Dallas, TX

Discussion in 'USA - Central/Mountain' started by shawnonymous, Nov 16, 2008.

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  1. Sammy Member

    Re: Dallas, TX

    Yes, we have a separate thread in this same section for February in Dallas. Still deciding on a date so if you're serious about coming, give us your input.
  2. Anon4 The WIN Member

    Re: Dallas, TX

    Umm I'm having just a little bit of a problem... I've looked up the address on both Google Maps and MapQuest are only showing some tree's behind a few houses where 1850 N Buckner Blvd is supposed to be. Are these pictures old?
  3. Sammy Member

    Re: Dallas, TX

    If you look at Google streetview you can see it. It's a pink mansion on the corner of Buckner and Dixie.
  4. Sativa Member

    Re: Dallas, TX

    Wish i could get out there for this.... but we have a mission here ready to to collapse. I gotta be there to watch it fall.
  5. Re: Dallas, TX

    This is an old thread
    The correct address for the upcoming Dallas protest is

    451 Decker Drive,
    Irving, Texas

    April 11th, 2009
  6. 423 Member

    Re: Dallas, TX

    Contact your Texas State Congressman and state your outrage for promoting the cult.

    Texas House Representative of Irving, TX, Linda Harper-Brown is promoting the new Org.
    81(R) HR 1190 - Introduced version - Bill Text
    H.R. 1190 "adopted"
    Listed by skydog on Ideal Org Grand Opening in Dallas Texas! - Ex Scientologist Message Board
    Linda Harper-Brown
    HR 1190 Author: Harper-Brown
    Last Action: 04/03/2009 H Reported enrolled
    Caption: Commemorating the grand opening of the new home of the Church of Scientology of Dallas in Irving.

    HR 1190 was adopted. (Allen, Alvarado, Anderson, Berman, Bohac,
    Bonnen, Burnam, Chisum, Cook, Crabb, Crownover, Deshotel, Driver, Eiland,
    Elkins, England, Farabee, Flynn, Frost, Gallego, Geren, Giddings, Gonzalez
    Toureilles, Hamilton, Hancock, Harless, Herrero, Hodge, Homer, Hopson,
    C.iHoward, Hughes, Hunter, Keffer, Kent, S. King, Kuempel, Laubenberg,
    Legler, Leibowitz, Maldonado, Mallory Caraway, Martinez Fischer, McReynolds,
    Miklos, Moody, Morrison, Ortiz, Parker, Patrick, Paxton, PenĖœ a, Phillips, Pierson,
    Rodriguez, Rose, Sheffield, Shelton, T. Smith, W. Smith, Smithee, Solomons,
    Swinford, Taylor, Thibaut, Thompson, Truitt, C. Turner, Vaught, Veasey, Walle,
    and Weber recorded voting no.)

    Praise those that voted no and scorn the others...
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