, and too ignorant (stupid?) to figure out what really matters. No one is telling you how to live your life, but when good people see messed up people acting like a douche, they say it. Least I do, anyway. But hey, keep on keeping on, my friend. Enjoy your purif and shit.
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  27. Anonymous Member

    I take your point. But more often than not, victims of the cult are required to do the purif, in order to maintain good standing with the cult.
    Failure to progress or show willingness to study more/pay for more courses is considered almost a crime in cult-land.
    After all, they have every little detail of your sexual and personal and financial life on files that you are not permitted to view.

    Better do what they say else risk being declared suppressive. Eat those niacin pills and sit in a sauna for 8 hours, LRH says it works so it must be true right?

    Your analogy with coke and whores in Vegas might be more accurate if there were a degree of coercion involved, like if you were in the mafia and they wanted you to get jiggy with a Vegas hooker after sniffing a bunch of Colombian marching powder just so they could take pictures and threaten to show them to your wife if you don't do what they want.

    In other words - the cult does nothing for you unless it knows it can extract either cash money or further sensitive data with which to exploit you for cash at a later date.
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  28. Anonymous Member

    Oh, and I'm glad that you "Put several hundred people through the Purif personally and then also C/S'd (managed others running the Purif) hundreds more."

    That makes me feel great about the fact that you say no one should be telling you "how the F to spend my $$ on. Are you going to blame Ferrari for suckering me into getting a beautiful new 458 Italia and then ramming into a wall at 180? No - you should chuckle at my stupidity. But I'll bet I'll have died with a big shit-eating grin on my face." Yeah, I want YOU running my dangerous purif.
  29. Anonymous Member

    This is Crowley's supreme moral law. Hubbard stole it, too. In the future you can just use the more famous (and shorter) quote, "do as thou wilt shall be the whole of the law."

    The problem is, most people realize it just aint right. That's why we have shows like "Intervention" on the teevee.
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  30. Xenu Is Lord Member

    No one is telling you how to live your life nor could they. You too are a free being but as the last poster said, the other side of that is we are free beings too. Part of that is telling others what we think. As far as the purif goes you might want to read David Loves story. The Purif does in fact cause damage to the body every time you do it. Also it has been debunked as having any medical value at all. It does not matter if one thinks it does but if it really does. We live in a scientific world and we don't have to guess or feel. Science gets it right 99% of the time and on something like the purif it is pretty straight forward. All the same I think it is great that you keep you wings dipped in all the camps out there on this issue.
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  31. telomere Member

    And a lying apostate, singing out of the same playbook, too!
  32. lostatsea Member

    Now that's what I'm talkin' about!
  33. Welcome! How YOU doin?
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  34. What can I say,I'm an overachiever and I've got crimes!
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  35. Anonymous Member

    Actual identity:
  36. Anonymous Member

    She is still in. She might not be on staff, but she is still a clam. Why else would she be appearing at a CCHR event on 11 February 2011 and even posting those photographs on her website [people's lobbyist].
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  37. Anonymous Member

    I'm sorry... I saw that the pictures were posted 11 February. But I definitely did not see where it said the event occurred 11 February. Reference?
  38. timthephoto Member

    so David.. what chemical goes on those towels in purif? (to make them go bright magenta/purple)
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  39. Anonymous Member

    Not giving a fuck is the secret to being cool...
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  40. xenubarb Member

    I am from socal, and I don't know any movie stars, much to the surprise of people in Texas. BTW, I know Frank Suarez. Nice guy, makes a hell of a chicken in mole sauce.

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