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    Hey all. I've been lurking since forever, and here's a fresh story from a few minutes ago.
    So yeah, I'm not as sharp as I used to be. I was walking on King George st. in downtown Tel Aviv, Israel when I was approached by a lady asking me to sign a petition against prescribing Ritalin to schoolchildren. Principally I have nothing against handing out free drugs to kids or anyone else for that matter, but as an extreme case of ADHD which wasn't diagnosed when I was younger, I felt the urge to avenge the lucky bastards who got free drugs and better grades when I had to work twice as hard at school, so I signed the thing. She immediately gave me a flyer which I thought I'd just fold and put in my pocket like any other flyer I get from random people in the street, but the tiny letters at the bottom caught my eye immediately, and there it was: CCHR. I took the petition from her hands, by force, and crossed out my name and national ID number (it's common to take these in petitions in Israel), gave it back and immediately started asking questions about Xenu. She had the obvious "OH SHIT SP? IN FUCKING ISRAEL???" reaction and walked away, FAST. I left her alone and walked onwards. Realizing about a minute later that it's all pretty readable, I came back and made sure she removed it to the best of her ability. I still can't believe I was so foolish to compromise myself like this after being aware of scilon crimes and anon for years now.

    So, a little more about Scienlology in Israel:
    Since this region is neck-deep in the worst of the religious wars to ever plague this world, people have very little opportunity to take time off from the super-retarded Jews vs. Sand-niggers mega-war and indulge in good old Dianetics, however Scientology has landed here a few decades ago and established a stronghold in the urban center of Tel-Aviv and the other cities in this metropolis such as Ramat-Gan and Givatayim, with their main center in the hip Rotschild ave, consisting of an entire apartment building which is kind of old and definitely not as pretty as its American or European counterparts, but since real estate in Tel Aviv is among the most expensive in the world, this still must have cost someone a fortune. They also obviously refrain from the 'church' terminology here as Jews and Muslims obviously frown upon it, so their base of operations simply has the word 'Scientology' written on it, with a primitive 1-line red LED billboard that looks like it's been there since the early 80s with such one-liners as "What did Tom Cruise find out that can help you?" (in j00-speak obviously) flashing every few seconds. Very fugly stuff really.
    The scilons' major assets and recruitment centers in Israel are actually KINDER-GARDENS, which they operate under various guises, mostly as niche 'alternative' kinder gardens, where they probably try to poison the minds of young infants, however since even secular Jewish upbringing is a pretty straightforward thing, they have failed in the process of evolving their tech to be compatible with Israeli society, resulting in actually rather fine and safe establishments for the general population and a major money-guzzling fail for Scientology, which made me decide about a year ago that war is unnecessary here, since only retarded Americans fall for this shit anyways. There was some anon action against Scientology here about a year ago, but it was about 3 anons vs. 3 scilons vs. 6 very amused cops so this seemed pretty useless.
    As for its legal status - the authorities regard Scientology as some sort of a cult, but since they aren't really worried about infiltration in a country where you can easily get shot for that kind of stuff, and since Scientology is already taking a lot of shit from various groups of hardcore religious Jews who consider them a super-dangerous cult, the government allows them to continue their pitiful presence for the time being.

    So yeah, that's how it goes. The scilons have my (sketched-out) details and they know I have top-secret copyrighted OT3 tech implanted in my brain, but they are rather powerless here, having to watch helplessly as Moses and Mohammed pit their stupid tools against each other in eternal war, and without proper tech to assimilate Jews nor Muslims, they maintain a super-weak presence to piss off random hook-nosed anons who perform seldom acts of harassment on their establishments when they are drunk or bored.
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    (auditor) Take a deep breathe.

    (pc) Breeeeeeaaaathe

    (auditor) Thank You.


    Squeeze the cans please.

    (pc) (Thinking happy thoughts)


    (auditor) Thank You.

    Your Needle is Floating.
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    Hi!I've been told that scientologists had problems with justice in yaffa. Do you know about it?
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    Hey Oilspill, I hope you stick around. I'm Israeli and I've been following up on a lot of stuff going on in Israel for WWP. We definitely need more Israelis in here.
    The Tel Aviv building on the Rothchild boulevard is run down, but have you seen the Jaffa Org they just built? It's amazing and is rumoured to be one of the fanciest in the world. They just got a permit from the city commission to open it, despite all the controversy.

    And here is a partial list of Israeli clams:!/alex.stern?sk=info
    דון שאול, ילד הפלא של סיינטולוגיה בארץ, היו עליו כתבות!/avi.kazansky?sk=info

    Feel free to add names if you know any.
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    Here is the CCHR Israel in action:

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    Just because I'm bored. Here are links to facebook pages of Israeli clams [the particularly active ones]:!/oren.edree?sk=info
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    Nice work Bozuri.

    Also, hot girl clutching cans is hot.
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    I'd like to squeeze her cans and float my...
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