Dallas Activism Thread

Discussion in 'USA - Central/Mountain' started by SocksDallas2.0, Feb 27, 2011.

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  3. Sonichu Moderator

    That means you aren't thunder dome ready. If you click on your name at the top of the page, select, "Preferrences"

    Then scroll the bottom on the left of the page, and you should see "Manage Optional User Groups"

    Select that you wish to join the NSFW group. This will give you access to view threads in the Thunderdome, aka downstairs, aka NSFW area. Threads down there can't be seen by google. so people don't see those threads and assume thats what the site is like.
  4. zudok Member

    can i get a "derp" in here? lul
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  5. wereanon Member

    herp a derp
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  6. *Cricket-Cricket*


    The weather is improving... The government is rotting... The Scilons are becoming complacent...

    Gentlemen! Dallas Anonymous must return to session!
  7. Good luck to all. I won't be very active... for about a year, it seems. Maybe longer.
  8. Anonymous Member

    Where's the unlike button?
  9. I wish I could unlike it myself.
  10. Mantis Member

    long time no post, and for that, i am sorry. what up dallas????
  11. CrystalDallas Member

    Has all been quiet in Dallas? I say we need to change that soon. They'll think they've gotten rid of us.
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  12. zudok Member

    looks like were dead. lol occupy was bigger than faggy scifags. thats dead now too it seems. sopa will be coming soon im sure.
  13. zudok Member

    btw im not on here much like everyone else so message me for other contact means
  14. Holy shit, CrystalDallas. Welcome back!! We had a raging time in 2010 and 2011, but the cell's been slower than frozen molasses flowing uphill in January since mid-Summer. I'm all kinds of down with fixing that, if possible. Heck, even this Saturday would be good - early enough that Anon's with school commitments won't be deeply entrenched yet, and the short notice would shake up the Scilons. </overeager>
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  16. Don't forget to be awesome! Keep it up, Dallas!
  17. Calling all Dallas, TX anons! Where are you? I plan on helping to raid with any and all anons in the area for upcoming events, though I haven't seen any recent posts (from even this year)!

    WE NEED TO RE-GROUP and get an idea as to our numbers. Please either reply to this post or shoot me a message, but either way, we NEED Dallas, TX chapter!

    How can we get this going after it being dead for so long?
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  18. ATTENTION ALL WHO WISH TO BE A PART OF THE DALLAS/FT. WORTH, TEXAS CHAPTER! Given that this was the "most recent" thread on Dallas, TX activism, I've started a newer, current thread of which to re-establish the Dallas/Ft. Worth ANON cell. Please head there so we can get this D/FW collective going again! Since having joined the ranks of glorious, humble ANONS everywhere, I've yet to be a part of a raid or any concrete activism. Every day, I hear of social and political injustices where the victim is utterly defenseless and the perpetrator escapes completely unscathed, entirely detached from legal consequences. Every day, I find more reasons to stand for humanity, to stand with ANON, and to stand for the defenseless where they otherwise wouldn't be able to do so. Let our voices be heard. Let our cause rise in strength, modesty, humility, and more importantly, NUMBERS. Direct your attention here at your earliest convenience, fellow Anons, and assist me in putting the D/FW cell back on the activism map:

    I look forward to your responses, contributions, communicative efforts, and assistance in re-establishing D/FW's presence! :)
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