Concerning the cards

Discussion in 'Fliers & Pamphlets' started by everanonymous, Feb 12, 2008.

  1. everanonymous Member

    Concerning the cards

    just an idea, but to add the chances that people will be intrigued and go to the site i suggest we add the following:


    What will you do now?


    it not only tells the person that what they found was special, and as far as they can tell fairly unique, but that there's a responsibility to the finder on what to do with the card now that they have it. it works off the same concept of having posters that say 'why is Lisa Macpherson dead?' or 'what is Operation Snow White?'. it motivates the reader to find out and it challenges them to think twice before casting it into the trash bin.
  2. everanonymous Member

    bump for what do you think?
  3. pokeanon Member

    I personally like it, but I'm going to ask around before I make/order mine to see what people like. I'll report back.
  4. PaiPaiMaster Member

    Great idea, this is what I think I might leave around my campus.

  5. everanonymous Member

    awesome. though i do think 'what will you do now?' is better as it gives a subtle emphasis on the word 'now'. like 'what will you do now?'

    'now what will you do?' sounds a twinge awkward.

    also, i would keep the card as simple as possible. you can keep the anon logo but maybe only on the back. it has to be as mysterious as possible. get rid of the anonymous motto in the background because it gives away too much in the card and doesn't tempt people as much into going to the site. remember viral ads work best when they leave very little clues as to what it is and makes you look for it on the website.

    this is the best card i've seen so far minus the date:


    Here's something i'd like to see made:



    minus those dots. i needed those to show it's all center justified.
  6. PaiPaiMaster Member

    Indeed, I realized only after posting that "What will you do now?" does sound a lot better, thanks for the input.

    And for something a little simpler...just a quick one I did, I can always use multiple variations.


    I don't find these particularly amazing but if anyone wants to use them, feel free.

    And the first one, fixed.

  7. AnonNow Member

    I like these a lot, better than some more cluttered and over informative ones. if Anonymous doesn't mind I might steal Anonymous' degigns and print some off myself.
    I had previously used one of those business card printing vending machines with just '' on them, worked quite well actually.
  8. everanonymous Member

    thanks. also, i love the Max Headroom avatar you have there.
  9. 00anonyMiss00 Member

    For those who may be not-so-tech saavy (such as myself), I spent about 30 minutes trying to get a consistently sized sheet of 10 cards with the logos that I had designed on them. I'm terrible at tables, but tried them again. I looked through my Word templates and the Avery template that it had only used 8 cards per page.

    I found ... ecode=5275

    You pick which layout of card you want and then download the template - only it actually automatically opens up the template for you. Copypasta your logo and hit print and you're done!! Took me 3 minutes.

    I know alot of people will groan at my need to do something like this, but since Anon is drawing in more and more who may not have Uber-technically skills, this may help someone.
  10. anmoyunos Member

    Which seems like a bigger hook? I've been debating which I think would work better.

    What will you do now?

    What will you do about it?

    What will you do next?
  11. 00anonyMiss00 Member

  12. 00anonyMiss00 Member

  13. rasputin Member

    pale text on white background makes me sad inside.

    that aside I like it.
  14. 00anonyMiss00 Member

    I find it more intriging personally. Because today everything in advertising is so bright and shiny. To pick up something that is so plain really sparks the curiosity...or so it seems to me.

    But for those who light bigger and brighter things, that's cool too! I'd love to see some more graphics and color intensive designs. There were a couple on another thread.

    Of course color requires more than plain cheap photocopies, which I think is another main concern. $ or lack thereof.
  15. JRhumperdink Member

  16. OutspokenAnon Member

    I already made about 50 on index cards last night to begin distribution when I go to town tomorrow (slip into windshield wipers, leave on tables). On mine, I put questions ("What is a Supressive Act?" "Who are SPs?" "What was Operation Freakout?" etc). When I make a new batch, I'll go with your idea. =)
  17. pokeanon Member

    Alright, new idea for placement here.

    1.Go to department stores, clothing stores, etc.
    2.Put cards into pockets.
  18. EFG666 Member

    You can place these cards basically everywhere, in clothing in sotres, between pages of a book, hotel bibles, on your subway seat when you leave, on windshields at big parking lots, coffeeshop tables, office/community tagboards (you know, the cork kind), or just pass them out yourself at a busy place like trainstations, this way you could always answer questions from interrested commuters.

    Whatever you do do, don't be pushy, abbrasive or aggressive in your tactics. Don't push it into poeple's hands, let curiousity take care of it.

    Great thing about it is that it's easy to make and do (don't got a printer? grab a pen) and simply carry around a few of them as you go about your daily life, dropping cards (not littering them) for curious souls to discover.
  19. JRhumperdink Member

    I think that leaving the cards lying around, or stashing them in places, etc, is nonproductive. Think about it, when you see a Chick tract or other religious propaganda somewhere, do you pick it up? Do you read it?

    It's probably more productive to stand in public places with a sign inviting people to ask you about Scientology, or something like that. If you personally hand someone the card, that person may be more likely to visit the website.

    You could ask passersby "Would you like to learn why Anonymous is (or "why people are") protesting Scientology?" or "Would you please visit this site to learn why so many people think Scientology is a dangerous cult?" Or state "I would like you to visit this site to learn why people are opposed to Scientology."

    Ask permission to hand someone the info. It's certainly better than littering.
  20. Aut0mati0n Member

  21. Amomynous Member

    I do. Maybe not -all-, but some. Don't underestimate curiosity.

    One doesn't stop the other.

    They're merely different approaches. Just because one works doesn't make the other valid.

    The other problem is that as a single Anon, making yourself a target in public by doing what you suggest isn't the best of ideas.

    Littering, admittedly, is an issue. But that's how advertising is. I kind of look at it as an omelette situation (can't make one without breaking a few eggs, etc.).

    Am I pro-littering? No. We waste enough paper and resources as it is, and I feel bad about doing so. But it's a lesser evil I'm willing to accept for the sake of the end-goal.

    I mean, what, would you suggest we don't print flyers either because of littering? Don't kid yourself... most people just toss them to the ground (or, at best, the garbage) ASAP. A rare few may end up in recycling bins, but that's a minority.

    I think that the viral marketing aspect of the cards makes it worth it.

    But you can cut down on the potential littering.

    Instead of randomly strewing them about the ground, how about putting them in strategic places? People are lazy by nature. If you put a card somewhere that's easy access (say, on top of a payphone box, for example), people are more likely to be interested/pick it up than if it's simply on the floor.

    Another tactic is you can ask in coffee shops, restaurants, stores, etc. if you can leave a small pile by the cash register or the entrance. Many establishments have a small area specifically reserved for such advertising anyway (at least they do here... dunno about where you are).

    Though this somewhat goes against the "unique/special/secret" aspect of the card, it still works the "mystery/curiosity" angle.

    Basic is good. I like them. :)
  22. everanonymous Member

    Re: Concerning the cards


    this thread suggests handing out CD-R business cards with 'youfoundthecard' printed on them with anti-scientology documents inside. I'm planning on doing this once i have a few paychecks saved up.

    if anyone is interested i'm planning to buy these:

    CD-R's: ... 0215899338

    around 40-50 bucks will get you 200 CD-R's and enough labels to spare. this is more than enough to hide around where you live, esp if you spread them out fairly thin.
  23. SPOver9000 Member

  24. everanonymous Member

  25. anon85 Member

  26. puppykicker Member

    Re: Concerning the cards

    This is my favorite youfoundthecard image so far:

    It's also possible to print cards on 8.5 x 11 pieces of paper that are perforated to tear down... for broke anons like me, it could make a copy center a good option, with i think 12 cards to a sheet. Also, writing something on the back, slogan of your choice, adds a touch of mystery and humanity to it. It's like writing "Thanks! -David" on a check as a waiter/waitress.
  27. forgetmyname Member

    Re: Concerning the cards

    I think the idea of having them already in sheets of multiple cards is a good one, as I can rarely be bothered fiddling about with them to do that. I prefer the simpler cards, so I've made these:

    I'm not sure about the idea of writing on them, personally. Although it WOULD add mystery, I'm attempting to keep mine looking business like. I tested it on one of my friends and they said they'd be likely to go on the site because they'd think they'd won money or a competition or something. It's not lying or misleading them, just letting their assumptions take them there, and hope that once they go to the site, the content surprises them enough that they'll want to become informed.
  28. belsthar Member

    Re: Concerning the cards

    I've been separately trying to come up with viral advertising in the form of business cards, lemme know what you think.




  29. its.an0nym0us Member

  30. IronAnon Member

    Re: Concerning the cards

    I've been hand-drawing a number of cards that I will photocopy(will post some pictures on here when that's done). I realized a nice place where you might put them.

    After thinking about it... People, when they find something interesting or curious, might actually go look into it. More often than usual they will discover that the lead this thing has brought them to is not as curiously interesting as they thought it would be, so they drop it. They will remember, likely, but wont look into it any more than they had before. At least, they probably wont go too into it if it's not relevant to their interests.

    Now, relevant to interests?

    Anyone up for seeking out any Hubbard books, or anything related to Scientology? I say slip a card inside. Now even for those that are mildly curious and interested in Scientology and Dianetics, they not only have the literature, they have a supplement to the truth!
  31. everanonymous Member

    Re: Concerning the cards

    well, then i guess i just have to count on the odds that the person who finds the card will have had no idea about anonymous. the odds are generally in my favor if that's the case.

    i think calling the first one threatening is a bit of a stretch. the words 'you found the card' implies the cards is special, and following it with 'what will you do now?' tells the person that they are supposed to do something with the card. not that something will happen if they don't.

    i somewhat agree with your opinion on the second one, and i actually think this one is the most threatening version.

    i don't understand where you're getting stalkerish from the third one. it's nearly interchangeable with the first.

    i think you're reading into it too much out of context of the whole idea.
  32. xCrystalTears Member

  33. its.an0nym0us Member

    Re: Concerning the cards

    It doesn't MATTER if the person finding the disc has no idea about anonymous or not, if the person DOES have a malware problem, WE GET THE BLAME!

    The point is it is EASILY corruptible and potentially FATAL to our reputation if duplicated by Co$ agents.

    That's kind of the point. If someone finds a card that just says 'youfoundthecard' they aren't going to HAVE context. You have to assume the public knows NOTHING and remembers NOTHING after they leave (worst case scenario).
  34. anon617 Member

    Re: Concerning the cards

    I think these are a great idea for getting the word out via viral methods. They both pique interest and make the finder feel special for having found it. I think this could be very effective for spreading the truth about $cientology. I am going to go out sometime this week and hide them in some not-so-clever places: inside books, comics, magazines, and all those free weeklies that are so popular in my city.

    I put together my own design for a double-sided business card sized version:


    The full-resolution PSDs can be downloaded here:
  35. evey Member


    yes, i do. its viral marketing, thats how it works!

    cds are a good idea in theory, but not in practice. too easy to tamper with and frame anonymous. the cards do the exact same job as having documents on a cd (that is direct the person to information about scientology) but with less risk to joe random. plus i don't know about anyone else but i would never put a cd that i didn't know where it came from in my computer, so your message might be lost a lot easier by cautious people than just suggesting a website url.
  36. evey Member

    Re: Concerning the cards

    regarding the actual website, i have a few comments - not sure if this is the right place to put them?

    not sure if its just me, but the "what can i do to help?" page displays awkwardly - due to the size of the picture it bumps the text down to below the level of the menu frame on the left. when it loads it looks like an empty page (until you scroll down) but still you don't want the feeling of an empty page if you have clicked a link wanting information on how to help

    also, i think the first page could be more catchy, i love the "our mission" page and think that would be hell effective on the front page, so it reads like this (but with the links of course):

    something like that? it sums up all the important things we are on about, in a summary that will get people interested and maybe surprised ("i knew about lisa mcphearson, but whats this about them blackmailing the IRS?" etc) enough to keep reading, moreso than a "please don't close this page"

    i'm in two minds about the effectiveness of "if you about to close this page" - on the one hand it may persuade people to hesitate just long enough to get interested, but on the other hand i think it comes across a little bit like a preachy doorknocker who tries to put his foot in the doorway so you can't close the door on him. i think if people are going to close the page, they will, regardless of if you ask them not to.

    anyway, what do people think? again, sorry if this isn't the right place to pose this, but i couldnt find another thread and didnt want to use the "contact" page of the website without a bit of discussion first, so hopefully thats ok

    p.s. tl;dr ?
  37. MaskedPenis Member

  38. IronAnon Member

  39. IronAnon Member

  40. alsocake Member

    Re: Concerning the cards

    I am making text-only cards (using avery products). Each card has one question and Maybe whoever picks them up will think they're from a new game or something. The trick is to not let them know what the card's all about so they want to go online and find out about it (see, that's psychology).

    Some of my questions:
    What was Operation Snow White?
    What was Operation Freakout?
    What happened to Lisa McPherson?
    What happened to Paulette Cooper?
    Who is Tory Magoo?
    Who is the Wise Beard Man?
    Would you Disconnect?
    Are you a Suppressive Person?
    What is the Rehabilitation Project Force?

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