Concerning the tax-exempt status

Discussion in 'Education, Research and Inside Reports' started by Ailes du Serpent, Feb 15, 2008.

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  1. Concerning the tax-exempt status


    I just had an idea about another angle by which you could get the general public to oppose Scientologys' tax-exempt status (of course, apart from the most important fact that it doesn't deserve it anyways).

    It stems from the fact that tax exemption is essentially giving them money (as the saying goes, "a penny saved is a penny earned"), and by extension, tax exemption is taking other people's money. To illustrate this with a gross oversimplification:
    Let's say a fictional country wants/needs a budget of 1000 C. Now we have 2 citizens in that country. Each one pays 500 C taxes, and the end result is met. Now, if the state makes the first person tax-exempt, it has to raise taxes for the other person to 1000 C if it still wants to arrive at the same end result. See what I mean ?

    If some more economically inclined people could elaborate on this concept a bit more, it could possibly be a powerful tool to get people's awareness and gives them another incentive to question the tax-exempt status (as, sadly, many people are not that moved by cruelty (see african genocides, etc) but really rather by concern about their own money).

    Though on the other hand I suspect that my economic reasoning may be stupid: The state may not care about the money lost on the tax-exempt entities (= not raise taxes for the rest of the people), or the net result impact of specifically scientologys tax exemption on people's tax payments may be too small to care, etc etc.

    Just a thought. And I suspect it may have already been discussed before (and if not, maybe because people realized how stupid it is). If so, flame this idea beyond the nine hells.
    Bye :)
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    Re: Concerning the tax-exempt status

    Thanks, in part, to the new board layout I am moving this into Tax-Exempt status forum.
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    Re: Concerning the tax-exempt status

    Can you move the thread that is linked in my sig to this new forum area? Thanks.
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