CoS is flooding the PM's office

Discussion in 'Senator Xenophon And Scientology' started by _You_, Nov 24, 2009.

  1. JohnnyRUClear Member

    Re: CoS is flooding the PM's office

    I sure hope the Aussies are taking Hubbard's dreck about pseudo-cooperation with investigations to the po-po and edumacating them about what they're in for.
  2. Mutante Member

    Re: CoS is flooding the PM's office

  3. Django Member

    Re: CoS is flooding the PM's office

    On it...
  4. ScudMuffin Member

    Re: CoS is flooding the PM's office

    Because evidently there was major news coverage of the protests outside Australia that would make a severe difference to the overall outcome.
  5. AnonyMary Member

    Re: CoS is flooding the PM's office

    Writing is so important. I wrote every senator, the opposition party and the Prime Minister. Not everyone has a horror story to tell but lending your support in a comment to them about those who have spoken up recently or those you who have known who have suffered because of the mental and physical abuse will go a long way with the PM and the other senators. I received many replies, all personalized and encouraging. Please take a minute to email them,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  6. Re: CoS is flooding the PM's office

    Pooned all of them - those in the Labour crowd have been pooned twice.
  7. neoanon Member

    Re: CoS is flooding the PM's office

    Im worried that quality isn't actually better than quantity here. Like someone said earlier, staffers might just read the first line and put a tally on a sheet for one side or the other.
  8. Anoniemert Member

    Re: CoS is flooding the PM's office

    wait, what?

    you are allowed to protest at anytime and anywhere.
    however there is a courtesy "rule" that you inform the municipality where it takes place 24 hours in advance.
    They cannot deny you a "permit" unless an event has allready been scheduled for that day and your protest has a chance of disrupting that event.

    Now I'm sure there are EU countries where this isn't true but it is true in most.
  9. Anonynamefag Member

    Re: CoS is flooding the PM's office

  10. James Smith Member

    Re: CoS is flooding the PM's office

    I hope someone actually reads these.
  11. _You_ Member

    Re: CoS is flooding the PM's office

    I thought the Geneva conventions addressed humanitarian rights of victims in times of war between countries? I know the treaties came about as a result of WWII. Maybe I am mistaken.
  12. James Smith Member

    Re: CoS is flooding the PM's office

    Very true, and kudos for knowing that! However, the Geneva conventions are used as the very BASE of humanitarian law dealing with the ethics and rights of all people. So in a way what I said is "these people violate the very basic of human laws." Sorry for the confusion, hopefully the senate in AU is smarter then the ones we have in the usa.
  13. James Smith Member

  14. _You_ Member

    Re: CoS is flooding the PM's office

    Where I am, the police only needs to be informed of the protest, if it's a small one - but you actually have to get permission from the relevant land owners - be that a private company or the municipality - and they need at least a week to process it. The PA request came as those people were going home for the weekend.

    Somehow we didn't feel like holding an illegal protest at a foreign embassy.
  15. Sissy Lala Member

    Re: CoS is flooding the PM's office

    Gotcha. I figured that's probably what you meant but wanted to make sure I was doing my high school History teacher proud by remembering. :D

    Thanks for the explanation.

    Edit: Forgot to check the anon box in the earlier post. lol
  16. Re: CoS is flooding the PM's office

    So you wouldn't mind having the police show up and poke around your day to day affairs? Looking into your finances, seizing your computer, questioning your friends and family about your day to day activities? And you wouldn't mind this being done publicly and being thrown around in main stream media for the world to see? I see what you are saying but there is still something to be said for the fact that people often don't like being investigated by the state as they feel it is an invasion of privacy.

    Lol, totally forgot about this. Man makes a good point.
  17. neoanon Member

    Re: CoS is flooding the PM's office

    the geneva convention came waaay before WWII they just weren't followed and even today, they are sometimes violated with impunity, but they were crucial in establishing some semblance of international law. also see the hague conventions.
  18. Sissy Lala Member

    Re: CoS is flooding the PM's office

    I do understand your point. But, what's on the table is an inquiry into an organization itself (not its individual members) that receives a special governmental privilege (tax exemption status) so it seems a bit "apples to oranges" to me.

    Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002, as an example of "organization vs. individual", audits companies' financial practices, monitors compliance, etc. It does not, however, investigate the personal lives of a company's accountants (unless perhaps information found during the corporate audit warrants such an investigation?). You can bet Enron-wannabes pitched major fits when Sarbox appeared on the scene.
  19. Sissy Lala Member

    Re: CoS is flooding the PM's office

    You're right. I'd forgotten about the first convention in the 1800s. I guess I am rustier on my history than I thought. :/ I will now shut up. lol
  20. _You_ Member

    Re: CoS is flooding the PM's office

    Thank you for the reminder. I had e-mailed all the senators but forgot about the Prime Minister. :|

    This oversight has since been rectified!
  21. James Smith Member

    Re: CoS is flooding the PM's office

    don't feel bad I actually didn't recall that either
  22. greebly Member

    Re: CoS is flooding the PM's office

    Anyone else sent letters/mails to this lady?
    As in the past she has doubts over CoS(check youtube vids)
    also another current story she should be aware of:


    Hon Jane Lomax-Smith

    Position Minister
    Political Party Australian Labor Party
    Minister Minister for Education
    Minister for Mental Health and Substance Abuse
    Minister for Tourism
    Member of the Executive Council
    Minister for The City of Adelaide
    Electorate Adelaide
    House House of Assembly
    Date elected Feb 9 2002
    Qualifications BSc, MBBS, PhD, FRCPA

    Career Information

    09 Feb '02 Adelaide
    06 Mar '02 Minister for Tourism
    06 Mar '02 Member of Executive Council
    06 Mar '02-13 May '03 Minister of Small Business
    06 Mar '02-05 Mar '04 Minister for Science and Information Economy
    06 Mar '02-05 Mar '04 Minister for Employment, Training and Further Education
    05 Mar '04-24 Jul '08 Minister for Education and Children's Services
    23 Mar '06 Minister for The City of Adelaide
    24 Jul '08 Minister for Mental Health and Substance Abuse
    24 Jul '08 Minister of Education


    Prior Occupation Pathologist
    More Information Jane invites any interested persons to visit her personal site at Jane Lomax-Smith For information about the State electorate district of Adelaide. For general electorate information, please visit the State Electoral Office website.

    Contact Details

    Ministry Telephone:
    08 8226 1205
    Ministry Facsimile:
    08 8226 1556
    Ministry Email:
    Ministry Address:
    9th Floor Education Building, 31 Flinders Street, ADELAIDE 5000
    Ministry Address:
    Ministry Postal Address:
    GPO Box 778, ADELAIDE 5001
    Electorate Telephone:
    08 8269 1838
    Electorate Facsimile:
    08 8269 4233
    Electorate Address:
    84 Prospect Road, PROSPECT 5082
  23. EyeOnSci Member

    Re: CoS is flooding the PM's office

  24. _You_ Member

    Re: CoS is flooding the PM's office

    Just contacted Australian senate office. They told me that the vote will probably now take place in the new year. So over a month for us to lobby all members of the Australian Senate and push this in the press.
  25. Sponge Member

    Re: CoS is flooding the PM's office

    What we could do with during that time is some staffer to blow the cult and immediately expose the internal PR Flap that has been going on inside. The letter writing directives, the orders on what to say and what not to say, the targetting of exes and critics, the lies etc.
  26. _You_ Member

    Re: CoS is flooding the PM's office

    One of the best things we can do for journalists is do the homework for them. I am thinking the Australian senate might enjoy the same thing.
  27. XenuIsDaMan Member

    Re: CoS is flooding the PM's office

    Poon sent:

    Dear Sir,

    I understand from the interwebs that your office has had many communications regarding Senator Xenophon's recent speech and his appeal to investigate Scientology. I further understand that many of the missives which you have received have been opposed to this.

    Sir: I would ask you to look at two sets of data. Firstly: the history of the Scientology organisation and its tactics. Secondly: where did those communications to your office come from?

    If you check this email, for example, you'll see that it came from London, England.

    Given the history of Scientology, its usual response to criticism, and its ability to motivate its (relatively small) set of followers, I am willing to bet that you will find that most of the communications you have received will be from:
    1) Church of Scientology computers
    2) Computers not in Australia

    Sir: the deluge of emails which you are receiving, asking you not to investigate further are almost certainly from well organised Scientologists.

    This is precisely the point which Senator Xenophon was making: they are organised, and they are in a position to influence people to do things on a large scale, regardless of the moral rights or wrongs.

    The more emails you receive which ask you to not even investigate these (well substantiated) claims, the more energy you should devote to doing precisely that.

    If there is nothing to the claims, the the Church can be officially exonerated, and if they are innocent, then they will surely welcome this: especially in the light of the recent trail in France, where the organisation was convicted of fraud.

    If, however, there is substance to the claims, then you owe it to your electorate to have an impartial investigation into the organisation, and to publish the results in the public domain.

    I fail to see how an investigation can be viewed as in any way negative: surely, the people of Australia deserve to know the truth - whatever that may be?


  28. _You_ Member

    Re: CoS is flooding the PM's office

    Please can people stop saying that the apparent deluge of emails from the Sci's are just coming from the same few people. I mean seriously, dox or GTFO.

    The reason I say this, is because for all their lies, bullshit, and unlawful activity, the only evidence I've ever seen relating to their email/fax/letter campaigns, point to the fact that they're legit.

    Examples that spring to mind, are the Riverside County letters: all real people. The numerous "call to arms" leaked email requests from CCHR, and other similar requests.

    Yes, the letters are formulaic. Yes, many are no doubt written by staff under orders, or public under pressure. But to cast allegations which not only do we have NO evidence for, but are more than likely false anyway, does us no service at all. It has totally the opposite effect.

    Commenting on people's fear of signing petitions, writing letters to government departments due to the CofS's past behaviour, is honest, accurate and true.

    But this "they're all coming from the same few people BS", is almost certainly that: BS.

    If any Exes know that this is not the case, then please speak up.
  29. mrfyde Member

    Re: CoS is flooding the PM's office

    I have to agree with this

    I for one have sent more than one letter. I signed the same name to both, and there is nothing wrong with sending more than one letter imo, unless I missed someone from the AU gov. asking us not to send more than one.

    I also agree with the people who are saying that influencing the receiver of the letter with ideas, the showing of public opinion, and addressing the specific laws Scientology's abuses violate will have more impact than any number of letters they receive that do not address those issues. Australia does not operate under mob rule, and that will work in our favor.
  30. Ogsonofgroo Member

    Re: CoS is flooding the PM's office

    Given that most of the indoctrinated cash-cowz are basically isolated from media by rote, from outside influences including (and not specific to) any internet researches, it is by no means a stretch to assume that most Co$ propaganda and bawwinngs come from a few basic sources.

    Really nao, anyone with a minor bit o' time can see the massive evidence of how the cult's PR machine works. The victims have no choice but to tow the party line, and it is painfully obvious to us, but it isn't to them, which is most unfortunate.

    distracted a bit here I hope this makes moar sense than I usually do XP


  31. _You_ Member

    Re: CoS is flooding the PM's office

    New Bruce, while I agree with your call to caution, Scientology in Australia has sent bogus mass emails to politicians before - so it should definitely be investigated.
  32. Ogsonofgroo Member

    Re: CoS is flooding the PM's office

    Look at it this way.

    1000 cult e-mails, all pretty much the same spew, no evidence, no logic, blather.


    100 informed and well spoken people/Anons with links to evidence and perspective.

    I think the Au. MP's could/would/should figure it out, I hope they do.

  33. _You_ Member

  34. Re: CoS is flooding the PM's office

    Has anyone got a leaked COS letter? It would be good to see what the group is putting forward. No doubt they are playing the religious hate group line.
    Some thoughts to help with your letter:
    #1Focus on present crimes and relate to past crimes rather than mentioning stuff from the 1970's. It's not illegal to make mistakes in the past. Even the Children of God still remain to this day and they did mass scale pedophilia. The goal is to present what is happening now.
    #2 COS will be playing the religious hate line. Mention and re-mention that no religion is beyond the law when it comes to human rights. An inquiry's purpose is not to attack the church, but rather to ascertain wether the 1000's of people who have left and mention criminal activity are telling the truth.
    #3 Call for an anonymous enquiry where people can come forward anonymously given the groups history with attacking critics.
    #4 Keep it short, sweet and to the point. Don't convolute. They will be receiving thousands and the readers of these letters will appreciate direct responses.
    #5 Separate Scientology from other religions. Use statistics (Do we have?) Like for example (this is only an example and not fact) There are 1000 sites on the internet opposing Scientology, where as bon-fide religions only have 10 or there are over 1000 active people complaining about the abuse of human rights while in COS and considering that the church attacks all criticism this is only the tip of the iceburg. Make sure they get a clear picture that this is not a bona- fide religion and that this situation is about human rights abuses.
    #6 Stay away from anything that may be regarded as tinfoil.
    Any other ideas?
  35. Re: CoS is flooding the PM's office

    I'm not sure why you assume this when you haven't seen any of the letters that have been sent.

    The same effort is basically being organized here. I mean what you're describing is just what people here call "harpooning." Just food for thought.
  36. Re: CoS is flooding the PM's office

    it would be good to get some emails. Anyone?
  37. _You_ Member

    Re: CoS is flooding the PM's office

    We have "assets" on the inside of the cult that will be providing us with that information as needed. OSA has been trying for months to discover who the moles are without success. Makes me lol.
  38. _You_ Member

    Re: CoS is flooding the PM's office

    Things which are known:
    1) Scientology sends emails calling for a rally of support whenever they are in trouble
    2) Some Scientologists respond to these calls enthusiastically.

    Dox? Try lurking moar (wikipedia ban, USENET vs Scientology, and so on and so forth).

    I'd provide the links myself, but frankly I can't be arsed to babysit a newbie right now. If you want dox, then try reading some backposts.

    Get back to this thread when you've caught up. This really is 101.
  39. Re: CoS is flooding the PM's office

    So they do exactly the same thing chanologists do then?
  40. Sissy Lala Member

    Re: CoS is flooding the PM's office

    I agree with some of the Bruces above and Mr. Fyde. So what if every gazillion letter Scientology sends them is from a different person, and is worded completely different than any other letter they send? SO WHAT?

    Does that negate the exes' stories of abuse? Does it indicate their experiences didn't happen? Would it prove they deserve to retain tax-exempt status because they can pen their own correspondence? Does it explain away years of bank statements showing the huge amount of money that flowed out of people's lives and into the cult's pocket? Does it put disconnected family members into family photos where they were once absent? The answer is NO.

    As long as OUR communiques are intelligent, well-thought-out, sincere, and factual...why should we care what theirs are? We're supporting the senator's request for an inquiry. We have the truth, documentation, and facts on our side. We have exes who were on the inside. We even have documentation from LRH himself.

    Think about this. How does an organization go about convincing a governmental body to NOT look at it? Do they beg, plead, or say "Nuh uh"? If the critics, the exes, the Senator, et al. have their shit together and present enough information, no amount of bawwwing "don't look at me" will make someone say "nevermind". In fact - the MORE BAW would make one tend to proceed even more fervently. As people have stated before - some of the senators are already rsponding to Anons re: the fervor with which Scientology is reacting.

    Chill out. Write your own letters. Make your own calls. If you want Anons to proofread them for you, I am sure many would be happy to assist.

    Exes - this is when you're REALLY needed. Come out of the woodwork if you haven't done so yet. Grow a pair if you need to. Anon can only do so much. You were there. You experienced the truth.

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