COS paid two private investigators millions to trail David Miscavige's rival

Discussion in 'Media' started by Anonymous, Sep 21, 2012.

  1. Anonymous Member

    Church of Scientology leader David Miscavige ordered surveillance on one of his former church rivals in a secret operation that lasted 25 years and ate up millions in church funds, a Texas lawsuit alleges.

    The two private investigators who filed the suit say the church hired them to conduct intensive surveillance on Pat Broeker, a church leader who worked closely with Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard in the 1970s and '80s. Broeker was ousted by Miscavige in a power struggle after Hubbard's 1986 death.

    Paul Marrick and Greg Arnold allege that five years into the "Broeker Operation" the church agreed to employ them permanently, but stopped making payments early this year. The two are seeking damages, alleging the church made false representations and breached its agreement with them.

    More at link:
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  2. Anonymous Member

    What more embarrassment DAVEY!
  3. Anonymous Member

    Heh, heh, heh, gotta watch the people you hire, they often have a nasty way of turning on you when you don't pay up
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  4. The Wrong Guy Member

    What a story. This is yet another extremely impressive piece of investigative journalism from the Tampa Bay Times. (Lately I had been been thinking that the Tampa Bay Times could be an excellent new home for Tony Ortega.)

    Here's more about Paul Marrick and Greg Arnold:

    So far there's only one other article about this that I could find:

    Latest Scientology legal battle unfolds in Coastal Bend as private investigators sue church ยป Corpus Christi Caller-Times

    For Ray Jeffrey, one of the attorneys for Marrick and Arnold, this is not his first brush with the church. He represented Debbie Cook, another former high-ranking church official who sent ripples through Scientology circles in a New Year's Eve email to thousands of Scientologists criticizing aggressive fundraising practices and calling for changes.

    The church sued her in San Antonio, where she lives. Jeffrey helped negotiate a settlement in which Cook gave up no money but agreed never to speak out against the church. Yet the settlement came only after a day of embarrassing court testimony from Cook, reported by the Tampa Bay Times, in which she detailed how church workers essentially were imprisoned and beaten.Jeffrey said Marrick, 52, of Colorado, and Arnold, 53, of California, approached him because of his work on the Cook case and the difficulty explaining the complexities of the inner workings of the church.

    "If you go try to tell a lawyer about this who has no knowledge of it, it could take them months just to get the lay of the land," Jeffrey said.

    He is working with three other attorneys, including Tom Harrison, of Corpus Christi.

    More at
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  5. Anonymous Member

    Lawyer is Ray Jeffrey - Debbie Cooke's lawyer, so he knows all about scilon stuff.
    Other choice tidbit from TB article:
    Not too long. Go read..... nao.
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  6. :b.

    I wonder how the cult will deal with this?
    Out of court settlement or the usual sennanigans and try fair game?
  7. sallysock Member

    How I would love this. He'd be perfect there.
    Whooo hooo!!!!
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  8. Eudae Member

    This really is the year where everything falls to pieces...

    Fingers crossed that this story goes national.
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  9. Anonymous Member

    I think. Hopefully the will respond like the Headleys.
    (Hey, OSA- they are going too.)
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  10. Anonymous Member

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  11. Anonymous Member

    The Scientology corporation is run by idiots. Every criminal organization and every dictator knows that you make sure that your dogs are well-fed so that they never turn on you.
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  12. Eudae Member

    I hope you're not just realizing this. :)

    Any organization like this which necessitates control and operates through fear is destined to fall, especially here where people are accustomed to the freedoms the Savage takes away from them. The number of heinous (in regards to PR) stories and testimonies coming out of the Church this year alone is not only bringing the abuses to the forefront, but it seems the public fear of Scientology is finally gone.
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  13. Anonymous Member

    My guess is that these dogs will be paid off handsomely enough to retire in comfort for the rest of their lives in exchange for never talking about what they know. If they are witnesses to crimes though, would such a contract legally prevent them from testifying?
  14. Anonymous Member

    Any PI willing to work for the cult that long, and seeing what they must have seen, would be all about the money anyway.
    big Cheque=silent PI's unfortunately
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  15. Eudae Member

    If nothing else, the story of "Paranoid, power-mad David Miscavige stalked potential 'threat' to his Position" will see some major circulation before they reach a settlement.
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  16. Anonymous Member

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  17. The Church of Scientology once again finds new people to piss off. It's still the same old story. They just don't have the self awareness and understanding of their own history to figure that out. Then again, if they did figure that much out; I doubt any of those people would still be in the cult.

    Anyways, it is a delicious story and it makes me laugh with delight.
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  18. Eudae Member

    The way I understand it, it's only David Miscavige that doesn't understand history or has any self-awareness.

    I'm sure at least some of the people in the upper echelons are wise or rational and Scientology would probably be in a more prosperous state if there was any kind of democracy or debate as to their decisions. Think of the Haifa mission that blew, and how well things were going over there (legally and how they treated members and staff); anyone like that in power, someone fundamentally good, would get rid of at least half this shit.

    Everything leads me to believe that these decisions come from DM himself (apparently he was directly related to this whole operation) and, as we all know, his word is law.
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  19. Anonymous Member

    True, though you must remember, that LRH scripted "how to fix/address everything. "
    That fact is helpful.
    They are predictable.
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  20. Eudae Member

    Yes, but isn't he already squirreling LRH tech for his own purposes? If he can get away with that, it's possible it can be squirreled in a more positive direction. I also don't know of a Hubbard policy on beating and threatening your staff, laughing at confidential confessionals, or imprisoning people who don't meet your standards; that's all from DM.

    I'm not in any way endorsing LRH tech, just entertaining the idea that almost anyone in charge besides Miscavige would make for a more humane Scientology.

    EDIT: Forgot to say I do agree they are predictable, that's a fact. The only way they could surprise us is by doing something beneficial to humankind.
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  21. rickybobby Member

  22. Anonymous Member

    This is nice especially making the point that cos has always said it does not hire PIs, only their lolyers do.
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  23. Anonymous Member

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  24. Jeffrey said the church's payments to the men became irregular, then stopped completely early this year.

    I think this is a good example of the CULT having financial setbacks, and how the loss in income will continue to damage them. Who knows how many people are being kept quiet through regular pay-checks and various kinds of secret payments.

    chalk one up to anon
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  25. The Wrong Guy Member

    Miscavige facing having to testify in court certainly adds to the expectations of a pre-trial settlement.
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  26. Anonymous Member

    Yep. Wanna bet they, as a result of their fuckery, piss off somebody who has recourse to means other than legal to get theirs back?

    Telling that they no longer have the money to feed the dogs, relentlessly re/open ideal orgs and open supah powahs all at the same time.

    Really Davy last thing you want to do is stop paying Dog the Bounty Hunter for hounding Pat (which makes Annie spring to mind...) for years and years with absolutely no conscious or concern for his privacy because your fucking money was golden. Stupid man.
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  27. Random guy Member

    I noticed that too. There was an earlier story from Tobin & Childs describing the operation against Broecker, I think it might have been an interview with Rathbun. In that story, it was described how David 'nipplehead' Miscavige insisted that operation was to be fully funded and continued, even when money was tight and the people working on it saw no reason to continue. If they now are scaling back (and in their stupid we-won't-tell-you-we'll-just-stop-paying-you way too!), it might mean they are really strapped for cash. I'm not sure they have the funds to settle this quickly and quietly out of court.
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  28. :).

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  29. RightOn Member

    well well
    25 years of tailing Broeker?
    I can't imgaine the stuff they know.
    No mention of Annie.

    Hey guys! You want big money? Tell your stories to the masses and write a book!

    And as far as DM being named as a defendent? LOL! Silly lawyers! he is too busy to go to court. LOL
    I hope things spill out like the Debbie Cook case.
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  30. another123 Member

    Love his quote: "...One thing we want you to understand is that the Church of Scientology is no church. It's a commercial enterprise." see full quote told to usaToday (see #4)

    edit: Also, since David Miscavige is putting out footbullets faster than gifs can be produced, started using "catch-all" presentation:
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  31. jensting Member

    Wow !

    Just wow.
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  32. Anonymous Member

    Not gonna happen. The days of Miscavige being bullbaited in court about "public buggery", etc., are, unfortunately, long gone.
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  33. Tourniquet Member

    Miscavige screwed the wrong pooch on this one...

    I wonder if Mrs. Shelly Miscavige ever gave instructions to the private investigators... ?

    Remember your wife, Miscavige?
    Anonymous does not forget
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  34. Anonymous Member

    Ray Jeffries. Wooho and fuck yeah!
  35. Xenu Is Lord Member

    I wonder if the IRS would care that moneys were dispersed for income with no W-9 or I-9's?
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  36. YouSeeNothing Member

    The plaintiffs paid their share of taxes on the income as stated in the story.
  37. Anonymous Member

    I found it interesting that the complaint/petitition was written very much in the narrative style.... E.g., the history. From a legal standpoint that was written purely to rock the defendant's back on their heals - not necessary in the initial pleading. I think that's freaking fantastic and does indeed put defendants on the defensive. Rock on Ray Jeffrey!!
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  38. YouSeeNothing Member

    Davey's gonna have a lotta 'splainin' to do!

    The attorney has learned that cult is caught off guard when lots of secrets are revealed in the suits. Instead of just fighting one complaint, the cult is left fending off attacks on multiple fronts resulting in delicious footbulletry. They get caught out on multiple layers of lying that tend to contradict each other.
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  39. Anonymous Member

    IRS doesn't seem to care at all how the Scientology corporation spends its donations. If they did they'd have revoked the tax exemption long ago as there is ample evidence that not only the company has not help up their end of the deal (for example by denying promised refunds) but for inurement to David Miscavige and to Tom Cruise.
  40. rickybobby Member

    The "church" will pay to make this one go away, too. The only question is how much dirt will be publicly dished before it's done. DM is about to bust a gut right now to get this settled FAST by any means possible. I am sure he won't be getting his beauty sleep tonight! It's even better that they broke this on a Friday-- the lawyers can't do JACK until Monday, so the little dictator has to just suck it up alllllll weekend.

    From the looks of it, I am guessing that the lawyer didn't even try to settle before filing, just blindsided the little doodoo head. I, for one, am going to enjoy this thoroughly as long as it lasts.

    Meanwhile, over in Martyland, the ever hopeful indies are predicting that this is THE ONE, just as every defection and lawsuit before has been THE ONE to remove the tyrant. I hate to burst their bubble, but it ain't THE ONE. This is going to be a long, slow battle of attrition, with the war being fought on many fronts. Last man standing wins. This, however, IS a significant blow, and really fun to watch DM gnash his teeth over it.

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