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  1. 213 Member


    This one shouldn't be hard to find out! Mayor of Louisana
  2. List of Guyana's Prime Ministers from Wiki:

    * Forbes Burnham: 26 May 1966–06 October 1980
    * Ptolemy Reid: 06 October 1980–16 August 1984
    * Desmond Hoyte: 16 August 1984–06 August 1985
    * Hamilton Green: 06 August 1985–09 October 1992
    * Sam Hinds: 09 October 1992–06 March 1997
    * Janet Jagan: 06 March 1997–19 December 1997
    * Sam Hinds: 19 December 1997–09 August 1999
    * Bharrat Jagdeo: 09 August 1999–11 August 1999
    * Sam Hinds: 11 August 1999–

    Only pictures of a couple of 'em but nothing matching their guy.

    Me smells a scam

  3. Robert S Member

  4. Nepali Television Ltd Contacts in UK:

    Content: General Entertainment
    Company: Nepali TV Limited

    Westec House
    W5 1YY

    Tel: 020 8728 6470
    Fax: 020 8728 6479


    Mr Bijaya Thapa (Public Contact)
  5. Anoniemert Member

    This is beyond footbullet.
    It's a bloody footnuke.
  6. Xenu's Thong Member

  7. Robert S Member

    Doesn't say New Orleans, says "Louisiana" - but not what town.

    Note: there seem to be DOZENS of "asst. secretary generals united nations association" - seems to depend on what chapter and what issue.
  8. DSAnon Member

    More like a foot Nova..:)
  9. From each has a link on their name, going to check each one now.

    17 January 2007
    USGs and ASGs à la carte. Complete list of vacant top UN posts

    Comments, views and ideas on candidates later.

    At the moment – to end the buzz of "what USG and ASG posts they're talking about?" – here it is. The complete list of Under-Secretary-General and Assistant-Secretary-General posts to be filled by Ban Ki-moon.


    1. USG for Management (Christopher B. Burnham)
    2. USG for General Assembly Affairs and Conference Management (GACM) (Chen Jian)
    3. USG, High Representative for the Least Developed Countries, Landlocked Developing Countries and Small Island Developing States (Anwarul Karim Chowdhury)
    4. USG for Political Affairs (DPA) (Ibrahim A. Gambari)
    5. USG for Peacekeeping Operations (DPKO) (Jean-Marie Guéhenno)
    6. USG, Associate Administrator of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) (Ad Melkert)
    7. USG for Legal Affairs, Legal Counsel (Nicolas Michel)
    8. USG, Executive Director of the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) (Thoraya Ahmed Obaid)
    9. USG for Economic and Social Affairs (DESA) (José Antonio Ocampo)
    10. USG for Disarmament Affairs (DDA) (Nobuaki Tanaka)
    11. USG for Communication and Public Information (DPI) (Shashi Tharoor)
    12. USG for Safety and Security (David Veness)
    13. USG, Executive Secretary of the Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) (Marek Belka)
    14. USG, Director-General of the United Nations Office at Vienna (UNOV)/ Executive Director of the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) (Antonio Maria Costa)
    15. USG, Executive Secretary of the Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA) (Abdoulie Janneh)
    16. USG, Executive Secretary of the Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (ESCAP) (Kim Hak-su)
    17. USG, Executive Secretary of the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC) (José Luis Machinea)
    18. USG, Director-General of the United Nations Office at Geneva (UNOG) (Sergei Ordzhonikidze)
    19. USG, Executive Director of the Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS) (Peter Piot)
    20. USG, Executive Secretary of the Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia (ESCWA) (Mervat Tallawy)


    21. ASG, Assistant Administrator, Regional Director for Arab States (UNDP) (Amat Al Alim Alsoswa)
    22. ASG (DPKO) (Hédi Annabi)
    23. ASG for Human Resources Management (OHRM) (Jan Beagle)
    24. ASG for Policy Coordination and Inter-agency Affairs (DESA) (Patrizio Civili)
    25. ASG, Assistant Administrator, Director, Bureau for Crisis Prevention and Recovery (UNDP) (Kathleen Cravero-Kristoffersson)
    26. ASG, United Nations Ombudsman (Mignonette Patricia Durrant)
    27. ASG, Deputy Executive Director of the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) (Kul Chandra Gautam)
    28. ASG, Assistant Administrator, Regional Director for Latin America and the Caribbean (UNDP) (Rebeca Grynspan)
    29. ASG, New York Pandemic Preparedness Emergency-Kits-for-Business-Traveler Coordinator (Imelda Henkin)
    30. ASG, Assistant Administrator, Regional Director for Africa (UNDP) (Gilbert Houngbo)
    31. ASG, Assistant Administrator, Director of the Bureau for Resources and Strategic Partnerships (UNDP) (Bruce Jenks)
    32. ASG for Legal Affairs (Larry D. Johnson)
    33. ASG for Economic Affairs (DESA) (Kwame S. Jomo)
    34. ASG (DPA) (Tuliameni Kalomoh)
    35. ASG (DPA) (Angela Kane)
    36. ASG, Director for Political Affairs (EOSG) (Carlos Lopes)
    37. ASG (DPKO) (Jane Holl Lute)
    38. ASG, Executive Director, United Nations Office for Project Services (UNOPS) (Jan Mattsson)
    39. ASG for peacebuilding support (PBSO) (Carolyn McAskie)
    40. ASG (GACM) (Yohannes Mengesha)
    41. ASG, Assistant Administrator, Regional Director for Europe and the Commonwealth of Independent States (UNDP) (vacant)
    42. ASG, Assistant Administrator, Director, Bureau for Development Policy(UNDP) (Shoji Nishimoto)
    43. ASG, Deputy Executive Director (UNICEF) (Toshiyuki Niwa)
    44. ASG for Policy Planning (EOSG) (Robert C. Orr)
    45. ASG, Assistant Administrator, Regional Director for Asia and the Pacific (UNDP) (Hafiz Ahmed Pasha)
    46. ASG, Executive Director of the Office of the Capital Master Plan (OCMP) (vacant)
    47. ASG, Executive Director, Counter-Terrorism Executive Directorate (CTED) (Javier Rupérez)
    48. ASG for Programme Planning, Budget and Accounts (Controller) (Department of Management) (Warren Sach)
    49. ASG, Deputy Executive Director for Operations (UNICEF) (Rima Salah)
    50. ASG, Deputy Executive Director for External Relations (UNFPA) (Mari Simonen)
    51. ASG for Central Support Services (Andrew Toh)
    52. ASG, Deputy Emergency Relief Coordinator (OCHA) (Eva Margareta Wahlström)
    53. ASG, Deputy Executive Director (UNFPA) (Kunio Waki)
    54. ASG, Assistant Administrator, Director of the Bureau of Management (UNDP) (Akiko Yuge)
    55. ASG, Deputy Executive Director, United Nations Centre for Human Settlements (Habitat) (Inga Bjork-Klevby)
    56. ASG, Executive Director, United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR) (Marcel Boisard)
    57. ASG, Deputy Secretary-General of the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) (Dirk Jan Bruinsma)
    58. ASG, Deputy Executive Director of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) (Shafqat Kakakhel)
    59. ASG, Executive Secretary of the United Nations Compensation Commission (UNCC) (Rolf Knutsson)
  10. Evie Member

    Please don't confuse Mayor and Governor. Louisiana has only one Governor for the state, but every city in Louisiana has a Mayor. This could be the supposed mayor of any city. This one will take a little more digging, methinks.
  11. 213 Member

    Sorry! My bad! I'll remove that post! Thx for clearing up!
  12. A.Non Hubbard Member

    You can't help but wonder why the cult is not saying which city in Louisiana. Either they made it up, or the mayor doesn't want these ties to be well-advertised.
  13. 213 Member

  14. Robert S Member

    "Mass Care In Charge Emergency Operations Mississippi" is an incredibly convoluted designation. There's no such thing - so far as I can tell - as something called just "Emergency Operations" or even "Emergency Operations Mississippi." To me it is looking (per my searches) that there are agencies that HAVE "emergency operations" but which agency?? FEMA? A state program? What?

    It is incredible that no one is actually cited BY NAME here. And the one name I dug up seems to already have a prior Scientology endorsement.
  15. Sargo Member

    ok i've been doing the board members of United nations assiocation of the united States of america

    they got the name wrong by the way. scientology called it United nations assiocation of america, if someone can get me just that pic it would help alot

    Rajat Kumar Gupta nope
    William J. McDonough not so fast
    Thomas R. Pickering srry fail
    William H. Luers too white
    Jimmy Carter no pic but it's jimmy cater we're talking about
    John C. Whitehead no
    Josh S. Weston nope
    Gillian Sorensen..girl
    Janice Hunt also girl
    Richard A. Voell ..can't find picture of him
  16. Daywatch Member

    he is a mayor IN the STATE of LA maybe?
    states don't have mayors they have governors
    and that was a pic of the mayor of New Orleans
  17. 213 Member

    My bad my bad! I've deleted the post. Thx for clearing it up lol
  18. Daywatch Member

  19. Robert S Member

  20. Optimisticate Member

    419 scam anyone?
  21. DSAnon Member

  22. I can deal with the two below.

    Does anyone have these EXACT videos I can refer them too? I don't want to watch all the bullshit they got there so I can get to two 5-second soundbites.

  23. Plups Member

    Ann O'Nymous 2, do you have the transcript of what people are saying in the video "In Support of Human Rights"? I'd like to put their words next to their pictures.
  24. AnonMomAnon Member

    OH SNAP.

    family justice center in tampa just called me back.

    the woman who they interviewed for this video is NOT the president of this organization.

    the woman is contacting youtube to tell them to remove the video and is contacting the people who interviewed her to find out what is going on.

    the woman was videotaped to ONLY give a thumb's up for using "the way to happiness" book in her workplace. she is NOT a $cientologist and is very upset.

    the director of the justice center thanked me very much for letting her know about this.

    i told the director that i was a member of an anti-$cientology group that was trying to educate the public about $cientology and she said, "oh! you mean the ANONYMOUS group?"

    i said, "yes." and then gave her more info. she said she'd already seen some of our information and she didn't sound like she thought we were cyber terrorists.

    she was REALLY happy that someone contacted her.

    i did tell her that we're finding out that none of these people are who they say they are and that some of them are actually touted as being from a group that no longer exists OR that's been renamed.

    i don't know if they can or will take any legal action, but the woman who was interviewed is pursuing this.

    oh, yay.
  25. Plups Member

    The way to find it is go to, select "Human Rights" and then select "In Support of Human Rights".
  26. 213 Member

    This is what i call a WIN! People, let's keep it up! Let's get this thing rolling, it sure will make Scientology like pathetic frogs
  27. ptsAnnon Member

  28. Plups Member

    AnonMomAnon, do you think you could get the details of the official with whom you spoke - name and title - and perhaps a one line email confirming what she said to you?

    Also, do I understand rightly that the woman pictured IS an employee or other representative of the Center and was authorised to be filmed, but with some limitation on what she represented?

  29. Right,
    I've searched through the List of Assistant Secretary-General's I posted up, and can find no-one that looks even REMOTELY like the guy in the vid. Either he's really new, or it ain't true.

    Wouldn't hold up in a court but it's something.

  30. Sargo Member

    the title of CHEIF EXEC OFFICER BROTHERHOOD CRUSADE ...i don't think it's her

    now scroll down to "213" 's post

    the women in the pic has a narrower whereing a cross and her forehead isn't as large as the real ceo of brotherhood crusade.

    HMMM i can't tell...real ceo has a lazy eye...i can't tell if sci- has one

    skin and complextion don't match, nose is very similar

    just go to the website and look up name and phone#
    they also have a fax
  31. kiyiyi2 Member

    You cam convert .flv to .avi for free from here:

    Choose 30 fps and 640x480 and 9999 for best resolution.

    Excellent site for converting almost anything to something else.

  32. 213 Member


    Nope....Doesn't look like the same person to me...
  33. Donovan Cook Member

    I wish I could read something other than English, but here's what I found so far. This would be good for an Italian to follow up on..see if he knows what this is being used for...

    Ciriani Alessandro
  34. vananon Member

    Aww, us Canadians get no love. I feel so left out.

    Anyway just something I noticed, the people with the more detailed "job descriptions" seem legit. I'd look for more info on the ones that have the vague job descriptions/position.

    After 'Jonestown' you'd think Guyana would be able to spot a cult from a mile away.
  35. Scientology? Thank you for supplying this extremely wonderful proof that you are a fraud. Luv xoxoxoxox
  36. Ironhead Member

    BWAAAHAHAHA I'll never talk shit about the french again! good job frenchmediafags!
  37. itsneverlupus Member

    Could that be Mayor-President Melvin "Kip" Holden?


    Here's his site:
    He also has a Scientology connection:

    He supports the use of L. Ron's "study tech" in schools, and as of last year added it to the curriculum of some schools/grades.

    He's got a "special project" called Americans with Disabilities Task Force. Anyone want to tell him about the CoS's behavior toward the disabled?
  38. Professor, Center for Sociological Studies, The College of Mexico

    Alvarado Mendoza, Arturo
    Professor, Center for Sociological Studies, The College of Mexico, Pedregal, Mexico
    Research: Constructing the Rule of Law: Public Security, Justice and Democracy Building in Mexico
    Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Center for International Studies, Program on Human Rights and Justice, Cambridge, MA, c/o Dr. Balakrishnan Rajagopal
    September 2003 - July 2004

    Can't find a picture, but for the title to be accurate he's probably legit.
  39. xenu55 Member

    EPIC WIN!!!!!!
  40. Xenu's Thong Member

    It is, check the cheeks and eyelids, and eyebrows.
    Its tooo close.
    Hairstyle is drastically different and is throwing it off a bit.
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