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Discussion in 'Other Countries' started by anonymouscro, Mar 7, 2012.

  1. anonymouscro Member

    Molimo. Ako podržavate otvaranje podforuma "Croatia/Hrvatska" za korisnike iz Hrvatske. Ostavite samo jedan komentar "Ja sam za Croatia podforum". P.S. Podrazumijeva se da sam ja za...

    Please.Ifyou supportopensubforums"Croatia/ Hrvatska"for customersfrom the Croatian.Leaveonlyone comment, "I'minCroatiasubforum."
    Thank you.
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  2. freehackgirl Member

    Ja sam za podforum Croatia / Hrvatska
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  3. Ja sam za podforum Croatia / Hrvatska
  4. freehackgirl Member

    Hej, Anonymouscro, od kada smo se izjasnili za podforum ovdje pa skoro nikad nikog nema...Ako smo istovremeno tu, javi mi se - ti i ostali iz Hrvatske ;) da malo popričamo...
  5. p4r4no1d Member

  6. freehackgirl Member

    Hi, mister xyz ;) možda nas ima ali nikako da se sretnemo pa da ovdje u miru popričamo...ako smi istovremeno tu javi mi se za razgovor
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  9. kasiopeja Member

    Members are talking all the best about it ,but those who run away says that it is a prison in which they used a brain washing methods . What is the truth? Scientology church is controversial theme from its beginning, from the middle of 20. century. Today it has over a 8 million followers. Experts are saying that there believe isn't controversial, because anyone can believe in what he wants to believe. Activity of Scientology church is disputable! In many countries investigations showed that many members are involved in many frauds and manipulations with people.
    "Informativni magazin Provjereno" discovers all about Scientology- religion witch is legally accepted only in USA, and the founder is an american writer L. Ron Hubbard. Journalist Mato Barišić made an interview with a president of CISK, Branka Dujmić Delcourt and some Slovenian members of this controversial sect.
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  10. kasiopeja Member

    Also, the author of that video and miss Branka Dujmić, are decidedly against the Scientology. But miss Dujmić thinks that it isn't dangerous in Croatia, yet.
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    drago mi je
  13. ZORRO Member

  14. Treba nam vaša pomoč...spread the word around the world

    Can you please sign a petition to release innocent protesters from jail. Among them is also our friend, who is really not guilty and we want to help him.

    Probably we won't reach anything with this petition, but at least boys and government will see that we've got a support from all over the world.

    Thank you, greatings. And please share if possible.
  15. Josip Nikic Member

    Ja sam za Croatia podforum/I'minCroatiasubforum.
  16. koki Member

    JA sam za Croatia pod forum....
    Veliki pozdrav iz L.R. Habardove Bulgravie....
  17. Bok ljudi ja sam iz hrvatske...I imam pitanje imali tko hd sliku za desktop a daj e anonymous??Jer ja nemrem naci.Ako ima stavite link.Hvala!;)
    Ja sam za Croatia(hrvatska) podforum
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