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    Documentaries that explicitly call Scientology a cult can tend to be ineffectual when it comes to getting certain people to leave the cult. Another tactic is documentaries that discuss cult methodologies, with the cult member making the connection themselves (one ex-SO spoke highly of the book ‘My Life In Orange’ on this theme).

    What documentaries would the hivemind recommend? I have heard “The Lost Daughter” is a very good such documentary, but I have been unable to procure it. I think compiling list of such documentaries, not to mention making such available, would be a worthwile endeavour.

    Anyone got any good suggestions on such documentaries?
  2. thewayup Member

    If you're talking about vids on the subject, I have seen a handful of old ones on Google vids.
    Can't remember links or titles though. Sorry.
    You could try searching 'Cults', and go from there.

    An hour ago I was going through my CAN archive catalogue list. In it there are many old vids (and cassettes) produced over the years (going back to the 1980's) on this subject, which have yet to find their way onto the Internet.

    (See my other OP in Research).

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