Confirmed: OUTING protesters!

Discussion in 'Iran' started by Unregistered, Jun 21, 2009.

  1. I just called the headquarters for Google to file a complaint about shenasaee and was told that there was nothing they could do. Google's moniker is "Do No Evil". Obviously they are not living up to this standard. They suggested that I use the online complaint feature for Blogger (which I've done numerous times and still it seems to do no good). Google can go to hell!
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  3. tail-end hobs

    Google sitting back and making the situation worse by endangering people protesting for freedom? They're agenda suddenly becomes apparent, where's the press at?
  4. I've just contacted the San Jose Mercury News (my local newspaper) about Google hosting shenasaee

    I've had it with Google's deception. Do no evil.......MY ASS! I think that, in light of their willingness to appease the Chinese government in order to increase their market share in China, their actions with respect to this blog site are very telling and relevant. The fact that they've not yet removed this blog site is reprehensible. They've really abandoned their corporate philosophy. Yes, Yahoo and other companies have done the same, but this argument holds no water. It still does not justify Google's behavior and it's still no reason not to take Google (or any other company that acts likewise) to task and place a spot light on what they are doing. Perhaps they'll think twice about it in the future if they realize that the public is holding them responsible for their actions.
  5. sorry .........
  6. Contacted Winnipeg Free Press, Winnipeg Sun & CTV Toronto about shenasaee.

    Protip: Google "news tips" with the quotation marks.
  7. Also the Vancouver Sun
  8. contacted Nico Pitney at HuffPost & Andrew Sullivan

    hope they get word out...
  9. the blog has been removed!!!!!!!!!!!
    good work lads!
  10. skollie-IRAN Member

    The effort was worth it! the blog is gone.
  11. tt23 Member

  12. almanach lina

    i guess they got scared when reporters started calling

    great success!
  13. Confirm: The blog has been taken down
  14. excellent work, woohoo!
  15. WHOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! You go guys. Those of us who are technically challenged are so thankful for what you are doing!!!!! Bravo!!!!

    I am doing other things to help.

  16. Basji, Revolutionary Guards......your choice, murder people or freedom. Lay down your arms. CHOOSE FREEDOM.

    Basji, Revolutionary Guards, if Ahmadjad wins, you continue murdering. If Mosavi wins, what happens to you? Lay down your arms. CHOOSE FREEDOM!

    Ask your mother or your wife, should you continue shooting your people or choose freedom?

    Khamenei, why choose Ahmadjad when your people choose Mousavi? Dump Ahmadjad & make $$$ from tourists, We love your people.
  17. skollie-IRAN Member

    We do need to keep our eyes open, to make sure that blog does not pop up somewhere else.
  18. tace routed this site to: []

    IP is located in Amsterdam, Netherlands

    that's all for me today
    goodnight folks
  19. tt23 Member

    1) runs at, check few pages back

    2) is in the Netherlands
    # whois
    person: RIP Mean
    address: P.O. Box 93054
    address: 1090BB AMSTERDAM
    address: Netherlands
    phone: +31 20 3162880
    fax-no: +31 20 3162890

    call them, mail them, repeat :)
  20. good job guys/gals
  21. NedB Member

    Shanasaee down: WAY TO GO PEOPLE!!!! :cool::cool::cool::cool:
  22. Again, here is some information that can be used to publically pressure to take these sites down. These names, phone numbers, and email addresses can be publicly re-tweeted to get more public support:

  23. publically shaming them for supporting a repressive regime's efforts to harm civilians will probably get you more results than the emails
  24. who is at ip address that is not the planet. I know the who is for the domain name shows another planet IP but the ip listed when I try tracert is shows basicly nothing.
  25. That IP is Geolocated here -
    Google Maps

    As far as, I am getting for an IP and as a domain name, being hosted at
  26. Geraldanthro Member

    Mois agent


  27. Geraldanthro Member

  28. Geraldanthro Member

  29. "Plausible deniability is high for companies like The Planet as long as they dont actively patrol their own servers or leave a site up after someone like me points it out, as happened when I did just that in 2004."

    U.S. Companies Still Host Terrorist Websites Northern Virginia, Richmond, VA and DC Metro Chapter i get this Dallas Ip from whois Domain Names, Web Hosting and Online Marketing Services | Network Solutions
    but this ip from my tracert

    Im in dallas county, miles from the Dallas city limits.
  30. nice work!

    Take a break, pat yourselves on the back. I know I am. We got shenasaee taken down. bultannews is still up and hosted on theplanet, as well as the other site on theplanet. I got an email back from saying their legal department is looking into it.

    Keep the pressure on theplanet! Keep spreading this to news agencies. It is VERY newsworthy. They will carry a story, as has been done in the past when US companies host terrorist sites. This will put immense pressure on theplanet's pr department.

    If you're reading this, thank you Google, for taking down shenasaee.

    As far as the sites hosted in Iran, spam the shit out of the contact pages at,, and the other sites mentioned in this thread. Do this anonymously - use Tor or equivalent. Someone please write a script to automate this. We can totally defeat these sites by flooding their mailboxes with garbage.

    !!!New contacts for theplanet:,!!! Maybe someone over there will do the right thing. Maybe they can find an inconsistency in the registrant's info and take the site down because of that.
  31. still hosted by Tweet the names of executives of

    Doug Erwin
    Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

    Kevin Klausmeyer
    Chief Financial Officer

    Joe Horzepa
    General Counsel

    Steve Kahan
    Vice President, Marketing and Product Management

    William Charnock
    Vice President, Technology

    Jeff Lowenberg
    Vice President, Facilities

    Stan Barber
    Vice President, Network Operations

    Duke S. Skarda
    Vice President, Information Technology and Software Development

    Irene Gaddis
    Director of Human Resources

    They are all responsible for the potential harm to iranian civilians unless they act immediately to take these pages down.
  32. Only constant public pressure will get this company to act responsibly, as it seems they are only more interested in money than the welfare of innocents.
  33. Nope, still on theplanet:

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