Croatian law of criminal prosecution

Discussion in 'Think Tank' started by croanon, Nov 5, 2011.

  1. croanon Member

    - the law itself
    The law is catastrophic, it's against European concession of human rights. Why?
    here are some points:
    1. investigation is secret
    2. police can enter your house, track you, record you, and anything they want
    3. instead of investigating judge, investigation is made by state lawyer
    4. he collects all evidence, both to proofe innocence or guilty
    5. person can see files after the interogation(which is often after the indictment)
    6. investigation prison can last longer(5 years!)
    6.1. you must wait 5 days before going to investigating judge
    7. defendant has rights, but all of them can be altered
    8. no right on silence (!!!) you either admit or deny accusations, and by the default, you are guilty - THAT IS AGAINST PRESUMPTION OF INNOCENCE
    9. evidence that is collected with infringement of the law can be valid (possible police brutality!!) because it is more important "public interest" than rights of defendant(?!)
    10. attack on media freedom, public may not know of indictment until affirmation of validity of indictment(?!?!?!?!?!)
  2. croanon Member

    My plan is to invade croatian internet sites with messages so more people would educate themselves about world and anonymus, and to point them what they can do in their surroundings. After that it is time to make flyers around and I'm sure people will notice them.
    That law is valid since 1st september, media tried to point on him, but people dont understand how terrible it is. It's time to people know they don't have rights they think they do!!!

    I think the next month period is great for this action, because people in Croatia are getting ready for changes, it is time for elections, and the leading faction for last 20 years has fallen under the criminal investigations and people doesnt trust them.
  3. Cefofe Member

    And what about law that doesn't prosecute war criminals ??
  4. croanon Member

    i could ask the same question, i'm not here to discuss yu-wars, so please...
  5. lulzgasm Member

    Good God. That law almost reads like the USA Patriot Act.

    The sooner you get that law repealed the better off your country will be.
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  6. croanon Member

    there's more to that, state lawyer that leads investigation can put surveillance when defendant talks to his lawyer (basic human right of privacy of communication - BROKEN)

    before, only the court could do that, now, the other side of the proces can demand it (:confused:)
  7. croanon Member

  8. Anonymous Member

    Well, we all know that one of the main reasons that's been preventing Croatia from joining the EU is because Croatian legal system is not up to the standards. Good luck with changing it.
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  9. rmanhard Member

    I'd have to agree!
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  10. TRQ Member

    There's endemic corruption in Croatia, backed by years of politicians who have proved to be untrustworthy (although this seems to be a bit of a global template ;). I doubt the Croatian people are unaware of these changes but what can they do? When you are surrounded by bad alternatives for governmental leaders then it all becomes a bit pointless. Also, the media is not as free as it is over here. For example, in Serbia there have been instances of the government putting pressure on public media outlets, shutting down people's blogs, twitter feeds, and taking people into custody to have a discussion about social media posting.

    There's work to do in that entire region.
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