Copenhagen 18th - Lending a hand

Discussion in 'Europe' started by webkilla, Apr 18, 2009.

  1. webkilla Member

    Copenhagen 18th - Lending a hand

    Once again the copenhagen danishfags show up in full force, enterbulate and troll deep!

    we were legion! with many femanons in our midst, much to the likings of many a harbl...


    We found ourselves the focus of much positive attention from many tourists, as many photos were taken of us! (we had a nice big "" sign for that)

    equally, our "hand fliers out of people riding bikes" tech was awesome - with many people snatching up fliers on the go

    we even, once again, had a car pull up to get a flier!

    as something new and creative we also had origami-cranes - EVERYWHERE!


    as usual we handed out fliers in the hundreds - no idea how many - but plenty for sure. also as usual the scilons weren't really anywhere to be seen...

    the only exeption was the scilons running around (and away from us) handing out weeaboo pamphlets on "the truth about drugs"... your basic bullshit really

    one old lady in particular that i chased down, who was handing out the stuff, really didn't seem to like me pointing out that it was scilon material... oh the language she used - so foul - so out-ethics... so downstat - so win!

    another fun thing: loads of people shook my hand! it was quite... whats the word... reaffirming, why i do this stuff. it ranged from old people comming up and shaking my hands and just going "this is good stuff you're doing" to other ppl shaking my hands as thanks for telling them of scilon misdeeds.

    really quite awesome all in all

    also we had delicious cake :D
  2. Magnumice Member

    Re: Copenhagen 18th - Lending a hand

    Great raid is great.

    Lulz were had, when we followed the scilons handing out "the truth about drugs" folders out. We followed them to the town hall square, were we warned people, that had gotten the folders, that it was scientology material(resulting in them giving us the folders, because they didn't want them, and us giving them ours instead). We also yelled "Look out! Scientology propoganda material being handed out!" and the likes, making them all flustered, and grouping up EACH TIME, to re-discuss what to do. We were of course being filmed by a scilon ALL THE TIME.

    Great lulz were had indeed.
  3. Silent Member

    Re: Copenhagen 18th - Lending a hand

    Good going guise, godt at i hyggede jer også :D

    Ser også ud som om i stadig kan samle et godt hold, super flot!
  4. Hombre Moderator Skandinaviska

    Re: Copenhagen 18th - Lending a hand

    fint spelat :)
  5. anony_n00b Member

    Re: Copenhagen 18th - Lending a hand

    win raid is win!

    i was very impressed that we got so many honks without a honk-against-scientology sign - ppl indeed expect us by now :)

    also, loved the newlyweds in their huge open american floater car thingy who cheered at us

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