Court House News: Narconon Vista Bay Being Sued

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    I am writing this on behalf of a family member who just spent the last 17 days at Vista Bay Drug Rehab in Watsonville, CA. This "facility" is nothing more than a cult who preys on the desperation of family members who are seeking legitimate help for their loved ones. From the start, all they have done is LIED!

    First off, they lie to get you by telling you that you must put the addict on the plane right away. They lie by telling you that they have doctors and nurses on site and on staff who will help detox the addict. LIES! They have ex-addicts and fellow Scientology members who are not qualified, doing this. If you come to the clinic on anti-depressents they claim that they will wean you off of them when in fact they make you stop all together, cold turkey. Any educated person can tell you that this is dangerous.

    They monitor everything that is coming in and coming out of the facility. The patients are told that their families "do not want them or love them anymore." We were told that our loved one would be able to call us once she was out of detox. LIES! Thankfully, we figured out something was very wrong and got her the hell out of there before they could brainwash her anymore than they had. They lie and say that they do not use Scientology in their counseling....LIES! Everything is based on their "religion."

    I sincerely hope that if you are even considering any rehab center, please, please, please do your own research. I read these reports and had serious concerns. These people prey on vulnerable, sick and frightened people. They need to be stopped! They are nothing more than a cult!!!
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    Narconon - Vista Bay Vista Bay Deceptive and False Advertising, Con Artists Watsonville, California

    Narconon - Vista Bay

    262 Gaffey Road Watsonville California 95076 United States of America
    Phone: 8005568885
    Category: Healthcare Centers

    Respond to this Report

    It is hard to explain the depth of this scheme without having lived it yourself; however I sincerely hope this account prevents at least one desperate individual/family from investing a significant amount of money into a disgusting scam.
    Firstly, Narconon Vista Bay is a drug rehab facility that runs $29,000. Given the nature of drug rehabs and the financial commitment in particular of this one, the incredible majority of interested parties are in a state of absolute desperation. The Narconon sales team, Mike Dipalma in particular are aware of this and do everything possible (such as calling constantly for status updates when a family is trying to make the decision, lieing - I will get to the use of this word in this context later - and declaring that unless patient X leaves TODAY there will not be any beds left, and pushing cheap plane tickets if you purchase them NOW among many other tactics).

    Pushing "time sensitivity" alone is dispicable; however the sales team also lies, glosses over, and intentionally omitts an unbelievable amount of information. For instance patient Y was told she had to reserve a bed and be on a plane the same day as the phone call or there would not be a bed available. Upon arrival and for the subsequent 2 months at no point were all (or even close to all) of the beds at the Vista Bay location alone (there are two other locations: Placerville and Tahoe, which have availability always and take 'overflow' from Vista Bay) taken.

    The "heated pool" is very very small, outdoors, and NEVER heated (to save money)

    The "beaches" they like to advertise will only be seen after students complete book 4 (approx 2-3months into the program conservatively), and then only on Sundays, and then only if the majority of students going out on Sunday vote for the beach (doesn't happen), and then only if an individual student has 0 "chits" for the entire week. One recieves a "chit" for being 1+ second late to roll call (called ~6x/day), doesn't clean his room to the supervisors standards, his roomates (plural) don't clean their stuff to a supervisors standard daily, if the student does anything any "faculty" (ie. ex-addicts a number of whom will plainly admit that although they graduated the program they would be incapable of remaining clean if they did not work/live/eat with and at Narconon Vista Bay - In my opinion becoming a prisoner for life at Narconon is not a success story), etc. etc.

    The "basketball court" is one broken hoop on a slippery gravel court not large enough to play 1/2 court on (during a 2 week period I saw 1 person break their ankle and numerous others recieve bad cuts and scraps from falling).

    Everything in the program is attributed to L. Ron Hubbard (founder of scientology). His picture is hung up on numerous walls. Any talk of scientology, or negative comment concerning L. Ron Hubbard garners an "ethics cycle" (will get to later on). Additionally they present you with a paper saying you will refrain from vocalizing any and all comments/concerns about the program or L. Ron Hubbard that are not completely positive. If you refuse to sign the paper they tell you its irrelevant and goes into effect regardless. The punishment for another comment is continued ethics cycles or suspension.
    Allow me to diverge quickly into "ethics cycles" and how one gets them. An ethics cycle where if they feel you have gone out of line (anything from a negative L. Ron comment, a negative comment about the effectiveness of the program or the faculty, or 3 chits) you are forced to stop your program, confess to whatever they acuse you of (this is done by signing a paper to that effect), and performing manual labor (such as raking leaves, digging holes - not even kidding - etc.) for approximately a week; although the exact time is determined by the ethics officers. On one occasion a bad storm hit and a number of branches fell down. In the subsequent day a number of students recieved ethics duty for minor-imaginary infractions. Needless to say they saved Narconon money cleaning up the branches. After the fallout of the storm was cleared the students were all taken off ethics...

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    Words such as brainwash, cult, indoctrination, zombies, rituals, etc. overheard at any point by faculty (or students who are encouraged to write up other students) are punished immediately with an ethics cycle (they deny it's punishment and insist it's "part of certain individuals' programs). If a student speaks with these words in reference to the program multiple times they are suspended.

    Massages are in no way shape or form massages. "Assists" as they call them come in two varieties. 1. the "nerve assist" - here they rub down your spine twice and then proceed to lightly draw their fingers from you spine out to your ribs, flip you over and repeat for 30 minutes at a time. They claim it releases "bottled up nerve impulses" and allows for damaged nerve endings to repair themselves - As a biochemistry major I can assure you no one with the slightest knowledge of physiology will tell you this "explanation" has any merit whatsoever. 2. "body communication" - here they take their hands and put slight pressure on your body from shoulders to feet each time repeating the mantra "feel my hands" approximately every 2-4seconds also for 30 minutes at a time. The explanation here is they are putting your body in better communication - need I say anything to that? If for some reason one desired these "massages" after the withdrawal portion of the program they would have to get them from same sex students trained in the techniques.

    The training for the assists/withdrawal cabin "specialist" (I swear on my life I am not making this up, and I saw it with my own eyes) involves, in part, walking a stuffed teddy bear with a "teacher" watching and coaching (ie. "make the bear look up into that tree" student then must physically turn the bears head to point towards the tree), and to top it off the trainee must perform both assists on the teddy bear.

    I could continue for ages on the horrors of this program, but I will instead just touch on 2-3 more crucial points.

    1. When you arrive there is a blackout period of 10 days. During this 10 days students are allowed no access to a phone, internet, etc. (internet is always prohibited barring a 1/100 reason, and the phones are always pay phones - incredibly expensive even with a calling card). The staff at no point during these 10 days mentions that any student leaving during that period is entitled a full refund. Everyone is very very nice until you sign this packet of 100 or so pages agreeing not to sue and to all their arbitrary borderline fascist (seriously) rules. At which point all staff gives you attitude and basically treats you like a prisoner.

    2. There is not one licensed counselor, much less psychiatrist on the staff. All medicines (including tylenol for headaches, any cold medicine - ie. dimetap, etc. are not allowed). Any dental/other surgeries will be done with local anesthetic alone and only if absolutely necessary. Withdrawal cabin, where everyone is abruptly taken off of all medicines (including anti-depressants). Saint Johns Wort and Willow Bark are given in lieu of SSRI's and Tylenol.

    3. Any individual who chooses to leave (self-paying, self-admitted adults included) will not be given their stuff back. In my time one individual (self-paying/admitted) was told by the doctor he was not medically fit for the sauna program (due to a heart condition). After this news he waited 4 days of constantly talking to the staff, who had him talk to his father and friends (all of whom agreed he should leave) and as of my departure they still refused to give him his wallet, ID, etc.

    4. The first 1-2 weeks (after withdrawal) are spent doing "TRs" (training routines). These entail sitting 3 feet from another individual in a chair with both of your eyes closed for 40-80 minutes at a time. Neither of you can itch, straighten up in your seat, or move in any way whatsoever or you start again. Even if you go 80 minutes your first attempt you are told to do it again to "practice". This is then done with eyes open where one must stare at the person across from you and never look away. The purpose of eyes closed is to "be comfortable in a space". Eyes open to "be comfortable confronting someone else". Other of the first week drills (these are then revisited later after the sauna for longer durations) include asking over and over for 2 hr class periods "do birds fly" if your partner (called "twins" at narconon) answers the question (ie. "yes") student replies "thank you, do birds fly?" if partner answers with something about himself (ie. "my leg hurts") student acknoledges like so "I understand, I'll repeat the question, do birds fly?" if partner answers with a comment (ie. "I hate you") student ignores it an says "I'll repeat the question, do birds fly?"

    I honestly am not making up one bit of this. The other exercises are even more ridiculous including holding an ash tray out in front of you and screaming at the top of your lungs "stand up!" (student then lifts the ash tray and holds it in the air) still screaming "thank you! Sit down!" (student lowers ash tray to the seat) still screaming "thank you! stand up!" (andddd repeat). Like I said this can go on forever and I was only there a short period of time.

    One final story; at night they have one ex-addict, ex-graduate watch over the 50-60 "students" sleeping at Vista Bay (by the way the staff-to-student ratio is no where near 1:1. From my count ~15 staff dealt with students on a daily basis and at least 8 of those were in secretorial/paper pushing roles. The only individualized attention given to a student is when he/she speaks negatively of the program). One night the night duty man Craig showed up so high on heroin he could not walk. Students saw him visibly fall a number of times, slur his words, have eyes that were "pinned" (extreme opposite of dilated and a distinct sign of an opiate high). Students were then forced to deal with this situation and call in other faculty from off site. The next day when students pressed the faculty they said it was said and to leave it. I told them they should make an announcement, which the ultimately, and reluctantly did. During which they explained the night man was no longer working for them etc.

    At this point I asked for the faculty to be UAd (Urinary Analysis) by the students (the faculty had UAd the students 2 days prior because drugs had been discovered in the facility). I said that for the students to take seriously the word of the faculty they should prove they aren't using and if they aren't they have nothing to fear. Approximately an hour later I was told I was being suspended for "telling another student he should sue narconon for taking him off anti-depressants cold turkey".

    1. I never said anything of the sort
    2. The student in question to my knowledge had never taken anti-depressants in his life
    3. The student himself says I never said that
    4. When asked to speak with the staff member who filed the report I was denied
    5. When asked to see the report I was denied and told flat out "one probably wasn't even written up"
    6. My family and I were told we would receive a refund before I left.
    7. They dropped me at the airport fully aware that I had no credit, debit, or atm cards. No cell phone, no phone cards. In other words I was on the West Coast with nothing in the middle of a tiny airport and they drove away.
    8. We have since sent them registered letters concerning their promise of a refund and now they avoid our phone calls or say "hold on, I can give you his/her voice-mail" - needless to say the calls are not returned.

    Save your money. If you have the least bit of intelligence this program will make you go insane. I have since attended a program in Michigan for significantly less money and have been clean ever since.
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    Ummm...I believe that's called 'theft' in California.

    So, are the local police aware this is going on??
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  7. Imho, The entire Narconon program is a criminal enterprise completely run and overseen by the 'Church' of Scientology. Their methods have never been shown to be effective in drug abuse treatment and are performed by a totally untrained staff incapable of relieving addicts and their families of anything except their cash.

    There are NO medically trained counselors involved and the treatments are not only ineffective but in fact are medically quite dangerous.

    They outhright lie and advertise grossly exaggerated 'success' rates of over 70% on their websites and other promotions. This is called fraud, it's illegal. This insane L. Ron Hubbard 100% Scientology program has no legitimate medical or scientific backing whatsoever despite their claims of having both.

    This medically dangerous 'Non-Proft' program has been shut down in Canada and should be everywhere else the criminal cult of Scientology operates this deceptive scam that has reaped them untold millions and caused untold harm to thousands of addicts and their families for decades. Many crimes of abuse occur inside their walls as well.

    Scientology actually promotes this criminal activity as one of their biggest contributions to society and claim to be the experts in curing drug abuse when the truth is that I've found No drug treatment programs including legitimate ones making claims of more than 20% success rates.

    Scientology/Narconon: Ongoing Fraud that has been Ruining families for decades:

    To LRH: Hip, hip.....
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    In my opinion, ALL independent Narconons, ALL ABLE entities globally, Narconon International
    the COS in each Narconon location, the COS mother church in California, David Miscavige, and
    all executives of aforementioned entities, should face criminal charges, both Interstate, Federal,
    and International "Conspiracy to Defraud", Coercion, Extortion, Mail Fraud and Conspracy to Defraud,
    Practicing Medicine Without a License, Negligent Medical Practice, Slave Labour through Exploitation,
    just to name a few.


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  9. . Amen!!
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  10. Was recently contacted by the lawyers for the Desmond case... Will be working with them on questions they have tht might be useful to their prosecution
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    Make sure they get all the good stuff!
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    Yep, and don't leak anything here -- but questions posted here anonymously might be helpful to you in letting the rest of us chowderheads assist in doing legwork or research or whatever. Just don't post them in this thread and nobody will know it's you.
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    lol narconon is getting rhinofucked in the face
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    ^^What he said^^
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  16. we have spent over 70,000 dollars for 2 of our children to go to Narconon and are wanting to get our money back ,any ideas on how I start this process??
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  18. JohnnyRUClear Member

    Send a message to the user "Intelligence" and I'm sure he will be able to halp you in some way. He knows some stuff about Narconon.
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  19. Yes, David Love aka "Inelligence" is the perfect man for you!

    Contact also Tony Ortega from the Village Voice! (maybe for a story)

    Write a story at the Ripoff Report to protect others!

    Spread the story far and wide !!!
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  23. Intelligence Member

    THIS ^^^ is a massively huge case, with crushing ramifications to the COS/CCHR due
    to the psych aspect. Although I hope and pray this Case makes it to Trial for the benefit
    of Compainant and also for public benefit once evidence/testimony is on record, I suspect
    the Cult will not allow and instead, settle with a Gag.


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  24. BigBeard Member

    If there is a settlement, hopefully they tell the Cof$ where to shove their 'gag'.

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    Pre-emptive good PR by the cult as usual? I suspect this means we'll have word about this case shortly.
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    How the hell are they getting into California schools after all that went down in 2004 with the SFGate articles, and the state report that resulted from them??

  28. RightOn Member

    really, what is wrong with the educators, the PTA and others?
    It's almost as if new teachers and principles are replaced every year and have no idea about what happened in 2004?
    They need some 'splainin to do!
  29. Anonymous Member

    Can you give me a link to above? Would love to know what schools... This is in my backyard and I feel a very strong urge to write some letters, send some emails, activate the friend network and let parents here know WTF is going on.
  30. RightOn Member

    so they say there were in Oakland, Campbell and Sacramento.
    would love to know which schools they hit
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  32. RightOn Member

    ok, so even though this report came out in 2005 and was sent to Distric Sup.s and Charter School Admins, they still let them in?


    Date: February 24, 2005
    Dear County and District Superintendents, and Charter School Administrators:

    The California Department of Education (CDE) received inquiries regarding the appropriateness of using the Narconon Drug Abuse and Prevention Program materials and speakers in public schools. In response to these questions, I asked the California Healthy Kids Resource Center (CHKRC) to evaluate the Narconon program.
    The CHKRC found that:
    • Narconon's drug prevention program information does not reflect accurate, widely-accepted medical and scientific evidence;
    • Some information is misleading because it is overstated or does not distinguish between drug use and abuse;
    • Narconon's elementary, middle, and high school presentations are inadequately differentiated to the students' age group and level of understanding;
    • Narconon's program is often inconsistent with research-based practice;
    • Narconon's presentations are lecture-oriented and provide limited opportunities for student interaction;
    • Narconon uses ex-addicts to teach drug prevention. The use of ex-addicts may lead students to believe drug use really is not risky; and
    • Narconon uses questioning strategies that may reinforce student perceptions that drug abuse is more common than it actually is. This undermines the normative education component of the science-based drug prevention programs addressing social influences.
    The Safe and Drug Free Schools and Communities Act (SDFSC) requires schools to use funds to support prevention programs for which scientific research provides evidence that the program actually reduces or prevents violence and drug use.
    Fortunately, many programs are available to schools that have evidence of efficacy in preventing violence or drug use. Every school should focus on implementing the science-based programs and research-based activities listed in the Local Education Agency (LEA) Plan filed by school districts, county offices of education, and direct-funded charter schools. Those programs and activities have been rigorously evaluated and found to provide accurate information, effective instruction, and reduce drug use or violence.
    For more information on these LEA Plans, please visit
    For a copy of the California Healthy Kids Resource Center's report, please visit
    If you have any further questions, please contact the Safe and Healthy Kids Program Office at 916- 319-0920.

    California Department of Education
    1430 N Street
    Sacramento, CA 95814
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    The pic is from Narconon itself. Narconon has been practising guerrilla tactics in some areas for years. Only locals can whack them if they recognize the pictures on nameless press releases.
  34. Anonymous Member

    ok went here:
    it showed this:
    Monday, October 22nd: “Team up against drugs!” Wear a Sports T-shirt or Jersey
    Tuesday, October 23rd: “Sock it to drugs!” Crazy Sock Day
    Wednesday, October 24th: “It’s up to me to be drug free!” Crazy Hair Day
    Thursday, October 25th: “Turn your back on Drugs!” Wear your Clothes Backwards
    Friday, October 26th: “Smarty’s Don’t Do Drugs!” Nerd Day
    no mention of Narconon wven thouhg it is drug themed.
    their contact info. I guess you can ask them directly if NN participated
    A.M. Winn Elementary School 3351 Explorer Drive, Sacramento, CA 95827 Phone (916) 228-5880
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    I went to several school sites in Sacremento and there are NO mentions of Narconon giving talks. I also went on the web and any red ribbon week stuff that is mentioned with narconon is from 2009.
    So I am hoping that Narconon is just bullshitting when they said they went to several schools and talked to hundreds of kids for Red Ribbon Week. Again would love to know which schools they went to if any
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  37. anon walker Moderator

    Well, they could have been Applied Scholastics and Delphi schools. They said schools, but didn't specify. And I know Delphi has at least several schools nationwide...
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    Or any private school, I guess. Some of the privates may not know about the public school ruling.
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