Cult Guru Swami Nithyananda using Scientology to brainwash followers

Discussion in 'Scientology and Anonymous' started by Anonymous, Oct 17, 2011.

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  3. Has some small similarities to a Landmark Seminar, as far as locking doors, assisting people to the restrooms, blocking out windows and keeping people there for long periods of time, only your experience is a lot more severe of course. But it's all a form of conditioning and mind control.

    I wish you did your research on HIM before plunking down your $13,000.
    All the information this thread was (well not everything) culled from the internet which is of course readily available to anyone.
    You need to report your story to the authorities or at the very least warn others. So people like yourself do not have to go through the same nightmare and waste their money.

    BTW, Landmark is NOT the way to go either. ;)
  4. I was literally harassed by the followers of Swamiji ...I was told that it was imperative that I go to India and that I study with Swamiji in India. They were calling me all the time ...they were begging me to go to India and pay this large amount of money. They bugged me so much and it really made me feel so bad, I cried, and I hardly ever cry, I have also noticed in my travels,there is this insane belief that all Americans have tons of cash and we are all like millionaires.

    I decided after some thought we should go but, when I mentioned the cost to my husband he said ," no way!" and he felt it was a con.We talked about it and assumed that people that sign you up must get a kick back why else would they harass you so much I just assumed that well guess what a few months later Swamiji did the class for free! Of course,you would have to pay for flight, room and food. We still decided not to go to India because it is just hard to travel there, and the air quality causes some respiratory issues for everyone on our tour last time. .We have traveled to India,before so we know to expect a major culture shock.

    My friend she just decided to take this leap and go to India and study with Swamiji she was there for a long time and did learn a few things, Her third eye did open and she could see things , scan people bodies and do telekinesis. And she used up all the money she had, but did not care because
    she has faith that all will be taken care of , and perhaps it will.

    Here is my take , I listen to the Swamiji lecture on youtube and I have great respect for him for sharing his knowledge of vedas, and his lectures. and he also can see into the akasiac record of the future.
    I have a very strong yoga and meditation practice. I also chant mantras all of this is important for purification.And have been around the spiritual block per say and traveled to other counties and seen saints, sadhu and shamanic healers. The place I fell into a very, very deep meditative state was in Brazil with John of God in the current room. Wow what a place.
    A few things that I've learned, it is wise to really deeply about the best spiritual practice that suits you one that resonates with you and it is best to be committed to a practice I think the best experiences come if you already have a committed spiritual practice and then when you do more intense work your reap the benefit faster!

    There is a very powerful practice of silent /meditation for 10 days and there is a donation you pay at the end for what the experience is worth to you . This is a quantum leap spiritually it is powerful, and amazing it is an international program some facilities are very rustic .. Look up . This practice really kicked me a few notches of course it is good to be somewhat prepared before signing up . There is guy here that studied with a sadhu who can awakened the kundalini he is practioner and for $ 100.00 a session. It is good to be purified and be prepared it is very intense.

    My point here, is that you do not have to pay a big chunk of money or take a loan or put it on credit card to move forward spiritually. I must say, I was absolutely stunned to read here that the followers of the Swamiji offer a credit card or a loan so you can go study in India with the Swamiji.
  5. Nithyananda is banned from the United States. He owes people money and there are open lawsuits for racketeering & fraud. He'd be arrested as soon as he stepped foot on soil here. Which is why he has to get people to come to shitty India to have fun at his cult commune. I feel bad for the young children that send their parents there. They're being abused.
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    Sounds like the Swamiji's brainwashing worked on GraceS.
  7. I am going to write as a neutral person, You will have balanced view.

    Their is too much stress in life, and some individuals have the higher consciousness like Ram Rahim,
    Sadguru , Saibaba, Nithyananda etc, They are mere mortals but after so much following they think they are bigger than god.
    Again human greed to believe in Mary Poppins is exploited by these Gurus.

    Please note spirituality is a requirement for Humanity in stress.

    We are taught from childhood we need to study hard and graduate and get good Job, then life is set, Till education is going on we have exams to test our skills, But when we are out of college the rules have changed, Drop outs have become rich and termed successful, Beautiful girls clamour people with money,

    So all the rules have changed , Then stress come , Then self doubt comes, then depression comes , then medicine and diseases come,

    Then we want to believe in miracles,
    End of story,

    People behind Nithyananda Ashram have the responsibility to run the ashram , what is required Money and Volunteers.?

    Volunteers are not paid, lead a tough life, But they are told they will achieve enlightenment as they are Adeenawasi. (in short tele sales guys) If they take money its insult to guru, Personal expenses can,t be covered but they can do business from ashram and also will get 1000 USD sambhavna,( In short commission), If they cause one person to make full payment.

    These guys will make you crazy till you join, They themselves are victims without knowing, running behind delusion , leaving their families and kids back home,

    You need to ask the same people questions, If they ask you to take loan, tell them you applied but loans are not going through, start asking them personal questions, ask questions ask more time ,

    Please not Guru is required to attain salvation, but you need to try and test it.
    But in todays time we wanted instant salvation, so we will need to pay for it.

    If you still decide to go to Ashram, India is free place and nothing will happen to you.
    Always carry your phones, Take Local Police Number, Take Local Tourism and Central ministry twitter accounts, Present govt is very active on twitter. Take your embassy number, to contact them in need of emergency, These Gurus are very much afraid of Defamation.

    Bidadi ashram is long way from Hotel. Please check with local Hotel , If you call them they will arrange private taxis in case of Emergency, But India is safe , No one can just harm you, but we need to be careful.

    Regarding spiritual experience, After 2008 incident and present Ram Rahim case and furore from people, Nothing is going to happen, One more scandal and Nithyananda Sangha will collapse, Even last six years , Swamiji is afraid to go out of Ashram,
    The real one:
    Do you require peace of Mind.

    Then yes Guru is required.
    Don't Believe in what Jesus said or what is written in Qoran or some other religious book, You need explore yourself , You need to be a seeker.

    Read scripture, explore life, help people, Try to be happy and powerful,

    Indian Gurus are very powerful, Because Indian scriptures are very powerful, Before going to any Ashram connection with Guru is required.
    But Upanashads and Vedas give us the right to question our Gurus. Even if they are Right you can question them. Sometimes you feel utility of this Guru is finished you need to move to different Guru or start exploring life on its own.
    When you will require Guru.

    When you feel you are alone?
    When you feel you are depressed?
    When you feel you are not making enough money to get what you want in life?
    When you feel their something higher purpose for you in life?
    When you are seeker.

    As per Hindu astrology ( free horoscopes available)

    If you you date and time and place of birth, It can predict how far you are spiritually inclined.

    Some people can spend their whole life working as a cleaner and be happy in what he or she gets, she is content, no emotions, that person does not require Guru or Salvation, But yes if she feels she deserves more and feels helpless Guru will solve her problem.

    Please note India is very safe place and land of spiritual seeking, and couple of incidents should not sully your mind.


    If you feel you have been cheated of your money, you need to make a case out of it.
    Even if Life Bliss says the money paid is not refundable,
    Send tweets to Tourism Minister and file case in your home state.

    File a complaint, 13000 USD is not an small amount, They need to refund. I feel you need to file a case in the states or atleast threaten and see the response and put it on the net, Defame them worry them make their life miserable send mails to ashram , send mails to media, Even if you dont get money.
    You will get satisfaction and you can save others from loosing money.

    But spirituality is to be experienced, It is for our benefit, Even Swamijis Videos and meditation can take you to higher level,

    Most importantly is you need to be happy be a seeker, expect best things in life, ask questions to Gurus, express your opinion, be happy in life and never Give up.

    Let them abuse , let them do whatever, Let it not affect you.
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  9. The $13000 shows how far these thieves have gone to.
    It's non-refundable and I wonder why they need to steal money from hardworking people when they claim to manifest diamonds and wealth out of thin air. My wife plunked the money without asking me and now doesn't care if I file for divorce.
    She's not interested in anything about his numerous scandals and believes he's the real incarnation.
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  11. Nithyananda is totally full of bs. I wonder how many fools are born every minute putting down all their hard earned money to get molested at his camps. None of his videos show levitation and moving of coconut is utter bs. You can get better miracles from a high school magic trick
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    still wrapped up in court

    and more
    The Hindu
    Plea against Nithyananda ashram

    An activist based in Salem has urged the Karnataka police to register a case against the administrators of the Swami Nithyananda ashram in Bidadi under the Protection of Children Against Sexual Offences (POCSO) Act and the Religious Institutions (Prevention of Misuse) Act 1988 for allegedly misusing children and forcing them to perform acts in violation of law.
    In his letter to the Karnataka Director General of Police, activist Piyush Manush said certain video clips were being circulated on social media in which minors at the ashram were making sexually explicit remarks (against poet Vairamuthu).

    Swami’ Nithyananda Claims He is an Impotent Godman Who Had Consensual Intercourse with His Rape Accuser
    CONFIRMED! It was 'Swami Nithyananda' in the 2010 sex video

    still posting videos on You Tube
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    theres a buttload of crooked Swami's
    Saffron-clad sex offenders who have brought shame to Hinduism, Hindus

    Spiritual leaders Swami Nithyananda, Asaram Bapu, Swami Bhimanand, and Swami Vikasanand are some who have been charged of rape, murder, cheating, and other crimes. While many have been convicted, others are accused in a number of crimes and the cases are still going on in the court. Although these self-proclaimed gurus have thousands of followers, who have protested against their arrest, few of them have finally been convicted.

    If you had been a little busy yesterday you may have missed it, but just in case here’s it again: an elderly man in saffron clothes was caught masturbating at a protest in New Delhi seeking action against the accused in the Kathua rape case and harsher punishment for rape convicts including the death penalty. This elderly saffron-clad dirty old man, however, was least concerned with the protest and was busy at it. Shock, dismay and so-what has been the major reaction to what he did in public.
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    Scenes from an Indian Scientology Graduation

    I sang Sonu Nigam songs and was questioned about being a virgin.

    By Parthshri Arora, VICE, June 25, 2018


    I know next to nothing about Scientology, but my interest was piqued when a friend sent me an invitation to a Scientologist graduation ceremony in Delhi. The religion, established by L. Ron Hubbard in 1954, has been making inroads into India’s overcrowded local faith market since 2003. According to news reports from 2012, anywhere between 3,000 to 7,000 Indians have been involved Scientology—according to Abhishekh Kumar, a “junior executive” I spoke with, the number is now over 30,000.

    The event on Saturday took place in a bungalow that serves as the Delhi headquarters and marked local students’ completion of courses such as “Knowing Who to Trust”, “Route to Infinity”, “Happiness Rundown” and others. The courses range from between five hours to two weeks, and cost between Rs. 1,200 to Rs. 10,000. Some, like “How to Improve Relationship with Others” are basic lectures, while others, like “Dianetics”,and “Auditing” involve equipment like the electropsychometer, or e-meter . The e-meter is said to measure a person’s mental state while a minister asks intimate questions in an attempt to cleanse the person’s Thetan, or immortal spiritual being.

    Present at the event were about 30 graduates who had done courses over the last several years, their family members, and allies. One guy even flew in from Kuala Lumpur to collect a certificate. Before the ceremony, we were shown a clip from a game show from Scientology TV, where a host asks a contestant to choose from three curtains: One, “has more alcohol than he can consume”; another has “amazing drugs”; and a third offers “family and self respect.” This video was available at a discounted price of Rs. 1,000 for the day.

    Continued at

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