Continuing the Big List of THOUSANDS of Former Members Who Spoke Out

Discussion in 'Projects' started by TrevAnon, Jul 21, 2017.

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    Unfortunately too true for the rest of these:
    Agreed, hard to imagine the comment/request from 2014 only being half granted for that long, and there's a 1990 gap in Yossi Charny's completions that the single completion for Joseph Charny slots right into, so most likely that one (first) time on the Freewinds they went with his formal name.
    Sorry but she's only listed as deposed by CSI (Church of Scientology International) so without the actual transcript of her deposition we can't count that as speaking out.
    The author of that blog post on Rinder's site wasn't disclosed, it was guessed as Jeremy by OSA. Having no confirmation or denial of that guess is fine to use when linking to the post from elsewhere, but doesn't really count as him speaking out using his name.
    The Peter Grant we want speaking out left in 2018, the one mentioned in that book wasn't the person trying Scientology in the 1960s:
    "On June 11(1969), Bobby Ace and the Cards from the Bottom of the Deck played at California Hall. It was a quasi-benefit for Scientology, because Bob Weir had listened to T.C. over the winter and studied L. Ron Hubbard’s ideas as a way of strengthening his position in the band. After a few months he decided that he neither felt nor played better, and was tired of paying money for nothing, so he quit. The benefit was actually his good-bye to Scientology, and featured Garcia, McDuke, David Nelson, Phil, Mickey, Peter Grant on banjo, and T.C. on piano."
    This one I could be swayed on, but as it is it's someone else privately relaying in writing what she told them while both were aboard the Apollo. Whether she expected her eyewitness account along with her name to be made public is debatable.
    Also Trev, I don't see a recent deletion of anyone by that name. The last Susan to be deleted was Susan Kerr in 2015, see
    Is that who you meant?
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    • Bob Weir - member of The Grateful Dead - his story
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    Two other Grateful Dead band members not on our list were in Scientology:
    David Nelson
    "when the LSD got there, Mother McCree's Uptown Jug Champions started evolving into the Grateful Dead. David Nelson might have been the rhythm guitar player in the Dead if he had not been in L.A. at the time, trying out Scientology."

    Tom Constanten
    "I got into Scientology through drugs, and got out of it the same way. I tried not to proselytize, but I'm sure there's a certain amount you can't resist, and that I regret. It probably must have rubbed some people the wrong way."
    I was a practicing Scientologist and didn’t do any drugs. I’d call it more a philosophy than a religion, but at the time, I thought it [was] important to follow it sincerely. But that was then.”
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    There's an added line at the end now:

    "UPDATE: Graham Berry did help Margaret recover her money"

    We have to take it on good faith that because the post wasn't taken down and her name wasn't redacted that permission was gained from Margaret through Graham to keep it public.

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    The link for Molly Hutchinson is dead...? :(
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    Resurrected. :cool:
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    Extra info and links for Doug Scott Kramer, already on - left after 25 years - Hollywood California - his story

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    danielle gounord ?
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    no she didn't ,indeed, she is nowhere , long time ago now
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    If isn't revived then I have 161 links to resurrect :(
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    It's registered for another year and is up again.
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    OT Is there a thread here to backup pix?

    Needed to backup these two. Kirstie got trolled.

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    Someone changed the entries for Jenny and Victor Barnes to Barnett and shortened the one for Victor?
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    Also changed their first names from Joyce and Vincent. It's the kind of vandalism they hope won't be noticed by keeping the names in alphabetical order. If the new names actually had completions I'd be more impressed at the attempt.

    Reverted. Oh, and resurrected a link in one of their entries that had died, so I guess I should thank the vandal for pointing me to it.
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