Dallas, TX

Discussion in 'USA - Central/Mountain' started by shawnonymous, Nov 16, 2008.

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  1. shawnonymous Member

    Dallas, TX

    Alright guys, let's start this planning ASAP to maximize turnout this coming month.
    My "job" doesn't interfere on the 13th, but I have ACTs that day, so I wouldn't be able to show until 1ish
    I may just cancel my test date since I recently found that I don't really need it for acceptance due to college hours techically making me a Sophomore... if we get moar people willing to start at an earlier time.
    So, we know our target.
    1850 n buckner blvd dallas, tx - Google Maps
    We know our mission.
  2. Re: Dallas, TX

    If you want to travel to Grayson County, there's an ACT test on Dec. 8th It's about a half hour north of plano
  3. shawnonymous Member

    Re: Dallas, TX

    Thanks for the tip, but that's a long drive for an unnecessary test from my location.
    Now, who here can be in Dallas on the 13th?
  4. Re: Dallas, TX

    If we could do a March down the street to the Org It would be greatness.
    We could start at the baseball field by the school and march form there.
  5. shawnonymous Member

    Re: Dallas, TX

    Sounds like a plan. I parked at the school last time, an Elementary school, I think. It was a five or so block hike down to cross Buckner
  6. LFG Anon PST Member

    Re: Dallas, TX

    I should be able to make this one. I'm going to try my damndest. I've been sick or out of town for the last few.
  7. shawnonymous Member

    Re: Dallas, TX

    So that's four, I believe, confirmed so far... and I may bring a lady with.
    Now, let's do some brainstorming...
    What theme should we have?
    What supplies are needed?
    et cetera...
  8. Sammy Member

    Re: Dallas, TX

    I'll be there. A march would be great but will everyone be willing to show up at the same time (just before 11am, the usual start time)?
  9. Re: Dallas, TX

    Heres an idea we could but some cake set up a table and put a sign on the front saying something like

    Free Scientology Information
    Learn the Dangers of the Modern Cult
    and yes we have Cake

    yes or no?
  10. Sammy Member

    Re: Dallas, TX

    Cake, yes. Table, no. We are actually not allowed to give out literature that cars have to pull over to get it. I mean, do what you want but the police know that we know we can't hand out material to cars. We can however, have literature on hand for people on foot. Just make sure we have an easy to remember (and easy to READ!) URL on some of the posters.
  11. shawnonymous Member

    Re: Dallas, TX

    That sounds about right, Sammy... I had a few people stop and ask questions when I was there and I imagine the local authorities would get upset if there were several cars parked on the busy Buckner Blvd for cake and light reading.
    Kurse the cult for choosing that poor location...
    Good idea, though, IM
  12. truth buster Member

    Re: Dallas, TX

    If this is going down I'll try to be there plus one.
  13. shawnonymous Member

    Re: Dallas, TX

    Outstanding, TB, the more the merrier.
    Plus don't forget to attend:
    Circle Theatre
    if you can!
    I know I will. :)
  14. Slater Member

    Re: Dallas, TX

    >.< that's my night to work. Lost touch with everything since I went to DC back in July. btw, what's up with is that one of our group doing that?
  15. SRQanon Member

    Re: Dallas, TX

    of course circle theatre ends the night i get back into houston! guess i'm not seeing that one.
  16. shawnonymous Member

    Re: Dallas, TX

    A Very Merry Unauthorized Children's Scientology Pageant - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Anyway, I was planning on attending the very merry pageant following the Raid on the 13th, but I'm not sure if I should book the 3:00 or 8:00 showing...
    Just before 11 sounds like a good start time, now long are you fellows planning on enturbulating on Saturday? As you may know I'm but a LV 1 SP, as last month's event on the 8th was my first deployment so I'm not sure what time the ORG closes, etc.
  17. shawnonymous Member

    Re: Dallas, TX

    It has been brought to my attention that today is the 13th anniversary of the tragic death of fellow native Texan Lisa McPherson...
    Her untimely demise was the main reason I started my involvement with Anonymous...
    Is anyone else down for a candlelight vigil today?
    Message here if so and we'll set a time.
  18. shawnonymous Member

    Re: Dallas, TX

    It was too short notice.
    Now, back on topic- the 13th raid.
  19. Re: Dallas, TX

    I'll try my hardest to be there. I'll also get a video announcement up tomorrow to try to get some others there.

    What materials are available and ready? Fliers, posters, masks, and megaphones, we need it all.
  20. shawnonymous Member

    Re: Dallas, TX

    We still have a few days to plan who has what, you all pipe in what you currently possess, and if anyone is lacking, I'll try to pick up the slack.
    Not shure about the fliers idea, though.
    If you're familiar with the location, you'll know Buckner Blvd is not the ideal place for handouts.
    Cars have to stop on the busy 40 MPH road to talk to us... the authorities may not be pleased by vehicles blocking traffic as mentioned earlier in this thread.
    But bring them if you have them, by all means, I had a few people pass me on foot/bike.
  21. Re: Dallas, TX

    Good point. I'll bring a couple posters. Maybe something like "What is Fair Game?" and "Your family misses you!" or another url. Any other suggestions?

    Poster reminder: Less words = more readable

    Also, I'll be needing a megaphone for a speech early in the day, but I don't have one available. Anyone got one handy?
  22. Re: Dallas, TX

    Also, for anyone who doesn't know, the rule on masks is this:
    It's legal to wear masks at a protest in Dallas, as long as you remove the mask at the request of a police officer.

    NOTICE!!! I did NOT say security officer, guard, or any police poser. You ONLY have to remove your mask for the actual police.
  23. shawnonymous Member

    Re: Dallas, TX

    Interesting, LA... I had several looks from the boys in blue last month but none bothered to stop and chat.
    Anyway, if you can't procure a megaphone between then and now, let me know and I'll see what I can do.
  24. Re: Dallas, TX

    also, just to let everybody know, there's gonna be a texas anon forum goin up real soon, to help coordinate local raids, raid trips, and just to keep up with the local groups. that should be up and running within the next week or so. i'm hoping it'll help with recruitment.
  25. Sammy Member

    Re: Dallas, TX

    I have one extra poster, I'll try to make a couple more. I use letter stencils (found at any craft/hobby store like Micheal's) for my signs now and they look really nice. I also use foam core for my signs and especially with as windy as it's been, I'd suggest dishing out an extra dollar per sign for something stronger than posterboard.

    I've only seen a Dallas police officer ask someone to take off their mask because it was hard to understand them with the plastic covering their mouth. Shawnonymous, were there police when you were there last month? Usually they just pass by in their cars, but they do keep an eye on us.

    As for the megaphone, I don't think we can use the electric kind, it is a residential neighborhood after all. But I bet we can use the kind like cheerleaders use, or just roll a posterboard into a cone shape.

    I know some people like to have signs that are directed at the scilons rather than the public, but if so, the public should be able to understand it. We'll get a handful of church members coming out or passing by if we're lucky.

    It's not supposed to get below 50 F on Saturday so it should be pretty nice, just windy.

    Edit: What about the Scientology play in Ft Worth? I don't think I'll be able to make the 3pm showing.
  26. Re: Dallas, TX

    Bad news, guys. I don't have a car, and I just found out that I can't get to the CoS on DART. I'm about 20 minutes away driving, over in the HP area. Can anyone give me a ride?
  27. Sammy Member

    Re: Dallas, TX

    Sure, PM me.
  28. shawnonymous Member

    Re: Dallas, TX

    Yeah, they only passed me and looked my way... they didn't bother to stop and chat.

    As for the play, I assumed the enturbulation would last awhile, so I booked two tickets for the 8:00 showing; just call the number on their website to order.
  29. Re: Dallas, TX

    Srry gents im gona have to miss this one ive got a tournament to go to on Saturday
  30. Sammy Member

    Re: Dallas, TX

    Okay, I've got some extra posters made. If anyone doesn't know where to park, PM me and I'll give you a few options. So it looks like it's probably going to be shawn, Lord A. and I, possibly TB and LFG. Anyone else?
  31. Re: Dallas, TX

    Looks like I might have a +1 to bring. Trouble is, he doesn't have a mask yet. We may have to make a simple one for him. He's just coming along to figure out what the hell we're doing.
  32. Re: Dallas, TX

    By the way, does anyone have a megaphone? The electric kind should be okay. If there's a noise problem we can just turn down the volume.

    Also, epic speech is epic.
  33. shawnonymous Member

    Re: Dallas, TX

    Cocks. Just got back home.
    Turns out my goddamn "job" did interfere... had to stay another day wherever we were doing whatever we do because of stupid motherfuckers.
    So, sorry I couldn't make it... hope you guys had a good time- put up a Postgame report soon!

    However, I did make it back in time BARELY to attend A Very Merry Unauthorized Children's Scientology Pageant at Circle Theater!
    In a word- awesome.
    The script was very well written, the actors were all charming, and many parts were quite humorous.
    I especially loved the part where "Mr. Cruise" appears in court to defend "Mr. Hubbard" and introduces two a sock puppet on his left hand as Katie and the one on the left as Suri. Gotta love that symbolism.
    Go see it if you have not!!

    And again, my apologies.
    Hopefully I can see you all next year.
  34. Re: Dallas, TX

    Hey, it's all good. Because I managed to convince my friend to come along, there were three of us there. Considering the limited available space, we did pretty well. I'm about to go check and see if Sammy has put up a post-game report yet, because she got all the video.

    And what good video it is! Plenty of me harassing passing scilon-carrying cars, including a Mr. Jim's Pizza van being driven by none other than Jim Johnson himself!
    Rematch: he ran away. Lord Anonymous: 2, Jim Johnson: 0
  35. Re: Dallas, TX

    hey guys
    it was me by my self here in Austin
    but i think it went well
    oh and the co$ here are now putting out that b.s flier about anons on there table outside
  36. Re: Dallas, TX

    Good! That means they're taking us quite seriously.
  37. Sammy Member

    Re: Dallas, TX

    I'd like to pay another visit to Austin in the near future. Austin CoS is fun. Road trip!
  38. Re: Dallas, TX

    hell ya you should it would be nice to see some other anons other then me....
  39. JoshTheater Member

    Re: Dallas, TX

    Still Alive - Marcab

    If folks would be so kind as to throw together some quick, one paragraph summaries of what's been going on in their local cells here, the hope is to get a nice website up compiling everything (kinda like Anonymous Resources, only with some more information about the groups). We could even *gasp* KEEP IT UP TO DATE!
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