Dallas- December Planning

Discussion in 'USA - Central/Mountain' started by DarkSpecterAnon, Nov 28, 2010.

  1. Dallas- December Planning

    Let's get the ball rolling Dallas Anons... Let's try to get plenty of dates to protest!!

    Included a calendar here for reference. I will take suggestions for dates and times of protests until 12-01 and then we'll try to nail a few down.

    Alright... I suggest the earlier the better, so we don't get swamped with the holidays etc. I'm good with either saturday of the 11th or the 18th especially that day Cause then I'll be out of class for semester!! Not sure what my plans will be later, but I'm also open to doing some protests during the week after the 18th.

    Alright everyone. Let's get some feedback and ideas!
  2. Re: Dallas- December Planning

    ahh! 77 views and no replies from Dallas Anons!!! Come on and step it up!!!
  3. Re: Dallas- December Planning

    I'm down for the 11th, and I can bring at least one friend, probably. Not going to be in town on the 18th, though. :)
  4. Re: Dallas- December Planning

    Thank Xenu! A reply!! haha. Looks like at this rate we'll be the only ones protesting outside Dallas ORG. Hopefully by February we can get a following going again.
  5. datasync Member

    Re: Dallas- December Planning

    I may be able to attend the 11th and maybe bring along a friend or two. I can take some photos if I have my Nikon DSLR. :)
  6. Re: Dallas- December Planning

    Looks like the 11th is shaping up to be a good day. Does anyone need a rundown on usual procedure for meeting up and protesting?
  7. datasync Member

    Re: Dallas- December Planning

    This is my first protest so any info will be appreciated. :) I'm not familiar with the area.
  8. Re: Dallas- December Planning

    Glad to have you out for a first protest!!! You will need to make sure you are familiar with issues of protesting, including hiding your identity, and avoiding a tail. If you would like some more tips on these matters, I can address them at your convenience. To answer the more prominent questions of where to meet etc... here are some useful tips.

    First: This is approximately where we have met up in the past. Make arrangements to arrive around here. I advise you show up and find somewhere private to become Anonymous once you have made it here.

    Look for the Bus Stations, it is a pretty public area, and if you encounter any public here, feel free to tell them why you are holding a sign and wearing a mask.

    Also, this station services the 507 route, which leads north to Dart Rail, or south to TRE rail, excellent places to disembark and stay hidden. For more information on this Dart Station, Click here: - DART Schedules (Set route to 507, to see times etc.)


    This photo shows the route from the meeting point to the Scilons Base. While I have not heard of any accounts of stalking at the Dallas Org, They may try this tactic, thus walking for a bit will highlight if you've grown a tail.

    Scilon Base... In refference to the 114, just so you can get a feel for the area.

    These next 2 images, are drawn to show where we can protest. General rules to follow:
    NEVER block traffic, Pedestrian or Motor Vehicle.
    Avoid stepping on the Grass- Scilons like bullshit reasons to call the cops.
    Do not encroach on their property.


    Blue green is good to stand, Red means keep moving, don't stop in these areas.

    If you need any other assistance... Feel free to ask questions.
  9. Anon998 Member

    Re: Dallas- December Planning

    I see you've been busy DarkSpecterAnon. =P

    I don't know what my schedule looks like for protests as I am about to get a schedule change for this month. but hopefully I will be able to make it to one of these protests.
  10. Re: Dallas- December Planning


    Yay for new Anons! Welcome! Seriously hope to see you (and any friends you can drag along) on Saturday. :D We'll be there nonetheless, but raids are like parties - the more the merrier!
  11. Re: Dallas- December Planning

    Is anyone else concerned about protesting given all the stuff ANonymous has done with DDoS attacks. Knowing Scientology... they will more than likely try to call the cops saying we are part of a terrorist Group. Some ideas for trying to protect ourselves: (feel free to add some more yourself)

    Scenario: you have to talk about Anonymous to Scilons or Cops:
    "We that are here protesting are Anonymous in the fact we have no identity, to prevent retaliation from the Cult for it's Fair Game tactics. I personally am not a hacker nor did I contribute to that illegal activity."
  12. Re: Dallas- December Planning

    Meh. I just really don't think that will ever be an issue for us. Yes, as individuals we are acting anonymously, but that doesn't necessarily mean we're acting in concert with Anonymous as a formal organization, especially since the name Anonymous encompasses many separate groups and subgroups. Additionally even if we were acting as part of a formal organization (and again, speaking for myself and my acquaintances, I [we] am [are] not) there is no reason to assume, or evidence to suggest, that any of us have ever been involved in any activity other than peacefully protesting IRL, much less illegal activities.

    I mean come on, I don't even wear the iconic GF mask.

    If the cops ask, I'll just tell them the truth: I think Scientology is a dangerous cult that exploits not only its own members, but every American taxpayer as well, and it is my right to protest their activities as an exercise of my right to free expression.
  13. Re: Dallas- December Planning

    Good good... I'm glad you are ready with the response. Mainly I just don't want people getting scared if the Scilons call the cops and say something like, "Oh Anonymous is outside protesting again..... they must have done the DDOS!!!" Right what Anonymous Female said... something along those lines.... don't lose your head.

    And on a personal note... I'm kinda nervous about getting a GF mask, I'm kinda paranoid that the Scilons would be trying to trace people that buy those masks. (It's what I would do if I was a Scilon. "Think like you were evil, if only for the sake of prevention") probably unfounded, but then again they have been siletn without responding to protestors... so I have to assume they are coniving something.
  14. SocksDallas Member

    Re: Dallas- December Planning

    You are right to be nervous; never buy your mask from Ebay or sites where an individual is offering it up.

    Instead, consider purchasing a mask from an online costume shop. (Some of these costume shops, as an added bonus, send you coupons around Halloween when you're purchasing costumes. But that's beside the point.)
  15. Re: Dallas- December Planning

    It is protest Eve Dallas Anons!!! I plan on being there around 12 till about 3:50 (gotta meet the bus this time.)
  16. Re: Dallas- December Planning

    Will you be heading straight to the "church," DarkSpecter? I'm coming with three friends, but we'll probably be there around 12:15, or at the latest 12:30, and the easiest for us will probably be to go right to the Org.

    Also, any concrete word about attendance/arrival time from Socks, Anon998 or datasync? Be nice to get a rough headcount and time line in advance.
  17. Re: Dallas- December Planning

    I'll be at the Bus Stop I pointed to earlier by 11:45. If I don't see anyone there by 12:15 I'll head to the Org.

    In any case.... There will definitely be ANonymous by 12:30 outside the ORG
  18. Anon998 Member

    Re: Dallas- December Planning

    Can't, work got me working a full day again. :/

    Best of luck thou. I hope to see pics and video. :D

    I will do my best to get a protest on one of my off days. Maybe get a flash raid in with a local anon.
  19. datasync Member

    Re: Dallas- December Planning

    I don't think I will be able to make it. I gotta cover for someone. So I will try to make it to the next one in Jan when things are not so busy.
  20. Re: Dallas- December Planning

    Report for Dec. 11th Dallas raid is up in the Post Game thread. :) Haz pix.
  21. Re: Dallas- December Planning

    Out of town fag here.

    If anything is going from the 30th-1st I am ready
  22. Re: Dallas- December Planning

    Hey I wouldn't mind doing a little something something on new years time.... Let's see whats going on.....
  23. Re: Dallas- December Planning

    I'm out of town until mid-January. Wish some other Anons would come out to play, though...

    I did take advantage of being near an Org that wouldn't recognize me, though, and did a little recon. They must hype the Dallas Org pretty hard (which of course we've heard they do) because the one here was just dead.
  24. Re: Dallas- December Planning

    Nice Nice! I hope you've got some docs? Anything good from there? I'm thinking the next raids will probably be early Jan if Dallas Anons get motivated, otherwise something around LRHs Death day is good for a protest!
  25. Re: Dallas- December Planning

    No significant docs, but I did get a fun DVD. Some of its content is already on the website, but not all of it. Gonna watch it tonight and report back. ^.^b
  26. Re: Dallas- December Planning

    If anything goes on this weekend send me a P.M. I'll be in town Fri, Sat and Sun doing some recon on a "personal project";)

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