Discussion in 'CoS Front Groups' started by xenu55, Mar 21, 2008.

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  1. AnonMomAnon Member

    i've called them back and left another message. i didn't email them...i phoned.

    we'll see if they call back. i know this may not go over that well within this forum, but i don't like to push anyone in the tampa bay area when the subject is $cientology. please don't get pissed at that...this is the $cieno's "mecca" and we've all seen what they can and will do for many years. i'm actually sort of shocked that the director called back at all and that she said i could tell you all what she said about this.
  2. sciotruth Member

  3. DSAnon Member

    Uhmmm..I think it wise to leave it up, don't you? The longer its up the more people we inform can see for themselves CoSs ass-fraudery.
  4. 213 Member

    She can let them remove it from youtube. I've mirrored everything and links coming up within an hour :)
  5. AnonMomAnon Member

    that's the same person...look at the nose, the eyes, shape of chin.

    she's just got a different hairstyle, the lighting is different, and it's a different angle.


    same person.
  6. xenu55 Member

  7. prolly gained weight and changed hairstyle
  8. argh Member

    I thought her nose looked a bit more pointed.. but it is very close otherwise, so probably is her.
  9. 213 Member

    I'm kinda worried that alot of these people are giving their "thumbs up" for Scientology...
  10. anonEmouser Member

    That's a match!
    So, Melvin is legit, apparently. Wouldn't be surprised if the LA ones may all be legit--Vulture Ministers did swarm the area after katrina so they could probably find one or two people to give them a positive review.
  11. Thetanonymous Member

    The "Cool Change Foundation" is, if not a $ci Front, at the very least a Narconon shill.

    and one of those previous NFL players listed is most likely Bob Adams, since this is what the blurb on the bradley quick/Cool Change Foundation page says.

    Bob Adams - Former Pro Football Player - keenly interested in providing solutions talks about the growing ranks of young drug abusers in American society and sports. He has authored a study, Understanding Steroids, which analyzes the high physical, mental and economic cost of anabolic steroids on today’s athletes. After his pro football career, he continued to teach and consult schools and educational programs as far away as Beijing. A senior spokesperson for the Church of Scientology International, Bob Adams was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area. He spent eight years in the National Football League after graduating from the University of the Pacific ,”and while earning his Masters in Education and teaching in the off seasons he started working to promote programs based on humanitarian L. Ron Hubbard’s social betterment methodologies. Applied Scholastics (literacy), Narconon (drug abuse prevention and rehabilitation), Criminon (criminal reform) and The Way To Happiness Foundation (instilling common sense morals).
  12. itsneverlupus Member

    Yes, but of the actual people who do, how many are Scientologists and/or have been active in promoting Scientology? I've only seen three matches, and two have known, pre-existing Scientology connections. Of course they're going to give a thumbs up.

    So people looking for matches, don't just find an image match, hunt down possible links to Scientology as well.
  13. Plups Member

    The Boy Scouts? Is nothing sacred??
  14. anonEmouser Member

    So basically, its "Scientologists endorse scientology, so how bad could it be?"
  15. ptsAnnon Member

  16. Plups Member

    I trust your judgement, totally. I guess there's no harm in asking. I'd just like to be able to refer journalists to a specific individual if at all possible, rather than saying we spoke with "someone".
  17. A.Non Hubbard Member

    The cult is already in enough trouble up here for having to dish out $1.6m to the victim in a libel suit. They're too scared to even mention the country's name these days.
  18. Plups Member

    Do you have a link? Are you going to follow up to ask if he's happy with what he said being put into the context of the video? That'd be great.
  19. Robert S Member

  20. DSAnon Member

    Looks like a Match to me. They colored his hair and changed the hair style in the video.
  21. Sargo Member

    i've contacted the trans-atlantic leaders of boy scouts

    their is no district director, but this is a district excutive

    anyway e-mailed him...mabe gets a respone back?
  22. fluffbomb Member

    This is some awesome news!

    Well done guys for doing this, you're all working really hard to get this out there.

    In fact, even for the people who turn out to be who they say they are, if they are still in position or their cult methods are still in use (like the Education guy in I forget where) might it be an idea to contact them and tell them anyway what their image and name is being used for? It seems at least some of these people wouldn't be happy to have their identity so publicly associated with a cult.

    The arrogance of the cult shouldn't shock me anymore, but this is a HUGE footbullet and I cannot help but have my ghast well and truly flabbered. lol
  23. entent54321 Member

    This one is a legit person with the correct title. This is Congresman Brad Sherman, Democrat from CA 27th Congressional District. Whether he knows he is in a propaganda film is another matter.

    Here is a pic from his website:

  24. Robert S Member

    I lol'd
  25. anonymal Member

    I tried to find photos of the district executives (there are 3 districts, and one exec is female). No luck, but I did find some cool info on the mayflower field rep Tim Killam. First of all, from the small photo I found of Mr. Killam, the guy in the sci video isn't him. The cool info though, is that he is a retired Lt-col from the USAF, worked in intelligence, has a business "5 eyes defence" that does intelligence work, and is a mason. Man I bet he would make a good ally.
  26. Captain-chan Member

    Roll me in batter and pan fry me because that is DELICIOUS. I am continually amazed at how Scientology is so used to making up their own crazy fantasy world, that they think they can do the same to the real world and get away with it.

    "what? You don't believe our crazy lies? But everyone in HERE believes it! Why don't you?"

    Bidonn't even TRY to lie to us, Scilons. Just bidonn't.
  27. tao te mugen Member

    I've seen people stoop pretty low to make something convincing, but this article floored me. In fact, only two words describe how I feel right now...

    "Hilarity ensues"
  28. Plups Member

    Dear Professor Trotter,

    I am making enquiries with respect to a video prepared by and in support of the Church of Scientology and which purports to contain an interview with the "Dean and Professor of Justice Studies, American University".

    The gentleman interviewed can be seen in the attached image or in the original video which is located on the website: . One must select the category "Human Rights" and then the sub-category "In Support of Human Rights".

    He says, "L. Ron Hubbard had the courage and the vision to put this together and say, 'These are rights that belong to all of us.' He's saying that it's up to us and here it is, go for it, we can do it."

    I would be most interested to know:

    a. Is the speaker known to you and, if so, what is his name and role (and did he ever held the role of Dean and Professor of Justice Studies) ?

    b. Was the speaker informed of the use that would be made of the speech ?

    c. Was the speaker aware that scientology was behind the program about which he speaks and the video ?

    d. Was the person speaking for themselves or in the name of the University or Department?

    e. Are the speaker and / or the University or Department supporting the video as a whole ?

    f. Are the speaker and / or the University or Department supporting scientology as a whole ?

    I am conscious of the possibility that there may be another campus or institution called "American University". If you are aware of any other enquiries that might be usefully made, I would be most grateful for your guidance.

    Professor, it is possible that information regarding these matters will be forwarded to members of the press internationally, with the intention of holding the Church of Scientology accountable for its statements and actions.

    I would like to disclose my affiliation with other people around the globe known by the moniker "Anonymous". Anonymous are engaged in peaceful protests against various actions of the Church of Scientology. In the spirit of Anonymous, I would prefer not to identify myself (XXXXXXXX is not my real name). I hope you will understand that anonymity is both a signature of Anonymous and a necessary safeguard because of the Church of Scientology's regular (and current) practice of harassing critics. If you are at all concerned about responding to me, you can read the discussions of Anonymous about this matter here:

    I do hope to hear from you shortly.

    Yours faithfully,

  29. Virre Member

  30. xenu55 Member

  31. terryeo Member

    I suspect most of the 'legitimate' testimonials are from people who weren't aware they were going to be featured in a Scientology video, but thought they were only endorsing the Way to Happiness or some such thing.

    I must say, though, you guys are doing a fantastic job. :D
  32. Okay, I'm probably going to answer my own question but I'm just ABSO-FUCKING-LUTELY flabbergasted that the Scilons don't think we're going to fact-check everything they release out into the world.

    Don't they know we're going to ask "PIX/DOX or it didn't happen"? Do they really think we'll take shit face value?

    I'm not at work so I can't look shit up re: L.A County. Maybe someone will beat me to it.
  33. XenuLovesU Member

    God -- some of these American job titles are hilarious. They sound like they were put together by a non-native speaker.

    Anyone else heard of a, "Colonel Director" or "Colonel" in ANY police force in the US?
  34. sciotruth Member

  35. anonofmarch Member

    Yes. Most ranks in the police force are based directly off of military personnel so it would make sense.
  36. AnonMomAnon Member

    hey, there's no reason the journalist can't say that he was shown this on this site: the woman said it was okay for me tell ya'll about this....

    she knows i was going to put it out there for you all to see. what ya'll do with it is up to you.

    the director of the family justice center in tampa is (not sure of the spelling of her first name) Nicky Daniels.
  37. dirk nimrod Member

    Hey, pass me some info about Scouting's "Scientology links"-- I'm in excelent standing with them.
  38. ptsAnnon Member

  39. Daywatch Member

    search this thread bro! its in hear
    I have not heard back from BSA yet
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