Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords Shot

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by the anti, Jan 8, 2011.

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  1. TinyDancer Member

    He probably is. I don't know the statistical correlations (if any) between schizophrenia and intellect, but there are a lot of clever people with mental illnesses.
  2. Rockyj Member

    Sorry, I've been doing my best to be objective re: this issue but from all my research, etc., & especially in regard to Sarah Palin & Sharron Angle, its not just rhetoric! Political figures like Sarah & Sharron & the Right Wing media are ruining whatever democracy we have left! Free speech I stand for but the lies & BS they spew are dividing us, incites fear, hate & violence & full of racism! The Right & NRA are trying to squirm out of this & would NOT be so defensive because they know the intent behind their so called rhetoric & talking points!

    The RIGHT needs to take responsibility - Case Closed. But they never will.


    White People the Minority:

    The Right & even the mainstream media is trying to say its both left & right!
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  3. Rockyj Member

    Iroinically, The Washington Post, states he was an Independent.

  4. DeathHamster Member

    The body count might have been lower due to restricted visibility. If that were so, who would care about the beating?
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  5. Kilia Member

    I thought you LIKED Sarah?? My bad if if I perceived your previous post as such.
    The majority of Alaskans do not like her. including me.
  6. Zak McKracken Member

    DM's staff?
  7. ziptang Member

    Bloody fucking hell I want an 'Ignore" button....
  8. Kilia Member

  9. Kilia Member

    Loughner had to write his address info and such and if you take a look at the top of that graphic *Disclaimer* , it shows that it is him filling out the info. So...obviously he misspelled his city's name.
  10. whosit Member

  11. Rockyj Member

    BS why don't they post this!,-The-Victims,-and-Rep.-Gabrielle-Giffords
  12. DeathHamster Member

    I love this map.
    The parties have changed but the colors stayed more-or-less the same.
  13. whosit Member

    That second post makes it all better. Really. And the fact that the DailyKos is trying to hide it and got caught didn't matter.

    Just like Sarah Palin.

    Just pointing out the hypocrisy.
    etc., etc., etc...
  14. Rockyj Member

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  15. Rockyj Member

  16. Rockyj Member

    BTW I love you, just get it right & read the truth.
  17. BusinessBecky Member

    A personally responsible individual is part of the collective.
    Common traits amongst people who have reached self-actualization are:
    • They embrace reality and facts rather than denying truth.
    • They are spontaneous.
    • They are 'focused on problems outside themselves'.
    • They 'can accept their own human nature in the stoic style, with all its shortcomings', are similarly acceptant of others, and generally lack prejudice.
  18. TinyDancer Member

    Rockyj, calm down.
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  19. Rockyj Member

    Just will add this & bed now.
  20. mongrel Member

    HOLY FUCK YOU ARE SUCH A CRACKWHORE!!!!! You won't even listen to the other side??????? At least I read the scilon's BS before I decided they were full of shit! As much as I would like to blame that ignorant twat Palin for this crap it seems that this is simply a case of a lone nutjob. Did you listen to his jewtube ramblings? They made no sense whatsoever.

    And before you start ranting about "conservative radio talk shows"..... I can't tell you how many times I've heard "liberal radio talk shows" claim that the only reason people disagree with Obama is because he's black!!! (And he's only half-black anyway.!!)
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  21. JohnnyRUClear Member

    Now my tinfoil is really starting to buzz. This lone gunman killed a 9/11 baby and also shot the sister-in-law of a man in space? What are the odds of that?

    Score another one for Phelps. Successful troll is successful.


    From whence does that definition of individualism come? It's not even close to anything here:
    ...and I've never heard it before.


    Rockyj, I remember that quite well, because I happen to fit the profile in almost every detail. I'm regarded as extremely likely to be a terrorist, simply because I am a "conservative" and oppose the political establishment on a number of issues. I've got no love for Boehner and much of what the GOP leadership does ranges from bizarre to incomprehensibly wrongheaded IMO, but labeling half the country potential terrorists over political disagreements is just wrong and Boehner et al were right to attack on that point.

    It was wrong in the 60s when "lefties" were the targets, and it's wrong today when "Repugs" are the targets.
    People should be treated as individuals, not just members of this or that demographic.
  22. Rockyj Member

    Opps! TinyDancer, I am SO very sorry as I was on my way to bed BUT Nazi Whore, just made an idiot of herself! LOL, what can I say? & she needs to understand its all about PEACE, LOVE, GROOVY, WHAT'S YOUR SIGN...SPARE CHANGE (donations plez?)
    Plus may the force NOT be with Nazi Whore OR with people who are being brainwashed by right wing media!
  23. ziptang Member

  24. JohnnyRUClear Member

    LOL. Zip, you need a drink, man.

    You too, Rockster.

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  25. mongrel Member

    WHAT......THE......FUCK???????? Seriously, you should lay off the crack and start making some sense.
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  26. the anti Member

    both her husband and his twin brother are astronauts. but the twin is in space right now from what i understand
  27. Smurf Member

  28. OliveHearst Member

    Rockyj, sometimes you come across as a bit unstable, which I honestly don't think you are. Maybe it would help to take a breath, count to 10, and proofread your posts before submitting them.
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  29. andonanon Member

    I was looking for another article I had read once about where Hitler stood on political spectrum. I was pressed for time and posted the list from here.

    As I said in the original post, I am not all that happy with it.

    I later found the source of the list, where the author discusses each of his points.

    This is kind of a leftist screed, but he at least defines what he means by his terms.

    There is a much better discussion of fascism in wikipedia.

    I admit facsism isn't always entirely consistent with right wing ideology but I strongly believe it is much more closely aligned to the right than the left. If you examine the imagery of leftist totalitarian states, they invoke the idea of a revolutionary break with history to create something new. ie "the new soviet man" which was kind of a communist Homo Novis. In contrast, the Nazi's talked about their movement as a restoration of past greatness, with a lot of imagery borrowed from the Roman Empire and ancient germanic symbols. The insistence on purity of blood and racism was an attempt to connect to the supposed past greatness of the German people. That is a strong indication to me that it is essentially a conservative impulse that drove it. tl;dr version...leftists say they are progressive, conservatives say they are preservative or restorative.

    At the end of the day, both right and left wing totalitarianism result in similar condition of the state being the only source of power in the society. But their motivations and the elements of society that support the totalitarian state in each case tend to be different. I tried to explain this in another post in this thread.

    I personally never heard Hitler, Franco, Mussolini or other fascist governments described as anything other than right-wing totalitarianism until about 1980, coincidental with rebirth of American conservatism at the time of Reagan's election.

    I highly recommend Erich Fromm's book Escape from Freedom that has as its overarching theme the psycho-social character of Hitler's supporters.
  30. ziptang Member

  31. Kilia Member

  32. JohnnyRUClear Member

    OK, I'm done talking about Hitler and blah blah for now. I did read part of that page, but can't agree with the author on some of his points, so I didn't read it all. I suggest we take all that stuff to another discussion thread if we want to continue it, and let this one be about the late unpleasantness.

    Tool isn't my style. No h8in for anybody who likes them, but I don't.

    Taste is a funny thing.
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  33. EyeOnSci Member

    Oh shi

    Nao, u'v done it!
  34. Miranda Member

    I'll be glad when we get the Thunderdome back. For now please try to stay on topic.
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  35. anonymous9 Member

    LOL @ rightwingpoliticalpartisanfaggots desperate to distance themselves from Giffords shooting and "prove" that vitriolic rhetoric had nothing to do with it.

    Using a target is not the same as putting a person in a gunsight's crosshairs.
  36. anonymous9 Member

    ...also, THIS:

    Glenn Beck Photo FAIL

  37. Paroxetine Samurai Moderator

    This, IMO, is how the media and politically ambitions douchebags jump to conclusions. I am not surprised that they already began saying "Oh noes!1!!11 He was listening to Sarah Palin!!!1 It MUSST be political!!11one one!"

    This was the same crap that came out of the media, "Doctor" Phil, and Jack Thompson about the VA Tech shooter and violent video games... In the end, they ate their words off camera when it was discovered he didn't play video games. IMO, the same will happen with this case: They will find he was in no way, shape, or form motivated by politics and was just a run of the mill nut job motivated by insanity.
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  38. Since one cannot take such insanity seriously, I must instead find the humor in it. They point to a senseless act of violence in a positive light in the same breath they talk about a loving god? WBC is not worthy of our anger. Instead, they are worthy of our derision. Here's a pic of people doinitrite.

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