Creating 'Scientology is Child Abuse' Meme

Discussion in 'Think Tank' started by balkanAnon, Jul 10, 2012.

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    This is better than literally pissing on L Ron's grave.

    $cientology IS child abuse, and L Ron Hubbard was a child abuser.
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  5. How about something to do with lack of education? Could do a youtube vid - Pink Floyd's The Wall as the soundtrack to pictures of kids scrubbing floors etc instead of studying. Flash some images of broken english blog comments etc might bring the point home too.

    Could do still images of same with Co$ identifiers and "We Dont Need No Education" slogans. How about pics of scilon kids getting smashed in the head by the Pink Floyd hammers that have Co$ written down the sides of them? I dunno .... just thinking out loud.

    >> Edit: Anon that lullaby is going to give me nightmares. Here's something to cheer us all up. Rocking out with L Ron...

    Source ESMB
  6. RightOn Member

    I think a pic of a child hooked up to the cans with someome asking them question would be a frightening sight for most of the general public.
    I don't have the know how to make something like this
    but I think it may be effective with a good enough caption.
    "Kids On Cans = Future Clams"
    lol kidding, the public wouldn't understand that

    hmm let me think about this one
    maybe something about interrogation...
    "Toddler Interrogation"
    "Mommy and Daddy Did What?"
    "Toddler Truth or Dare"
    or use one of COS's own sayings..... "What Are Your Crimes?"
    I think I like the last one the most. especially because it is one of their sayings and it would really piss them off
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  7. RightOn Member

    ^^ or maybe "What Are Your Crimes? at the top of the pic
    and Scientology Toddler Interrogation at the bottom
  8. Tourniquet Member

    Yes, with a picture of a crying or otherwise sad kid. Suri making the "Tommy Davis face" would probably have the most impact, IMO.
  9. Anonymous Member

    There's nothing wrong with the statement as such, it's just that Dawkins comes off as a total jerk, sending everyone into the trenches. Heck, I'm an Atheist through and through, but even I don't want to agree with him.
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  10. RightOn Member

    i think best to leave suris image out
    people may take that as a joke?
  11. Anonymous Member

    Just a pic of kid holding the cans and saying "What are my crimes?"
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  12. Tourniquet Member

    I see. I was thinking of the recognition factor.
  13. [IMG][IMG][IMG]

    Something like these? Not finished yet but if you like them, I'll keep at it.

    (Btw, I was going to purchase the crying kid image from Colourbox but I can't do it anonymously. If anyone can give me advice as to how to get around that would be much appreciated. Alternatively, if you have a better image to use, give me the link).
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    All I'm seeing are ideas for protest signs and posters; I don't think there is an easy way to create a meme. Maybe when the Kony issue is long forgotten, somebody can make a "Make David Miscavige famous" along with a documentary of his abuses and why he keeps falling under the radar.
    Memes by nature are lulzy; leekspin, rickroll, mudkipz, planking, the cinnamon challenge, ridiculously photogenic guy. Can a serious message like "Scientology is child abuse" really be turned into a meme?
  15. No, not without turning it into something funny and that would defeat the purpose. It's never going to catch on and go viral. But we can certainly put stuff like that out there and try to get the message across. It's really just campaign theme, rather than a meme.

    We could try an e-meter meme. Shit Tom Cruise tells his tin cans?
  16. Anonymous Member

    This is maybe something to work with -

    Stress Testing Children In Las Vegas.jpg
  17. I'm trying to shop a can into his hand on this one. But if someone here is good with shooping then feel free to give it a go too, because I'm pretty crap at it.

  18. Anonymous Member

    I think so too, actually.

    Can I perhaps suggest another idea?

    I feel this is more of a campaign with a message that we need we need to make as simple and convincing as possible. To support this, I made a webpage which contains a slideshow with a couple of dozen well documented cases of child slavery. Maybe, if we can get it on the frontpage of Reddit or perhaps by revitalizing youfoundthecard, we can use a site like this to get the message to spread more easily via Google/Twitter/Facebook.

    The webpage is currently on my own site, but it can of course move to its own URL:

    I actually put some effort in this webpage, so please do go and take a look. Please consider it a serious first draft. It'll contain lots of errors still (I only just finished it and I´m not a terribly good writer, especially in English). And I know the allignment needs to be improved and also I haven't tested the social media plugins, since I am on none of these sites myself.

    But it should get the idea across for the hivemind to tear it apart and turn it into something even better.

    Let me know what you think.
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  19. Anonymous Member

    My sense of the page is that SCIENTOLOGY = CHILD ABUSE might be better than CHILD SLAVERY.

    In my book, Slavery is Abuse and most rational people have a soft, vulnerable spot when it comes to CHILD ABUSE.

    I'm not trying to suggest that Slavery isn't relevant, it is, but as more of a sub-heading to Abuse, than a banner headline or slogan.
  20. balkanAnon Member

    Agree with this. John P's definition of word meme is broader than Anon's and is closer to it's original meaning. It simply means 'an idea that exists in people's minds that can spread quickly'. I agree that this should be more of a campaign message than funny pictures.
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  21. Yep, I agree. The truth is that doing an e-emeter meme or something isn't really going to tell anyone anything new. If anything it is going in the wrong direction and reinforcing an old concept. (One that has let Co$ get away with it for so long). As OP's article said, people already think, "Scientology makes people do crazy stuff." But the general consensus amongst the public up until recently was that Co$ is crazy but pretty benign. Imho, many people have the attitude that if adults want to sign themselves up for a billion year contract in the salvation navy and get treated like shit for a space opera church, then that's their choice. Freedom of religion and all that. But most would agree that it's not ok to force kids into it.

    Remember during the TC & Katie split how everyone responded to 'Could Suri be sent to Sea Org at 6 years old?' The tabloids went wild and everyone read up about Co$ and SO and had an opinion about it. Suddenly people couldn't get enough about it. So it's certainly a good time to elaborate on that while it's still topical. All that media attention has made more people start to understand that Co$ makes people do really evil shit. It'd be great to make them all now understand that Co$ makes people do really evil shit to children, and it's standard practice.

    So yeah, I think a big child abuse campaign is certainly something to seriously consider. Hit it with all the usual stuff, like websites, images, videos, press releases/info packs for media etc. Perhaps contact Jenna Miscavige et al at ex-scn kids to see if they'd be interested in getting involved. It'd be beneficial to have a spokesperson tell their story.

    tl:dr Child abuse campaign theme rather than just meme. Strike while the public are still interested in the story and actively seeking out new information. While the public might think it's their own choice if adults want to be scilon monks, most people will be outraged about child abuse and demand reform.

    Edit: typos
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  22. balkanAnon Member

    This. Bosch, do you have an account at ex-sci kids forum? I really think we need to get this campaign up and running while people still remember the whole TomKat situation. We need to assemble the troops and make it happen.

    I think we could also mention forced abortions at sea org. If we get anti abortion crowd to protest, with their numbers they might do our job for us.

    Do you think I should rename the topic to "starting Scientology is child abuse campaign"? It fits better my intention than what we have now.
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    U R good!
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  25. Sorry I took so long to reply. I was falling asleep at the computer.

    I'm not an ESK member, but someone here must be? If not, I'll join and raise it with them.

    Forced Abortions is important to add, not just for human rights violations but because it is part of the child abuse story. That was Co$' great strategy to put a stop to the growing problem of abused and neglected kids cooped up in rooms in child estates whose parents were being worked to death in the orgs. (Paying for public child care wasn't an option, I guess).

    Yes, if you want to, I would rename the topic. It is a better indication of our discussion.
  26. HAHAHHAA Gold! Thank you for doing that. Looks so much better than what I could manage at 5am! Actually ever.

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  27. balkanAnon Member

    I no longer have edit button on that post. I guess you can't edit posts after certain time. Oh well, I hope admin or someone can help.
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  29. RightOn Member

    three wives and my career
  30. Anonymous Member

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  31. RightOn Member

    i think "what are your crimes" with a toddler pictured as I mentioned before would be fabulous.
    a meme? no
    but the general public passing by would't know a meme if it bit them in the ass
  32. RightOn Member

    Robot Tot?
    Tot Robot?
  33. Tourniquet Member

    Maybe we're over-thinking this, hive...

    How about:
    Child Scientology
    Child Abuse
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  34. RightOn Member

    "Scientology Tot Bot"?
    with a picture of them on the cans with hypnotized eyes?
    "Child Abuse Ignored by Authorities"

    "Tot Bot Sec Check"
    "What are their Crimes?"
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  36. I think "What are my crimes?" works better for kids. They are innocent victims after all. Did you see the ones I already did? I said I'd keep going and work on them if anyone wanted but we moved on in the discussion so I assumed not. Anyway the images are only a small part of what needs to be done, as we discussed above.
  37. balkanAnon Member

    One thing that worries me, Bosch, is that I am not sure if we have that kind of manpower any more. But then a new, bold approach could bring back some of the old anons back. Also, even a small number of people can do a lot if they strike the right chord, and I believe 'Co$ = Child Abuse' is the right chord.

    What are My Crimes is a good idea for a picture, sounds inspired.
  38. Yeah I know. Considering there's only a handful of people even in the thread, I'm not expecting there's more in the woodwork. I'm hoping though that if we get a good plan organised and some ideas set down and start moving on it we'll gather some people on the way and gain momentum. We can't expect to do something on the level of chanology etc though, because no one is here now.
  39. balkanAnon Member

    We don't need level of chanology. Chanology did it's job: it demonstrated that cult is powerless against the internet and it inoculated the general public against scilon recruitment. That's it. Now all we have to do is get people outside angry to increase pressure on the CoS, and to maybe find a way to wake up the brainwashed people inside.
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  40. We need to get enough people to be so outraged they put pressure on the government to remove their tax exempt status. That's my ultimate goal, personally. I think that's the last nail in the coffin for them. If they had to function like a business, pay all their staff properly etc with no new money coming in, they'd be ruined in no time. If anything is going to get the public up in arms, it'll be child abuse.
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