Dallas - June XX 2010

Discussion in 'USA - Central/Mountain' started by CrystalDallas, Jun 8, 2010.

  1. CrystalDallas Member

    Dallas - June XX 2010

    Okay, proper planning instead of just planning to plan now, come on.

    An attempt at a planning thread was made on the local site, but, as expected, it has been somewhat lacking in real discussion. I thought there'd be a thread here, and I see "Dallas" and it seems that there is merely discussion about planning there. In response to whoever posted it, we're alive and active, if our numbers are somewhat small. Planning is now taking place.

    A two-day combo still seems like a good option to me, although I couldn't make it to Saturday's protest last month. It looks like Friday/Saturday is the most popular option, so I think it's best to try to keep that up.

    This weekend is too soon, so
    Fri Jun 18, Sat Jun 19
    Fri Jun 25, Sat Jun 26

    I am not certain, but there is a good chance that I will be unavailable on the 18th.

    Best dates?
  2. Anonymous Member

    Re: Dallas - June XX 2010

    snowball effect!!.jpg
  3. SocksDallas Member

    Re: Dallas - June XX 2010

    I'm OOT for the 18-19th. Week after is gewd.
  4. Anonymous Member

    Re: Dallas - June XX 2010

    Hey all you in the Dallas area, if anyone wants to man the 'poons, Dallas Org has just set up a new book-selling kiosk in the Northeast Mall in Hurst, TX.

    Inform the public before Scientology gets to them. YFTC around the mall or if anyone is brave enough to protest without a mask. You have to see if the mall will allow protests, which they may not inside or on the property.

    Just leaving this here in case anyone was interested.
  5. Anon998 Member

    Re: Dallas - June XX 2010

    Thank you for this info, this is great. I will definitely YFTC that place. And I just might get brave enough to namefag myself to protest it.
  6. Anon998 Member

    Re: Dallas - June XX 2010

    25-26 sound good to me although I'm once again only available for friday. Can't wait! =D
  7. SocksDallas Member

    Re: Dallas - June XX 2010

    Holy crow's nest. How does one find out the policy on such things? Would a simple phone call be enough, or should one get it in writing somewhere?
  8. CrystalDallas Member

    Re: Dallas - June XX 2010

    I, too, vote the last weekend. That would be 3 people so far.

    I have no idea. When it's outside, such as protesting the church, you can just call up the local police. I did that when I first started protesting. But malls? I have no idea. Maybe if there was a main number, someone could direct you to people that could tell you. Having it in writing would rock though. You just wave it in the scilon faces, lol

    Hurst is too out of the way for me unless I can wave a sign around/pass out fliers/show people how creepy scilons are for ignoring us. It would be pretty cool to protest without the sun and shouting, lol

    And I think it's unlikely that they'd allow protesters anyway. Think about it, Scientology is paying the mall money to have their stand put up. We protest, drive people away, lose Scientology money, they get rid of the kiosk, mall loses money. Still, it never hurts to try! Maybe we just convince whoever is in charge that Scientology is horrible and they'll kick them out? lol
  9. Anon998 Member

    Re: Dallas - June XX 2010

    I go to that mall more than any other. I know protesting with a mask on is out of the question, and they don't like pictures or video either so if they did allow protesting, we'd have to do it without masks, and with no video or picture evidence of it.

    I say the best way to do take it out it to YFTC raid. Print out a bunch of these and grab your friends who want to help this cause and raid that place! ^^

    If you want to really mix it up and get people's attention, do the cash version as well and print them on the edges of $1 bills. people will take money so this will defiantly get their attention.
  10. SocksDallas Member

    Re: Dallas - June XX 2010

    $cilons love money too, they'd probably just walk past a bunch of times and take them, then get your fingerprints or something. Lol.
  11. Anon998 Member

    Re: Dallas - June XX 2010

    Haha, well then maybe just stick to cards
  12. Optimisticate Member

    Re: Dallas - June XX 2010

    <waving hello as I drive past>

    Sorry I won't be able to make it to the Dallas raid. I couldn't stay in the area long.

    I've found through casual conversation and a little bit of eavesdropping that the Las Colinas scilons have very expensive tastes when utilizing the surrounding businesses. Considering their very expensive location though, one would have to assume that local business will not only make a buck or two, but inflate prices a bit to make an extra buck for the pain and agony of having to deal with the scientologists to begin with. :)

    I wonder where the money is still coming from?
  13. AnonymousDFW Member

    Re: Dallas - June XX 2010

    Last weekend of June works for me.

    BTW: what is YFTC?
  14. Anon998 Member

    Re: Dallas - June XX 2010

    It stands for You Found The Card.

    It's where you make a bunch of cards that say "" and leave them in places for the public to find.

    There's also a cash version where you write "" on the edge of the backside of a bill. (It's technically legal as well since you're writing on the edge which isn't considered defacing the bill.) Then you just spend it like normal, it even works in vending machines since it isn't defaced.
  15. Anon998 Member

    Re: Dallas - June XX 2010

    Sad news guys. I'm not going to be able to make this month's protest. I hardly have enough money for the train and I've been getting really exhausted very easily lately, I don't think I could take a few hours in the sun like that. =/

    But I wish you all the best of lulz. =)
  16. SocksDallas Member

    Re: Dallas - June XX 2010

    <Peppy's voice>Sorry guys, I gotta sit this one out.</Peppy>
    Out of town this Saturday. Kick arse, guys.
  17. CrystalDallas Member

    Re: Dallas - June XX 2010

    Two not showing up? Oh this is very disheartening considering I was coming here to say that it is very likely that I will be unable to attend this month. I'll just have to do a few solo raids to make up for it, I guess.
  18. Anon998 Member

    Re: Dallas - June XX 2010

    I will speak with my friends and try to get as many as possible to the next protest. I know that some of them would like to get involved with this.

    Scientology gets a nice little break from us this month, but next month, Let's make our numbers greater than ever.

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