David DeMoss blows the cult and Facebook Disconnection

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by Anonymous, Nov 25, 2011.

  1. Smurf Member

    It's Princess to you. :p
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  2. AnonyVix Member

    Here;s my take, and it is only my take. The beliefs are not the issue. As an atheist I see all religions as a mix of common sense, dogma, nonsense and philosophy. Apparently some people need such beliefs to get through life.

    As I said the beliefs are not the issue for me. The issues are with what the organisations built around them do, these organisations typically being called churches. I care that the catholic church covered up paedophiles. I care that Benny Hinn tells his followers that it's their personal duty to spread the word of god and that donating money to his foundation is spreading the word of god. I care about the damage the church of scientology and others do.

    To my mind if beliefs were kept personal and people stopped aligning with religious organisations built around them the world would be a better place. People do not need churches to explore their own spirituality. There is a wealth of philosophy out their to inspire an individual.

    If people want to do good and give something back they can do by donating time and money directly to organisations like the Red Cross or Doctors without boarders. They can also adopt a tiger, though mine still hasn't arrived despite the £2 a month. There are also lots of neighbourhood causes one can donate to or volunteer for. None of which requires going to church and praying.
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  3. Smurf Member

    Churches, religion in general, and praying offers people hope & personal solace in a variety of situations, and there is nothing wrong with it, unless it is manipulative and/or abusive. To each their own. I say a prayer every time I buy a lottery ticket, but it's obvious no one upstairs is listening.
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  4. Xenu Is Lord Member

    I wish I could agree. Mary has shown that public activism is up her creek. She showed it to the LMT and she showed it more recently at the CCHR backed event she spoke at. She is a camera whore so to speak.
  5. Anonymous Member

    Louanne is a real person. Someone posted her real name on her at one point.
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  6. Xenu Is Lord Member

    I think you have made the mistake of thinking he has brains to blow out. But when you got shit for brains that is a lot of crap for someone on the RPF to clean up!
  7. Xenu Is Lord Member

    Mary DeMoss (is) Panton (is) VonBreck
    So ashamed of your past you got to keep changing your name. Just anti up and bash the cult.
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  8. TinyDancer Member

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  9. M.E.S.T. Member

    Will that be raw or cooked or cremated?
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  10. Sonichu Moderator

    First you marinated it with a Vistaril injection, let it drop it's meat body, and then slowly cremate for 1 hour. Then wait for it's thetan to rise again... I think it takes 3 days. After that, roll away the boulder at the tomb and you will have delicious Bolgona.....


    I'm sorry, I think I'm confusing my Hubbard death with the story of Jesus' Resurrection at Easter with a meat curing recipe. I can't keep all these legitimate religions straight in my head. Nor keep them separate from a bologna recipe.... That's weird.

    I apologize for the derail. Not sure what happened there.
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  11. Anonymous Member

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  12. xenubarb Member

    Tch. That never happened, but there are rumors of toothbrushes and LSD...
  13. CaseSuperStar Member

    Thanks! Glad to be out and about.. :)
  14. CaseSuperStar Member

    by the way - for those of you that didn't get that bit - IDIC is the main Vulcan Philosophy - Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations... FYI
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  15. Anonymous Member

    Once you figure it out, the choice is easy between infinite uncertainty and false certainty.
  16. Intelligence Member

    No one on my watch ever got "Niacin poisoning" or whatever that might be. - - - How do you know for sure? Unless one
    has "Superman" X-Ray vision; does blood work to ensure liver enzymes are not rising, there is no way to "know." Many
    organ diseases and trauma go undetected for years before liver firbrosis progresses past Stage 4 and into Liver Cirrhosis
    and death.

    So long as the flanking vitamins are increased correctly in ratio to the niacin all is good. - - - ??? - How do you know?

    2,600 - 5,000mg of Niacin is a Toxic dose - - - "A Toxic dose is a Toxic dose - - "all is not good."

    It is very very true that if someone takes more niacin than they are supposed to (on or off the Purif) they can have some hellacious reactions - - -
    Glad to see that you do recognize the adverse and sometimes hellish reactions.

    Let's be honest; any "druggie" who is removed from their drug invested environment, is nourished with good food
    and proper rest, will begin to have so called *WINS* and feel much better (EP) - - has nothing to do with the Puif; quite
    the contray. I did the Puif at NN and saw first hand the reactive ills.

    ......enough said:)

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  17. timthephoto Member

    been waiting for your input a while now.. :p
    it's crazy that people will risk such dangerous 'treatment' on the word of a failed SciFi hack, isn't it ?
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  18. Intelligence Member

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  19. barbiluv Member

    then why r the vulcans all mad at 1 of them marrying a human ?
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  20. SParc Member

    I guess that's highly illogical.

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  21. Anonymous Member

    Glad you showed up, David Love. The other David's opinions on the purif are most fail.

    I worry about people who blindly accept and practice the teachings of a KNOWN liar over peer reviewed opinions from medical professionals (who spend years studying pharmacology, chemistry, other words....actual science). Mr. Love has more credibility about the purif than one who has such a blase attitude about the harms of medical quackery.
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  22. Intelligence Member

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  23. barbiluv Member

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  24. Intelligence Member

    ".....When you look at the origins of a group you look at its roots and the "signature" of its genetic inheritance. Even though the organizational roots may be hidden from sight the organization will always bear the type of "fruit" dictated by its "genetic" heritage and origins......"
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  25. Anonymous Member

    How do you know? Have you done the Purif?
  26. Intelligence Member

    Yes I have, and as a Narconon Course Room Supervisor, Registrar, Graduate Officer, and IC
    of the new NN Charitable Foundation; as well as having access to 720 Patient files, I know of the harms
    to many vulnerable victims. I have a recent Coroner's Autopsy Report that clearly indicates
    50% liver destroyed. It was not all caused by the Puif, but this poor soul should not have
    been advised by the scientology physician, nor NN TR to enter into the Puif; considering
    the high enzyme counts which the blood work showed. The medical condition contraindicated
    the ingestion of Niacin; especially in Puif toxic doses.

    "End Phenomina???" - - from the Puif for many, was finding out from those who had got out and learning what the hell to say to get out. "EP" - "basically felt bad when began the Puif, but now
    feel so much better" - - "The Way Out, is Learning How to Get Out....."

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  27. barbiluv Member

    have u ever been a kid and felt ur skin burning from a niacin overdose ? i have . u givin out gold stars , asshole ? remember that hubbard said that scientology wasnt a religion nor a psychotherapy ? well it isnt a medical field either . duh .
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  28. Anonymous Member

    I've never done heroin either, but I hear a LOT of people have 'wins' on that too.
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  29. Anonymous Member

  30. barbiluv Member

    i never tried that either but feeding ur baby barley water and corn syrup is abuse just like everything in the cult . why dont u go overdose on niacin and abuse ur baby like a good boy ?
  31. Anonymous Member

    barbiluv, dear, I directed that (hopefully) sarcastic statement (about the heroin) to the asshole that asked the question, "How do you know? Have you done the Purif?".

    The problem with posting anonymously is that you can't tell who is asking and who is responding.
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  32. barbiluv Member

    Gotcha ! ;) i thought intelligence was getting trolled and got mad .
  33. Intelligence Member

    At the very least, people should be well informed of the risks prior to ANY treatment
    and especially the Puif - - but this would would cut into the COS bottom line wouldn't it?

    Perhaps this is why the College of physicians in two Canada provinces are now investigating
    two physicians for the Puif and NN TR for practicing medicine without a licence?

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  34. Intelligence Member

    LOL,..., No, I post as me - - very rarely as Anonymous and only to avoid a potential problem in upcoming

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  35. barbiluv Member

    intelligence , i took an advil yesterday and on the bottle it said to get a doctors advice before using . this should be the same for something as hardcore as the purif which isnt even a real medical program .
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  36. barbiluv Member

    im just being all protective of u ! :)
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  37. Intelligence Member

    I don't get mad often, but am a "Pitbull" when pissed and will "Panther Mechanism" back with shit loads of dox,..., LOL :):):)

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  38. barbiluv Member

    u dont stop , intel ! :)
  39. Anonymous Member

    No trolling Mr. Love in my house, that's for sure. I probably should have used another analogy, but you got my point. The purif is akin to quackery where I stand, and those that administer the vitamins along with monitoring the other elements really require a license and regulatory oversight. If the FDA requires a warning label on the e-meter, then there should be some scientific testing and regulatory supervision of a practice that requires toxic doses of niacin.
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  40. Intelligence Member

    "...A person shows what he is by what he does with what he has..."

    No, I don't stop or ever give up - - never:)

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