Criminon Russia web site, August 2008, Translated to English

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    Criminon Russia web site, August 2008, Translated to English


    Translation courtesy of Google Google Translate

    (Criminon Russia is hiring)

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    Criminon - Novosibirsk

    Issue N 247

    "Kriminon" means "no crime" and is an international non-profit organization which is dedicated to the rehabilitation of criminals and prevent crime by educating people and help them rebuild their self-esteem so that they become ethical and productive members of society.

    Dear friends!
    All participated in our survey - thanks for the great help! Your wise answers, you painted a vivid image of man, or people who actually CAN effectively help people in correctional institutions, as well as teenagers in the field of crime prevention. Read the description of the man closely, perhaps it will seem familiar to you:

    Question: What qualities should have those people who work in the field of rehabilitation of offenders and crime prevention among adolescents?

    Your answers:
    -- Patience, stressoustochivostyu, knowledge of psychology, adequacy and positive.
    At a minimum, should be able to inspire confidence in themselves, have their firm belief in the "right of life";

    -- Calm, understanding, sincerity, benevolence;

    -- Taktichnostyu, openness, honesty, ability to persuade, focus, dedication, honesty;

    -- Liderskimi qualities; competence, tolerance, humanity and amiability

    Q: What would you like to receive as a result of such people?

    Your answers:
    -- Man (former criminals) realize the importance of its presence at large, and consequently, to abandon PRIVYCHKI commit crimes;

    -- Home: reducing the number of criminals; reasons why a normal person suddenly allows for the possibility of a crime, generally something known, it is important to be able to notice in this maloletke "slabinku", and in time to help. This, unfortunately, many can not ...

    -- I would like to see changed for the better people who are trying to find a favorite cause and deal with them;

    -- Reducing Crime in times;

    -- The restoration and development of personal growth that emerged from criminals desire and aspiration to live in dignity in a society where they are or will be located;

    -- Safe Society

    -- Teens who know the ethical standards and behave in accordance with them.

    Question: What do you think, as a way to fix a criminal mentality or warn him?

    Your answers:
    -- Dav man realize his indispensability at large, giving him something he never had, but very much like. If a person is busy interesting work, and not perceived without cause, the likelihood of "seeking adventure" significantly reduced, this alphabet, but in this and the "root of evil". You can not get older person "to let gravity" You need continuous supervision

    EACH with the first steps to life. Until this happens to everyone occasionally, for guvernerami provide all possible.

    -- Alert: primarily education, but not a parent, and from outside. Because every parent is doing all the best for their child, but this is not enough. Maybe teenagers organize clubs, which will debate on different themes, psychological games, which will help the person understand that he likes what he would like. Correct: a good psychologist, only that he did not speak specialist, just that he talked with the man.

    -- Identify ulterior motives crimes adjustment consciousness and subconsciousness, to promote positive thinking

    -- Give a person realize the opportunity to be happy without resorting to crime, and the opportunity to remedy any situation in which people involved

    -- Clarification not understand the words that form the functional literacy.

    This description is a very capable person. Do not it true that this portrait is similar to you?
    Learn? It is such strong people like you, want our team! We are happy and you are waiting for you!
    E-mail us:

    "To go on the road to happiness, you must file a good example to others."
    L. Ron Hubbard "The Way to Happiness"

    Good luck, understanding and love!

    Sincerely yours,

    Tatyana Maximova

    I want to embrace the whole world, goryuyuschih comfort,
    Who lost faith - to help buy.
    Teach stubborn and think about all the weigh
    Among the sea of false data path to find the truth!

    I want to know more about, I still do everything in the world,
    To help people to bear good,
    To always happy, loved were children,
    And everyone knew how to find happiness in life!

    The film is about "Kriminone"

    Forum Kriminona "

    Download a book by L. Ron Hubbard's "Way to Happiness"

    Put on your site news "Kriminona"

    Put in your area announcement of the "Kriminone"

    Home About Us News Glossary

    Assistant Results / Statistics Programme

    (C) 2006-08. Criminon-Novosibirsk. All rights reserved and protected by law. "Kriminon", "Criminon" are trademarks owned by Association for Better Living and Education (ABLE) International (International Association for the advancement of Life and Education) and are used with its permission.

    "WAY TO SCHASTYU" is a trademark owned by L. Ron Hubbard Library (Library of L. Ron Hubbard) and is used with its permission. We express our deep appreciation L. Ron Hubbard Library (Library of L. Ron Hubbard) for the kind permission to reproduce excerpts from the copyrighted works of L. Ron Hubbard.

    Mail to Kriminon Novosibirsk.
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    Poons toward the Russian Orthodox Church, I'd say.
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    ^^^ THIS.
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    Re: Criminon Russia web site, August 2008, Translated to English

    I thought the #1 growing religion in Russia was the Muslim Faith. If so anything and everything that Elron said about Muhammad & the Muslim faith should be made public knowledge

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