Dallas Activism Thread

Discussion in 'USA - Central/Mountain' started by SocksDallas2.0, Feb 27, 2011.

  1. Welcome all Anons! In this thread we will have links to the current protests being planned along with links to all post-game reports. Feel free to discuss any general Dallas protest topics here as well!

    Newfags: there is an FAQ posted by DarkSpecterAnonymous about four posts down.

  2. Post Game:

    Sorry for the delay. This post will be edited periodically with any links posted in the thread.

    I encourage y'all to check out the old post-game reports. It's incredible to see the hard work done by past anons. If any of these links don't go to the page they're supposed to, please let me know.
  3. agent156 Member

    I've been out of the game. Can't make the fith.

    Why can't we (other cities too) stick to lining up our protests on the third sat of the month..

    It will work much better.
  4. Anon998 Member

    Because we're Dallas and we do whatever the fuck we want! >=D
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  5. FAQ'S for newfags
    • Where is the ORG? This is answered on the page linked here.
    • I don't have a guy Fawkes mask, what should i do?------ While it is not stirctly neccesary to wear a mask to protest with us, it is usually suggested for 2 reasons 1. WHen Protesting the Scientologists, they have a policy known as Fair Game, which is quite strange to the unitiated. Fair Game will be discussed at length below. 2. Wearing a mask, or even just hiding your identity is seen by some as nothing more than a sign of solidarity. This is a reminder to the public that the idea that we are rallying or supporting is more important than the person. Like V once said, 'Ideas are bullet proof', as in we the person are not important so the idea will survive beyond you and me.
    • What should I do to prepare for meeting Scilons?---- Meeting Scilons has in the past been only a one way street. Their latest orders from OSA are to ignore Anonymous, but to try to dox them if you can, and to try to counter any public they speak to. Typically in Dallas, we have very little interaction with individual Scilons. This has been on the rise however, so it's still an open game. The best thing to remember is to use Ghandi tech, which simply means be non aggressive. Scilons attempt bullbaiting, to get a reaction from you, and have an excuse to have you arrested. If Scilons start manhandling you, curl into a ball with your arms over your head, in a defensive manner. And make sure a fellow Anon can see you, in case things become more serious later. While this hasn't happened in Dallas, It could, so best to know what to do in the worst case scenario.
    • Do the cops come out/ has anyone been arrested?---- The Scilons were lucky when they got their org, the business sector does have a security patrol. However, the Security have never used force so far, and are actually guite friendly. Police have also come when the cops call, though so far there have also been no arrests. The most severe thing that's happened so far was a stern warning to take our masks off if we go into a store. Again, cops are pretty cool about it. PROTIP: If the scilons call on security or cops, be sure to thank the scilons later, for bringing public that you can talk to and give a flier to.
    • I've heard of Fair Game, how does it apply to Dallas? Fair game in Dallas is actually pretty non existent. So far to date, only the Chief of the Director of Special Affairs has actually psoken to Anonymous in an attempt to scare them off. They have not followed us anywhere, probably due to the bad PR it get's by putting videos of Creepy Scilons on youtube. But like always, better to be prepared. The rule of thumb is, if Scilons are around, ALWAYS have another Anon with you. 2 people can corroborate a witness testimony if it comes to that.
    • What's the Game plan usually? The game plan is subject to change depending on the indivdual raid, so be sure to check out the Dallas Scilon Raids on for the latest Planning threads. However, a standard game plan includes meeting at the "Flower Clock" located in the box on the right.
      AFter meeting at the clock, we'll march to the ORG at a set time. From there anything goes really. The only point to this is that you will be walking a bit, so wear comfortable shoes, and be able to easily carry anything you bring to raid.
    • What should I bring to the Protest? Oh well I'm glad you asked. Our protests are a combination of srs bzns and a party. Anonymous lieks caek, so see in the thread if anyone has volunteered to bring baked goods. Something sweet keeps anons in a good mood. But don't forget we are trying to make an impact against the cult, so all play and no work isn't good either. Signs of all sizes are great to get your message across. Bringing spare markers to change your sign is always welcome. Fliers to hand out to public that ask is good as well. Unfortunately, there isn't a whol lot of pedestrian traffic where the Scilons are, so don't bring 500 expecting to get rid of all of them.
    • is it legal to wear a mask in public? It is entirely legal to walk around in public with a mask covering your face. However, Police have asked us not to wear them if we go inside a place of business to use the restroom/ get a soda/ get a sammich. So if you are going in a store, please be curteous and take your mask off.
    • is it legal to wear a mask on public transportation? That has never been officially tested, however considering the Police stance on places of business, it would be wise not to wear a mask on public transportation. Though if you have a tail of a scilon, you might want to reconsider taking the mask off. Try talking to the bus driver before you get on so he isn't freaked out.
    • my mom thinks this is a little weird. Can I bring my mom? Ummm. I suppose you can. I'm certainly not going to stop you. However, Scilons may Fair game an easy target, like your mom if she isn't protecting her identity. All the questions asked before apply to your mom to if she comes to protest.
    • do you guys have a facebook page? In the spirit of staying Anonymous, we typically have very little traffic on Facebook. After all, how Anonymous would we be if we posted news on a site with our real names and information.
    • where do i sign up, to officially join Anonymous? There really is nowhere to sign up to be Anonymous. Without getting into metaphysical thinks like exactly what is Anonymous, we will keep "join Anonymous" to mean specifically protest Scientology. No there is nothing you have to do to sign up. If you are reading this you probably found a card, or were reading our forums. If you are doing that, you already know where to find Anonymous. Just stop in, say hello, and do something. Contributing is really the only way to join Anonymous.
    • does it cost anything? Not really. Just whatever supplies you use at a raid, transportation costs. That's about it. Even if you don't bring super duper stuff to raid with, another wog body standing with us discourages scilons.
    • where do you get your posters and flyers printed? That's a case by cas thing. So far we don't have any sponsored printer or anything like that.
    • i heard you guys were [political stuff]. But I'm totally the opposite. Is that ok? Absolutely. Anonymous is everyone. Part of the beauty of being Anonymous includes being able to remove the labels we use to associate with other people. If you are distrubed by the abuses perpetrate by Scientology and want to peacefully protest them, that's all we can ask for.
    • how many scientologists are there in dallas? A concrete number has never really been established. It certainly is not that much, since we raided on the day of a wedding, and many public (non scientologists, non Anonymous Neutral People) came to attend as well. THeir parking situation was not happered at all, so a rough estimate would say they can't even fill their parking lot. THis may be checked on their LRH 100th birthday, which pretty much every scilon in the area has to attend this event. THough notably, Mr. Jim of Mr. Jim's pizza is a confirmed Scientologist, and from an insider's testimony, their biggest Celebrity. It its safe to extrapolate, the Dallas Scilon crowd is not particularly busy.
  6. agent156 Member

    Either way lets keep loosely together... DFW is effed up in so many ways.

    I literally can't safely walk my dog in Garland. And this is the suburbs. My dog will get attacked by other dogs (this has happened, made it a foot out of my fence). Or people will beat you for having the audacity to walk down their sidewalks. Video coming soon.

    This what happens when you step out side of you house with a camera to get evidence to take to civil court, since animal control is limited in their ability to enforce things they don't see. Oh and completely corrupt. When the police came I showed them the hand held camera, he threatened me in front of them. They were told by their lieutenant not to make an arrest, and didn't even bother to rite an incident report.

    The guy with the bottle is the owner of the dog that attacked my dog, that dog ended up paralyzed from the waist down months later. No one knows what happened to her, it was very sad.

    And that is the least of my problems...
  7. grebe Member

    Those chavs might actually benefit from some Dianetics.
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  8. agent156 Member

    snort I needed that...
  9. Chavs. ROFL.
  10. Aight we got a follup on March FOI. Anyone want to offer up another date? SHould we try to get back into every 3rd saturday? keep in mind we gotta set up a Scientology raid too. Thoughts Dallas Anons?
  11. agent156 Member

    yes I think 19th for FOI... see my comments in the other post that used to be in this post.. then I moved them.. oh never mind :p

    I'm just wishing the planing threads for the FoI stuff would be easier to find for people that could care less about anon vs scilons. Some of the people that came to the rally were only interested in the FoI theme.
  12. I'd say let's ask the people that reply to this thread, I wouldn't mind it too much, starting seperate threads for planning different initiatives.

    Alternatively, we could use this thread as a link dump only, and only have posts that link to event pages, General planning and Followups ONLY. While the planning thread for Scilon raids is separate, and the planning thread for FOI is separate.

    Graphic list to help:

    Dallas Activism Thread: Used as a link dump, new threads or updates get posted in here.

    Dallas Scilon Raids: Planning thread to set a schedule, and general FAQs about raiding scilons.
    Date XX Scilon Raid Irving Tx: Latest event planned for Scilon raid, this link gets posted into the Dallas Activism Thread
    Date XX Follow up. Posted in the Dallas Activism Thread, and the Event page

    Dallas FOI Rallys: Planning thread for schedules, locations and FAQs about rallying for FOI
    Date XX FOI Rally Dallas Tx: Latest event planned for FOI rally this link gets posted into the Dallas Activism Thread
    Date XX Follow up. Posted in the Dallas Activism Thread, and the Event page

    Maybe this is huge Leaderfagging, and prolly won't get updated all the time, but if we can keep this up, it might serve to help keep track of things, and the top thread will help provide links for putting into the wiki.

    Thoughts? Reply and quote this part with a response:
  13. agent156 Member


    basically what I thought.

    I asked for a planing forum in the FoI section they seem to be on board :)
  14. agent156 Member

  15. Anon998 Member

    I agree, and I'll start a Dallas Scilon Raids thread and keep it updated as much as possible. :3
  16. Dallanon Member

    I can't do March, but I'll try to pay more attention to things. I've been out for a while for various reasons (nice to see Socks is still here though).

    Gotta catch back up on my memes and Scilon propaganda anyway.
  17. Welcome back! :D Hope to see you out there soon.
  18. GuyFawkesAnon Member

    Hey guys...long time no see. I have been doing some independent research into things that are pissing me off within the local and federal governments. For several reasons, over which I will not go into detail, I feel that the anonymous war against the scilons almost serves to distract us from the things we really must protest. I understand that the scilons are evil corrupt people; but less than 1% of americans are, in fact, scilons.

    This is why I believe that we must move on to bigger things. We must make a change that affects all americans from the local sector all the way to the federal sector.
  19. I don't deny that there are a lot of things fucked up and a local cell of Anons can be inspecting and scrutinizing government, I would support that, except there are 2 reasons I want to see the Scilons through:

    1. Dismantling the Scilons can prove to the rest of the world that Anonymous is not your friend and you cannot hide from Anonymous. Call it "street cred" or whatever, but out of respect for the ideas, organisation etc we've learneed through dealing with Scilons, I want to finish them!

    2. I personally am loathe to start something like that, simply because limiting ourselves to local governments makes it increasingly difficult to get support from others. We would all be engaged in local problems and possibly less able to help the rest of the Hive.

    Then again in regards to 2, I'm not hating it, just hesitant. Like I said, I would love to start something and help.
  20. Yes, this is a link dumping thread.

    Welcome back, Dallanon!

    Yes, the world is a mess. But after a certain point people are divided on issues which are full of suck; the recent Republican attempt to pass a bill cutting off funding for prenatal care for the poor is one example. It's something that I feel quite strongly about, but there are a lot of people who would disagree with me. Basically, it's easier to organize our meager protests because we know without a doubt that Scientology is a bad thing, and we can prove it. With other things, the line is not so clear.

    TL;DR- The world is a mess, and I just need to rule it.
  21. Plenty of Anons are involved with both causes simultaneously, and some with only one or the other, and some with none at all. Anon has no leaders and many goals; who is any one to say which way the whole should be directed? It's their choice, as it is your choice to direct your focus wherever you choose. With all due respect to your opinion, there is really no point in claiming any one Op should be abandoned. If you want to abandon it, fine. If not, that's fine too. The rest of us will direct ourselves as we see fit.
  22. Anonymous Member

    Yeah. Only about 3 million Scientologists in the US. Nothing to worry about, right?
  23. Oh you don't really believe the scilons do you?
  24. Try fewer than 100,000 and you'll be closer to the mark. And anyway, the problem isn't their number; it's their actions.
  25. Anonymous Member

    That was supposed to be a callout on the less than 1% bit.
    Didn't want that, uh, "Acceptable Truth" to slip by unchallenged :3
  26. ahh... well I think in that case she was referring to less than 1% being to miniscle to be considered relevant

    Consider: 307,006,550 - Jul 2009

    EXACTLY 1% = 3,070,065 million

    Roughly 100,000 scilons in US= .0325% of the US population are Scilons.

    Round it anyway you want, it's such a small percent it's closer to 0% of course, that 1% difference is still significant.

    When Scilons here can't be counted out without going smaller than .00004%, I think we are done. BTW that's a population of 100 out of the listed 307,006,550
  27. GuyFawkesAnon Member

    My previous statement was not a call to abandon the scilon op, nor did I make any mention of abandoning any causes. The only message I was trying to convey was my opinion; and you can take that for what it's worth. You seem to have taken my post out of context. I was offering my opinion. Nothing more, nothing less.
  28. Anonymous Member

    Really? you sure about that?

    Can you provide some context how that is not meant to be forget scilons and focus on the government? You don't mention to abandon it, but you certainly don't endorse continuing.

    And now if you also don't mind, Anonymous Female will offer her opinion:

  29. Anonymous Member

    <3 you anon.

    No offense, but

    GFA's status:
    []Fucking told
    [X]Stone Told Steve Austin
  30. Anonymous Member

    the babysitter stabs the beast in the neck with a screwdriver, and the beast goes down. the babysitter is exhausted, turns her back on the beast and sits down on the sofa to rest. 199 moviegoers are screaming for her to pull the ax out of the closet door and finish off the beast. GuyFawkesAnon has already left the theater. He's pretty sure the movie is over.
    As the beast begins to stir and reaches for the screwdriver in his neck, GFA is at the boxoffice buying tickets to a movie about unicorns vs. UFOs.
  31. I don't know if edits show up as notifications or not, but I've added every previous Dallas post-game report I can find on the site to the list. They're pretty incredible. The persistence of Anonymous is great, and I recommend reading at least the first posts of all of them. I'll update the lists as quickly as I can.
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  32. Me likey, except maybe you can use your first post for the Planning pages links, and only bold / highlight the immediate next rally. THat way the planning pages have links too.
  33. Informational: Only new posts give notifications; edits don't.

    Still, awesome!! :D
  34. I thought about doing that, but really the planning pages don't have much to offer. It's a bunch of people saying "Yes I'll be there" or "No because [excuse]".

    The post-game reports have pictures, videos, and stories of what happened at each protest. You can see the different anons who have worked for this over the years, the people who actually were there. Also I like that it's kind of a mini-timeline of Dallas's enturbulation history.
  35. Yeah thats true I guess. I really only wanted it because their is some FAQ's of first time protesters that are answered in some of the planning threads. It will make rewritting the wiki easier. Ah well, I'll update the Wiki to try to answer first time protester questions for protesting in Dallas, including my maps.
  36. If you want to, we can post an FAQ list here, with a general map. Sound groovy?
  37. Sure why not? Let's get some sample questions:
    Where is the ORG?
    I don't have a guy Fawkes mask, what should i do?
    What should I do to prepare for meeting Scilons?
    Do the cops come out/ has anyone been arrested?
    I've heard of Fair Game, how does it apply to Dallas?
    What's the Game plan usually?

    Any one care to add any first timer questions?
  38. Zak McKracken Member

    • why are you protesting scientology?
    • why not go after the catholic church or moslem terrorists?
    • what religion are you guys anyway?
    • what should i bring to a protest?
    • is it legal to wear a mask in public?
    • is it legal to wear a mask on public transportation?
    • my mom thinks this is a little weird. Can I bring my mom?
    • do you guys have a facebook page?
    • where do i sign up, to officially join Anonymous?
    • does it cost anything?
    • where do you get your posters and flyers printed?
    • i heard you guys were [political stuff]. But I'm totally the opposite. Is that ok?
    • how many scientologists are there in dallas?
    • does this mask make my butt look big?
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  39. Okay, cool. You wanna organize this, DSA? You have a post you can edit that's pretty close to the top. If not, that's cool. Just let me know.
    You can use the map I posted in the other forum if you like, or any others that you have access to.


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