Court House News: Narconon Vista Bay Being Sued

Discussion in 'Narconon' started by functionunknown, Jul 21, 2011.

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    Today the cult issued this press release:

    Narconon Uses Red Ribbon Week to Help Students Decide to Stay Drug-Free

    In several parts of the US, students of all ages gained a new understanding of the dangers of drug abuse so they can make their own smart decisions.

    (PRWEB) November 01, 2012

    Since 1988, the tragic death of a Drug Enforcement Administration agent has been the catalyst for a week-long celebration of freedom from drugs. Agent Enrique “Kiki” Camarena lost his life fighting drug trafficking along the Mexican border so it is fitting that drug prevention activities go into high gear in October of each year to prevent more lives from being lost.

    Every year at this time, Narconon® drug prevention specialists fan out into schools within reach of the many US Narconon drug rehab facilities. In Southern California, the Narconon Fresh Start rehab centers sent out trained educators to many schools in Riverside, Los Angeles and San Bernadino counties. More than 6,500 young people were reached with accurate information about drugs and their dangers.

    In Michigan, the Narconon Freedom Center also sent out educators and in Northern California, Narconon Vista Bay gave presentations to students in Oakland, Campbell, Saratoga and Sacramento, reaching several hundred students in all.

    In Oklahoma, drug educators from Narconon Arrowhead criss-crossed the state, reaching students in nearby Canadian, Fort Towson in the east, Cushing in the middle of the state, Elmore City in the south, and tiny Alex outside of Oklahoma City. In all, more than 1,700 Oklahoma students learned why life is better and safer when it is drug-free.

    “When we ask students what they think of drugs, we often find out that no one has ever really explained to these kids what drugs are, what damage they can do and why they should be avoided,” stated Bobby Wiggins, longtime drug prevention specialist with Narconon International.” So we focus on these points in our drug education classes and work hard to reach as many students as we can each school year.”

    He referred to statements from two recipients of this year’s Red Ribbon Week school presentations. In one, a thirteen-year-old student said: “I thought it was inspirational because he experienced drug addiction himself and he actually knows what people go through. Now if someone were ever to ask me if I want drugs, I would definitely say no.”

    In another after-presentation survey, a seventh-grader said: “I thought it was very detailed, the way you told us why drugs are bad and how they affect our bodies. I never knew much about drugs till now. The talk changed my thoughts. I never knew there were this many drugs.”

    Mr. Wiggins added, “Because of comments like these, we realize that we can reduce drug use simply by educating these children well enough that they can make the smart decision to stay drug-free.”

    A health teacher in Riverside, California also observed the positive effect these classes had on her students. She said, “Your presenter was knowledgeable about every type of drug you could imagine. My students learned the dangers of drugs and the long-term effects. They were intrigued by all the information given to them and many didn’t realize how much damage drugs caused to their bodies. The following day, we had a great conversation about what they learned and many say they will never try drugs or alcohol. Thank you for all you do, spreading the word about the dangers of drug and alcohol. It does make an impact on our youth and I know your program has reached me.”

    “Our work is not done at the end of Red Ribbon Week,” concluded Mr. Wiggins. “Each year, we reach hundreds of thousands of students internationally with our drug prevention classes. We continue to fight drug abuse and addiction with prevention and our rehabilitation program all year round.”

    For more information or to schedule a Drug Education Presentation, please call 323-962-2404.

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    I can only believe these are charter schools.
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    The cult issued this press release today:

    Narconon Vista Bay in South Lake Tahoe Joins Local Law Enforcement to Add a Drug-Free Message to National Night Out

    The 2013 National Night Out event in Tahoe City featured food, games, drug education and a new way to reduce the threat of prescription drug abuse.

    Every year on the first Tuesday in August, the National Association of Town Watch sponsors events all across the country that get communities together with an anti-crime message. In Tahoe City, California, sheriffs, city agencies, fire fighters, staff from Narconon Vista Bay in South Lake Tahoe and plenty of local citizens gathered to have fun and spread the message.

    The theme of the event was Dunk a Cop, Not a Donut. Everyone who attended had a chance to send County Supervisor Jennifer Montgomery or Placer Sheriff Jeff Ausnow splashing into the dunk tank.

    Carnival games, free food and free drinks were available to all attendees. The Narconon® staff invited each person who came to sign a huge board with pledges to be drug-free. They also handed out a free drug education booklet, 10 Things Your Friends May Not Know about Drugs. At the end of the night, the Captain of the Placer County Sheriff’s Department received this pledge board as a gift, and said that he would hang it in the department.

    Continued at
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    ahhh yes it is that time of year again. National Night Out is state wide. Nacronons have piggy backed onto these events spewing their crap wherever they can.
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  6. RightOn Member

    "Captain of the Placer County Sheriff’s Department received this pledge board as a gift, and said that he would hang it in the department."

    the Captain needs to be educated
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  7. The captain needs to have the pledge board inserted in his rectum.
    I think the local community needs to be informed on this one.
  8. WWP doesn't promote or condone illegal activities.
  9. Anonymous Member

    Hell I know people who would consider that foreplay.
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  10. Informing the local community doesn't break any laws.
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    If Vista Bay is in SLT, it is actually in ElDorado county. Anyone pooning Placer county might want to poon ElDorado as well.
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  14. Bump for poonage.
    Local school boards might be good targets for edumaction on the cult
  15. Anonymous Member

    that Press release has a HUGE animated Narconon add under it with all their lies and crap.
    AND it lists all the states that have Narconons even though it is total BULLSHIT.
    They are not in all the states they have listed. They must be using one phone number for all and redirecting like the always do.
    "oh we don't have any room available at that location, but we can get them right away into the CA one"
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    AND also lists other countries
  17. RightOn Member

    didn't want to start another thread.
    Danny Masterson's co-star, Lisa Robin Kelly from That '70s show just died in a rehab last night, she was 43.
    Anyone know what rehab it was? Although I doubt it was a Narconon
    And you have to know that COS will take this as "see people die in rehabs all the time"

    Masterson tweeted: "Terrible,awful news. Brilliant on 70s.... See u next time LRK,kisses,"

    Guess Masterson wasn't OT enough to help his friend. (yeah I know cheap shot)
  18. The Wrong Guy Member

    Lisa Robin Kelly was not taking any withdrawal drugs at the time she died - at least that's what the rehab facility told law enforcement, TMZ has learned.

    Our law enforcement sources tell us reps from the LA. County Coroner and L.A. County Sheriff's homicide came to Pax Rehab House in Altadena, CA Thursday afternoon, and officials from Pax said unequivocally they did NOT give Lisa any drugs.
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    Kelly died on the evening of August 14, 2013, at the Pax House substance abuse facility in Altadena, California.[12] Her manager Craig Wyckoff said Kelly had voluntarily checked herself into the facility several days earlier to receive treatment. The cause of her death was not immediately known, and the Los Angeles County Coroner's Office said it was waiting for test results. There were conflicting reports whether she overdosed or died in her sleep from cardiac arrest. [13] ~ Wikipedia.
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    No apparent clam connection.
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  21. RightOn Member

    thanks NO and WG, I figured it wasn't NN
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  22. RightOn Member

    looks like the authorities showed up to that rehab awful quick to find out WTF happened
  23. Anonymous Member

    No scary clams around to frighten the poor widdle cops.
  24. I went to the sheriff's dept in Placerville and spoke to a captain. Left an info package with him. Looks like I'll be going back again to Placerville. Will try to take a trip back to Tahoe to visit the substation. I only visited the fire station near Vista bay when I went to Tahoe.
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  25. Placer County Sheriff:


    Sheriff Edward N. Bonner
    Physical Address:
    Mailing Address:
    P.O. Box 6990
    Auburn CA 95604
    Lobby Hours: 8:00am to 5:00pm
    Office Phone (Non-Emergency ): (530) 889-7800
    Fax Number: (530) 889-7899
    send email us

  26. Nice, very nice indeed.
  27. RightOn Member

    and what did the 'ol Capt. have to say?

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