Cult files suit in Georgia

Discussion in 'Leaks & Legal' started by GUMBYtheUNSTOPPABLE, Jan 14, 2010.

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    Uhu; just like the no votes went up after the link appeared here, I'm sure.

    All good clean fun

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    Sandy Springs to consider Scientology church's expansion plans

    By Pat Fox
    The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
    Opponents of an expansion at the Church of Scientology in Sandy Springs say they hope to defeat the proposal Tuesday when it goes before the City Council.
    Hyosub Shin,
    Church of Scientology's vice president Bob Adams speaks during a Sandy Springs council meeting on Dec. 15, 2009.


    Church leaders have waited three years for permission to add 12,000 square feet to their building near Roswell Road and Glendridge Drive. The proposal was defeated in 2009, and the church filed suit.
    Last year, a federal judge upheld the city's decision to limit the size of the church based on its on-site parking, but church leaders say they have corrected the deficiency.
    The City Council appeared poised to approve the rezoning last month, but more than 50 opponents showed up and argued they had not been given enough notice to prepare their case. They said they oppose the expansion based on its effect on one of the city's busiest intersections.
    The council voted 5-2 to delay a decision until this month.
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    The Sandy Springs City Council has voted 5 to 1 to settle a religious discrimination lawsuit filed against it by the Church of Scientology.
    Council members granted a zoning change that will put years’ worth of litigation to an end. Half of the standing-room only crowd attending the July 17 meeting opposed the zoning change. Councilman Tibby DeJulio was the only vote against settling the suit.
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    Oh well. This is disappointing, but expected.
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    Sorry to get on here so slowly. I was going to post last night, but didn't get home till after midnight.

    I have to mention the one lulz moment of the night. I walked in and one cult member's eyes became huge and she stared at me for a good bit. None of this is new to me, but I kept thinking I should know her form somewhere, but it didn't register at first. Eventually it hit me she was the one who painted the words anonymous freaks on her car and kept driving past us during a protest. She was a fun mess.

    I have always been happy with the amount of response the citizens of SS gave to this matter. I can't fathom how many more people have been informed about the cults reputation from this experience. I owe the cult a big ty for doing the protesters job.

    I knew if the cult won they would have to deal with the fixing the billion things wrong with that building. It has become a run down mess.

    The meeting started and then the council left for a private meeting. During this time I talked to a few people who decided to attend this and it was their first meeting involving the cult. I was able to answer questions about the cults history for them. I also pointed out the scientology members seated and the lawsuits they were each facing individually and also all the other lawsuits the cult has in ATL. It was pretty great. tbh

    Then the meeting started back up

    The SS lawyer brought up the parking matter had been settled with the cult now able to add in parking spaces and remodel the building. It was also discussed at great length what would occur if SS lost the rezoning matter in court. It came with some very heavy consequences. An example of Lilburn GA ( It think it was Lilburn) was given in the matter. I gather Lilburn lost a case involving a religion and must now have an outside government organization handle all matters involving rezoning and religious groups fro 5 years. It was also brought to the attention that SS has lost 2 rezoning matters one involving a religious group and parking.

    The SS lawyer said the parking would be expanded in the property the cult owns and they would share parking with the postal office next door. This would satisfy all parking requirements. The SS lawyer mentioned that scientology doesn't use their building like regular churches (hearing this turned my stomach).

    The cults lawyer Galloway then spoke presenting they had the the parking requirements met. He repeatedly mentioned in a variety of ways through out the night scientology had the right to move in after meeting all the restrictions and denying them for other reasons was illegal and discrimination. He also reinforced the cult was not actually expanding the buildings size just redoing it inside and adding the replacement parking on the outside.

    The citizens in opposition were then given the chance to speak. Several things were mentioned by a variety of people:

    1) Shared parking must cover both organizations 100% of the time.
    2) this matter should of been resent back to the planning/rezoning committees when the new info was submitted.
    3) In order to redo the water drainage on the postal property and to use their space written permission from that group would be needed.
    4) The postal service was not mentioned on the original application so a whole new application would need to be filled out including them
    5) The cult purchased a building that would not even be allowed to be built now a days. The fact it doesn't meet their current needs is not SS problem, but the cults poor planning decision.

    Next scientologists was give time to speak ( I wrote this down the best I could while standing in the back of a crowded room please forgive errors). Most of what the cult members said was boring and repetitive.

    John Nesbit stated he does not live in SS, but I think Suwanee was mentioned. Said he had been in the cult 20 years and loved the SS area blah blah blah

    Joel Benk stated he had been in the cult for 27 years and his wife is the deputy director for scientolgy. (I think her name is Debbie) He said they needed the extra space to practice their religion. Somewhere he mentioned he was a dentist and blah blah blah

    Next up was Karen Lange or Langly not sure of the last name. Even with a mic she was had to hear. She does live in SS and was a house builder once, but now is an equity trader and the cult needs the space and SS is great and blah blah blah. I think this is her

    Chris something or another was about to speak, but the cults lawyer Galloway interrupted and spoke again in stead
    Galloway stated:
    1) they did get written permission from the post office to redo the water drainage and use their parking
    2) He said the traffic there is bad and will stay bad until SS gov. fixes it and that is not the cults problem.
    3) He restated everything from earlier

    Next the council talked to their own lawyers.
    The council asked the SS lawyers a few questions. It was stated the matter did not need to go back to the rezoning/planning committees since it was still open. One of the council members stated she had to vote for this because of her part in the previous lawsuits that were overturned. She sounded a bit apologetic she was voting for it.

    Only one council member voted against the plan. We lost the vote, but won so much else!

    For me personally I take enjoyment in the following
    The cult submitted. They didn't get their way on this issue. They will spend more money and do more work to meet the guidelines of SS! They didn't bully the local gov into giving in.
    The cult spent 3 years fighting this and the financing of this was not cheap!
    The cult must now raise money to fix that run down money pit.
    The citizens of SS have all heard about the cult and what they are really like.
    When they finally do move we can spread info to the few that have not heard of cults faults
    I'm hoping the money push to fix that building will lead to the cults member's realizing what the cult is all about.
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    Questions: Is there a set time period of the Cof$ to get drainage work to the parking lot done? Same for getting the building refurbished? Or can they let it go indefinately the way they did the Stuper Powers building in CW?

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    but after three years, how much did the cult cost the taxpayers of SS for all these hearings and such?
    Must have been a good chunk of change.
    I hope the COS enjoys their BIG empty building
    damn fools

    and keep in mind, it didn't cost Scientology a damn dime.
    Their lawyering for three years and the refurbshing of this morgue was paid by the COS's members victims who where regged from here to eternity < so what I did thar
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    A time limit was not mentioned. I've been flipping through the info on the Sandy Springs website and I'm not seeing anything with time deadlines. I could be looking in the wrong place. If the cult does draw this out I see it trashing their reputation more.
    I'm hoping Sandy Springs will not step up watching the property and start fining them for the uncut grass, rotting wood, etc..

    I think it was reported it cost Sandy Springs $85,000. However, a room full of citizens wanted to spend more and continue the fight. The city has changed its insurance policey regarding matters like this. I've honestly not looked into it.
    I do feel bad for the members at all times. They shall he pumped/pushed for more money. I'm hoping that might lead to some of them waking up to whats really going on.

    That's my take on the situation. I know I may be viewed as simple in seeing a big chunk of this as a good, but for me the cult submitted to wog law.
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    After thinking about it some more, I realized any time limits on the construction would be related to the construction permits, not the zoning changes. So I guess we'll have to keep an eye out for the permits to actually do the work and see what kind of time restrictions, if any, they have.

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    Wow! $85,000
    and wait till they see just how much COS gives back to the community and are they going to be tax exempt to boot? All people in all towns pay more taxes to compensate for all the tax exempt property. But at least some tax exempt properties give back. Like soup kitchens and other outreach stuff.
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    City Makes Way for Church of Scientology Expansion, Approves Zoning - Sandy Springs, GA Patch

    Jack Shaw, representing Round Hill Condominium Association, is one of hundreds of residents opposed to approval of the zoning modifications. He suggested a lawsuit by the citizens of Sandy Springs if the zoning was approved.

    “We insist that the Mayor and City Council take the leadership roles you were elected for,” Shaw said. “Place the concerns of Sandy Springs taxpayers and residents ahead of a misguided fear of the Church of Scientology and reject this proposed settlement.”

    Tibby Dejulio was the sole Council vote against the zoning modification. However, Karen Meinzen McEnerny said she, too, was against it despite her intention to approve it.

    “I am troubled that I participated in zoning decisions in the past that were cited today. One involving a synagogue, another involving another type of church, McEnerny said. "[This] allowed, in my view, a basis for the plaintiff to claim discrimination. As much I would like to deny this application, I have no grounds to do so.”

    What do you think of the outcome? Tell us in the comments.
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    ^^^^^^^ Just more nonsense stemming from the bogus claim that this "Church of Scientology" is a church.
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    It is a church.
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    uh oh, here we go again
  18. Anonymous Member

    No we don't.
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    C.H.U.R.C.H: Culty's Having Unusual Religious Cocklicking for Hubbard
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