Continuing the Big List of THOUSANDS of Former Members Who Spoke Out

Discussion in 'Projects' started by TrevAnon, Jul 21, 2017.

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    Names of people declared mentioned in a 1983 letter who are already on the list. We can add this link for their location (UK) and/or that they were declared plus any extra info given here for them:

    Mick Alpin
    Vicky Ballard
    Roger Barnes
    Julian Bell
    Morag Bellmaine
    Steve Bisbey
    Al Bornstein (Flag World Tour)
    Maurice Broad
    John Caban
    Ira Chaleff
    Neville Chamberlin
    Murray Chopping (Cl XII, NOTS)
    Bent Corydon (Cl VIII, NOTS)
    Peggy Daroesman
    Hana Eltringham (Cl XII, NOTS)
    Dennis Erlich (OT VII, NOTS)
    Bill Foster (Cl VIII, NOTS)
    Paul Franklin
    Bill Franks (Cl VIII, NOTS, ED Int)
    Alex Gerber (Cl XII)
    Kerry Gleeson
    Peter Greene (Cl VI, NOTS)
    Colin Guy
    Anne Hartshorne
    George Hay
    Don Hill (Cl VIII, NOTS)
    Ron Hopkins
    Jay Hurwitz
    Pamela Hurwitz
    Pam Kemp (Cl IX)
    Ron Lawley
    Debbie Leighton
    Vic Lyons
    David Mayo (Cl XII, Senior C/S Int)
    Russ Meadows (Cl XII)
    Ian Moore
    Keith Mumby
    Pauline Mumby
    Irene Mumford
    Bill Robertson (Cl VIII, LRH’s Deputy)
    Martin Samuels (Cl VIII, FEBC, NOTS)
    Darrell Sykes
    Ken Urquhart
    Ivan Watson
    Mik Wenlock
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    Well, he obviously deleted the blog. His story won't be coming back I guess. :(
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    Agreed, so common that I found a Jason Jones that back in 1991 attended a "Delphian" school in New Jersey entirely unrelated to Scientology. I only know that because he's pictured in their year book in the art club and on the track team, things considered a waste of time in Scientology schools.
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    AFAICT they're just updating the version of mediwiki being used to match the most current one, and resolving any code problems of updating from a version they forked back in 2013. There's no indication that our URL will change (again) as that already happened in the earlier stage of this unifying project.

    As long as they keep the option to edit the wikisource directly and don't force me to use the visual editor I'll be fine. If I'm wrong perhaps we could ask DeathHamster to add a mirror wikipage of the Big List to the UmbraXenu wiki, and maybe the other active lists too.
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    It occurs to me I haven't recently given the total in this thread, so here it is along with the latest entries:
    • Shane Rybacki - born in, staff for 1½ years, Sea Org for 3 months, CMO, DSA, Deputy Information and Data Analysis Officer, , PAC Base Los Angeles, Orange County California - his story
    • JoAnne Nelson - Clear - blog comment
    • Ron Kasman - left after 3 years - Toronto - his story, blog comment
    The current total count is 3034 (for any academics doing an analysis of the list, even adjusting the number down by a hypothetical 1% margin of error still keeps us at over three thousand names)
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    2020 - If You Were a Freak, You Were Equally Excluded. In: Nichols D., Perillo S. (eds) Urban Australia and Post-Punk. Palgrave Macmillan, Singapore. DOI: 10.1007/978-981-32-9702-9_2, ISBN 978-981-32-9701-2
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    *takes a breath* ... The framing of this is so obviously sarcasm that I feel obligated to ignore Tony stating "We don’t know Rea" in favor of the title stating "those who have left" implying that he's done his journalistic due diligence in getting known former/current members (as confidential sources) to vouch for her having been in, and so I'm thereby adding her name based on that assumption.

    I just wish the body of the entry wasn't worded in a way that absolves him from responsibility if things go awry in this case.
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    I think she's legit. Found her fb profile, where she's friends with Karen de la Carriere.
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    Thanks. If I'm too much of a grumblebum at times, it's because I have the "HELP" thread in mind knowing that with his connections Tony could probably go through that thread in a day and confirm dozens of names.
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    On November 30, 2015 there were 2659 entries. During 2016 we added 108.
    On December 31, 2016 there were 2767 entries. In 2017 we added 66.
    On January 1, 2018 there were 2833 entries. In 2018 we added 77.
    On January 1, 2019 we have 2910 entries. In 2019 we added 74 (75).
    On January 1, 2020 we have 2984 entries and 1 pending. In 2020 we added 54 (53). (16 (15) of those were added until March 8, 2020 to get to 3000.)
    On January 1, 2021 we have 3038 entries.

    Happy new year Incred!
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    Bob Mongiello already on, two hour interview

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    anyone has news and fact about a former french staff member ,CHRISTIAN LEMAIRE
    is he out ?
    he moved out .;he do not work no more for the same communication agency ,so anyone can tell ?
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    Not very sure.

    Leigh Walker
    - Speaks out at Mike's:
    - Has his own website (click his name on the comment at Mike's)
    - According to this ESMB 1 comment he was in and got out:
    - He's also in your post

    AFAICT all details match? Please note the person at ESMB 1 is not someone already on.
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    Oh look, whenever someone on a particular list speaks out a screenshot magically appears of someone already on the Big List vouching for them :cool:
    Leigh Walker.png
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    If that's from a certain FB group please note there are also members in that group who were never in.

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