Crap Anon should know from Scientology (SciFag Pasta)

Discussion in 'Education, Research and Inside Reports' started by WeAreLegion, Jan 31, 2008.

  1. WeAreLegion Member

    Crap Anon should know from Scientology (SciFag Pasta)

    I'm going to post some naughtybits from the scientology website here so that we can study them. If anything, we'll be able to speak their language on the 10th when they question us.

    Such as, "Please bring your tone level a little higher when speaking to us, sir"

    Most of this will be pasta, but I may take the liberty of editing in some of the actual headings for the sake of organization. These will be in bold.

    EDIT: don't worry, only modified the one about the dynamics to make it simpler. If you want to see the actual one to humor yourself, visit the site. I forget what it is and I don't exactly want to go back, lol.

    Anywho, I'll be updating this occasionally and posting when I do. Discussion below. I'll have some of my own comments right after what I put up.



    Note that there's no word in the etymology of Scientology that actually means truth. It's bullshit. Even the name rings it. It's the study of knowing shit. Not exactly knowing true shit. The rest of what's said up there seems all very zen. Perhaps we should introduce these people to Daoism.

    Here's the Thetans. I guess there's more on where thetans come from in the deep recesses of the church. I bet that's one of the spikes in curiosity that gets you to pay booku bucks to get more of the made up story that is Scientology's background religion.

    Other than it's a stupid way of dividing things up. I don't see much of a problem. Everyone wants to think they're all cool and stuff when they divide God into sections. It's cute. It really is. But it's really pointless to try and do that to God in the long run. Simply look at God as one entity and it's a lot more simple that way. When you divide God into little bits like that you're trying to dumb the concept down. It's counterproductive.

    Strangely enough, the pictures that go with this information on the site have a completely different scale. Either this has been recently updated (I hate religions that modify themselves like that) or it's just an insanely hilarious typo.

    This sounds to me like the whole "We are the authority on drug addiction" and all that jazz that Cruise was talking about in his little video.

    This seems to insinuate to me that they think that outside pollutants will cause chemical imbalances that affect moods. Then they turn around and say that psychiatrists are dumbasses for saying that that mood changes are based on chemical imbalances.


    You simply can't do that. The difference I guess you could say is that Scientology's are claiming that it can't happen naturally. So, disorders of the brain are impossible according to scientology. That doesn't sound very truthful to me.

    This pisses me off. I think the only reason why Scientology is against psychiatry is so that they can have a monopoly on it. I think it's also interesting that they're using Latin like it was the original laguage or some shit. If you're going to use Latin, at least have some Roman influence other than wanting to conquer the world.

    I think this probably works like one of those balls that lights up when you touch both sides of it. This is the point where I'd start to lose it. I halfass agree with them up until this point.

    This was boredom culminating to bullshit philosophy. And I find the thing about power absolutely hilarious.

    ugh. Pretty hypocritical when it comes right down to it. Non-political in nature is expressive bullshit. Well, anywho, now we know what THEY say and what the entrance level grunts are going to tell us about Scientology. I can see how it can attract people, but intelligent people SHOULD be able to see through the bullshit at first glance without truly searching way too fucking hard.

    Anywho, there, it's done. After that I'm linked back to the homepage. I may lurk moar and update this, but who knows.


    We Are Anonymous.
  2. WeAreLegion Member

    This happy dish of pasta is growing. I should have it finished in a few minutes. Still incomplete though.

    EDIT: Done with their first little intro thingie. This is what they use to capture people. I don't much like it. It doesn't convince me. I think it could convince someone trying to hard to be spiritual and not religious.

    The image of Cruise or Greta Van Sustran sitting there with an E-Meter is pretty funny to me though.
  3. WeAreLegion Member

    w00t, fin.

    Have at.
  4. Re: Crap Anon should know from Scientology (SciFag Pasta)

    I looked up "scio" on

  5. Andranon Member

    Good summation of this. It's good to have these kinds of explanations for the wordy bullshit that Scientology puts out to confuse people.
  6. Note:

    The bit about "defining words in the middle of a sentence" - even common ones, even if the definitions are bullshit?

    "It's a trap!"

    It means that in the middle of a sentence, you'll catch yourself saying "okay, sure, right, yes" - and then you swallow the associated bullshit much more easily.

    Ever dealt with a really slick salesman? They get you saying "yes, sure, right" over and over, because breaking that pattern is hard.
  7. WeAreLegion Member

    good work guys. Keep info coming. If a mod bumps into this, this information needs to be stickied.
  8. /shameless copypasta from
  9. Xenuphobe Member

    Re: Crap Anon should know from Scientology (SciFag Pasta)

    Interesting info about where gay people fall on the Tone Scale:

  10. Wait, what about the negatives on the tone scale? Is that the modification that WeAreLegion mentioned?
  11. notable absent from the Tone Scale are

    and many more
  12. targ Member

    notable MISC.

    Notable is where sympathy is on the tone scale.

    Also, the tone scale was redone by Filbert (who still has the actual copyright)

    up to 400.00

    The technology of scientology is a part of the church but not essential any longer. Do not waste too much time on it. The target is the actual actions of this freakshow church. Like most religions, the tenets are rarely followed now and it has been reduced to ritualistic fanfare.

    If you can get a copy of "intro to ethics" , this is probably closer to what is priority these days to the COS.

    Going after aliens and OT's won't work as most members know nothing about this..costs too much.

    Every book cover is a implant picture. Hubbard thought it would subconciously make people buy them.

    My favorite is the cover of Creation of human ability. A woman sitting on a stage, wearing a bear costume eating a turkey leg...bizarre.



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