David DeMoss blows the cult and Facebook Disconnection

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by Anonymous, Nov 25, 2011.

  1. Anonymous Member

    So reading War and Peace in a burning house is neither good or bad - it just is? Checking my underwater breathing skills is something to try? You are obviously not with the reasoning ability of a child, and your debating challenges should be retired until you recover, unless you find that confronting your lack of common sense to be transforming in a positive way.

    One of the big selling points in the cult is power over MEST, which would make sitting in a fire or breathing underwater possible. After controlling the Mass in those exercises, you could do what Ron spoke of: knocking a man's hat off at 50 feet or read a book two countries away. Or, watch a train on Venus!

    On a more serious note, bringing down the cult is fueled by the inhumanity and crimes of the cult. The moonbat part is just funny, so most anons actually enjoy that to some degree, simply because it's funny. That said, it can also be painful to hear about (read) to some, because to those who have been there, they understand so clearly how damaged you still are - and they remember how they once thought while in the cult. I agree that ESMB Forums is a good place for you to join, and get some feedback that will be of value to you. I don't know why you're here, or what you hope to accomplish, but that's my suggestion after reading your posts. Recovery will be a long road, and it seems like you are not yet aware of the damage you carry now. ESMB can be a very positive experience for those who have recently left the cult.

    Good luck, David.
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  2. Anonymous Member

    Do you now realize that was a deception? Because
    sure as fuck ain't Science.
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  3. Anonymous Member

    It's funny how being in "good standing" is an official term with creditors, realtors, and banks... and the cult.
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  4. Anonymous Member

    You gotta hand it to Hubbard, he knew how to market his bullshit. The promise of a dream. Doesn't mean shit. But he sold it like it did.

    Compared to the 1980's style tech of Miscavige's ugly golden egg, at least what Hubbard had back in the 1950's might have seemed attractive.

    I mean really. Look at the little prick.

  5. muldrake Member

    I'm actually glad David is here, and I think he's a lot more healthy in his attitude than a lot of people getting out of the cult. I've seen this kind of situation play out again and again, and I just don't see the point bothering attacking someone's religious beliefs (even when I make no bones that I think they're complete bullshit) or their current estimation of their own experiences in their lives.

    I think Christianity, Islam and even Judaism are absolutely absurd batches of nonsense that have had people fighting for millennia. Scientology would have to murder a few million more people before it got even a fraction as ugly as all these other nonsensical religions. I also reject the usual Scientology defense mechanism of bitching that the Roman Catholic Church did worse. It's like a shoplifter claiming he shouldn't be prosecuted because Charles Manson (once a Scientologist) was worse. I call this pathetic defense the "But that other guy. . ." fallacy.

    Nevertheless, I don't see anything much more ridiculous about Scientology's beliefs than any other bullshit religion. The only reason Scientology seems especially weird is because the other major religions have more believers. The actual beliefs are just as stupid and delusional.

    My gripe is and remains the actual ORGANIZATION that hires thugs to harass us, defames us and tries to frame us for crimes. Whatever the fuck you can say about Freezoners or Indie Scns, they aren't doing that shit. At most, they're spreading beliefs I find to be stupid. I can roll my eyes at spreading stupid beliefs. The corporate entities that comprise organized Scientology, however, are viciously attacking people I consider friends because they dare to criticize the criminality of the organization. For that, I come loaded for bear.
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  6. Anonymous Member

    Agreed. But all it is when you look at it away from a lawyer's perspective is a bunch of shell companies. They cannot survive if their cash income is strangled.
    And that is when the dogs of government agencies will move in, when they are vulnerable. Soon, it will happen. Little David can't hide forever.

    Two random things, not directly related to your post, just popped into my head -

    1/ Rinder/Rathbun would step into little Davey's shoes to frame and harass folk who said bad things about the child abuser LRH on the internet, given the chance.

    2/ Mary DeMoss. She's still a question mark. Do not be fooled by the Jennifer Beals look about her, she is dangerous. And David being here will not change the need to monitor her activities for signs of pro-cult infiltration.
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  7. Slight sidetrack. Could it be because talking about me me me all the time tends to bore the person who has to listen to it?

    Edit: I think most cults and new age stuff appeals to the "me me me" in most of it's followers.

    Sorry for the derail didn't want to start a discussion about this. Just wanted to make a short comment.
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  8. slobeck Member

    TT is now full of sycophants and cult apologists. Carry on.
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  9. Anonymous Member

    Don't be a sore loser.
  10. Robocat Member

    So exactly how many were killed by Christians in the first 50 years of Christianity? Also, Hubbtard said that his "science of the mind" - scientology - was not a religion. They changed that strategy later for profiteering and rights they were not due.

    And blah blah blah ... TL;DR: you oppose the cult because of all these buddies you have are being Fair Gamed. Cool story.
  11. LocalSP Member

  12. Anonymous Member

    Excellent work.
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  13. socacity Member

  14. grebe Member

    Subjective experience is life. It's being alive and seeing and hearing and feeling and wanting. So it is pretty important stuff.

    But preoccupation with theta, wellness, empowerment, etc., is a sucker's game.

    I wish the New Agers could forget their True Purpose or Bliss or Inner Guidance, or whatever they call the arrangement of the furniture in their heads that makes the good feeling happen. Forget all that for five minutes and just go have a look at the birds. Or the fish. Or the grass. Anything.

    There is a real world out there, apart from you, that will carry on without you. You've got a limited amount of time to see it. Pretending that you are creating reality, or co-creating, or somehow altering it with your mind --that's a good way to blow your chance.
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  15. Orson Member

    I last checked this thread right before our new guest arrived. A few thoughts: I take back what I said about Mary. She's still too connected for me to give her a pass for being out (not that my opinion matters) especially given the link presented between her and the McPherson events.

    David, sometimes less is more. When exes start posting online for the first time on WWP, the attention can be intoxicating. This inevitably leads to saying something that creates backlash towards you, and that feel good vibe is suddenly destroyed. You're at that point. Of course you are free to say what you want, but my two cents is go slowly. You only think you understand the hive.

    Places like ESMB exist for a reason. WWP exists for an entirely different one. Keep that in mind.

    Notably, you'd do well to consider some of the information being presented to you on controversial topics like the purif. If you want dox, ask for them; anonymous always delivers. What's true is no longer what you once thought was true to you.

    Anons may not always deliver our criticism in the most concise manner but the message and information matter most. An unwillingness to consider the evidence that exposes the dangers of the purif displays a thinking pattern still co-opted by experience inside the cult. I wish you well.
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  16. Anonymous Member

    Fuck all the other religions. Seriously give that shit up, oh but the Catholics, the Mormons, the Amish, shut the fuck up - there is zero comparison with any other religion.

    $cientology will be terminated because that is what Chanology has committed to do.
    And Chanology is more committed to this that any $cientologist has, is, or ever will be.

    Which is exactly why We Run This.
    This, is all about dismantling the rotten corpse of the LRH cult.And bringing David Midgetscavige to Justice.

    Anonymous owns the internets for the next billion years, there is no going back. There are enough experts and engineers to tear it to pieces for the next thousand millennia.
    The remains of the cult operation cannot survive more than two years, not in its present decline, and definitely not with the searing hot guided lasers of truth penetrating every single aspect of their sick little extortion scam.

    It will be destroyed, utterly.
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  17. Anonymous Member

    the above was to the earlier christfag comparison posts
  18. grebe Member

    Oh Anons know that old derail.

    Thanks for the invite to challenge all the world's religions, muldrake. Seriously, I will get right on that. I love impossibly huge chores with nearly zero lulz potential.
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  19. Smurf Member

    Oh, brother. Let me guess. Her lipstick is laced with cyanide.
  20. Anonymous Member

    Find you when did she become VonBreck. Is that her married name or just made up? The document says Mary Panton.
  21. Anonymous Member

  22. Chipshotz Member

    Just when I start to feel a little burned out, this thread comes along.
    Anonymous delivers!!
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  23. Smurf Member

    I posted earlier. She made the name up.
  24. slobeck Member

    Seriously.. the bar has come down pretty low. He admitted to ordering disconnections. Aren't you at least interested in how that made him feel? (sic)
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  25. slobeck Member

    I find it ironic that David is seeing all these people being ordered to un-friend him on FB when it was he ordering it of others prior. I guess turn about is fair play, ey? It is sad. But it's up to him to take a stand against these human rights abuses that will continue until the wall that keeps ex-s from standing up to their abuser is removed. And it's removed by ex's finding courage. Courage that endless ethics cycles, hypnotic TRs and fear have caused to atrophy.

    When he adds his name to the ex's list my sympathy for his situation will be much greater. He has a long way to go.
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  26. Anonymous Member

    Good luck with waking up.

    It's difficult when people start apologising for and defending the cult - I always wonder if maybe they were just comfortable with the scientology mindset on a deep, fundamental level - i.e maybe their own personality is very close to the scientology cult mindset.

    There are people in scientology who were selfish, elitist, liars before they joined the cult. They were like that before scientology and they fit right in.

    Scientology has cultivated the negative aspects of their character, validated their narcissistic personality disorder and made them more unpleasant than mainstream life would have allowed.

    I suppose anyone leaving the cult needs to acknowledge what they were like before scientology offered them all the answers.
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  27. Anonymous Member

    Booyah! Exactly.
  28. Smurf Member

    Based on many of your comments, it sounds like you refute the premise that mindfucking, i.e., cult brainwashing, occurs. When I was fucking people over in OSA, and causing a world of pain to many, I was quite happy doing it because I was pursuing the cult's agenda.. just as many other ex-Scilons were doing with their nose to the grindstone to clear this planet...

    When you're in this isolated mindset, you're not thinking of the consequences of your actions..

    I'm won't damn David for ordering disconnections when he was active in the cult.. he is now out and being honest about his observation as a mindfucked Scilon, and now trying to make sense of it all now that's he blown... he has a long road of recovery ahead.. but belittling him for what he did as an active Scilon is disgusting, IMHO.

    If I were in Dave's shows, I'd ignore your comments, too.
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  29. enthaeon Member

    I understand this viewpoint. But do you understand the concept of personal responsibility applied to this situation? And if so, how does blame/shame fit in accordingly?

    Not trollin', just askin'.

    And welcome, David.
  30. Anonymous Member

    Yeah, except he still thinks it was all in the interest of "fun" and kind of chalks it up to "it is was it is." (Was what it was?) I mean, really? When does a person finally say, "Oh shit. That was fucked up what I did."

    Blah, blah good wishes for your recovery and all that blather, but until he takes a hard look at what the fuck he has done with his life and to other humans, he's just another fucktard.

    (Side note: he seems to love to say, "yeah, I am so fucked up - always have been" /paraphrasing/ -- well, jeez, mutherfucker, proud much? Smoking a bowl, blowing a line, a dropping acid never made ME as big a douchebag as you. I just fucking got over it and grew the fuck up.)
  31. Smurf Member

    Of course. If I had followed through with the plan to murder CAN's director & attorney Ford Greene, law enforcement wouldn't give a damn how brainwashed I was.. I'd still have to pay the piper. I've been accountable for my past actions, and contrary to you-know-who, don't blame them on DM.

    But, I also say "fuck off" to those who want to continually remind me of my past with the intent to be malicious. David only has to answer to himself and the people he had wronged. No one else.
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  32. slobeck Member

    I'm not trying to be malicious. I sort of resent the fact that you didn't seem to take into account the rest of what I said.

    Your characterization of this as disgusting and belittling is yours. It's stern and curt but not belittling at all. Further, him being cut off from all his FB friends after disconnecting other people fits in pretty neatly with my understanding of karma.
    even you seem to acknowledge this fact:
    And by the way the bar for personal responsibility, I'm sure we can all agree, is a little lower than murder.
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  33. slobeck Member

    And BTW Smurf, I'm glad I'm providing you a convenient target to rag on, but I'm not the only one being critical of him around here.
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  34. Anonymous Member

    How did you wind up signing on the dotted line for LRH then, Smurf?

    She's dangerous if she's using groups like to spread her cult cancer.
  35. JohnnyRUClear Member

  36. Miranda Member

    That rivals your honeymod post. You've been coming up with some good ones lately lol.
  37. Miranda Member

    I agree with this post. To me the most disturbing part of the "true for you" idea is that the ultimate result of viewing "truth" or "right and wrong" in such a deliberately and thoroughly subjective way is to become blase about others' suffering--to divest oneself of responsibility for taking a moral position regarding issues like the RPF, forced abortion, and disconnection. It is not okay that Hubbard stated that Scientologists can with impunity destroy others utterly. But if you retreat into opinionless moral submission, you can tell yourself it's not your business.

    Many people go through an adolescent (or simply uneducated) phase in which subjectivity and hence amorality seems like the ultimate truth, and a "deep thought." Scientology (including the Hubbard part) cultivates that ignorant perspective and employs it actively to KSW. Suggested reading: I and Thou, Man's Search for Meaning, The Banality of Evil. Lulz is one thing--but no one should be flippant or glib about the active (or passive) denial of evil.
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  38. Anonymous Member

    i think we scared poor David away :(
  39. Squirrel King Member

    Frankl was a psych. And had some damn good insights.
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