David DeMoss blows the cult and Facebook Disconnection

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by Anonymous, Nov 25, 2011.

  1. slobeck Member

    Wanna see my bunny?
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  2. telomere Member

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  4. Anonymous Member

  5. Robocat Member

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  6. slobeck Member

    You did hear him say he ordered disconnections didn't you? (I'm seriously not trolling.) I get it. Yeah, he's a victim of fraud on one hand while still retaining culpability in dishing out one of the worst acts of human rights violations that the cult engages in to other people.
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  7. slobeck Member

    y uno liek my bunny?!?!!???! D-:
  8. Robocat Member

  9. bAnon Member

    this is something I say to myself everyday - I would bet that within the bazillion words LRon wrote, those three words never appear...
  10. Anonymous Member

    "It is all very well to sit back and hope for "the best in this best of all possible worlds" but it's the course of personal and national suicide...To pretend all is well today is like whistling in a hurricane. It does no good." - L Ron Hubbard
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  11. telomere Member

  12. bAnon Member

    FANTASTIC. I really shouldn't be amazed that the 'Commodore' could take such a simple self affirming statement, and turn it into bat shit lunacy - but he is source, so I'll keep my amusement to myself.
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  13. slobeck Member

    hell no. Suggest to PC that all is well and it's off to the RPF for you!
  14. slobeck Member

    o irony
  15. It's not too good, CSS. It's still the same old shit, where 'what's true is what's true for you'.

    Where Truth is Lies, and Weakness is Strength. Where spruikers are humanitarians, IAS donors are Dauntless, Defiant and Resolute, and LRon was a decorated war hero. Where the psychs did the Holocaust. Where the RPF is a voluntary spiritual retreat. Where you are a particle physicist and a cosmologist.

    Where shit and shinola are the same.
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  16. bAnon Member

    more like Lronry - personal/national suicide...spitting in a hurricane ?!?!? I did a lot of drugs in my day, but who the hell would say something like that AND BE CONSIDERED 'SOURCE' TO CLEAR THE PLANET. irony indeed
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  17. slobeck Member

    The RPF is a spiritual retreat sounds an aweful lot like:
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  18. Anonymous Member

    The same wackjob that described the "obscene dog incident". And at no point do the suckers sat there listening think "what the fuck??".
  19. Anonymous Member

    All our talk about Mary was sent to Drama.
  20. anon8109 Member

    I hope he takes responsibility for that and apologizes to those people he hurt, and does what he can to help repair the damage.
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  21. Anonymous Member


    Also, dox?
  22. Anonymous Member

    No worries. We've all learned that Mary DeMoss now goes by the name of Mary VonBreck. Once you've established this connection, we can take it from there. Although instead of sending our dicussions about her to drama, maybe creating a separate thread would have been good. She was one of the leading freaks of 2000s and surely deserves a thread of her own.
  23. Marty Rathbun is a scammer using a scam he knows well to make a living.
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  24. Xenu Is Lord Member

    This thread was about david being disconnected and he comes here and sees censorship in post to him and about him.
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  25. Robocat Member

    Boy, let it go. Continue as usual.
  26. Anonymous Member

    I don't know if I agree with you. Often threads get really derailed here [like with Sciento] and I appreciated the fact that Miranda just took it out. But I do think that the stuff said about Mary DeMoss wasn't really a derail.
  27. Robocat Member

    I think the mods have seen what you wrote and will probably discuss it and and work it out to a proper conclusion. Also use a report button to bitch about it. People do make mistakes amirite?
  28. Anonymous Member

    You were told to come (unless you're too "chicken"?)
  29. Robocat Member

    Who said Miranda did move it? I didn't see her say that, so I call unfair on putting it on her. Yes, she's the queen of the Drama thread, but that by no means is cause for finger pointing.
  30. Miranda Member

    I didn't move posts from this thread. I think the mod who did is not on right now but Im sure would replace them if asked. Smurf, if you can send me the post numbers from the Drama thread, I will do it. (Too much kahlua to find them myself, sorry...)
  31. Miranda Member

    Moving derail, leaving my post to Smurf. Carry on!
  32. Anonymous Member

    lrn2differ between derail moves and deletes plx.
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  33. Miranda Member

    It's fine, just let us know which posts and we'll replace them. They probably just got carried along with the derail.
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  34. lostatsea Member

    ^^^This. Completely. I can't say for sure that I had the typical purif experience, but my pre-purif doctor "check-up" consisted of vital signs and a couple of questions. Then onto the purif, which made me feel crappier than I had at any other time in my life, by the time it was finished. Fatigued, weak, depressed. It took me months to feel back to par again (and I did so without Scientology, I might add). Good times.
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  35. Anonymous Member

    Yep - you're a scientlogist. What you say is what Hubbard taught - well done for defending the doctrine.

    People taking responsibility for their kids, parents, who ever isn't lame - it's Love.
    Sitting around in a sauna with a bunch of other cult members getting excited about 'Wins' is lame.
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  36. RightOn Member

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  37. Anonymous Member

    Strange. There was good information in there.
  38. Pique Member

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  39. xenubarb Member

    After that, your assignment is to make me sammich.
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  40. xenubarb Member

    Honestly, there oughta be a law! How much cute can one stand??? I just wanna hug 'em all up!
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