Cult Dry Cleaning? Harpoons?

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by Saul Goodman, Jun 20, 2011.

  1. anonsparrow Member

    I'm in need of an LA trip to smack you around some.
  2. Anonymous Member

  3. Anonymous Member

    They'd probably be doing it into the local drinking water supply.
  4. Anonymous Member

    Last day to poon, according to their timeline. (In actual fact, there's no real reason to stop pooning, as long as the situation exists.)
  5. Anonymous Member

    Isn't that essentially what they did in Bonaire with the Freewinds?
  6. Anonymous Member

  7. Smurf Member

    Promises.. promises..
  8. Anonymous Member

    Yeah, let's see what those politicians are made of.
  9. Herro Member

    So tell me crusaders, when this standard permit is granted, are you all going to scream corruption? Or just call everyone stupid? We should take bets. I'm going with calling everyone stupid.
  10. Saul Goodman Member

    I think that their effort will go only lightly disturbed by anons, judging from the responses in the thread, although a few are interested. If they continue as planned, it would be a task to bring dox and process to achieve anything, which is a crap-shoot anyway. I think that by far the best effort is to poon while they are applying, dox them on their poor record, and see what happens. It is cheap, easy, and just might make a difference. The worst thing that could happen is that it would be a new topic of interest to certain officials from that point on. That point being now.
  11. Anonymous Member

    It's a topic, not a battle, you goose.
  12. Herro Member

    So who cares whether there's actually anything wrong with them operating dry cleaning equipment. Greatest good across the greatest number of dynamics eh? Lol, fucking drycleaning. Stay classy WWP.
  13. Nick_Nolte Member

    Replace the word Scientologists with Jew in this thread. Still think it's a good idea to go protest someone's business cause of their religion? If they do a shitty cleaning job or overcharge, then please do protest.
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  14. Herro. Member

    Replace all the Jews in this thread with Scientologists.
  15. Herro Member

    Are we going to need a flow chart?
  16. Anonymous Member

    I'm finding you highly entertaining. Would you like to be my boy toy?
  17. Herro. Member

    That pointless asshat has nothing to offer you. Try me: once you go black, etc.
  18. Herro Member

    Woah, where is this coming from bro?
  19. Herro. Member

    Teach me.
  20. Anonymous Member

    Please, continue.

  21. Herro Member

    Eh, the unedited post wasn't that good either. Third time's a charm though.

    Third time wasn't a charm after all.
  22. Smurf Member

    qwack.. qwack..
  23. Anonymous Member

    Luv to watch those politicians tapdance.
  24. Anonymous Member

  25. Herro Member

    You spell quack with a "w"? You're gay.
  26. Anonymous Member

    Do geese even quack? I thought they honked.
  27. Anonymous Member

  28. Smurf Member

    NO WAY!!!
  29. Anonymous Member

    I thought cars honked.
  30. Anonymous Member

    Sometimes there are higher priority projects that shift others to the bottom of the pile. Recent budget cuts may have decreased the personnel available to handle it all. :)
  31. Anonymous Member


  32. Anonymous Member

  33. Smurf Member

    Mike Myers is gay?
  34. Anonymous Member

    No, I just thought you'd appreciate the headshot, and I did a segue into the old "way?" meme.
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  35. Anonymous Member

    You're right. It's possible city officials may have heard rumors about the cult but may have had no dox until now. Can't you just see OSA running around trying to "dead agent" the truth? :D
  36. Anonymous Member

    I don't know what, but poon hard and often.
  37. Anonymous Member

    Hey Smurf, I heard on the news this morning that the 405 construction was finished a day early, and Villaraigosa spoke somewhere. Taking credit for it, I guess. But hey, at least he's paying attention. And to be fair, he might possibly have had something to do with it, and if he doesn't toot his own horn, who will? Gotta get ready for the next election, right?
  38. Anonymous Member

    If there isn't a law against Scilons taking a dump there sure as shit should be!
  39. Smurf Member

    Of course, but Antonio's not tooting for re-election. He terms out in 2013 when the next mayor is elected.
  40. Anonymous Member

    This could prove fruitful. We will be giving OSA lots of work to do. :D

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