Councilman Suspects Politics in a Burglary-1/18/08

Discussion in 'Media' started by katie'ssoldsul, Feb 3, 2008.

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  1. Councilman Suspects Politics in a Burglary-1/18/08

    This Queens Councilman, who is christain but supports the cult, claims his office was ransacked b/c of his support of the cult. He claims this is not the first time his office has been broken into-but he went to the police and the NYT this time b/c, since it coincided with the cruise tape--it must be evil anti-scinos carrying out the evil.
    They had their nonsense planned out for the Cruise tape before we came on the scene.
  2. Randomness Member

    They had an agenda, they were not simply looking for valuables. It sounds like hired professionals.

    — Posted by Terryeo

  3. donotstalk Member

    It is my opinion that any loyal anons who come across Terryeo posting anywhere should then link to a google search about him and point out that he appears to work for OSA.
  4. I agree.

    Anyone got any truly great copypasta for us on that?
  5. Whitehat Member

    I'm working on it. All I know is if you google him, you get around 5,000 Results... Mostly of forum accounts.
  6. Groovy. Once you have it, new thead in general, please?
  7. Kamizar Member

    I think i've changed my entire reason to fight the Co$, the more we push the more i can laugh at Terryeo, this is comedy gold...

    You know this sounds like, Hired professionals!
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