Conditions for Ceasefire

Discussion in 'Think Tank' started by _You_, Dec 24, 2009.

  1. _You_ Member

    Re: Conditions for Ceasefire

    I oppose Scientology because it's raison d'etre, apparently, is the "world wide obliteration of psychiatry."

    Psychiatry is an applied science, and within science disputes are settled via appeals to rules of evidence, not political, financial, or physical coercion.

    Perhaps Scientology's scare tactics will persuade lawmakers to cut off funding for neuroscience researchers so that more money can be spent on Narconon clinics. This might be good for Scientology's war chest. However, it would not advance our understanding of the brain or the mind one jot.
  2. _You_ Member

    Re: Conditions for Ceasefire

    U SO CRAZY!!!
  3. WTF Member

    Re: Conditions for Ceasefire

    uhh you got the "applied" right...take another look at the rest

  4. _You_ Member

  5. _You_ Member

  6. Anonymous Member

    Re: Conditions for Ceasefire

    ECT is done a lot more than people think as last resort in depression and really does save lives. Indeed, chronic sufferers can have Vagus-nerve stimulators implanted:
    Brain implant - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  7. x-calibur Member

    Re: Conditions for Ceasefire

    thats a pretty good list.. but as others have said, the idea of a ceasefire doesnt really apply here. scientology is corrupt to the core - its founder l ron hubbard designed it that way for his own personal gain. the church of scientology would never agree to that list.. or at most, theyd pretend to agree, but they would never act on any of this. patterns have a way of continuing, and scientology will continue to be the cancer on society that it is... unless the organization itself is shut down and destroyed.

    i mean weve got the freezoners now, so people following scientology beliefs isnt that much of a problem. but the Church of Scientology must be completely eliminated - thats the only way the problems will stop.
  8. Panther Member

    Re: Conditions for Ceasefire

    CofS as you know it will be pretty impotent and irrelevant by Xmas 2010, and Anon can indeed take a lot of credit for that. However if you start trying to tell folk what they can or can't believe then you've lost. Everything on the Ceasefire laundry list is to do with harm inflicted on others. Even if you believe applying the tech is harmful to oneself (it isn't, but feel free to believe that), you can't start dictating to others what they can study and practice - unless you want to look like an ignorant twat. The Independents model crested by Marty, Steve Hall et al is the way forward as far as I'm concerned. Happy New Year!
  9. Random guy Member

    Re: Conditions for Ceasefire

    Conditions for ceasefire? You guys go ahead down to the pub to celebrate the peace, I'm not done.
  10. _You_ Member

    Re: Conditions for Ceasefire

  11. Anon123456 Member

    Re: Conditions for Ceasefire

    do it. you know you want to.
  12. ArnieLerma Member

    Re: Conditions for Ceasefire

    Neither am I

    the LAST TIME the topic of a cease fire came up on ARS, it was with the title "BLACK OUT ARS" - and the posting suggested that because it was christmas (an appeal to the good nature of fair minded humans with a bit'o conscience) that it would be a great idea for everyone on ARS newsgroup to STOP posting for one day...

    So I did a follow up post in that thread...

    which, was Anonymously sent to the FBI with a bit of creative writing that I, Arnie Lerma, was going to "BLACK OUT THE NET" ( I felt honored anyone could think I had such ubermensch powers )

    A few days later..
    Knock knock..

    Who is there?


    The original posting in August 1999
    "During the 2nd week of August 1999, there was a knock at my door, it was 2 members of the FBI Anti Terrorist Taskforce...

    The gentlemen were invited inside and made to feel at home, seems they had received an anonymous report that **I** was planning to "Black Out" the internet.

    What this was from was a follow-up to a suggestion made on the newsgroup Alt.religion.scientology for critics to take a break and stop posting messages for a few days, the thread was called "Black out"...

    So... just so any Fed type reading this understands what was and IS, going on, a few lines of this posting were lifted out of context - certainly out of character for the author of the Liberty Tree Story , - and then likely with additional fabrications were sent to the FBI anti Terrorist task Force...


    The Rule #1 I apply whenever Scientology does something like this, is to turn it to advantage, I mean here we have a trio of Federal Law Enforcement in my living they got the True Nature of Scientology grand tour.

    Some time later one of them said, that he thought the anonymous report came from "the church"...

    I expect this pattern of generation, and fabrication, will continue.

    Any and all bonifide Law Enforcement Agents are welcome here,

    I look forward to every opportunity to educate folks about what they are dealing with.

    You are also welcome to look around this computer, I will, however, call your agency and make sure you are who you claim to be, as Scientology's dirty tricks PI Eugene Ingram has an arrest warrant for Impersonation of a police officer.

    Coffee or Tea?"

    A week later the FBI guy called me and said "We believe that the anonymous report came from the "church"...."

    You cannot make a pact with the devil or with anyone without a conscience..
  13. _You_ Member

    Re: Conditions for Ceasefire

    Far too tl:dr

    Only terms should be to diaf.
  14. Your Mom Member

    Re: Conditions for Ceasefire

    I disagree.

    I think we should ask for pudding.
  15. _You_ Member

    Re: Conditions for Ceasefire

    And make them breathe in and out real quick an' run in circles till they fall down :D

    (sry, I'll resist better in the future)
  16. Ogsonofgroo Member

    Re: Conditions for Ceasefire

  17. _You_ Member

    Re: Conditions for Ceasefire

    If the FBI showed up at my place, after the chit-chat I'd say: "Agent Smith, imagine a world where these people hold power over us."
  18. Anon123456 Member

    Re: Conditions for Ceasefire

    our demands are this:

    1: $250,000,000 to be allocated to fight world hunger.

    2: $25,000,000 to be allocated for AIDS research.

    3: $50,000,000 to be allocated for ex-members as a good faith gesture from the church.

    4: $400 to be allocated to a fat ounce of kind bud for me.

    if these demands are met, i will leave.

    ps: dont forget the bag O' reefer money.
  19. Your Mom Member

    Re: Conditions for Ceasefire

    Pudding! You forgot to add PUDDING!!!

  20. _You_ Member

    Re: Conditions for Ceasefire

    Heh. You're a cheap date.

    But I'm cheaper still. Screw #1-3 and just give me about $50,000,000, and I promise never to say anything unkind about the CoS again.
  21. Your Mom Member

    Re: Conditions for Ceasefire

    Okay, I could handle that one. Yeah, it'd be hard, but I think I could manage.
  22. Goosh Goosh Member

    Re: Conditions for Ceasefire

    a ceasefire for these fags? you've got to be kidding me
  23. theLastAnon Member

    Re: Conditions for Ceasefire

    Your ideas are intriguing and I wish to subscribe to your newsletter.

    (EDIT: Mom, did you eat yet?)
  24. Goosh Goosh Member

    Re: Conditions for Ceasefire

    mom doesn't eat

    well, he does, but he vomits it all back up afterwards before chugging down a bottle of jack daniels like the little bulimic faggot he is
  25. Anon123456 Member

    Re: Conditions for Ceasefire

    i was kinda making a joke before, but if scilons gave 250,000,000 mil to fight world hunger i would probably say "okay, we good nigga". unless of course they want anons breathing down their neck until god knows when.
  26. Goosh Goosh Member

    Re: Conditions for Ceasefire

    if by fight world hunger you mean fight david's alcohol budget, then sure
  27. eddieVroom Member

    Re: Conditions for Ceasefire

    "If you don't beat yer meat, you can't have any pudding. How can you
    have any pudding if you don't beat yer meat?"...
  28. Your Mom Member

    Re: Conditions for Ceasefire

    He? LOL
  29. Goosh Goosh Member

    Re: Conditions for Ceasefire

    you saw what i did thar
  30. Re: Conditions for Ceasefire

    No one wins a war without first suing for peace. Prove me wrong.
  31. Goosh Goosh Member

    Re: Conditions for Ceasefire

    yeah, sure, moralfag

    you don't kick someone's ass after kissing it first
  32. Your Mom Member

    Re: Conditions for Ceasefire

    You do if you like to be
  33. Goosh Goosh Member

    Re: Conditions for Ceasefire

    i thought that only applied to surprise anal
  34. Re: Conditions for Ceasefire

    Are you talking like Vietnam, Iraq, Cold war kind of kicking arse or more like the American civil war, french revolution, second world war, ghandi and Saladin kind of kicking arse?
  35. Re: Conditions for Ceasefire

    The reason i am fighting CO$ is because they take away the individuals freedom to be an individual. They encourage group think. They encourage blind dogma.- not what some video says. Herro called clearly: Those of you letting blood lust get in your way, you are no better than the enemy. Some of you have played the game so much, you have become the game. Focus is good but not when reason cannot speak.
    #1 There's no way Scientology will accept any one of those conditions. If they did then it would make the job of dismantling so much easier. You don't have to be a rocket scientist to work that out. Anyone who thinks or even suggests that they would accept them has compete and utter Fail brain.
    #2 Currently there may be a parliamentary enquiry into CO$ in Australia. This is a massive coordinated effort between law enforcement, ESMB, WWP and who ever else wants to give their time. By encouraging and overtly playing into Scientology hands, you are giving them credence by blatantly attacking things like belief systems which is not only against the law, it is in actuality very ineffective. We are here to stop the abuses of the Cult of Scientology, not to determine the eradication of belief systems. That's up to individuals to determine for themselves. What we can do is help create an environment whereby people can make that choice better for themselves and i think it's all agreed that once you remove the pressures of the mind control as stated by OP then most people will actually leave. Unless ur willing to do illegal things, there is actually nothing much more you can do. Amirite?

    #3 By offering a ceasefire that focuses on all the illegal things which we know won't be accepted, we do a number of things that puts us in an advantageous position. Firstly, it gives anons a renewed spirit. By clarifying our position we know exactly how to dismantle the structures that allows for the mind control to operate. Newbys coming along will have something easy to grasp instead of a wall of documents. Secondly, going into 2010 there will be more reporters interviewing and getting info off anons. If they see we have offered a cease fire that is based on reason as opposed to blind ignorance then and those things are reasonable and there is cause to suggest otherwise then we will be listened to a lot more, especially when we had the grace to stop on conditions that the abuses stop or "hate crimes" as the media sound bites will be retorting with scientology replies. Why become what they want us to become? Who runs this? At the end of the day, the goal remains the same, just one angle is better for us. Think of it like this, and this will happen. There will be an anon rep and a scilion rep with a reporter or at the protests on vid... whatever.. Scilion says "Anonymous is an internet hate group" "they promote hatred" Scenario reply #1 will be "no we're not, we just want the absolute destruction of scientology because we want the freedom to watch a Tom Cruise vid and anyway wouldn't it be lulz to down a church and anyway thats what the video told me to do and it had 3 million views on youtube" or some crap like that or a reasonable explanation that goes like this: "We are interested in stopping the abuses of the cult. They are illegal. We are not interested in attacking the scientology belief system, in fact we offered a ceasefire based on these abuses which Scientology refused. The ceasefire consisted of blah blah blah..."
    I wonder which response will have a greater impact and further our goals more? You work it out.
  36. _You_ Member

    Re: Conditions for Ceasefire

    There is no such thing as ceasefire, only pauses for reloading.
  37. _You_ Member

    Re: Conditions for Ceasefire

    Is this where we name terms?

    ALright here are mine

    1. Every female scientologists ever needs to post tits in the dome. I don't care if they are dead. We have daywatches to appease.

    2. 1 billion divided equally between every chanologist ever. Should be about 15k people. Couple of sheckels per.

    3. Every single thing ever written about scientology is put on for public download at their expense for eternity. Kinda like the bible but with shittier science fiction. This is to ensure that should any retard want to read up on this shit they can.

    4. Finally something for me, I'll take comfort in knowing that should none of this come to pass we the glorious few stood up for our internets and wasted a bunch of peoples times. A good troll my friends, a bloody good troll.
  38. _You_ Member

    Re: Conditions for Ceasefire

    I demand
    $250,000,000 to fund psychiatric and neuroscientific research.
  39. Optimisticate Member

    Re: Conditions for Ceasefire

    Bad ideas are bad.

    Just my opinion. There is no ceasefire on my end.
  40. ArnieLerma Member

    Re: Conditions for Ceasefire


    I wish *I*d thought of that at that time.


    Lermology: The ability to handle stress is proportional to the health of the ego, that is the WHY for character assassination and attempting to direct attention to a person's faults.

    Humans are not perfect.

    Only OTs, sociopaths, narcissists and ubermensch must play 'perfect'.

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