DA: Attacking the tax exempt status sets dangerous precident

Discussion in 'Think Tank' started by Consensus, Feb 19, 2008.

  1. BTANONNYC Member

    Re: DA: Attacking the tax exempt status sets dangerous precident

    personally, i think combining these two would be our best route, especially because Hubbard did exactly what SRG said, religious cloaking.

    TBH, it worked so well for him (and you can't argue that), i'm surprised we haven't seen the Church of Microsoft in this day and age.

    i think we should not only watch the outcome of the citizen's briefing book, but we should actively work to get this into some form of lobbying. but i know very little about this, so we should discuss (situation room perhaps?)

  2. francie Member

    Re: DA: Attacking the tax exempt status sets dangerous precident

    If the CofS was actually doing what they say they do:
    then there wouldn't be any profit at the end of the year. Scientology would "use" all the money it got "for religious or charitable purposes". And these "uses" would be "expenses" which would reduce "profits" and hence reduce "taxes".

    So why the hell does a church (or any nonprofit need to be tax free anyway?

    Only if their "charitable purposes" is to stick their hands in their own honey jars and help themselves.
  3. Anonymous Member

    Re: DA: Attacking the tax exempt status sets dangerous precident

    One of the reasons, at least in part, that NPO's are given tax exemption has to do with the fact that donations are given without exchange of consideration. Essentially, a donation is a non-commercial transaction, therefore not subject to sales tax... and as there are "no profits" only capital reinvestment in things liek trusts to parlay money into the future where it will be spent to do some act which is "charitable." In theory a social contract exists for the NGO/NPO to use the money for its stated purpose within certain defined limits, but as we've seen with Scientology "building fund drives" more often than not it's simply a way to endlessly raise money for purposes which somehow never seem to be accomplished on time / budget.

    Tax is paid at the income level, not at the donation or provision of goods and services to the target population level. The thing is, it is very difficult to figure out what Scientology actually does to benefit the common weal in an effort to justify its status as a tax exempt entity. Unfortunately the laws are written such that its very easy to establish a tax exempt organization to push a political agenda (e.g. AARP, NAACP, NRA, PETA, ad nausem), and just because a tax exempt organization is solely designed to push a $cilon agenda while enriching CorpScilontolology doesn't mean by comparison its doing anything particularly different than these other PACs.

    The difference is this... it's not "The Church of PETA." PETA folks may be flakes who make egofaggotry a high art and think what I eat should have civil rights equivalent to people, but they're making no pretenses about being the sort of organization moar typically associated with feeding and clothing the poor, ministering to the sick, and doing what you can to generally uplift society.

    Scientology spends money on one thing only; make moar money by spreading $cientology to the wogs, whether they want it or not.
  4. Timmibal Member

    Re: DA: Attacking the tax exempt status sets dangerous precident

    Christfag here.

    You know what? I'm with the Satanfags. Religion should not be a catch-all exemption from tax. Any legitimately charitable organization, be they religious or secular, should be able to prove in about 5 seconds flat that they exist to benefit the community.

    Soup Kitchens, community welfare groups, women's shelters, YMCAs, PCYCs, Thrift stores who provide emergency food and clothing to the needy, homeless shelters, vocational education camps which provide trade skills to street kids... The list can go on and on. Wanna throw a cross up the front and talk about big J for an hour on sunday? Fine and dandy. As the tl;dr book says "By their works shall ye know them."

    It might even have the benefit of getting rid of some of the bloodsucking parasites who use the good message of legitimate faiths to line their own pockets.

    (I'm looking at you, Televangelists and $1000 a seat New age conference gurus.)

    Since when does faith need a big fucking building and gold lame robes? I don't recall Jesus, Mohammed or Buddha cruising in corvettes. (OK, Buddha WAS a prince, but there was the whole poverty thing which came after.)

    So what if $cifags getting raped by the tax departments of the world sets a precedence? That fallout might just have the unexpected benefit of destroying the parts of modern religion which most decent people find so abhorrent. If nothing else it will humble the FUCK out of some folks who really deserve it.

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